Alexis hamstring worry ahead of Villa


Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Sunday’s game with Aston Villa, and admitted there’s a chance Alexis Sanchez won’t make it because of a hamstring strain.

Speaking the official site today, the boss said, “The squad will be exactly the same as last Sunday. The only uncertainty we have is Alexis Sanchez who has a hamstring concern, and that will be decided on Saturday.”

Given the opposition, and some of the games coming up, the Arsenal manager might well feel this is a good time to give him a rest so as not to aggravate any problem – especially with a trip to Sp*rs coming up next weekend.

As for the new boy, Gabriel, Wenger said, “Gabriel is available, we’ll check him how he is physically but he should be alright.”

Danny Welbeck remains sidelined but should return for the North London derby, while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s groin problem has ruled him of the Villa fixture.

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So he IS human…


His Hamstring Concern is not the typical one you associate with Arsenal players. Alexis is worried that his hamstring will get so good, resulting in future Chelsea sending back robots back in time to have it ruptured so that future Alexis doesn’t steer Arsenal towards a decade of dominance via self sufficient financing model.

Its pretty much the plot of that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger – …

Kindergarten Cop


now pass some..

Az Ahmed

And he’s not pervert, he just wants to get the turbo man doll


I think Alexis is the turbo man doll.

David C

wow, that’s the most thumbs up I’ve seen on this site! great comment, haha.


Watch out, HK1 (see lower on this page) is going for the most thumbs (down) for a post and also in total (closing in on a 1,000) for a discussion.


Only Rambling Pete can get higher, methinks. In fact, he probably has.


His arsenalisation period took 6 months but we got there in the end

Man Manny

Yes. But his ‘concern’ is a normal human’s tear.

AK 57

Oh shit!


All good ! Give the lad a rest along with the Ox.

A front line of Ozil, Giroud and Theo with Tommy, Santi and Coq behind can surely get the job done 🙂

AK 57

Yes, think we should be alright for Villa but needed his industry for Spurs game.


That would be my lineup, but my guess is winger will go with Ramsey over Rosicky as he did against City. I do think Roiscky deserves the start and is in far better form, but don’t think winger will start him over Ramsey.

Could zelalem make the bench this week?

Man Manny

If we give the lad a rest, who plays? The journos and pundits claim we are a one-man team…I hope we stuff Aston Villa without him.
I am also yet to forgive them for last season’s opener.


Not a surprise. This is what happens when you don’t rotate and overplay your best players. I’m sure Wenger will say it’s just bad luck if Alexis is out for a while.

why not

This comment annoys me


The truth generally annoys idiots.

why not

oooo name calling. I love it.


HK1 – more likely that AW doesn’t want to make it look like he’s taking Villa lightly, so uses a smokescreen (in this case, a hamstring) to give Alexis a rest




So that’s why you avoid it?

Al Gilmore

We had injury concerns with several players so his inclusion in first team was pretty unavoidable Criticism of players being overplayed would be so much easier to listen to if largely the same people didn’t go mental when the boss does rotate? Honestly do you ever hear fans going ‘well done boss for not playing one of our form players’? No they go apeshit and say Wenger has lost the plot for dropping such n such Esp if we don’t win. Ironically if Sanchez got injured against Brighton it was a game he didn’t start. But I’m sure you know… Read more »

Andy Mack

Playing once a week is not ‘over playing’ someone.
Playing every game when we start the midweek games is.


228 idiots? And your opinion? Hmmm you do the math!


Easy tiger!

Well, we understand that some dudes are just perpetually SAD. So guys, just let him pass as that.


And 228 other people! Hold on me too make that 229!


What are you talking about he has played 22 mins of football in 11 days? Hardly over played…


Do we really know how bad it is? Maybe he’s just preempting…? Besides, he was due a rest in all’s a good time for it anyways.

Do I smell a #Wengerout fan here?


