Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wenger: no regrets after Mourinho shove

Arsene Wenger says he’s not sorry that he shoved Jose Mourinho during today’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea.

The Arsenal manager reacted when Gary Cahill’s over the top challenge looked like it had seriously injured Alexis, and as the defender got away with a scandalous yellow card, Wenger decided to go see how his player was.

However, with Mourinho in his way, the Frenchman gave his counterpart a little shove in the chest before Mourinho retaliated by flicking Wenger’s tie.

Asked his press conference if he regretted the altercation, Wenger said, “No, what is there to regret after that? I wanted to go from A to B and somebody confronted me in between without any sign of welcome.

“B was Alexis, to see how badly he was injured.”

When the press asked him if he should set a better example, he responded, “I trust that you will teach me all the moral lessons over the next three weeks and I can accept that. But I’ve been in the game long enough to give it the right weight.

“I can try to push you and when I do you will see what my pushes are really like. It was a little one.”

Touching on the game, Wenger bemoaned the lack of a red card for Cahill’s challenge, and said the game was decided on fine margins.

“I think we turned up with a strong performance,with a strong spirit and it was down to very little today. They got it. At the moment we are in full confidence as well. It all went well for them, they are a good side – you cannot deny that.

“It was a very intense game of the top level.”

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As much as I like to see Le Professeur not blaming his players or showing any sign of weakness, I really hope he realises that a change of tactics is needed for big games.


We are shit! Yes no doubt.. If the ref had done his job and sent of cahill for that intentional challenge on sanchez would we still be shit? If the ref had given the penalty for a clear handball from cecs would we still be shit? You fail to book oscar for countless late tackles and trips on wilshere, ivanovic knew the throw was against them but held the ball for long and finally threw it away, no booking? Cesc tried to trip cazorla not once nor twice but he got no booking, then chambers who really couldn’t do anything… Read more »


Fuck off mate,worst comment ever and I mean ever


Often times Arsenal fans can be frustrating in their analysis, They go about ranting over the wrong things post match. Nowadays its Ozil, Ozil, Ozil… Ozil didn’t track back, Ozil didn’t control the ball well, Ozil didn’t chase the ball blah, blah, blah… We fail to talk about crucial match issues, team cohesion, strategies, nullifying the opponent’s tactics, someone to actually frustrate the only Chelsea player who can comfortably run with the ball at his feet. Nobody would mention Wilshere’s poor first touch at an inch perfect pass which was our best chance of a goal. This particular encounter was… Read more »


I thought our tactic was good today, we didn’t press hard to not get caught on counter attacks. Chelsea didn’t show anything, we were actually more threatening, we just missed some clinical finishing.


Spot on, and for those claiming cesc is better than ozil, Barca’s problem with cesc was.. Yes you’ve got 15 assits and 10 goals, but how many of those came against rayo vallecano,levante,getafe? And how many came against real,atlethico,valencia and sevilla? This is the case now, he will be judged by the assits and goals against Arsenal,man city,man utd,liverpool and even tottenham(equivalent to sevilla of spain). Then ozil, all you need to do is ask the barca and atlethico players how they felt when he left madrid, barca especially thats how to judge the best players! Jack was better than… Read more »


And what about Santi’s role? He was there to stop Hazard before the first goal. What a role for Cazorla?


A lot of the game was running it down the line and crossing it into the box (not very good when you’ve got Cahill, Terry and Matic waiting) and also passing it around the box without anyone willing to take a shot was getting rather irritating – at least you can get a corner or perhaps a lucky deflection. If you don’t even try to shoot it’s going to be hard to score. We were trying to engineer the perfect goal again, which is fine against lower teams but against big teams you’ve got to take a chance every now… Read more »

I don't comment here often

Rafa Honigstein said this week that so much of Arsenal’s play is dependent on individual brilliance, and I think he’s right. Apart from the odd burst from Wilshere, our players don’t appear to be running into the particular channels that suit them. The attackers seem to be more interested in fluidity and freedom and rotation at the moment. Against Norwich you’re going to get time to improvise and express yourself and experiment with your position on the pitch, but the top teams in the league and in Europe require something different and more prepared. Wenger is going to have to… Read more »


Agreed, a good team lost to a very good team today. That’s a lot easier to take in than last seasons a-very-good-team got absolutely trashed by another very-good-team.

We should be focusing on why we’re not been better this season, rather than anything else. I want last years Arsenal back 🙁 I loved that team.


Our tactics were different today than the away games against the big teams last year. We were a lot more conservative today. Chelsea barely had any chances. Unfortunately neither did we. Ozil was very disappointing and Cazorla wasn’t great either.


It seems like people just throw this argument out with nothing to back it up. We did change, our approach and tactic. It didn’t work fully because Chelsea looks scary good, but Wenger did change things up.


Should have head butted the cunt.

Gonna Crya poopa numba 1

And whilst the cunt is crying and holding his bloody nose on the floor he should, he should have called upon Podolski to give him a taste of his thunderous left foot!

