Wenger looks for positives after fragile Gunners beaten


Normally we’d wrap the manager’s quotes up with a bit of an opening and closing but, frankly, we can’t be arsed today.

Here’s most of what he said after the game today.

“There’s a lot of regret, we had given a lot. We showed great energy levels and a a great response. The spirit of the team was fantastic. Defensively we missed start of game. We gave easy goals away. We were not decisive in challenges. Once we were 3-0 down, we had a mountain to climb. We did climb, but a bit unlucky I must say.

I think we were a bit inexperienced at the back. We couldn’t play Laurent Koscielny and couldn’t play Nacho Monreal, altogether we were maybe a bit softer.

“What goes through the mind at half-time? Everybody is down so you have to pump the team up and make decisions to change what can be changed. It’s frustrating to see them lose. There were a lot of positives – defensively we were not strong enough.

“Anger doesn’t help the team to play well. The players know we missed the start of game. If you come here you have to be on the first ball and have to win the header. We missed the start of the game. We also missed players like Laurent Koscielny – he couldn’t play today.

“For Stoke, it’s their game of the year. They have more animosity against us than other teams. In the future, we have to be prepared for more commitment. We unlock them by winning challenges and showing it from the start.”

We’re not normally lost for words on this site, as regular readers will know, but ‘a lot of positives’?


[quote_box_center]NOTE: We do realise emotions are high and that’s understandable after the shite we saw today, but please try and make your points without abuse or name-calling. It only takes away from the point you’re making. Thanks.[/quote_box_center]

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Ultimate Gooner

Why doesn’t he just tell things like it is, call his team out? Instead, his comments post-match are soft, just like his players. He doesn’t have the right winner mentality anymore, get him out.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot
Cygan's Magical Left Foot

He has finished 5 years ago, he used the stadium and all that rubbish as an excuse to make money for himself and the yanks who keeps dated out of touch with reality has been in the job. Shame on you Mr Wneger, if you have any dignity or pride left, WALK OUT, you are not the man to take us forward.

Now look after two wins we will have all Arsene’s cult coming back to tell us he is the best manager in the world. I have been coming here for 5 years telling those cult Arsene’s apologist he is finished but their love for Arsene is more than the club.

Arsene is the problem.


no way we are changing anything until the end of the season. If we finish top 4 and maybe even sneak into the final eight of the CL, I’m afraid there will be no changes.

Either way, we need the January transfer window to save this season.

1 or 2 CBs – especially considering how poor Per is playing and the fact we can’t rely on Kos – and of course a holding/defensive midfielder. Same things we needed at the beginning of the year sadly.

If we don’t shape up, I can’t see Alexis hanging around too long with this bunch.

Cygan's Magical Left Foot
Cygan's Magical Left Foot

If you think Arsene will buy in Jan window what we need then you have been living in a cave for the last 10 years. He will come with his usual “qualady” “Diaabby” and “free KK like signing”.

He should stay until the end of the season, I agree with you in that but as YOU and I know he won’t have the pride or dignity to walk out and leave those easy fourth place trophy 8 million pound for two years behind. He is looking for a new TV job in any French TV to add to his income instead of looking for players or staying planning the team next match during international break.

Arsene IS the problem.


Furthermore, I have a suspicion that Ozil is on his way out, maybe at the end of this season. I hope NOT, though.

#YOLO Toure

Still don’t really understand the WengerOut brigade. How can it possibly be his fault that our players just played shit today? And if anyone says ‘he needs to rotate’ – we literally don’t have anyone to rotate with right now because of all the injuries!

I agree that some of the stuff he’s done has been frustrating (like not bringing in another defender), but he’s here, he’s working hard and he’s trying to get us to the top. The way some of you lot spout, its as if you reckon he’s actually trying to lose football matches. You can see it in his eyes how much it kills him when we lose or throw away a lead.

Seaman even said it this week – he’s the best thing to ever happen to us. He’s not lost his ‘winner mentality’, we’ve just been terribly unlucky with the way things have started this season.

You can feel it at the Emirates how fragile the atmosphere is right now, and you can bet your arse it’s not helping either him or our lads out there get the results we need. Whether you like it or not, he’s not getting the sack, he’s not going to retire, so get behind him and get behind this team!

Cygan's Magical Left Foot
Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Which part of he is has been passed his sell by date you don’t get???. I know it does hurt him, since that banner he is been looking ill, He wants to win, he loves the club I believe and get that.

But, he is finished as a top manager, he is left behind in modern football as he refused to change like so many great mangers did in the past by refused to move on with time. Now, if he truly love the club he has to walk out at the end of the season as he will not move the club HE loves forward.

Arsene IS the problem (I have been saying it to Arsene’s cult for the fifth season running)


You’ll miss him when he is gone. I bet my life on it.


Unfortunately, you can try to blame the players, but who buys the players? who had the chance to get a squad that is balanced? is it the players? we have blamed everything in this club but wenger, we’ve changed assistant managers, we’ve changed backroom, fitness coaches, castigated and chased away once good players (that the manager messed up) and what do you have. i became a fan of this club in 1999, and everthing has changed (Owner, stadium, CEO, players, logo, jerseys, everything, i’m sure even the tea ladies) only one thing hve we not tried, and its getting wenger out. He might not be the problem, but he’s definitely an option we havent tried


Wenger should look terrible in the summer when he has failed to secure good players both quality and quantity. Honestly I don’t feel sorry for him anymore. Imagine the torture we have gone through over the years when we felt the team needed certain players but AW didn’t buy! How many arses will be unproductive this week simply because of AW’s recklessness?


People talk as if it’s that easy to just get a player. We spent 16 Mil to get a 19 year old playing second choice right back at Southampton. I scanned through the comments but found no one bringing up a name of a centre back we could have bought in the summer. I don’t think it was a coincidence that man u also came short at centre back after failing to sign vermaelen. Don’t blame everything on the manager.