No I want Wenger to adapt and have the balls to go for the league. Not bottle it like in 2008 and 2014. We usually have more injuries than any other team. Yet Wenger still doesn’t rotate from time to time. He just cries about how it’s all just bad luck. He wanted to rest Alexis for the Hull match and was somehow overruled by a player which is pathetic.

jack jack jack



Everything is shiiiiiiiiit!


Is it not commonly the rule that a player needs resting every 17th game or thereabout? Was there not talk a few games back that Sanchez was starting to flag a bit? If so then doesn’t HK1, for all his unpleasantness, at least have a point?

An Ox-sized Coq

So far this season Alexis has 31 appearances versus Hazard’s 29 appearances. Seems like Eden hasn’t had much rest either, does that Mourinho a fool for not rotating. No! Your best players play the most because guess what, they’re your best players!

Verminator's Mojo

To be fair, you can’t compare hazard’s style with Alexis’. Hazard only contributes like 60 minutes of the 90 while Sanchez runs and contributes until the final whistle goes. Hazards 29 games could translate to 25 games for Alexis if u consider the work done.

Mark Hughes

Imagine playing your best players to win games, it’s just crazy….


Is it crazy to imagine resting them at more regular intervals to make them last longer?

Don Cazorleone


Is this not what he is doing now?

Resting a player before injury occurs


Tim?Tim?Oi Payton is that you?


Mate, I agree with you to an extent about rotating some more but to blame the 2008 tragedy on lack of rotation is all wrong.

Edwardo’s leg wasn’t fractured because he was overplayed!


There is a global good vibes and optimisim amongst gooners, four wins in a row, most of our injured players are back, just defeated Man City, Rosicky and Cazorla playing the best football yet for Arsenal, Ospina is a revelation, signed a top defender, have 2 backs on each side and plenty in midfield…. And you are talking about Wenger adaptions and 2008 tragedy (7 years ago…). My friend, à true gooner would be so damn optimistic these days, chill.


Well yeah, we’ve had a week’s gap in our recent fixtures, and he played only 25 minutes against Brighton. So, 25 minutes in 14 days. Sure, let’s blame Wenger..

Alexander Hleb could dribble!

Uhmm don’t mean to be a stickler but 14 days would mean today is already Sunday. Wich it is not. Bummed bout the injury and don’t know if it is due to being overplayed or not but I just don’t understand why gooners cant just get along, you know gooner utopia


Couldnt agree more with you


Jeez… wat r u talking about. ..even SAF didnt rest c.ronaldo back then. He was too impt for manutd. The same can be said for alexis is to arsenal.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

For HK1

Average appearances in the previous 6 seasons:

C Ronaldo – 50
Messi – 53
Hazard – 50
Alexis – 42

Appearances this season:

C Ronaldo – 31
Messi – 29
Hazard – 29
Alexis – 32

All comparable players, all comparable positions, all comparable importance to their club. As you can see, Alexis has played significantly less games in the last 6 seasons, and only between 1-2 more than the others this season.

But feel free to continue distorting the truth to suit your agenda – we know that you will.


Well done Sir. Big admiration to your commitment to call this other gentleman out on what we can all agree is a fairly outrageous claim.


And there also goes the most thumb downs ever seen.

Man like Ozil

On the subject, how long has Welbeck been out for? Feels like ages.


2 to 3 weeks, and 2-3 again and again.

Bould's Eyeliner

3? trinity? endless? conspiracy? ILLUMINATI.

But yeah it would be nice to see that guy again.


Nice to see Dat Guy again?


i think one month.


first he was out for the soton game away which was on 1st January and missed 5 game in the process this weekend will be the 6th and last one, but he will be ready along with alexis for the demolition of the scum.


Woop. There it is.


The reason we have squad depth is to prevent players lke alexis who are on the brink of injury to be able to rest. we finally have the resources to be able to do this and i think we should give the beast a day off


Why don’t we just do with him like Barcelona and Real Madrid do with Messi and Ronaldo? That is give him his own personal physio that follows every single step of his life.