Thanks I feel slightly better

Mr Meeseeks

only way it could have been better push was if Bould and Wenger teamed up to do this to Mourinho and any other cunts involved in football, like Robbie Savage


Well, “…fine margins”. That’s how it has always been. Seems we just can’t be the team with the extra class in these big games. This team is meant for the top four scramble and the FA Cup. Again. Two long weeks coming now.


I honestly thought that Wenger was classy than Mourinho, but at his post-match interview made me made. Still speaking of the Chelsea’s financial power… Arsene you told us that you had now enough power to fight with the others. Actually Diego Costa cost the same amount than Alexis. Cesc was less expensive than Ozil. You paid a lot for Chambers or Welbeck. Could you assume that you are a decent coach who can we against decent teams, but not a great coach for leading Arsenal to the top level in Europe and for the title in BPL ? If you… Read more »

Rambos mate

Wenger come on strong performance??? We didn’t have a shot on target til 89 mins

Me So Hornsey

I see too much overreaction to this result. I was actually quite pleased with our performance, especially the 1sr half where we refused to be bullied. A moment of genius from Hazard and then a very good take down and lob from Costa was the difference. Apart from that Chelsea were just as toothless as us. 4 attempts all game to our 6. Chelsea are the best team in the country at the moment but I don’t think we embarrassed ourselves at all.


Spot on, i mean chelsea did not even have a shot on goal in the first half apart from that penalty.


Absolutely!!. If Santi Cazorla’s shot were a few inches onto the left!!

Goona Crya poopa numba 1

It would have hit the post then rebounded against John Motherfucking terry back of the head scoring an own goal and killing the cunt at the same time.


Am I the only one who hates Chelsea more than Spurs?


Right now they are definitely becoming more despicable. Especially their irritating fans who were born after Russian money won them silverware. Lowlife’s on earth.

Saffa Gooner



The amount of thumbs up really tells a lot.


As a fairly new Arsenal fan I haven’t adopted the traditional hatred of Sp*rs (yet) but my hatred of Chelsea runs as far back as I can remember. Maureen’s appearance has intensified my hatred for them. He’s an arrogant and despicable man!


You can count me in. I hate the club for all it stands for. Yes they are ruthless, ambitious, blah blah. But for a squad where every one is a star they have no identity/style. Playing counter attacking football on their own patch shows their true grit.

On the other hand Spuds at least play football whether win or loose. They have tried adhering to a footballing style.


While we didn’t embarrass ourselves, I feel we still lack the cutting edge to win such games against top teams. It always feels as if the final piece in the jig saw is missing in big games.Teams have figured us out and when there is no opening through the center, we lack a plan B Seeing our current form, it really feels difficult to consider ourselves as genuine title contenders. An Int’l break in a way feels as a blessing in disguise( provided none of our players return crocked up). Regroup, rethink and start afresh. We just need to iron… Read more »


At this point, not much I wouldn’t give to see a massive, slightly violent victory for Arsenal on the return fixture.

Not much at all.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Wenger please open your eyes. The only two games we’ve smashed the opponent (Villa and Galatasaray) were the two we happened to play in a 4-2-3-1 system with Ozil in the middle and WITHOUT Jack Wilshere.

I genuinely believed we had the squad to compete this year, and I’m convinced Wenger threw it down the toilet just for the sake of somehow fitting Wilshere in the team.

At his level of maturity, Wilshere should be an adequate substitute for Ramsey in the box-to-box role. And even when Ramsey is out injured I’d choose Ox to start there over Wilshere.

Az Ahmed

I agree partly – i.e. that the 4231 is our best attacking formation, but we needed something different today, some grit in the middle and at the back and I think our boys can be proud of the performance they put in. The difference were those fine margins which I question why we have not been able to cover. We needed a strong man in the middle, despite Flamini’s good performance – Khedira perhaps. We needed that extra bit of class up front, a Cavani, and we needed Koscielny to be cool.


Wenger tactics are getting boring. Everyone can predict his teams and tactics before matches.
Fabregas the cunt was so gleeful at the second goal. Fuck him.


It’s the score and the performance he should be regretting not touchline pantomimes. He won’t change and this will carry on and on until we bid him farewell and get someone in with a different approach. Put it like this :- ‘Who is more likely to get to 14 League titles first ? Us or Chelsea ? We have one to go. They have ten. So it should be us. They hoisted a sign at Anfield once when Utd came to town. ‘Come back and see us when you’ve won 18 League Titles’ That was when Utd had seven. They… Read more »


John – you are not alone. Chelsea – manager, owner, fans and players – all scum.


After the next few weeks and December, we’ll have everyone back. This might seem like a joke but when players like Walcott, Giroud, Debuchy, Ramsey and Arteta are back, they do feel like new signings. Especially Theo. Until then, we have a pretty easy run of fixtures. I won’t think about the league anymore. I’ll just enjoy every match as they come. Who knows, some miracle might happen, there’s still plenty of time for sh*t.


Disgraceful act. Even worse that Mourinho has had us from behind for 10 years.

absolutely nothing to cheer about IMO


Well said coach,I think our performance wasn’t that bad,my only worry is ozil,I think he barely influence big games,and I don’t know why he was left that long when it’s obvious he was tired and wasn’t contributing much in game.