Ding, I’ve said this a hundred effing times. Toby Alderweireld. Yes, the same guy who went off injured late against us. Did you know Southampton got him on LOAN? He may not have helped them get three points against us, but he’s surely helped them in 2-3 matches atleast. He started for belgium in the world cup most times, is 6’2 and a solid defender.

Kessex Mannex

With due respect. In any organization. Leadership takes responsibility for success or failure. Wenger owns the team 110% and it is he who failed to strengthen the team. So why should we blame players. Bellerin and chambers are inexperienced. Injured players playing due to lack of depth. Imbalanced numbers with on 6 defenders in squad. Arsene is the capital problem. No more no less


Never thought I’d see the day here on arseblog when such a comment would receive so many thumb downs. Before clicking to see the comment, I thought it’ll be something really horrendous but no it wasn’t. I guess it’s truly a sign that everyone is fed up right now.


OK. I’m about to go on a rant. One of the things that annys me most about arsenal losing, other than the loss itself is the absolute lack of capacity by some fans to put things into perspective. We have always struggled at Stoke, it’s one of those fixtures, every team has one. We didn’t play as bad as some comments are suggesting, even in the first half. Stoke had a fantastic game plan. Bojan was electrifying and they had a guy kicking Sanchez as soon as he touched the ball.
Their game plan was fantastic and it worked, it doesn’t mean ours was shit. All it means is that theirs was better.
Second, those saying Wenger should go are (insert bad word). He is one of the best managers in the world. He can coach Madrid, Bayern and Barcelona. If he left Arsenal, he wouldn’t struggle to find a job at all! And the, who should come in his place? Anybody?
Those saying he didn’t buy players are also just reacting to the results. Although we could always use another player, especially in central defense and midfield, arguments can also be made for why we didn’t buy any.
We had 6 defenders, 4 of which could play in central defense, despite two of them not being natural central defenders. The decision not buy a CB was deliberate, not some mistake. Monreal played CB throughout pre-season because Wenger knew he wasn’t gonna buy anyone else.
There were very few quality defenders on the market. Luiz was bought for 50m, City spent 35m on Mangala, who make Senderos look world class, Pool spent 20m on Lovren, who is slower than my great grandpa, in fact, they bought 3 defenders on top of the ones they had and are doing worse than us, the Chavs only have 2 senior CBs and one inexperienced one.
We have had a very turbulent season with injuries and players, for some strange reason, going out of form.
No one could have predicted Ramsey’s plunge in form, or that we would lose Debuchy for 4 months after 5 games, or Ozil, or Walcott, or Giroud, or Jack. We started the season with one of the strongest squads we’ve had in a long time and the optimism many fans had was understandable.

H. P. Arsecraft

Fantastic gameplan? The orchs did what they always do and we did what we always do.

We weren’t as bad as some of us here are saying? Come on open You’r eyes. You can’t be that deluded.


No. If Stoke have a better game plan than us, and keep having a better game plan than us, then that’s a serious shortcoming.
What we saw in this game was an Arsenal team that repeatedly fails to do the basic things right. For the Crouch’s goal, three defenders had to perform poorly. The cross was not cut out, Chambers completely missed a relatively simple header, and Bellerin slipped over. For Bojan’s goal, a similar story: cross comes in, no one tracks Bojan’s run. Walters’ goal: we concede the header and Walters is standing unmarked at the near post.

Which other managers of top teams would allow this to happen, game in game out?

We have a team of quality players who do not function as a unit defensively. Could you imagine seeing such a display from a Mourinho team? I hate to make the comparison (it makes me feel dirty to say good things about Mourinho), but he’s the benchmark now.


Thanks, Butters. You make a lot of sense. Wenger bought two solid defenders, one of whom can play CB (though he had a poor game today). Yes, it would have been great to have gotten a world class DM, but who was that? Sanchez, Chambers, and Debuchy were all great buys. Wenger was not playing right back and letting those crosses in. He wasn’t in our six yard box missing defensive headers. He wasn’t up front hitting the post or heading the ball wide either. Our men were not playing well today, especially the back six in the first half. AW does not have the tactical sense of Mourinho or the hairdryer routine of SAF. But he’s a quality manager who has served the club well. Those screaming for Jurgen Klopp last year can see that even a very good manager can’t simply will his team to the top. It’s fair to criticize Wenger, even vent, but he’s probably the best man to take us through the next couple years. Fantasize about stealing Simeone if you like, but it’s not gonna happen and we’d be worse off if it did.



“Yes, it would have been great to have gotten a world class DM, but who was that?”

William Carvalho, who we apparently wanted but wanted pay the asking fee?
Morgan Schneiderlin?
Maxime Gonalons?
One of the Bender brothers?
World class or not, they are considerably better than what we are currently fielding.

Bear in mind Wenger has been looking for a DM for 2 years (Luis Gustavo, Bender) but decided that he’d rather take Flamini for free. See how that’s worked out.

Damn, I’d take Alex Song back, he’s got his flaws but is better than what we have now. And he was available on loan.


Worked out pretty well last season.
Don’t tell that your want of a new cdm isn’t coloring your view of flamini’s performances


Even Wanyama would be better! At one point he stated that he would use Chambers at DM!


Sad thing really is that every other team in the PL has a better DM than us… I mean Arteta and Flamini, really? Also, we have prodigious player out on loan, who could come back and help us (Coquellin anybody) but what Arsene did… let him stay there for an extra mont… Even Coq could be better DM alternative than the two we have… but Arsene is not willing to take risks anymore…

Past are the days he was willing to put 17 years old players into the team and let them play…. maybe make mistakes, but play and get better. Now we ended up with monreal who is quite decent LB, but very poor CB, instead of trying one of the youngsters (Ayayi, O’conor, Hayden – when he was not injured yet)

The man is past it. He’s like your old grandpa who says it was all better once and going shoping in sales. We need new impulse, we need younger, more agressive and passionate manager. It kills me when we are 3:0 down against STOKE! into the first half, and he’s siting on the bench like an old broke man, who has no idea what to do, while sparky is by the touchline and yelling instuction and motivate his team.