Giroud upfront followed by Özil Cazorla Rosicky with Ramsey and Coq ramming from behind. Not bad I say, not bad at all.


more coq ramming please


Without Alexis, Welbeck and the Ox the team is suddenly bereft of pace.


Is Theo Walcott on holiday?


As the above comment says I also think we lack a bit of pace therefore we won’t be able to penetrate their defence as easily. Hopefully Theo gets a start, which should solve that problem and give their defence something to think about


You know that moment in the Fellowship of the Ring movie when Frodo says “I will take it! I will take the ring to Mordor!” at the Rivendell council meeting and Gandalf closes his eyes and bows his head with sad resignation?

That was my reaction when I read this headline.

Gandalf the Gooner

It’s for comments like these, as well as Bloggs obviously, that makes this site Arseblog fuckin excellent


So…Alegsis on fire?


My Alexis..

jack p

Gutting news however with the plethora of attacking option we have now and the fact we have more different goalscorers than any other club in the prem im confident we can cope without him… had this been a few months back id be like uh oh. Yes he’ll be a big loss if hes not availible but we will cope ! COYG

Mesut's Kisses

Sexi Lexi needs to rub down his Hami’s 😉


rest him rest him rest him rest him rest him

Did I mention we should rest him? For the love of Dennis, rest him!


HK1 would make for a very poor manager


I’d have realised a lot sooner that going toe to toe against the big clubs was daft. How many batterings did it have to take for our genius manager that’s on £8m a season to realise that. i certainly wouldn’t have giving Flamini a 3 year deal.


It’s like the angriest man on twitter has come on here to some insight to this post!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Going for a record thumbs down are you? Or are you really that annoying?


Do not feed the trolls…


HK = horrendous knowledge?

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Are you fat?
Are you fat?
Are you fat Gooner in disguise?


Fat Gooner is a pessimist, not an absolute moron. Besides, he has the balls to post unpopular things under his own name. I rarely agree with him, but he’s not a coward.

like a red head Ljungberg

people here really cant take some painful truths. its not about this guy being the best manager to tell us his opinion, but actually wenger did earn about 60 million in past decade so he should be one of the best, not talking bout trophies but us having so many injuries every single season isn’t just bad luck! bad luck for Arsenal over n over again?! no, it’s pure madness (shallow squad/not rotating overplaying young talents and not giving them time to reach full fitness….) even Albert Einstein knew. be a little reasonable you people? 🙂


Giroud upfront with Ozil behind him and Walcott and Carzola on the wings and Ramsey and le Coq holding the mid will just fine with me,and maybe a 10 minute cameo by Gabriel, don’t see the latter happening though.

Me So Hornsey

As long as Theo and Ozil track back and work hard I’m good with that.

Tom thumb

My worst nightmare has become reality,hope it’s not too serious


Ok i have to say with the work permit issue and other staff gabriel is made available faster than any other January player we bought ho had no issue with work permits and registration, great news. I say don’t risk alexis we are in form now and a great time for walcott to double his scoring after Brighton, put alexis on the bench if needed.


If anything, this might be the best time to give Alexis a rest, since we have some testing fixtures coming up in th champions league and also the BPL. Knowing Alexis, he’ll be back and itching to play next week.

*Runs to look for horse placenta….

V to the H

what the hell is BPL?

Mark Hughes

Barclays Premier League. If you hadn’t noticed, Swansea are in the league and they are based in Wales which isn’t England.

Chairman Meow

British Petrolatum League


I found some old cards from the attic before and was going through them and found this! Dear Shad, and dear us, doomed…


Let’s be fair, the bloke runs around like a man possessed every game for 90 minutes. I would imagine one of his hamstring’s where bound to get tight at some stage. Tis but a scratch!


