Report: Arsenal 1-2 Man Utd


Arsenal: Szczesny, Chambers, Mertesacker, Monreal, Gibbs, Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Sanchez

Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Flamini, Rosicky, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

Arsenal blew their chances to take the lead against Man United this evening, and paid the price as the visitors ran out 2-1 winners at the Emirates to leave the Gunners with their lowest points tally in the league for 32 years after this many games.

Arsene Wenger recalled Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere to the starting line-up, sacrificing Santi Cazorla in the process, and retained Alexis and Danny Welbeck as his attacking options.

The former Man Utd man began on the left hand side with the Chilean up front, and Welbeck had an early chance to show his old club what they were missing when he was found by Oxlade-Chamberlain in the box. Unfortunately he didn’t quite connect, saw his shot blocked and the resulting corner came to nothing.

Arsenal’s bright start continued as the pair combined again – this time an Oxlade-Chamberlain cross which the striker headed over when he should really have hit the target. Jack Wilshere should probably have caused de Gea more problems than he did after a great driving run saw him shoot from the edge of the United area, before Welbeck worked the keeper with an effort from distance.

Wilshere should have opened the scoring in the 15th minute, after a bad de Gea kick rebounded to Danny Welbeck. He fed the midfielder who ran clean through, one on one with the keeper, but he hit the shot straight at him from very close range. That Alexis was unmarked with a tap-in made it even more frustrating.

The visitors were forced into a defensive change when Luke Shaw failed to run off an ankle turn and was replaced by Ashley Young. They also had their first attempt at goal when Wayne Rooney fired a free kick over the bar in the 21st minute.

Jack Wilshere was lucky to avoid a red card when he clashed with Fellaini in the United half. As the pair came together Wilshere seemed to lean his head into the Belgian’s face right under the nose of referee Mike Dean. We’ve seen players sent off for much less and given that it was Mike Dean and Man Utd, we can be thankful he got nothing more than a stern talking to.

Alexis tested de Gea with another effort from distance but the Spaniard, easily United’s best player, saved smartly at his near post. At the other end the Angel of Mary curled a shot just wide after they found some joy down our left, but it did look as if Szczesny had it covered.

Ramsey curled a shot over from a good position, before Arsenal had Calum Chambers to thank for keeping the scores level. Angel of Mary made a fantastic break, the ball fell to the hideous beast in the box but the right back got across to make a sensational block. United had a series of corners which put Arsenal under some pressure but which they dealt with each time.

There was more danger from an Arsenal corner just before half-time. The Alexis set-piece came to Ramsey at the back post, he played it back across goal to Welbeck with his back to goal. He had nobody to lay it off to so he tried a cheeky back-heel but it went wide.

It meant the teams went in level at half-time.

Arsenal began the second period brightly with Per Mertesacker hooking over a shot from a corner, before Danny Welbeck again forced de Gea into a close-range save when he could have squared it for an onrushing Wilshere.

The England man was then hurt in a clash on the edge of the United box as he tried to feed in a number of Arsenal players but his final ball was found wanting. He tried to run off what was a nasty challenge by McNair but in the end was replaced by Santi Cazorla in the 55th minute.

It seemed to distract Arsenal and a minute later the visitors took the lead. United crossed from the right, Fellaini was offside, Szczesny collided with Gibbs and with the keeper stricken on the ground, Gibbs stuck a foot out at Valencia’s shot and it deflected into an empty net. 0-1.

The frustration was compounded by the fact Szczesny was forced off through injury, it looked like damaged ribs from the Gibbs collision, and he was replaced by Emi Martinez making his Premier League debut.

Arsenal looked to respond quickly and after an Oxlade-Chamberlain cross found Alexis, de Gea spoiled the party again by making a good save from the Chilean. The Spaniard foiled us again in the 69th minute when Monreal played a long ball to Welbeck. He laid it off to Cazorla and his shot from just outside the box was saved by the United keeper.

Alexis curled a free kick from a good position over the bar shortly afterwards, before Arsene Wenger made his final change of the game with Olivier Giroud making his comeback in the stead of Aaron Ramsey in the 77th minute.

The Frenchman almost made his introduction sensational, heading over from a corner with his first touch. The Gunners pressed and pressed but against a packed United defence couldn’t find their way through.

Cazorla saw a cross shot cleared after making space in the box, but the next goal came at the wrong end from an Arsenal point of view. A clearly exhausted Alexis gave the ball away high up the pitch, United broke and with Arsenal pressing for an equaliser there was all the room in the world for Rooney to charge towards goal and finish past Martinez. 0-2.

There were 8 minutes of injury time and it could have been worse for Arsenal – the Angel of Mary should have made it 3-0 when he was clean through, but chipped the ball wide. That meant Giroud’s cracking goal made the final few minutes nervy for United. The Frenchman latched onto Arteta’s ball over the top, lashing an unstoppable shot into the top corner. 1-2.

