Brighton 2-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Tomas Rosicky v Brighton

The scoreline makes it tighter than it was, but overall it was a game we almost always controlled and should have scored/created more in.

Here’s how we felt the players rated in today’s 3-2 win.

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Rosicky is a legend.


Great to see him perform like this after so many of his early Arsenal years were injury-blighted. Maybe our most underrated player?


Definitely our most underrated player and has been for years. Not sure just why his career has mostly come from the bench – injury issues and Wenger’s investments in other players, I suppose – but he would be a star central player for probably 95% of other top-flight teams.

Dick Swiveller

I don’t think he’s really underrated, people understand what he gives to the team and his weaknesses well enough. Happy to have him to come into the team, but he isn’t some unsung hero as we all fricking love him.


Underrated by non-Arsenal fans (he wouldn’t make anyone’s top 20 list of premier league midfielders for example – but he arguably should). Among Arse fans he’s beloved, yeah.


The goal at whl will live long in the memory


Underrated by AW mostly

Clock End Mike

Make you dream of how things could have been for him and for Arsenal if he’d not suffered from that ‘mystery’ injury for so long. I remember being terribly excited when we signed him. Hope he’ll be around for plenty longer. Or forever.

Adams Jnr.

Arsene: “If you love football, you love Rosicky”. I love that guy!!


Adams Jnr. which one? Love them both!


Maybe a cleaner result and performance would’ve been nicer, but hey, it’s better than losing 4-2 at home to fucking Bradford. Also what’s up with Rosicky, he looks better than last year?! Very impressed.

this aint FIFA bitches

Yes, makes it even stranger as to why Arsene took so long to give him a proper run in the first team

Dick Swiveller

I think Wenger lost confidence in him, so bad was his performance at Southampton; he wasn’t alone in that but given his age and previous reliability, the upside of playing him probably didn’t seem that big compared to others. Also, Santi.


Dude that was 1 performance…


Blogs with the Theo hate already. He’s been off for a year, cut him some slack.


Sorry to disagree but you are and always have been unduly harsh on Theo. Compare the criticism you give him to that of Ramsey and it’s blatantly apparent. It is one of the few times you are more subjective than objective in terms of Arsenal players.


check to see if that’s Blog’s bias or you’re own. I hate to be a suck-up but Blog is more fair than I’ll ever be


damn auto correct. “your own”


Agree, Blogs has always been harsh on Theo. Or at least, he has been as long as I’ve read the blog

Man like Ozil

Starting to really wonder about Rosicky… has the effect of those long spells out injured had the same effect as a sabbatical, or is he just a bit of a marvel?
I know it’s not uncommon in other professions for players to take sabbaticals – Rugby Union’s All Blacks are pretty notorious for it with McCaw and Carter. I know it’s probably nothing, but I always wonder if 6 months out for a player reaching 30/31 could help him push on for a couple extra years at his very best. Either that, or we clone Rosicky.


Isn’t the clone’s name “Sanchez”?


He wishes…

jack pitney

I think ox and rosicky are quite similar in their style of play both have one though when they have the ball its FORWARD!

Man Manny

except that Rosicky’s passing and ball control is better than Ox’s…for now may be. Rosicky is just a wonderful footballer. I remember the year we signed him – just before 2006 world cup. I looked our for him and he scored a screamer in their opening game and the words of the commentator still rings in my ears. As the ball flew in from all of 30+ yards, he scream ” Rosicky! A new star is born”. I am left to wonder what could have been if his career had not been blighted by so many injuries. If Ox can… Read more »


I too wonder ‘what if’ when it comes to Rosicky. I love the fact that at 34, he plays like he could be playing for another 10 years – he’s just that good.

Yes he has his shortcomings, such as holding onto the ball too long but he is not alone in that. Overall happy with the win, even if we did some how make hard work of it.


I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say that had he not been blighted by injuries he would’ve been mentioned up there in Ballon D’or honours before now (of course once he’d signed for another team because let’s face it he wouldn’t get the same notice here). He’s a majestic footballer.


Rosicky has been brilliant for us ever since arriving, and yet today may have been the best I’ve ever seen him play.

I remember the announcement of his signing came during the 06 World Cup, and shortly after it was announced he scored an absolute cracker against the US. The commentator said “Oh, they’re gonna love him at Arsenal!” How prophetic was that?