That Jack’s Missed Chance In First Half Was Very Good Chance…!!!

The Woj Factor

An attacking force of Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, and Wilshere is a complete imbalance in players who all enjoy ball retention rather than forcing through an attack. Chelsea have that balance and that was the difference today.

Strange to see Le Prof lose his cool today… it looks like Mourinho has got to him big time.

Petit's Handbag

Why does Bouldy never get involved??
As soon as that cunt Rui Faria started mouthing off he should of stood up and just stared at him.


Naah! Naah! LEAVE it, Arsene – he’s not worth it!…and, one day folks, maybe not too far in the future we will actually succeed in beating this bunch of schmucks, and having waited so long will make it so much more enjoyable.


Your lucky the little bitch didn’t stick his finger in your eye arsene…


My hate for Chelsea and the cunt Maureen can’t even be quantified. It’s impossible to comprehend.


Moronho is a cunt of such impossible magnitude that he simultaneously occupies positions one through infinity on the list of all-time cunts.


Well i was all smiles when he went over to manhandle him. To bad he didnt follow up on the dive though! Arsene legend

Gunning 4 EPL

Can’t Wenger jst beat that scum called MOU for once? I believe if they come to emirates we will play draw again…. Wenger wake up and win big matches in a big way




We have the means to make that dream real


Chelsea will be 20 points clear by then


i thought we did well today we were definately more conservative in our play but still lost out in the midfield, its looking like Ozil’s 42 million is a cross to bear for him we have seen glimpses of his brilliance, how dissapointing was he today in the second half, and the look and disgust Santi had when he went off who at the time was our most creative player,Maureen would have no doubt in taking Ozil off if he was having a shitter but Wenger thinks keep playing him and he will play into form, he knows if he… Read more »

Truth Hurts

Chelsea played better.
And the game was over once Mikel Obi was brought in.
Good move by Mourinho, he withdrew the midfield, pushed 3 forward to the front, the rest to defend and throw the long ball which finished us off.
We had only one plan, keep passing and try to break the defense. Did not work so we lost!
We need a DMF so badly.


The only regret that Wenger should have, after today’s game, is that he didn’t buy Cesc Back.

Az Ahmed

It seemed we needed someone in midfield to distribute the ball quickly to the wingers. We held onto to the ball for too long in the centre and did not spot the runs down the flanks. WE needed to send the ball down the sides quickly and the run at their wing backs more often and drive to the middle, like Hazard did to us. This is why I was disappointed we did not play Oxlade


What I took in from today is that Ozil and Wilshere are shit and Cesc and Hazard are not.


Chelsea knew that we would attack them and all they had to do was wait and counter. It is better to sit back against chelsea and play for a draw and draw them out to create space. Beat them at their own game.


Chelski at it again, parking the bus


good however, that our new boy Wellbeck went in and demonstrated to Fabregas in no uncertain terms and two strong feet how we all feel about him grinning at their goals


If Arsene only had as much fire in his belly when it came to buying players and replacing a few of our current lot.
new contract for Giroud and Arteta?
Ok Giroud, decent enough as a squad player.
We need to defensive Midfielders.


Matic was a big factor today. This game really showed our need for some height and strength anchoring our midfield. If Arteta was in for Flamini we would have lost by more. Need a better option there.


Gutted about the result…I have though, more pride in my gunners than I’ve felt in a long time…We came to play in a big game, didn’t get bossed…We got hosed by a shit ref, I know this may seem ridiculous to some, but when we get our depth back…watch out, we really look a side still trying to gel with the new boys. That will end sooner than later, I thought our tactics were spot on…minus ox on the bench, and Arsene standing up to that prick…brilliant. after the break a run of games that really should help us get… Read more »


Fair play to Arsene.
Every time the camera looked at Mo*rinho afterwards he was a little less able to openly be a cunt.

The positives for me were:
a) see above
b) Jack had a word with Terry
c) when they come to the Emirates they’re not going to be quite so confident, and
d) Flamini didn’t get a yellow card
A miracle on at least two accounts.


Don’t forget, no one got injured (our customary thing)


PS, will somebody please give Alexis a shorter pair of shorts. He’s clearly not digging the 21st century vibe.


Hazard clearly had nothing more in his mind than going down for a penalty when he made his run.

When you look at the replay you can see him dragging his leg.

That said, he’s a top class player who bossed his role for chelski.


“I trust that you will teach me all the moral lessons over the next three weeks and I can accept that. But I’ve been in the game long enough to give it the right weight”

nuff said. brilliant from Wenger.


The problem with the Arsenal of today is the sole fact that when we can’t score we eventually concede. How about we can’t score and you too can’t score; I’d love that better. Against Spews* we couldn’t score for a while and boom we conceded and started chasing the game. Some thing has to give on the mentality of the players; if I ain’t getting anything, you ain’t too; will be a good way to go. Again,Ozil must not always start, he could also be a “Super-sub”. I suggested he not start before the Chelsea game,not because he is a… Read more »

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