It raised hope but that’s all it did, United saw the time out and took the three points.

This was the worst United defence in fucking history and we couldn’t win a game at home. What a shambles. What a mess. And what the fuck are we going to do from here?

It’s not fun folks, but please, if you are commenting, remember your manners.

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Un-fucking believable! How is it even possible that we could even lose to such a shit team from such a position of strength? This was our chance to start setting things straight. I can’t fault too many of the players in terms of spirit but the execution was absolutely shocking. I really just want to crawl into a corner and cry. Surely Wenger realises how absolutely pathetic he is and surely you guys realise he has to go. Honestly this is beyond embarrassing. One fucking shot on goal and they do it to us again! Even our man Alexis seems… Read more »

remember the invincibles

And now we’ll have to listen to players talk more about how the ‘attitude’ is right and how we ‘have to concentrate for 90 minute’. Joke


Yip, if the league was determined by tough talking we’d be champions by April!!! Its time for the players to shut up and do the talking on the pitch.


That time has passed buddy. It’s way too late for that. When ‘turning it around’ means reaching top four, that’s when you have a problem.

Fireman Sam

They did do the talking on the pitch. I was at the game and from our position in the North stand it looked to us that we really bossed the vast bulk of the game, Utd offered nothing at all and we could easily have been 2 or more up by 40 mins. Gibbs I thought was excellent and won some critical balls. I can’t fault most of the players or the manager in general, although I wouldve liked to see Giroud on earlier as Danny W was half a yard off the pace all game, although he tried hard.… Read more »

La Défense

Ugh… don’t even Blogs having to write the postmortem this morning.


New manager please.

Mr. Wenger has done all he can for this club. I think him for his services, but we need someone with new ideas. (And don’t use Man U as an example to say, becareful what you wish for. We will have to face the life after Wenger sooner or later. And our standards and expectation has been going down every year.)


@JC I hear you, though Wenger actually got his tactics right today. He had two forced subs through injury and the 1 sub he did made sense. Our first half we played great and De Gea is the only reason they weren’t behind by 3/4 goals. Our second half was more of the same and we just couldn’t penetrate but every success Utd had in this game was down to lick and De Gea. Fellaini was a cunt and fouled shezza before the own goal. Rooneys goal/Di Maria shot was the only tactic Wenger got wrong. He didn’t allow players… Read more »


Ahem… *down to LUCK* there was no licking today. No matter how sweet Girouds hair was lol

remember the invincibles

I’m all for perspective and stuff, but how can you ‘lol’ after that?

Yankee Gooner

I’d say Danny & Jack missing clear scoring opportunities had more to do with a 0-0 first half than De Gea stopping shots pumped right at him.


@g-man, I get your point. But doing the right subs is not the only manager’s task. For instance, AW said the defence did not have to rush foward so soon and that was what caused the 2nd goal. Actually, they started to go upfront way before the second goal so he could have said it to our defenders. Regarding Fellaini, he did not foul Sczesny. And I found harsh to blame the referee for not seeing the offside, the guy was barely on the same line. I think here we should blame us for needing so much Scoring chances to… Read more »

Gunner From Another Mother


*Poor finishing was the only reason they weren’t behind by 3/4 goals.


I feel the manager has been at fault for the loss of a fair few points for us already this season, but in this case the blame lies squarely with the players. Wilshere MUST score from the chance that was gifted to him, and several other gilt edged chances were fired directly at the keeper, when an iota of composure could have brought about a different outcome. At the moment its ostensible that a backroom staff consisting entirely of motivational Al Pacino types couldn’t eke a proper performance from this team. One thing is for sure; we’re in Hell right… Read more »

Missing chinbone

Amen. People blaming wenger for this result need to take a long look at themselves. He set the team up and we dominated the game. 2 forced substitutions and the third made a real impact even though I imagine he probably wasn’t too keen on having to introduce giroud given the injury he’s just had. The amount of fantastic chances we created in the game should be credited to wenger. He can’t put the ball in the net himself though. That’s what our players who are paid hundreds of thousands each week are meant to be doing.

Jack's Right Foot

This is the first time I’ve felt this pissed off and wanted Wenger to go. We have good enough players to really challenge, he’s clearly not giving those players the right mentality to attack and score and defend properly. It’s fucking frustrating. Lowest points tally in 32 years? It can’t carry on like this. We’ve not beaten a decent team this season. Now I’ve lost my thread but that’s because I’M REALLY BLOODY ANGRY.


Likewise re Wenger going. You have to ask the question would any other decent manager really be doing any worse this season? Can’t see the stubborn old bugger leaving of his own accord though.