Magnificent player, I hope he stays with us forever.

David C

yes man, i remember that too. Thanks for the trip down that ole memory lane.

Can’t be much longer until Rosicky gets a testimonial. I can testify I loved that performance today!

Mesut Aussie

Why now! He’s showing everyone he’s not hindered by age at all! Sign him up for at least a couple more.. Brilliant!


I was a bit nervous once it was 2-3 but never the less, it is a good win! We will keep our cup this year, COYG!


Good team performance. They seem up for the fight at the moment.

Only downside from today was Flamini who failed to compose the midfield. He seemed in such a panic and he seems to wave his hands around a lot when perhaps he needs to focus on his own game.

Im hoping Akpom gets more game time in the coming matches. He looks a real athlete. His pace could be lethal along with Theo and Alexis with Ozil putting threading the passes. As much as I love Giroud, I sometimes sense he slows the game too much.


To expand on my earlier comment, Giroud is great when teams sit back and we are forced in to the 5 aside 1-2s in close spaces. The flicks and passing is a real plus. BUT I love to see strikers with speed. I have such fond memories of those hold your breath moments like Anelka and Henry’s burst of speed and pace. The directness and simpleness in those types of attacks is what Arsenal have lacked for many years now. In the short time Akpom was on he really ran at them. Id love to have that type of player… Read more »

Andy Mack

Bottom half teams usually sit back. If he gets little to no ‘ball’ it could effect his confidence. IMO much better to have him for the bench and sub him on when we’re leading and the opposition has to come forward.


How is wilshere going to get into a midfield with rosicky, santi, coquelin, Rambo and Özil!!


He’s not

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Jack Wilshere is not a bad option to have from the bench, but at his current level of mental maturity he doesn’t warrant a starting berth in a top team with high ambitions. Unfortunately his rocket-propelled promotion to the Arsenal first-team at the tender age of 16 seems to have gone to his head and he literally has not improved one inch since that age. Aaron Ramsey will do the odd interview here and there but you can tell Welsh Jesus doesn’t give a twat what the interviewer thinks about him. On the contrary Jack tends to exhibit his highest… Read more »


That’s utter rubbish, especially seeing as Rambo is actually a model!

Jack is probably concentrating really hard because he’s uncomfortable being under the spotlight. Same thing with Ryan Giggs, if you ever check out his old interviews/promos.


And Ox, he’s been good this season!


I’ve never been a huge fan of Wilshere. Not trying to hate or anything, but I’ve never rated him all that highly. It seems that his performances are FAR more often a 5 than a 7 or 8, for example.

He’s still young and has time to improve, but his performances and attitude make me prefer to see him out of the starting XI.

Not that there’s any truth to the Gundogan rumors, but just for the sake of argument, I’d swap Wilshere for Gundogan (he’s only 24).

(I do realize both have injury issues.)


Wilshere is definetly talented. I’m sure he will work hard now that he has competition. Same goes for Szczesny in particular. As for Flamini and Arteta, I don’t think they have a chance with the quality we have in midfield.


remember Wilshere vs Barcelona, I rated him worlds ahead of Ramsey at the time. The talent is there, it’s up to him to show it. and he’ll have to now if he wants to get time. I think Cazorla and Rosicky’s form is the best thing for Wilshere. slack and go home, work hard and keep one of those two out of the team, you’ll have earned it.


Yeah but no. Wilshere is an academy product and is immensely talented. Some of his performances for Arsenal and England (at DM!) have been exceptional this season, the 2-2 with City being a highlight. Honestly, what are you talking about? Are you one of those fans that think Walcott is shite too? And Rambo??


Are you replying to me? I love Wilshere. My kid wears his shirt. I said there was a time that I rated him higher than Ramsey because Ramsey hadn’t yet blown up. There’s no reason that Wilshere can’t hit the same heights, as I said, he’s shown it in patches but bad luck with injuries has interrupted his progress, this season included. The competition for places now should be good for him if he works his way into the team. To keep Cazorla or Rosicky out of the team on current form in no mean feat, in my opinion. and… Read more »


No, I was replying to TC_42. Sorry bout the confusion and I completely agree on Wilshere 🙂

Tomás Rosicky

if I hear that twat say “ITS COP TIE” again im gunna do his head in…. the twat

Canuck Gunner

What a game for Rosicky – a real class player and could have been one of Arsenals’ all time greats had he not had the injury problems.
Good to see Ozil and Walcott score on their returns.
Coq has obviously replaced Flamini as our main DM.
and although I can’t say Ospina has had to show anything too amazing, can’t argue the fact that we are letting in far more goals with Szcez in net.