Please Arsene go.


“Siting on the bench like an old broke man”… exactly what I’ve noticed over the years. And it’s the way players play on the field. Just like Wenger, they rarely show courage, ambition and desire (apart from a few such as Wilshere, Sanchez, Giroud…). It’s just sad, really


Ezekiel Gary was available and is a great CB prospect. Heck even Alex of Chelsea of old was available on a free and would’ve done a food job (he has so far for AC Milan). And those are just off my head, and I’m not a coach.

Don’t give us that bullocks because rich clubs who like to overspend on average players overspent on average defenders. Should we say there are no CMs out there available because United couldn’t find one?

Weak argument

Harish P

Long term contracts for short term fixes. There’s a reason Wenger worked really hard to get rid of the deadwood the summer before last. It’s clear we’re looking to bring ìn the best talent we can now, even though it SUCKS the options we’re left with right now.

We don’t want another Podolski situation, a good player who worked really well briefly but no longer fits in our team and simply mostly bench warms.


it was his deadwood too. 50k a week to the likes of bendtner and denilson as part of his socialist wage structure is as offensive as it is stupid


Somebody has been hanging out with john.


If you think that Wenger will be signed by Barcelona/PSG/Madrid now, you’re utterly wrong. All those clubs have a director of football and Wenger never liked that. Total control = something top clubs don’t give their managers most times. For a reason.

There are atleast 2-3 candidates that can take Wenger’s place.
1. Frank de Boer
2. Jurgenn Klopp.

Unlike Wenger, Klopp has 2 players for every position. Not 18-20 year olds either.

Tell me one thing. Rooney marks Arteta hard and clamps down on his passing. That was the blueprint united established in the first season Arteta was here. Until the united game that season, Arteta was a revelation. Its been 4 years now and we still don’t win against united because we haven’t found a solution to that . We make one more player to drop deep, and that hasn’t worked for us either because that extra player that drops deep isn’t really a strong box-to-box presence that can drive forward fast from a deep position.

Your example of Sanchez being kicked is the same. Its not the first time it has happened this season. Chelsea did that to good effect too. The problem = we don’t have a good box-to-box presence that can ride/absorb tackles and keep driving forward. Eg: Moussa Sissoko/Mo Diame. Now, you’ll say that we are overloaded in the midfield. I’ll get to that in a bit.

As a manager, you learn from games. I think both the above problems could’ve been solved by a CB signing, and by letting Arteta tutor chambers for the DM position. That was the plan. Wenger admitted he sees chambers in a midfield role in the future.

He just failed to buy that CB to make chambers the future DM and fourth choice CB if needed.

We need one more box-to-box midfielder to supplement Ramsey. Lets face it, we don’t have another box-to-box player for 4-2-3-1 or 4-5-1. If we are overloaded in the midfield, we need to offload some that haven’t done well enough when played (Flamini), some that haven’t played enough (Rozza, one of Podolski/Campbell), and the perennially injured (Diaby).

We did NOT play Monreal in the center in pre-season as Wenger didn’t want to buy. We played him because its a post-world cup season and Mertesacker and Kos were training all summer, if not playing. They needed rest. Wenger himself admitted that he tried to sign a CB.

Please do not give dumb explanations to seemingly obvious reasons.

To say there weren’t any center-backs is a stupid, stupid argument. Southampton signed Toby Alderweireld on a loan. A Belgian center-back that started most games in the world-cup. Has injuries, but hey, better than Monreal when fit (no slight to Monreal, did a great job with his limitations in that position). That’s the same league, I’m sure you’ll find more examples in other leagues.

Sure, we had a stronger squad than we had in recent years but I clearly remember telling United fan before the start of last season that we needed another forward. Giroud played a HUGE number of games/minutes without injury and Arsene got away with not signing one more. As a manager, the last thing you should do is plan for the best case scenario. He starts the season knowing well that Koscielny has achilles niggles (arseblog and others have come to this conclusion too that he can’t have not known) with only a 19-year old as back-up. With limited resources, you should at-least plan for a reasonably bad scenario. I think Arsene has failed to do that for multiple seasons now.


What positives?

I don’t think Wenger even believes in his own words. Players are probably not listening as well.


Well, in all fairness. If he goes out in press conference and say: “The team had a shocker”. Then my immediate reaction would be: who’s responsible for the players who starts at the field? Who are responsible for the players at the club? Who are responsible for tactics and motivate players? If Arsene Wenger shows no passion then I understand if some of the players relax.


There’s no way he can spin this one. Please don’t roll out some poor idiot to make the same tired“insert Player name here calls for more insert action here“ just get the fuck up and rip Gala apart.


I believe that, unfortunately, comments and statements like this have taken their toll on Arsene and the players are now being affected by it. It’s time for him to go now but not for what he has done to our magnificent club but rather what he has done for it.
Many heads will hand in shame over the fullness of time.



Giroud's abs

At least he didn’t pull a Mourinho and blame the ball boys and Newcastle fans for their defeat! That’s a new level of pathetic!


propose another managerial option or your complaints lead to nothing.


ild rather a new manage making mistakes the first time and learning than the same manager making the same mistakes for 10 years now and still not getting it


In recent weeks we have given away leads against Swansea and Anderlecht, we have lost suicidally to Man Utd and Stoke and yet Arsene sees positives. We have conceded 10 goals in those 4 games.
There is no doubt that we are very poor defensively, Mertersaker is very slow and exposes all those around him and only Kosielny can cope with his lack of ability, and I know he has over 100 caps.
Debussy is an unknown at Arsenal due to injury but Chambers is surely one for the future, although that might take 2-3 years.
At left back Gibbs is an enigma, he was at fault on the first 2 Stoke goals but apparently he played through an injury.
For the last 2 to 4 seasons we have watched poor and patched up defenses, Arsene seems not to care and never buys to strengthen these positions, it is so obvious to the fans, the pundits and the media that it seems impossible that the board do not see it as well.
The only way to influence the board is to hit them in the pocket, but no real fan wants to stop going to the games.
So the only way is to stop buying the extras, the program’s, the food and drink and from the shop.
Let’s give it a try !!