You cant bare to watch games against the “big” teams only?

Im dreading watching or next 3 games in the prem, West Brom away, Southampton at home, Stoke away. We could lose all 3 at this rate. Disgraceful tactics, disgraceful management and lack of management!


I get what you’re saying but please don’t destroy me completely. Arsene is doing a good enough job of it already. The last glimmer of hope that I have left is that we can at least beat the small teams and through some totally irrational and illogical belief qualify for champions league. Don’t think I can bear watching Thursday night football. So have a heart and let me dream cos I still really love this club.


Please explain what exactly about Wenger’s tactics and management today you feel was disgraceful.

Easy tiger

Well for one, in wengers Words “if you cant win dont lose” hi did. The second is a disrgace.


Wenger’s tactic- Ramsey told d world he is not 100% fit, but he gets chances to start games. He was the only weak link today from my view. Rosicky, Podolski deserves some chances too. They are older, but reliable in energizing and producing goals for the team.


Don’t be daft. He mean the sharpness you get from having a run of games. There’s nothing wrong with his physical fitness.

Az Ahmed

The lack of forethought by the manager has really destroyed arsenal this season and blew away last year’s title challenge. I got thumbed down for my last comment about Wenger taking this club down shit creek but I hate to say i told you so. Enough is enough. #Wengerout #Pepin


You haven’t actually answered my question.


I will explain, exactly. The fact that he is telling the back 4 to push up so high when we were 1-0 down, knowing Mertesacker is slow. The fact that he has not bought a CB the fact that he is playing a small left back at centre back. The fact that he keeps starting Ramsey, who has been out of form all season, the fact he did not give Podolski a chance over Welbeck near the end, the fact rosicky is rotting on the bench, the fact we have been beaten by a pish poor united side, at home,… Read more »


Monreal did not cost us the game. The high line is not a problem. Lots of teams do it, we’ve done it often and won. Ramsey did not cost us the game. Don’t contradict yourself. Taking Ramsey off was the last substitution he had. He can’t have your cake and eat it. Either Ramsey is rubbish and must come off or Welbeck is rubbish and must come off. The rest are general criticisms. You have not said what exactly about the management you are not happy with and what exactly Wenger did that cost us the game. “I will explain,… Read more »


I did answer what cost us the game, Wengers bad tactics and management, i explained he was telling the team to play a ridiculously high line when we were 1-0 down, knowing that Mertesacker is really slow. I also explained the other facts that he has a small Lb playing at CB and he is playing players that are not in form, we did not only lose today, Swansea beat us, 2 i na row, we have been awful all season. You say we have played a high line many times before and won, ask yourself, how many times have… Read more »


I will explain. Specifically, today, Wenger reverted to playing Ramsey and Wilshere together in midfield which has proven repeatedly to be a mistake. After an initial promising but ultimately fruitless start, his team predictably began to slump and he was incapable of lifting them from the sidelines. When we conceded, his team threw all caution to the wind and abandoned their defensive duties altogether, despite there still being 30 minutes on the clock and left us completely open to the counter-attack. Wenger was incapable of instilling some common sense into his players from the sidelines. Wenger replaced Wilshere with Cazorla… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Hear hear! The manager who consistently had Mourinho’s number was Pep. He would turn our club into world beaters within a season.

Easy tiger

Well Fuck You. You`ll have to pay me 7 mill a year or my advise. I am not paid for this, wenger is.

Easy tiger

Idiot you are. Please explain what about wengers tactics that was correct? No defeence, no midfield and no attack, is that Your answere? Fool!!!


Is it the managers fault that a bloke can’t score one on one from 8 yards out?

Wilshere getting off Scott free on here. He scores that, it’s a completely different game, completely different result


Cazorla isnt even half the player he was a year ago. Wenger has helped bring down his form.

Missing chinbone

This comment is laughable

frank from vienna

alexis next in line ? how frustrated he must be already….


I may get a lot of down votes for this but I really dont think this was Arsene’s fault here. He was not the one who missed a one on one chance. He was not the one who brought about the injuries and the own goal and the freaking offside decision. To restrict their firepower to just one shot on target when we had to push on for the equaliser tells you that we had the gameplan mapped perfectly. Today the players are at fault for not being clinical and losing their heads after going a goal and 2 men… Read more »


The issue I think everyone has today is that we have a team that lacks Belief that they can beat a “big” team. The opposition today is the worst manure side I have seen in a very long time. Simply terrible. Yet we still could not beat them.


When Sanchez fired a free kick over the bar he raised his hand to apologize to his teammates.That is the kind of work ethic he has.When Wilshere missed a one-on-one he became angry and started lashing out at the opposition.Wenger’s biggest fallacy is thinking that creating a “nurturing” environment free of accountability produces confident winners.What it has produced is a team of immature,soft and self-entitled millionares without hunger which he is finding hard to control let alone inspire.


