Injury set to rule Walcott out of United game


Arsene Wenger says doesn’t believe Theo Walcott will be available for tomorrow’s game against Manchester United.

Despite the winger going on international duty with England he didn’t feature at all for Roy Hodgson’s side, and at his press conference this morning the Arsenal manager said of Walcott, “I don’t think he will be available tomorrow.”

It’s believed he’s picked up some kind of injury but quite how serious it is remains to be seen. Hopefully it’s just the typical niggle a player out for a long time gets when they ramp up their comeback, but he didn’t train yesterday and is likely to miss out tomorrow with Arsenal unwilling to take any chances.

Wenger also confirmed that Danny Welbeck’s participation is dependent on a medical assessment this morning.

The striker, who would be keen to make his mark against old side, suffered a slight hamstring strain playing for England against Scotland and a final decision on his availability will be made later today.

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Long Black



That a player coming back from a 11 month, career threatening injury gets a few niggles? Predictable, and entirely understandable more like?

Aussie gooner

Why did hodgson take him if he wasn’t planning on using him at all? Surely he would have been better to stay and be under the constant care of arsenal physios/doctors etc

Mark Hughes

I think it was two things; 1) integrate him back into the England squad with teammates, especially after so long out and 2) keep up his training and conditioning that would have been a bit more physical and intense than just staying at the club. He would need to be ready to be called on if necessary. These little injuries always happen while the body is attempting to get back to how it was. The muscle memory is still there but needs to physically get back to how it was. Plus, as part of his recuperation training, he wouldn’t have… Read more »


Shut up Mark! Stop making sense!

Arshavin's Dietician

Or maybe our old physio Gary is actually better than his younger brother.


now go and get yer fuckin’ shinebox


Aren’t you supposed to be dead?

You got wacked by that nutter who hangs around with Henry Hill, right?


Please somebody tell wenger bellerin has to start on saturday and chambers has to play as a CB while monreal spend some time on the bench!

Wenger's coat zipper

Yeah,that’s not going to happen and we all know that. If Squilacci was still in the team, Wenger would play him instead of someone who actually knows what he is doing. So I guarantee Monreal is a starter

Gutbukket Deffrolla

This is why I’m worried about Giroud coming back a month ahead of schedule. When we bring somebody back they almost always get niggles, but when we bring somebody back early it ends in outright disaster more often than not. Still waiting for the new experts behind the scenes to force Wenger to rest his core players occasionally and to make him wait until injured players are truly back in proper condition before throwing them in the cauldron. So far we haven’t seen any signs of change as a result of the backroom recruitments. In fact this season is going… Read more »


It’s the hemorrhoid cream they’re using, it’s making there butt’s pucker too much therefore muscle injuries in thighs etc…..



Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

In the words of Gob Bluth..Oh Come On?!!!


Di Maria and De Gea back for United and Walcott and Danny too might be out? Bloody hell, JUST when you get all excited about Sanchez-Danny-Theo.

Want Rosicky to play a part tomorrow.

Funky Gooner

The Alexis – Welbeck – Walcott trio is very mouthwatering prospect. Especially since all three can interchange across the front three. And with Ozil pulling the stings behind there is the potential for best attack in PL and CL

Now if only they could all play together……

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I would put Giroud behind them instead of Ozil, or Giroud in front, Welbeck behind. I care about goals and struggle to keep ball from opposition. Plus, I do not consider what Ozil did with Real. What he is doing with Arsenal is what I see.

Funky Gooner

So you did not see the handful of times Walcott and Ozil have played together? When Ozil put chance after chance Walcotts way?

And also you obviously did not see Ozil and Welbeck against Villa? One goal and one assist each? When Ozil was deployed as number

Don’t see much do you…


Poor management! Wenger out

I’m bound to read something on those lines from some idiot.

Aussie gooner

Calm down mate, with our amount of injuries people are gonna get frustrated.


I’m very calm!

Just taking the piss

Sir Hugh Massingbird Massingbird




Mr. T



This does not even make sense.

Welcome to The Arsenal.

Mark Hughes

It does make sense from a medical sports/physio point of view. After being out for so long, the body is being put under more intense pressure as a player steps up their attempts to get fit.


Here we go again….

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Keep calm and carry on folks.

Regarding Theo Walcott, Arsene doesn’t mention anything about ‘chronianklytendinitis’, ‘banjaxyankleitis’ or ‘bobblykneeligamentis’, so it can’t be that bad.

Tazmanian Jesus

Alexis front and center it is.
Flanked by the Ox and Podolski, Santi/Tomas hanging behind.


Welbeck if he’s fit, supported by Sanchez – Cazorla – Ox, with Wilshere and hopefully Arteta behind them.




Hardly a surprise. Nowadays Arsenal announcing injury setback is the closing ceremony for interlull, and also mark the opening of epl week

Martin Murray

Our record against United is shocking, Arsene wenger’s record against United i should really say, This is the one fixture every season I dont look forward to, Last season’s united was worse than this team, and they took four points off us, I just dont get why we fall apart against them every single time, Winning tomorrow would be a start but we needed to dominate them like they’ve dominated us, Beat them 7 or 8 times on the bounce, balance out the W/L ratio

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

The last time, I remember we beat them was the FA Cup final in 2005. That day, they dominated us like hell. There is no steal in football but that win was close to that. Let’s beat them convincingly for a new start. Squad is very young, we are building a stadium and cannot buy players, all those alibis are behind us now.

Martin Murray

Alas… We bottled it again


Makes me wonder how
these teams won the league back in the 70/80s with 14 to 16 man
squads not to mention
being out on the piss most piss most of the time.

Andy Mack

It shows the standard & speed of play has increased out of all proportion from then to now.

Mark Hughes

The same way Arsene won a lot a the start of his Arsenal career. While the rest of the teams were equally unfit, Arsenal were the fittest team due to the training methods. Everyone else has caught up due to Arsene’s training methods and made it much more even playing field. The level of physical exercise has also increased due to diets, equipment, training methods, etc..


Too hard training leads to lots of injuries.

Runcorn Gooner

You couldn’t make it up.Unbelievable


Strangely, it’s hard to get too excited about this game. As Arseblog says, this match used to be a title decider; now it’s just a game which will probably determine who finishes third and fourth. Neither us or United will get anywhere near Chelsea, and I can’t see Liverpool, Spuds or Everton ending up ahead of either of us come May. (Forget about Southampton and West Ham – they’re mid-table sides.) So even if we lose it won’t be a disaster. United are crap and are there for the taking, but the way we are playing right now it wouldn’t… Read more »


dear god please let alexis be 100% for the game.