“In the future, we have to be prepared for more commitment”.

Is this the first time we have played stoke?

He doesnt do himself any favours. Sadly, i think it’s time he stepped aside.

Toure Motors

In the future there will be robots


He is a broken man, it’s not the same AW who went toe to toe with Red Nose, the local Don for a long time and gave as much as he got!

How many fucking times the team comes out sleep walking into a game, be it one of the top sides or a team we are expected to beat or or nemesis!

Aussie gooner

Sorry wenger, your words mean nothing because you say the same crap after every game, maybe get real and admit you were at fault for once


And really, how was Wenger at fault for Chambers completely missing an easy headed clearance and Bellerin failing to mark someone at eighteen seconds? How was Wenger at fault for both Mertesacker and Chambers standing rooted to the spot watching Bojan waltz past them at 35 minutes? How was Wenger at fault for four players trying to head the same ball at 44 minutes, leaving two unmarked strikers to pick up the garbage? How was Wenger at fault for an absolutely useless cunt of a referee showing Chambers two yellow cards in succession for incidents that were barely even fouls, while all game long ignoring far worse offenses by the Orcs?

Put the blame where it lies – squarely on the shoulders of the players who utterly failed to do the job they’re paid to do in the first half.


So, who picked the team?
I know who to blame.


because he bought them? because he trusted them to do their job as footballers that he refused to sign any backups to challenge them? because he’s the one who decide what kind of defense they play? because he’s the one who’s supposed to inspire them to play winning football? because he’s the one who’s supposed to get the tactics right?

Look the math is simple, if the players are inept, the manager bought shit players and it’s his fault he put his trust in shit players. If the players are not shit, it’s the manager’s fault he fail to get the system, tactics right; he fail to inspire them to win matches, he doesn’t have the players believing in what he says.

This is not one or two matches, this is 10 fucking seasons…we forget because we think the stadium handicapped us…rewind…jog your memory…in every one of the last ten seasons we have been playing almost the same way…only variation is how many comeback draws or 6-0 thrashings we get…wake up…


If this was a one-off game, then maybe yes, we could say “just blame the players, not the manager”. But for how many years now have Arsenal had a reputation for calamitous defending? Our ability to concede ridiculous goals is something of a running joke. The players have changed – from Toure to Djourou to Vermaelen to Chambers and more – but the propensity for ridiculous defending has mostly been a constant. The common thread is the manager.


Wenger is to blame because he spent a lot of money on chambers and had no back up for kos who was injured before the season started so chambers has been thrown to the wolves. Maybe chambers isn’t as great as Wenger insists.

Wenger is at fault because bellerinn is not ready to play but is playing because jenkinson was sent out on loan for some crazy reason. Right. Jenkinson is not world class but he’s better then bellerinn.

Wenger is at fault because these are his players. And by the looks of things they are not good enough.

Wenger is at fault because once again he has a team that is not in balance and failed to get solid backups knowing that every season we have injuries.

The Gimp

His players his team

Yes the players made mistakes

But he is the reason they are playing


I’ll give you a nice example of another club deep in crisis. Dortmund.
They won against Hoffenheim on Friday, but before that, no league wins for a while. Did he say they were unlucky but got a lot of positives?
When they hit 18th (and yes, that’s how good the Bundesliga is as of recent) he said it’s his fault, because he is well aware that he is the one setting up the team to play. He is the one deciding tactics, so of course it’s Wenger’s fault in our case, too. And thank goodness the PL is quite poor starting from 10th.
We always play the same kind of stuff, opponents know how we play without even analysing anymore, I believe. We only change things when we are down a goal or worse.
A 92min sub, while it could have been made much earlier is out of my mind. In the end it doesn’t matter if you lose 2-4 or 2-3, if with the former result you tried harder. We didn’t and that’s a shame, the manager’s shame for not trying different things for once, and the players’ shame who don’t try hard enough.


So we won our last three games with clean sheets, and Wenger got all the plaudits for the “tactical changes”.
Yet when we lose, it’s always the player’s faults?

Well damn, no wonder he doesn’t want to leave. To get all the praise and never criticisms is every working man’s dream.


What tactical changes? You must be blind to say there were tactical changes. There were rotations(sanogo starting) and Ramsey was told to be deep-lying, which he was always supposed to be.


Maybe Bouldie should also go!


he should grow some balls and walk if hes not allowed to do anything, have some fucking pride man


You’re right that the players played badly and if this was a rare poor performance in a season of outstanding ones, I’d agree that Wenger wasn’t to blame. However, we have seen this kind of performance time and again. Why was Bojan allowed to waltz past them? Why did four players try to head the ball at once? Surely the training has got to have something to do with it? If they can’t defend someone needs to teach them, although I assume they must have a rough idea of how to do the job or why were they bought in the first place?
I have been following Arsenal for a long time (since 1968) and I can remember when finishing 12th and having a decent cup run was considered an ok season but things have moved on. We are not the same, football isn’t the same, as it was then. I have been a huge defender of Wenger over the years. What he achieved with the club and the style of football he had us playing still gives me a tingle when I think about it. When Steve Bould took over from Pat Rice I thought he would be able to instill some of the fighting spirit the team showed his playing days but it’s not happening.
Increasingly Wenger looks to be a man without any new ideas. We keep doing the same thing week after week and it isn’t working.
What happens after Wenger goes? The names that get touted all the time either don’t fill me with much confidence or probably wouldn’t come. To be honest though, I don’t care who the manager is as long as he gets us playing as a team again. I would hate for Wenger to hang on and hang on until he is forced out by the board. Much better that he goes soon now while we can still remember what he achieved with a smile rather than a grimace.