Totally true, it’s sad when the players who try their hearts out and run their nuts off most are Alexis and Welbeck, whereas you get the likes of Wilshere trotting back half heartedly. There really does need to be a change in mentality and I think that means a change in manager unfortunately.


Agree 100%. Not the manager’s fault today. They were just average players.
1. Not Clinical
2. Not Enough Heart (played like robots)
3. Not Good Enough


They’re his players. His fault.


, its not just about today, its the whole fucking season , outside the “friendly” match cup against oil city we have been playing shit, some of our best player last season have been playing shit, some of our player know they getting play whatever the performance while player who want to try to prove the manager wrong are given 5 mn top if they are lucky.

Az Ahmed

The problem i have is Wenger decided not to sign defenders, he decided not to sign defensive midfielders, he decides the tactical set up… If he is not to blame, who is? Winning is a mentality. He doesn’t instill it in his team. He has been around long enough to realise what it takes to win. If he does not he is not good enough, and if he does, he is downright negligent. Both are unforgivable for a manager of a top club

Az Ahmed

The mentality Wenger instills in his team is not a winning one but he says to his team ‘go out there, play well and the result will come’. That’s his bullshit philosophy right there. You don’t have to play good, you have to be effective. You can play shit all game and still win. I don’t care about this tippytappy shit anymore, i want to win. Pep, Simeone, Ancelotti – any of these would do for me


Sorry to burst your bubble but Pep said he sees himself at United. How about Brendan ‘Mr Tactics’ Rodgers? It’s looking like he will be available soon. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

Aussie gooner

wengers fault for signing an average player like Danny welbeck.

LVG was proven right tonight

Mr Eko!

The more I watch that Wilshere miss, the angrier I get. All he needed to do was fucking pass or lob the keeper. A goal at that time would have been a blow to their shaky defence.
I’m worried we might be as bad as Man Utd were last season.


Not surprising wilshere made the wrong choice. He’s not very good. He has no right foot. He’s average. And that’s the prOblem with arsenal. Other than Gibbs, who gave up the fluke og, our defenders are average. Our holding mid is average. The ox has flashes but it average. Welbeck is average. I mean there is a reason United let him go. Ramsey is average. The only world class player is Sanchez. And maybe Walcott when he’s healthy. Average players average results. Fourth place each season. Knocked out in final 16 of champions league after finishing second in the group.… Read more »

Shere Willpower

why dont you go support the chelshits ??


well i wouldn’t call any of those players average…. look at how many goals welbeck scored for the england team this year and how good wilshere played the last 3games… something not right at the team but not the players..

Az Ahmed

It’s possible to win the title with average 6/10-7/10 players… Ask Fergie who did it time and again


It was a bad miss from jack and then he was a punk to start on the Afro man . Lucky to not get a red .

He should have scored or squared it to sanchez .

Very bad mistake .
And Chesney – wtf was that ???

Another cock up . He’s not looking anything like the keeper he was last season .


I agree with most of your points. But I don’t think, at least in this game, wenger is the man to blame. I mean, we had hundreds of chances and really did play some good football at times. It’s not Arsene who shot at the keeper from such a close range. That said, I am utterly baffled with this result. It’s completely frustrating. But I think in this case, the game was there to be won, a multiple times. We should have killed the game off in the early stages of the matches. I just don’t think Wenger is the… Read more »


Those minnows from Germany are next. heh.


they have their worst season in years still i m sure they are looking to play us


I paid £75 for my ticket to the Dortmund game. Could have bought 4 good records for that, or had a really nice dinner with my wife. Seems like a fuckin waste of time and money at the moment


Sadly, its perfectly obvious why we could even lost to such a shit team:

We’re worse. 🙁


Alexis looks tired.
Who’d have thought running him to the ground would do such a thing? I mean, it’s not like us to have a history of playing our best players and running them to the ground before their form dips or they get the inevitable injury, now is it?


Today we faced a goalkeeper in top form . without him we would have won easy . still think Wenger has to go though .. we are gradually becoming a mid table side . He`s been around too long now . like i say many times on here , it doesn’t always work when changing managers , but it gives hope … one more thing ,, what the fuck has happened to Cazorla ??? not someone i recognize


Every shot we took at their keeper was down the middle or straight at him bar the goal. Don’t believe it just cause gary neville said it. Watch the game for yourself and think for yourself.


Over emotional yet again. We lost. Its shit. Really shit. But there is no way Arsene should or will go and I’m glad because he will get us back to the top. You really expect 2 windows of about 100m of net spend to be able to overtake teams who have had a decade of spending about £1bn. He will make us successful again wait and see.