For the first time in many years our best player might miss a game due to injury and I’m not hysterical. Squad depth,is that you I see around the corner?

Giles Grimandi

He shouldn’t have been on the bench against brighton in my opinion.
Personally would have taken that chance to completely rest him.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course, however its clear to see he has been overplayed.
A week off last week would have been perfect.

Mark Hughes

Sitting on a bench and playing 25 minutes is hardly going to strain him. Almost a full week off and a small amount of game time.


Good chance for AW to play Ozil on the left…..again!!! Damn.

Daft Aider

Odds are it’s just a tweak, even if he’s fully fit might as well give him a game off though


Training injury? Because it’s not like he wasn’t rotated recently.


He was probably injured when Those Brightons kicked him to the floor and he, like a manic Duracell bunny jumped up and about four of them fouled him again.
Alexis should stay down when he is surrounded by seven opponents kicking the shit out of him


The beast plays out of his skin every minute of every game im afraid it was bound to happen sooner or later. Good job weve got so many options up front. Ooops.


Curses all over the Uk with people having to change their fantasy football teams. I think we will be ok against Villa with Theo and Ozil supporting Girroud. Are there any updates on Ox or Gnabry?

Something Cool

Now there is space open for Mesut to start on left 😛

Alexis is better than sex

Time for a rest Alexis. Funny how other team’s fans say we’re a one man team when we have the highest number of different goal scorers…


The Boss also said that Jack is 10 days out…not trying to stir the pot but nowadays, where does he even fit in this team???


On the bench


I am sure I will get lots of hate, but we could realistically get £20mil+ for him. Why don’t we try and offload Jack and put the money plus some extra into buying another world class player in the class of Ozil, Sanchez, Theo, Cazorla bracket? we could even buy a CDM although we possibly don’t need one now we have super Coq.



Skinny Arse

Better to rest it that aggrevate it, please just be sure he’s fine for the spuds game 🙂


Dammit, it was just a month ago and Arsene and I were having a glass of Screaming Eagle (graciously decanted by Stan Kroenke), and I said, “I say, Arsene old fellow, wouldn’t it be wise to rest Alexis a bit?” But would he listen? No-oo!


Does this mean Ospina is on the bench for Villa?


Darth Vader reacting to this news:


We have plenty of options enough to give Alexis a respite. Walcott may be the most likely out RW with Ox switching LW and Santi in the middle. Ozil can also come on to play through the middle with Santi shifting wide. There is also Rosicky. We are packed with options at the moment : CF – Giroud, Welbeck (Welbeck should be back in next week) RW – Ox, Walcott LW – Alexis, Gnabry (Rosicky, Ox, or Santi can shift to cover this game) AM – Santi, Ozil CM – Ramsey, Jack, Rosicky (Jack due to return to squad training… Read more »


If Alexis needs to sit out for a game, this is a good game for it.


cut the dude some slack… he probably wanted to check out the physio room for a while……who wouldn’t on signing for the gunners. Heard it gets club-crazy in there, the disco ball is humongous and diaby’s got some mad Dj skills




Rest him boss.. Helloooooo rest him boss, he needs it…… My hero rest him boss… My three points is assured..


My first reaction was “not ALEXIS, damn you cursed injury gods”, then I remembered we’re well stocked all over the park now and so it’s “fuck you injury gods”!
Not a good time to be a spud (like there ever is).We’ve got a shit hot team.
They’ve got Christian Erikson.
Bring it on!I’m sure Alexis’ ll be back by then.Villa must be bricking it too.Happy days.

Gooners & Roses

I see, so Alexis will get injuries if he doesn’t play.

Serge Blanco

Sounds like a minor doubt. Suspect Alexiswill play


Not discriminating but I don’t like Bald referees… :/ Mike Taylor officiating ohh it’s not its Anthony Dean wait it’s Anthony Taylor… all the same ;(


Not to mention the retired Howard Webb who fits the same mold.