How much did Fergie say post match after they lost?


I think Mr. Wenger is a bit alienated from reality.


@ arseblog: We’re all too numb to do much name-calling.

Gareth Murray

Post match quotes from the manager are always predictable., win, lose or draw. We didn’t learn anything new today. We’re fragile at the back, we don’t have adequate defensive cover, we lack a physical presence in the midfield and Charlie Adam is still a CUNT. Who knew?

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash
Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash



I saw a lot of positives too. Now I am positive we need a new manager.


Didn’t you just already know what AW was going to say post-match? The usual “we were not good defensively”, “we were mentally strong” “We were short in defence in because of injuries”
Well, why not buy a Centre Back and a midfielder to protect the back 4 then?
I can’t take this shit anymore.
We have 3 decent games, seem to be over the hill and on our way to build momentum and boom, we are 3-0 down after 45 minutes to Stoke. It’s always the same, nothing ever changes


Apparently, Arsenal fans kicking off with each other after the game, which is depressing.


I’ve defended him to the death in the past, but enough is enough.

Wenger out at the end of the season.


All his fault. As always, he trys to make do on the cheap. It’s frankly a losers way of doing things. Time to go old man and lie down in the grave you dug yourself


I will not lie, when that fourth goal went in I left to the room only to be called back cause the goal was offside. Was the first time I had ever stopped watching an Arsenal game. And I’ve sat through some pretty torrid stuff and finished the 90 minutes. But today? I couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t angry though, I was just numb to it as I had seen this all before too many times and I asked myself what’s the point of sitting through the rest of this match when the players couldn’t be arsed and were making basic errors and getting turned over and outplayed by the illustrious 10 times Champion League winners Stoke fucking City. Finished the game and sadly felt nothing…

Then Wenger comes out and says there were a lot of positives… Really? I know he isn’t a man to publicly criticise his players and his teams performance but what in Dennis’ name makes him say “there were a lot of positives” I’m at a loss for words as to what to make of that statement (even though this is a long ass winded comment)

Remember when it used to be fun to watch Arsenal play and to communicate with other Arsenal fans?

inside tip

This is spot on what I was doing today. Exactly the same thing even the same thoughts! And I can bet that there are not only two of us doing just that…

alexis' shorts

I’m with y’all there. There have been a few games recently where I’ve just left it not because we’re losing, but because our performance is so awful.

I’m a bit sad to ask, but can we lose a game without losing our dignity in the process? It’s degraded to the point you have to take the under on whether it’ll be more or less than 5 games before we throw the pie in our own faces.

This is starting to make me feel like a masochist. Might be easier to go into a nuclear shelter and come out at the end of the season to how it ends for better or worse than to watch the let downs happen live so often.

If Arsenal was a nation, we’d be on the verge of a coup. Coups don’t end well for anyone, so there’s 2 simple ways for the leader to avoid the coup. Ignoring those calling for change is not one of those ways. I’m not getting on either side of the swaying Wenger in/out seesaw. I’m just the guy sitting on the fulcrum taking morphine to numb myself to it all


It really was fun, wasn’t it. But you are correct. It’s no longer fun. I no longer even get upset because I no longer expect us to win anymore. Same problems every season.


It’s going to like this in the comments after every single loss from here on in, right?




Sadly, yes.

alexis' shorts

yea, every loss where we can’t be bored for long stretches. Stretches that last entire halves in this case.

Brian wallace

It’s ok, in the future we’ll be more prepared to be committed. Because we didn’t know what to expect from Stoke, but we do now. So that’s ok.
Dear God…

sh gooner

Wenger and the fans need to realize that a good defender is a defender that defends well for a whole season. Putting in a fantastic performance for 5 matches a season and being poor for the rest means that the defender is just not good enough. Chambers and Bellerin are still very young and are great prospects however they should learn this from now. When you play for a club like Arsenal there are certain standards you must meet and performances like today are not acceptable. As for Mertesacker he’s been very poor this season and as much as we all love him, it has to be said that Mertesacker is not good enough to play for a side that wants to win the league or Champions League. Why the hell didn’t we make a bid for Benatia last summer?! He is a world class defender who has been the most consistent defender in the Italian League for the last 3 seasons and Bayern got him for only 21 million pounds.

These players should realize that they are paid to play for 90 minutes. I am sick of wasting at least 45 minutes every match and then “showing a great response” at the end of the match and getting praised for it. This isn’t the first time this happened with this group of players and it is unacceptable.


I am sick and tired of wenger’s excuses. It is a repeat every single time we lose, ‘great spirit’… WTF. Is this a sunday pub team or a professional football club..? Sometimes I questions his spirit and strive to win things.


“In the future, we have to be prepared for more commitment”
It’s always “in the future” . . . huh.

You have your highs and you have your lows but repeating same mistakes consistently is really painful.
It was f*****g stoke city !

Graham Page

For the millionth time – sign some fucking defenders. You’re supposed to be improving this team not making do with what’s OK. I’d almost rather come fifth than to lose to fucking Stoke again.


He talks about the defensive weaknesses. But he’s the one who set this team up to enter the season with defensive shortcoming in terms of the quality and numbers that it has.
He and the players should know exactly how Stoke would and will approach the game, so the ‘surprise’ element is non-existent.
There’s also the ‘wealth’ gap. He was and still is, ever willing to complain about how much more Chelsea/Utd/City have than Arsenal ; but the gap between us and Stoke is far, far greater than it ever was between us and Chelsea/City.
Stoke have a new-ish stadium but it doesn’t hold 30,000. Their ‘Corporate Level’ is minimal compared to ours. They have never been in the CL. Their sponsorship income is peanuts compared to us.
So really there aren’t any excuses are there.
Only the fact that we are poorly managed and the team is not motivated or organised tactically.
But that’s just what we – Wenger’s critics – have been saying for years. Or certainly since 2010.

bims lay


I am too upset right now so i just dont know what to say except that:-

1) I really thought we have turned a corner, given the results from our last three games and so was really expecting a good performance today, which made the loss even more painful

2) coming to this site is for me therapeutic in that it helps my post match anger and depression when i see other genuine fans suffering the way that i do when arsenal lose…..it does helps to know that “i am not alone”

3) i am now going to go out and get plastered!