Yes because the problem we’re having right now is not beating the oil clubs not that we play like shit against everyone. Stay deluded.


With pleasure, sire!

Easy tiger

fuck you!!!


Arsene must go because we keep losing in the SAME manner, Time after time. Remember Swansea Emirates Dec 2012. Relentless pressing, our entire team standing around their penalty area while they score at the other end? Mark Hughes does that to us regularly. Mourinho has got Wenger sussed and many managers know how to beat us = predictable. Wenger is setting new records by the week, 8 goals conceded, longest run without beating a top four opponent (in all our history I am certain), lowest number of points at this stage of the season in decades and many lower ranked… Read more »


Swansea and Southampton seem to be doing better than us without 100 million spends. Winger needs to go


Sorry *Wenger


you mean like west ham and southampton?? wake up people.


and please please dont let players make any statements at all about refocusing , responding , fighting back etc etc etc !! just shut the fuck up and win some fucking games !!!!!


Different players, Same problems shows that Wenger’s doing some things wrong…
I’ve always sat on the fence for too long. #Wenger has pushed me into #WengerOut side. Man should have gone after the #FACup win. Leave when the ovation was loudest.
Most painfully, we still have 2 more #Wenger seasons… Get used to it. The man isn’t resigning….



Bitter Pill

I blame Ozil.


I blame mourinho


Listening live to Wenger – ‘We played a game of quality. It was one of those unlucky nights. The performance of the players was ok’

Kos the boss

Don’t think wenger was at fault today. Set the team up to attack well. We had good balance in the middle too. Players need to take their chances and score when on top otherwise the other team scores shitty goals their first one


Says a lot about this season that all I could think about as that second goal went in was what the fuck is the Emirates going to be like. This is an atmosphere akin to 2011 on its way up again,and for the first time I’m starting to doubt wenger is capable of rectifying it. Christ I want him to go out on a high, but at this point it’s almost impossible to imagine.


I just want to know if we’ll ever score from another corner this season…we might as well do short kicks and try to walk the ball into the net, seems to be our preferred style.

Winky Tit


A Yank

I’m so done with this team.

Not really.

But kinda.


This loss defies we were stronger better players at home jist fucking how?


How did we lose? We have a back up left back playing center back and a back up center back playing right back. We have a sub par holding mid and after going down a goal panicked and threw everyone forward.

We also have an average striker in welbeck. Too many average players.

That’s how we lost.


What did Monreal, Chambers, Arteta or Welbeck do that cost us the game?


Welbeck, even more than Wilshere, missed FOUR gilt-edged chances today. Distinctly average. Sanogo does everything he does much better. Like seriously, if you took the time to watch


I’m talKing about the season. Look at the Swansea match. Chambers and monreal were crucified. Look at anderlecht. Today the cross came in from chamber’s side. If you have average players you get average results. When was the last time an arsenal team finished second or made it to the last eight of champions league. What arsenal player other than Sanchez (and cesc of course) would start for Chelsea. Our players aren’t very good. They aren’t clinical going forward and they are a disaster at the back. That’s why we aren’t ever beating big teams. Debuchy and kos come back… Read more »


My thoughts exactly. I keep thinking “Noone’s making me watching Arsenal choke and get depressed very Saturday” and yet here I am, every time.


They say it’s insanity to do the same thing and expect different results. Normally that gets pinned to Arsene but we, the fans are just as insane if we are expecting something to change on and off field.


I hate to say it, but I’m thinking about not watching the next game. My passion for this team is being drained by mediocre shite week after week. Man I the even writing that, let alone thinking it. Why can we not play better? We have a great team.


Spawny united cunny’s

La Défense

Fuck you Jack Wilshere for not scoring in the first half.

Fuck you Wenger for playing Ramsey and Wilshere together.


We bossed the game while Wilshere and Ramsey where together. Stop acting like 4-3-3 is some mad illogical set up.

Random Al

This is completely correct. Not only did we boss the game while Wilshere and Ramsey were together, it was only after Jack was injured that it started to tip against us. I think Cazorla for Alexis would have been the change Wenger would have made if Jack wasn’t injured and we might just have found ourselves better off. That both their goals came from moves that should have been “stopped” by the fabled CDM is lamentable, surely Arteta was feeling it in his legs by that stage of the game, as even with two weeks off the tempo was fantastically… Read more »

The Jolly Gunner

Man, I miss the Interlull.


Arsenal’s worst start to a season in 32 years. When’s the last time we broke a positive record with Arsene. Face it guys, he is a has been.


Speaking of records; United’s first away win this season, Rooney’s first away goal in like forever… Can others add to this list?


United’s first away win under van Gaal and WE were the ones to give it to him. Fucking hell!!!

Easy tiger

First home defeat……


To be honest I’m just wondering how long till #KloppIn or the like starts trending on twitter.

Random Al

Would he seriously come?

Jack's Right Foot

I’ve never said Wenger out but I agree, new blood and a new mentality would stop the decent players we have playing like utter shite.

A Yank

Kroenke’s other teams: Denver Nuggets 4-7 LA Rams* 4-6 Colorado Avs* 6-9-6 Colorado Rapids** 8-8-18 It’s early in the NBA and NHL seasons but the Nuggets are a front office tire fire. The Avs might get a little better. The Rapids just finished their season (can’t remember the exact number but they went like 11 or 12 winless at the end of the season). Point being: this isn’t even the bottom. It could get worse. Way worse. Everyone shouting “Wenger Out” should be looking higher up the ladder. Our majority shareholder is not interested in winning. Nothing about his teams’… Read more »


He’s big on balance sheets and near non existent on team success.

What is clear is that he will only act if the fans boycott the matches and he loses revenue. Otherwise it more and more of the same.


none of his franchise except maybe the avalanche (2 stanley cup not too long ago) are considerate top dog really, none are big “market” you cant compare us and some franchise in the US.
you cant blame him for the mess we are in except keeping faith with the manager too long maybe

PS: the Rams are still playing in St Louis, they are in talk to move them back to LA (no NFL team there)

A Yank

Holy shit… I did call them the LA Rams. Ha. Maybe I’m either looking back or to the future. Anyway… to the substantive part of your post: The Avs last Stanley Cup took place in the first year of Stan’s ownership. That entire team was in place when he bought it (save for maybe the Ray Borque trade… I’d have to go back and look) so he gets zero credit for that. As for the other teams—the Rams, the Rapids and the Nuggets—first, they are all in salary capped leagues, so it’s not like other teams are just outspending them… Read more »

A Yank

Here’s a bit on the current state of the Nuggets under Stan’s kid.

Shaw gets a pass from the writer. He might be part of the problem (not a great coach) but generally the team let the best young executive and a Hall of Fame coach walk and are now headed to the level of Kroenke’s other teams.

Lightening Pace

#Kroenke Out!

The Mad Parson

Spot on. That’s the crucial point here. We have an injury problem, a tactical problem, and a purchasing problem, but what’s killing us is the ownership problem. “Yank” couldn’t be more right.


Forget about the injury curse, what about the United curse?

Ryan Whitehouse



Arsenal as usual under Wenger beat themselves. Wenger has run out ideas and I’m sick of him. Wenger out!!

A Yank

Run out of ideas? Every week we come up with a new way to throw away points. Who saw losing 2-1 to a team that only managed one shot on goal? We are nothing if not a wellspring of creativity even if it is in how we fuck ourselves.


I just can’t muster up the energy to be angry-it was so unsurprising. As much as I hate saying it, I think Arsene has reached the point of no return. One thing looks likely-things are going to get worse before they get better.


Our next ten fixtures are WBA(a), Southampton(h), Stoke(a), Newcastle(h), Liverpool(a), QPR(h), West Ham(a), Southampton(a), Stoke(h), Man City(a).
This could be the year our lucks run out properly. We would still have to play United and Spurs away. Chelsea and Liverpool at home won’t be easy fixtures. I don’t see us getting more than 68-70 points. It might be our lowest point tally ever with Wenger.


Our next ten fixtures are WBA(a), Southampton(h), Stoke(a), Newcastle(h), Liverpool(a), QPR(h), West Ham(a), Southampton(a), Stoke(h), Man City(a).
This could be the year our luck runs out properly. We would still have to play United and Spurs away. Chelsea and Liverpool at home won’t be easy fixtures. I don’t see us getting more than 68-70 points. It might be our lowest point tally ever with Wenger.


What are we going to do? The same thing we’ve been doing for 5 years. Fuck all 🙂


Me and my brother were watching this game. And he told me at the end of the game. You know what’s going to happen now for Utd right? Van Gaal is now going to stick with his 3-5-2 formation from now on.
I said. You know what’s going to happen now for Arsenal, right ? We both said at the same time.



Me and my brother(Utd Fan) were watching this game. And he told me at the end of the game. You know what’s going to happen now for Utd right? Van Gaal is now going to stick with his 3-5-2 formation from now on.
I said. You know what’s going to happen now for Arsenal, right ? We both said at the same time.


A K 57

Wenger’s time is up. I have also given up any hope for wilshere.


I wouldn’t. He’s still young and it would be interesting to see how he might fare under a different manager.


He even fares better under Roy Hodgson. That tells you all you need to know.


He even fares better under Roy Hodgson. That tells you all you need to know.


I know. I’m scared too.