3) i am now going to go out and get plastered!

3) i am now going to go out and get plastered!

North Bank Gooner

Yup, me too. In my Guinness induced haze, I have found a positive. I can now sing at the top of my voice to those mugs down the Kings Road, “YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE, YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE, YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE, YOUR NOT INVINCIBLE!!”



I loved that result really did. Made my day. All the press fawning and crap. There’ll never be another invincibles like the Arsenal. Still got the T-shirt “you win some……you draw some.”

alexis' shorts

Coming to this site really is helpful as a fan. A few years back I toured Arsenal blogs and settled on this
one because, for the most part, it hasn’t been polarized to either side of the fanbase. Bloggs and his
mates have been honest and consistent where others prefer to stoke the flames
(hahahaha STOKE the flames I’m going crazy)

I’m actually afraid to look at what the vitriol is on some other blogs when 3 years ago they were already blowing a gasket.

Thanks for the space Mangan.


I don’t know how his apologists can defend him after today

hearing the bbc man interviewhim afterwards, ask the questions we want asking ffs


I love Arsene but he is becoming harder to defend. We started with 2 kids in defence this evening and it is not because there was a dodgy lasagne knocking about at the training ground but because he didn’t buy enough defenders. Our squad is too small. Fuck having a small close knit squad, it hasn’t worked. Spend some money and repay us for the exorbitant ticket prices.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty
Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Lot of commentators and football lovers around the world think it is time for Wenger to step down. Lot of the blame rest on players but Wenger just cannot get anything right anymore. I feel a bit for him because the man is not having fun at all. The best thing for everyone is that he leaves. But the players, what a bunch of bums ! Very young or experienced, all the same. Mertsacker is simply a bad defender. He is no better than Djourou or Senderos when they were with us.


Mertesacker is simply a bad defender? Now that’s just plain daft.


Agreed, to a point. Mertesacker is a good defender who just happened to have a bad day at the office, a very bad day indeed. Unfortunately, the unsettling trend is that nowadays Mertesacker only seems to be able to have good games when partnered with Koscielny. He really needs to up his game and get back to last year’s levels.


hes meant to be a leader and vice captain. the guys a disgrace. he should be making sure the players are ready to go and switched on. hes meant to be the leader on the pitch but we get fuck all from him

he wouldn’t get in city or chavs team
neither would arteta
neither are good enough

LvL 3 Pidgey

“The players know we missed the start of game”

What the actual venereal FUCK is that supposed to mean?? How are you NOT switched on from the first whistle to the last? Why is this something that happens so goddamn often? Do the players even give a shit?

Fuck your “positives” and your “team spirit” Arsene, they don’t get us the 3 points.

Maybe try to instill some grit, blood and thunder into this spineless bunch of morons. The invincibles was a team with men, whereas this team reminds me of a bunch of pussies.

Also, buy a fucking defender. The shortage was obvious from the start.

Rant over.


The only positive to take from this day is that Mourinho also lost, which allways puts a smile on my face. But it only took 1 minute of watching the Arsenal game to wipe that smug smile off my face. We are bloody useless as per usual. Oh to be a Gooner..


I am so unbelievably fed up with Arsene Wenger and his fucking bollocks. He is a dinosaur. The tactics today was a disgrace and has been for quite a while. It is time for him to go now. He has said that he wants to bring happiness to the supporters. The only thing he is doing right now is giving us misery. I love the man for what he has achieved but he must fucking go now before most arsenal fans turn themselves against him.

We need a change NOW.


I couldn’t give a shit about chavski tbh, we’re in a whole shower of a shit storm

I cant for a minute think players aren’t looking at aw and his failure to buy properly and not think this guy has lost it. Most of us have played football and you know when someone is shit. What do our players think when they look at per?


Well you’ve maybe got two that have any ground to stand on in player performance, so I’m guessing they’re not thinking what you are. They also have a bit of respect for one another as professionals.


It’s over its over it’d oooooover as Roy orbison might say.

Le Jaded Handbreak

What wenger don’t know, won’t hurt him. *Diaby reveals an ass cheak tattoo*
Waterboy reference if you haven’t got a clue what I’m on about



“Arsenal struggle against physical team. Inexperienced Arsenal defenders lack cover and are exposed on crosses and free kicks. Wenger’s failure to adequately strengthen defense causes Gunners to drop points.”

Feel free to go ahead and copy those sentences down to use later.

A K 57

The only positive I can see that we haven’t lost by a bigger margin. We won’t win title again unless we invest seriously in defensive areas.

i want klopp now

i dont know which the fk one is more positive, your brain or the ess of mine. get. real. demit. ffs.

inside tip

I used to watch teams the likes of Stoke crumble, fall apart against Arsenal. They used to be torn apart, obliterated. reduced to rubble. Week after week… Mind you, this was some years back… Now, WBA, Hull, Stoke, that’s our level from now on?!? We will have non of that, and changes must be made!!! Sitting still never done any good to anybody!


The Team can be improved but Wenger seems unable to use their abilities. Time after time we get destroyed, seems lessons arent learned. There is no excuse to this performance, or other examples like last year’s defeats. Wenger is unwilling or incapable to deal with tactics. When your defence is so inexperienced and injured you have to adjust the rest of the team… Im very pessimistic about this team under wenger.


Whaever level of football you play at you have to first win the right to play win the battle.When you have players shitting out of tackles(first half) you have no chance.