Andre's Sandals

What fuckery was that?


What just happened?

H.M.S Arseidon

We lost to the worst united team I have ever seen. You could feel we would self destruct, again. We haven’t got a clue how to defend as a team and have the mentality of… well Arsenal. All of you who are afraid of changing manager, look at this. Look at the state of this team. No defence, no leaders, no tactics, no killer instinct. Why are you afraid? It can’t get worse. We have an amazing team that lacks what it’s been lacking for at least five years. A proper keeper (please god let the Cech rumours be true),… Read more »

La Défense

Tastes so bitter right about now. Beaten at home at the worst possible time in the worst possible manner.

Midfield duo of Wilshere and Ransey squarely to blame.


Ramsey cannot start another game for us until he proves he is worth the minutes. Another game another injury (2for1 this game, bad deal) but hey at least we scored against one of the worst defences in the league . Silver linings and all……


Please Arsene, just go now. I don’t care if we get worse, just as long as we get different. I feel like I have watched this same match 20 times a season for the last ten years now and I’ve had enough.


Yup. Feels like weive been seeing this kind of game for ages. Before the game started my heart was saying ‘we can win this’ but my head was saying ‘ease up bro. You’ll either draw or lose today.’

A Yank

Good thing we’re used to it because it’s not changing for at least a couple of years. Kroenke isn’t going to get rid of Wenger. As long as the club stays in the black, nothing is going to change.


Absolutely bored to dearh of this crap.
Bored of watching Wenger clap when one of his players kicks the ball off the pitch
Bored to death of watching goals being conceded through comedy defending. No brilliance from opponents we just concede the most rediculous goals
Bored of watching players stood still with their arms by their sides moaning at teammates
Bored of this shite.
Bored of shouting shooooooot for fucks sake
Bored of shouting mooooove
Bored of Arsene Wenger as much as I love him, I’m bored of him so so bored

Easy tiger


Die Hard Gunner

We cannot beat the worst United team in 3 decades, then we are SH*T, What kind of showing was that? I feel for the fans in England who pays very high fee to watch 90minutes of nonsense! The time for change is now!


Losing at home to this poor Man Utd team – I cannot stress my disappointment.

Arsene needs to step upstairs and give Klopp a chance.


More of the same I’m afraid. we’re stuck with Wenger. He’s way too arrogant to resign. Even in the closed season. He’ll have to be sacked and Kronke couldn’t otherwise care and the Board are impotent.

Two and a half more years of this at least.


Do you think Kroenke will care if we don’t make the champions league? Would Wenger get fired then?
Don’t take this as “I hope Arsenal don’t it to the UCL so Wenger gets sacked.”
This is more “We really don’t look like we’re going to finish anywhere near top 4 so do you think Wenger ever would get sacked?”


Only if the fans launch an out and out revolt. Otherwise we are stuck like this for 2.1/2 more years and perhaps 3 beyond that. Kronke only watches maybe six matches per season. He has no Arsenal heart; no Arsenal soul. It’s just a business to him. The money is the deciding factor and I shouldn’t think he cares at all about the CL.


Sometimes you just have to laugh.
injuries – check
woeful finishing – check
questionable defending – check
a loss to a, dare i say, top squad – check


This is becoming unwatchable.

My looking forward all week and sense of excitement for each match is being replaced by a sense of dread.

Nairobi's numero uno gunner

you look forward to big games? I don’t. As a fan I know I should..but lets be honest here….we support Arsenal. of late we have been absolutely shit in the big games.


Arsenal Football Club…..Making Paddy McNair look like Paulo Maldinin since November 22 2014.


This pretty much sums up for me right now..


We lose to a team that fucking cant win themselves.
What kinda cunts are we?


Arsenal Football Club…..Making Paddy McNair look like Paulo Maldini since November 22 2014.

Sheffield Goon

I’m glad we lost. I hope we keep losing until Wenger gets sacked. He has absolutely no idea whatsoever. It’s getting embarrassing. Every pundit, every fan of every club, everyone I talk to, everyone knows it. Wenger has no idea. Thumb this down all you want. I’ve been a fan of the club for 40 years, so don’t tell me to support someone else. I love this club and it’s tearing my heart out to see what’s happening. We need a change. This is our worst points tally after 12 games for 32 years. 32 years! Please, someone, somewhere, mend… Read more »

H.M.S Arseidon

Never ever glad we loose but Wenger needs to go or we will get really used to loosing.


You’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s actually less painful wishing that it gets bad enough that Wenger has to go rather than living in hope and having your heart continually crushed.

I Wish I Could Be Sid James Everyday

Fuckin’ Aye, Sheff. And I was at the Walsall Milk Cup defeat that got rid of Terry Neill!