I forgot the game was today and missed it. I think I’ve subconsciously decided to forget about arsenal for the time being. Can’t support anyone else. Just want to wake up when all this is over

Man Manny

My take on the game:
1.We wouldnt lose this game with Kos playing.
2. We need to sign a CB better than Mert in January.
3. Bellerin needs to be kept away from the 1st team for a while. He is not ready.
4. The pairing of Mert and Calum does not work.
5. Welbeck complements our other attacking players better than Giroud.
6. Everyone will have a go at the defence but we are not scoring enough goals also.
7. Injuries have hampered our season big time. A fit squad would win this game in a canter. Lets hope we have better luck from January.
8. Encouraging 2nd half. Arsene has shown that he can react to some good effect with the change at half time.
9. The result of our direct rivals ( Tott, Pool, and Everton) has softened the blow.

Cheer up guys, we’ll be fine. Nobody expected to win the title again before this game. Our realistic target in the league is still within reach.


In hindsight we have weakened the defense more than we have strengthened the attack.


Its not that welbeck compliments our attackers better, its just that Giroud’s strengths were nullified by someone equally tall and strong in Shawcross. Put Giroud against less-imposing defenders and the same team will do wonders. Welbeck is fast and can run a big-strapping defender like shawcross ragged.


Encouraging 2nd half we should have been 4 nil down.


A bunch of talentless mugs tell us they’re going to beat us up and we roll over and let them.

I’m embarrassed for the players and the club.

Pathetic doesn’t cover it.


my son is ten! He plays for his local side, and he is ashamed of being a gooner! He said to me, why can’t they win! I’ve no answers!!


I keep asking myself how we can bclaim to be a big club and come with excuses for losing to FREAKING STOKE?!
Don’t care what anyone says…i blame wenger for this 100 percent.
He’s the one who refused to buy a cb and a dm.
I honestly don’t understand why he started giroud for this game. Why didn’t he start with both giroud and welbeck or better yet danny??


The regret is that he failed to secure a Cback in the summer.

We have feet of clay.

He should have been at very least able to have brought an experienced player in on loan short term.

This missing Cback has imbalanced us and cost us goals plus efficiency moving forward.

Worth noting as well all our 3 goals were from wide areas and most of our goals have been from crosses.

Says something about the centre halves and their familiarity.

Hank Scorpio

Well that’s the most feeble effort I’ve seen since watching Peter Jackson’s ‘Meet the Feebles’. I always enjoy Arsene stating the completely obvious after such losses, which are becoming more frequent these days. Hopefully we can maintain a decent holding pattern, achieving little & losing few stars until he’s gone. I’m looking forward to either no players being signed in January with Arsene using the tried & true supermarket analogy or him hailing the signing Tyrone’s Minge when what we need is proper players of ‘top top quality’.


A team of cowards


Positives? Don’t think there is any after being beat by a shit house rotten leg breaking cunt team, with a shit shanty of a stadium! I’m not bitter one bit!


At half time guaranteed Hughes told stoke to not overdo it and concentrate more on defense. That’s why we caught up.


Wenger should not be protected at all. He is the manager of the team. If a player is not ready to battle for the badge at the front of the shirt, then he is not good enough for Arsenal. Even Alexis sanchez does not have a good game everytime but u can see he fights for the team like his life depends on it.
Wenger makes the same mistake time and again. when we lose its always predictable how it will happen. That is a sign of weakness. Wenger refused to adopt to modern football, its a high time he just left the club..


I think some of us would benefit from stepping back and trying to view all of this turmoil with a bit of perspective. Admittedly, mine has been somewhat clouded by the fact that I do genuinely love Arsene Wenger. I will be open about this. I have been one of his most prominent defenders up until this point. My opinion hasn’t changed. I still believe the man is great, a great manager a passionate (and compassionate) human being, supremely intelligent and very respectful.

I like the way he goes about his business (without resorting to petulant and snide Mourinho style quips). I like the fact that he’s strong in what he believes in (whether it brings immediate success or not) and I like that he defends his players and searches for positives. Make absolutely no mistake.. this is merely a public stance, the guy knows full well that the team are under performing and have been below par and I am sure he is constantly striving to bring out the best in the group.

Whether you choose to buy into the limited resource argument of the past decade or not (I certainly do) is beyond the point. The fact that we have in consecutive seasons, purchased the best number 10 in the world from (arguably) the best club in the world, followed by one of the best ‘fox in the box’ types in the world.. then bolstered our forward ranks with a very hard-working utility in Danny Welbeck goes to show that we are proactive in our summer shopping and have changed our ways for the better. Answering the calls from all Arsenal fans globally for some world class talent.

Yes, defensively we can all agree that we lack the bodies and experience required to compete at the top level. This is prominent in the back four, but extends to the defensive midfield position also. We are no worse off (numbers wise) than we were last year. Of course we are short of experience at the back, particularly because of injuries to Debucy, Monreal and Koscielny. In an ideal world, we would have brought in a capable central defender that could alternate if and when needed. Unfortunately, as was the case with Vermaelen, a CB of any remote ounce of quality will depart in search of playing time should they not be afforded the minutes they expect.

I feel we made the right call to opt for the youth/utility of Callum Chambers, who looks a real winner and will only grow in stature with experience. I believe should the option become available we should (and will) opt for a LB who is capable of filling in at CB much like Sagna was at RB in previous seasons. (Unfortunately, I don’t feel Monreal is up to the job in the long term.) I believe we should/and will search for an upgrade in the Arteta and Flamini roles. We could blood them now and we must for the future.

I strongly believe that Arsene has his targets in all positions an he will wait until they are available rather than opt for an interim solution and I feel that this is why we are consistently competing (against the odds) and consequently, why we are falling short so often. Wenger is more patient then most other managers, because he knows he will be afforded infinite time to get it right.. He forgoes immediate ‘best option’ for long term security and the ever present chance for glory.