Sheffield Goon

Seems like yesterday. Where’d it all go…


Good thing the season is 38 games.

I Wish I Could Be Sid James Everyday

Yikes. The satellite broadcaster had to work extra hard at full time not to show a backdrop of empty seats.


I think it’s important to stay optimistic and realise that after today, we’re one day closer to Wenger saddling up.


Poll time.

Thumbs up = Wenger Out

Thumbs down = Wenger In


What is the point of this? Stop trying to get attention by starting a flame war.

Jack's Right Foot

To be fair it’s probably the least messy way of gauging what fans and readers of this blog think. Maybe doing it after a horribly emotional and crushing defeat makes it bias but… oh well.


Are you for real? What kind of attention can i seek from doing a poll? In which way will this “attention” i get, benefit my life?

I asked a simple question to see where fans like myself stand, on the Wenger Out, Wenger In, stance. Made a simple poll. And i am finding the results interesting. I am seeking information, not seeking attention, and i dont think my poll will influence What happens at the club, im asking a simple question thats all.


What’s the point of this? Wenger isn’t leaving any time soon. We’ll just have to suck it up and trod on for another 2 seasons.





I’d rather not watch football than to watch Thursday night football. Insanity? Doing things the same way and expecting a different result.

Glory Hunter

Oh well.
I thought we would at least get a draw, but to lose against Utd is the straw that broke the camels back, Its over I’ve given up on Arsene.


Call me crazy, but BEFORE this game I actually still think we can challenge for title. All we need is just a good run of form, players start clicking etc…

But now…ermmm..ya..lets focus on 4th place 😛


I wish that Mr Blog in the future – at the end of May 2015 – would travel back here and tell us “Calm down! We’ll be fine.” But I’m not sure.


I’m tired of feeling like this. It’s 1 am here and I go to sleep depressed every time. I’m not angry anymore just sad. What has become of my arsenal.


Apathy setting in. Thats the worst feeling to have as a fan. Sick of it.
8th ffs. 8th

Dial Square Charity XI

Well that was unfortunate…

Gunner pundit

Wenger get some new players in january


Beyond farce. Welbeck, Wilshere, Wenger: W*****s


Some individuals in the Arsenal team really gave their best today, but the team overall just doesn’t seem to be able to deliver anything concrete.

This team should be miles better than the line up that Manchester Utd had today, especially considering how quiet the Dutch skunk and Di Maria was. But yet again, we have defeated ourselves again somehow.


Speaking of Di Maria, how shit was he? But they still beat us. They are shit and they beat us. With the players we have. It’s shameful!

Jack's Right Foot

This is bollocks, I’ve had enough. Same old shit. Worst points tally in 32 years. 8th position. I would take a different manager now, a different direction. We’ve got the players to do so much better than this. It’s down to the manager to get them in the right frame of mind. Fuck this.


What a disgrace performance once again, good fight back at the very end, but it was already too late. Where is that will to win that game against an average Utd. team ?! Yet again we started well, yet again we found that auto-destruction button and lost it. Cazorla was aweful. Wilshere just complaining when he could have just passed that early ball to Sanchez who was free. We gave Utd all they needed.


Wilshere is finished. He has that odd celebrity way about him. The only reason he didn’t score is that he wanted to put the ball in a space that was obvious (giving the keeper the eyes) because a usual goal is not good enough for him! See you in the jungle Jack 🙁


wenger should get the fuck out to be honest..

Gunner pundit

This arsenal manager is getting on my nerves. I already dont think we will win the premier league we can get top 4 maybe but come on a side like Arsenal should be doing a lot better. If we losing at home to this united side no offence

Gunsen Gunner

Thank you for everything Arsene but it’s time to go.I don’t know what you have changed in training but this isn’t Arsenal as it has been under you in previous years.



I Wish I Could Be Sid James Everyday

Way too harsh. I get that you’ve had it with Arsene, so have I…but seriously, would you say that to his face?

Didn’t think so.

Jack's Right Foot

If I had a few beers in me I would shout that to his face whilst crying and hugging him… we’re all very emotional and confused.


Sure I would. Again with the slow subs. team keeps making a million passes about 2 yards from goal instead of smashing it like Giroud. Id tell him straight am fucking sick and fuck off

Yankee Gooner

Slow subs? Good thing, or we’d have finished with Mertesacker between the pipes.

Gunner pundit

On a side note what a finish by giroud.


Everyone wondering what Wenger would do if he had more money? Here it is. 100+ mil spent and we’re complete and utter shite. Shooting from afar right down the middle of the goal, players running into each other (Gibbs wasn’t the only one who did that actually, it happened a few times), leaving one defender alone (or you can’t pressure the opponent without Mertesacker and Arteta staying further back? I’m confused). FUCK THIS!