Having said all of this, Arsenal could do with some fresh ideas. A new perspective, a new philosophy. If this means a change in manager, then so be it. But.. and this is the crux of my opinion right here. Eventually we will run into the same issues with the next manager and the one after that. We (football fans) are very one-eyed creatures. We shouldn’t reasonably expect to win ‘a’ title every season. We are competing in the toughest league in the world, against better resourced opposition. I’d sooner place our realistic hopes of taking a trophy each year at 5%. I don’t feel that a change in manager improves those odds.

Yes we can demand and hope and expect to win, but as was mentioned in a previous post, no amount of will in the world will fill your trophy cabinet. It is a very special season/cup run that ends in the ultimate success, as was the case with our recent FA Cup triumph. Every other club goes through these issues, our problems are hardly Arsenal exclusive as some would have you believe. The chorus of “we keep making the same mistakes” and “we never learn” aren’t sung solely by Arsenal supporters, let me tell you.

I have my own hang ups with the manager, I feel that at times a more cautious approach would generate a greater points tally and potentially lead to greater success. But as it is, Arsene’s philosophy is to maintain an attacking display at all times (and unfortunately at all costs) this is my major gripe. Maybe we should search for a manager with greater technical flexibility. Less strict adherence to a philosophy or a set of principles. But again, having said that.. How much more success are we like to have with a Brendan Rodgers/Roberto Martinez at the helm? What about a LvG or David Moyes for that matter?

I love that we play the way we do. I hate being frustrated week after week/season after season. But that my friends is football. The sooner people realise that these aren’t Arsenal exclusive issues, the more distance you can take with that thinking the better. For the atmosphere in the stadium for the players for the manager and for your blood pressure. But that wont happen, because that too is part of football.

I have chosen to accept that regardless of what we do in terms of management/playing group/philosophy, we are, for the foreseeable future the 3rd/4th best team in the league and our results are likely to reflect that. Of course I hope and crave for more. Of course I desire and expect more, but taking perspective and trying not to be a hot blooded football fan for a few minutes allows me to have more realistic expectations.


I’m sure your saintly manager cringing on the sidelines is a massive inspiration to his team. He doesn’t even have the guts to stand up and be counted but sits writhing about with his head in his hands. This is a replay of end of season 2011/12 when he also refused to buy a desperately needed defender and we scraped into the top four after our players performed heroics for him. You can only do that for so long. Our senior players are exhausted mentally and physically because they’re never rotated and get no rest until they’re injured. Per has been ever present since we bought him and is trying to shepherd a makeshift defence when he needs to focus on his own game. The only time he’s looked happy was when Kos was back, but guess what, Kos was rushed and now has a setback, surprise, surprise. Perhaps our Gunners are getting sick of doing things the hard way when any fool can see what the problems are. Wenger has to stay until the end of the season because there are no other sensible options, but he needs to be made accountable and he needs to buy a decent DM and CB at the beginning of the January window, and that’s in addition to Mings, if he wants him also.


I agree wholeheartedly, but what would be the next move if he did go ahead and buy a great DM and CB on your advice alone? Then other frailties would eventually pop up. Injuries to three of our starting back four, followed by ugly defeats and late goal concessions to drop points… It will happen, because that is football.

All of these ‘problems’ will continue to happen regardless of who manages, regardless of who is in the starting line up. That is football.. There are very few teams in history who look to have no weaknesses, are lucky with injuries and refereeing decisions and can’t conceivably be beaten (particularly in the Premier League). We were one of them back in 03/04 and Utd under SAF did it consistently for decades, but those examples are the exception rather than the rule.

I watched the Newcastle v Chelsea game with a Chelsea supporting mate, the guy was livid, spitting at the screen and cursing about his team’s frailties.. These blokes, as much as it kills me to say it, looked unbeatable and I envy their position today, but their fans’ knuckles go as white as ours when squeezed hard enough…

Perspective mate, I take no joy in the way we are currently performing, but it’s unrealistic to expect dominant displays week in week out regardless of who is your manager and whose in your starting line up.. look at Utd’s spending, Liverpool’s, Man City.. they are just as frustrated as us.. Utd tried to bring in Vermaelen and ended up starting the season with worse defensive frailties than us.. and worse injuries to defensive players to boot..

I totally buy in to the fact that there was very little available in those positions and that in a world cup year, in which we are trying to bed in 6 new players, of which a teenager with less than 10 premier league starts to his name is expected to start every game at the centre of our defence we are likely to struggle.. any team would.. but what would be the solution, keep Vermaelen instead of signing Callum? (injured anyway and would leave for free at the end of the season). Or what?

These are football problems.. not Arsenal problems and not Arsene Wenger problems.. That’s my thinking anyway..

End of the day, I would still opt for a new manager, just to see where the journey goes (it needs to happen eventually anyway) I just don’t feel it will bring us any closer to the success we crave.. I still think we have a better shot at attracting big talent and winning the big trophies with someone like Wenger in charge.


It’s actually got to the point where I can’t back and defend Wenger anymore. I’ve spent a decade in doing so. Me & my Mrs both have busy careers and we don’t get to spend that much time together – how can I justify going to / watching games at the weekend anymore? It’s not even entertaining and I’m wasting precious / limited time I can spend with my family. There was a time when I’d juggle my weekend around an arsenal match, not anymore.

I saw myself yesterday, huddled over a laptop on a Saturday afternoon watching an illegal stream in disbelief with the crap I just saw. Pathetic.


My main problem is that Arsene knows what is lacking in the team yet chooses to do little. You can’t have pygmy stature midfield players playing combative teams in the premiership. Especially as they are not very good technically. And everyone knows how soft we are in defense and midfield it’s a miracle if any team allows us to play. Bring in a Diego simeoni type manager. Whose prowling on the sidelines will give the players a fright.


I will support Wenger through and through if he does the following:
1. Buy DM and CB
2. Short players should be assisted by taller, stronger and athletic ones.
3. Acknowledge that responding to opposition’s strength is a tactic
4. Allow Bouldie to shape defence especially against likes of Stoke.

Bottom line is fans are angry because he didn’t buy adequately more than his tactics.