Savage sounded like he was commentating at darts. Nothing wrong with darts and all that but what a two bob twonk he is. He is a big ole attention seeker and now he is getting it from me. Balls.

Aussie gooner

Seeing so many harsh comments towards szczesny from arsenal fans.

The worst of the lot being “ospina would have kept a clean sheet today”

Let’s not turn on one of our brightest talents after one bad game and a mistake


Agreed BUT it doesn’t change the fact that it feels safer when Ossssspinaaaaa is between the sticks.


Brightest talents? Are you quite sure about that? Doesn’t seem to possess either focus or awareness.


only one game? he was poor last year, and the year after and again this year! his decision making has been very poor. He lacks the intelligence to kill a time and put his teammates into unnecessary pressure. he runs out of his line and usually failed to make the save and you can see how costy his mistake against the big matches and whenever arsenal is under pressure. i liked him when i first saw him, but now there is no progress in his part and has been very amateur.


His approach for one-on-ones is so bad. Every time he performs a dumb full-speed charge out followed by a bizarre jump-into-squashed-starfish kind of thing. He goes down so early and any striker with an ounce of guile and composure will dink it over, place it under, or go round him! Unfortunately, this extends to players as average as the likes of Naismith and Baldock. His technique is only really effective if he’s right on top of the ball or he’s facing a donkey who only knows to smash it. I mean, I don’t particularly want to big up rival keepers… Read more »


Mentioning De Gea reminds me that he and Szczesny both came up about the same time. In those days the Spaniard was shaky, often punching the ball into the path of an attacker. I said then, “This clown ain’t gonna last.” How wrong I was! Here we are a few years later and De Gea is a top-flight stopper, and Szczesny hasn’t really improved.


Yes, he was so poor last year that he won the Golden Gloves.


People have short memories.

DE Gooner

Just because I like Szczesny , and he has potential, doesn’t ensure he is good enough. He needs to figure it out. He has not been good consistently for a little while now. Communication, Decision Making, Distribution…. all have been issues, through the past year +. I know people say that having a shifting back line makes it tougher, which I suppose it does. However, as the teams “#1” then I would think it is incumbent of that player to organize and make those new players understand where to be. Maybe he relies on Per to do it all, I… Read more »


I agree wholeheartedly with Aussie gooner. All you so-called experts and critics need to shut the fuck up, because Bob Wilson has given Szczesny his backing, someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, unlike all you two-penny ‘experts’.

Szczesny is only 24, which is very young for a keeper.


I think as fans of the club people are entitled to voice their opinions however they see fit, particularly if they can explain why they hold those opinions, not “shut the fuck up”. I personally think Szczesny is a player who has a lot of potential, and with the career length a goalkeeper can have has every chance of being a truly world-class goalkeeper. However, at this particular moment in time Ospina seems a more reliable option in goal. What I’d like to see Szczesny work on is timing his decision making. At the moment it’s a bit uncomfortably often… Read more »


I don’t think he was totally to blame for either goal


Agreed. Seeing the abuse some of the younger players get from our own fans is starting to turn me away from sites like this


I ll have whatever Rosicky is having! 34 years and still as dynamic as ever. Its a joy watching him and Sanchez link up. An all round positive couple of weeks for us. Also on a final note. I think Chambers shouldn’t be playing as a RB anymore. He should either cover CB or maybe Arsene can play him as a DM. As a RB he is a bit slow and his recovery isn’t that great. Bellerin’s been putting in some quite impressive performances and should start as long as Debuchy is not available.


Much lovevfir the little Mozart and lovely glimpses of Akpom


Imagine how good diaby will be at 39


Robbie the Ridiculous Ram

obvious stater

I think Robbie the constipated cunt is more apt. Sounded like he was sat on the shitter.

What a twat!


Tomas Rosicky is a joy to watch play football. Just brilliant passes and flicks all day long–he could have had at least 1 or 2 more assists on another day. I was so happy to see him score, and what a strike!

Also loved the minimalist celebration. People will say it was the “are you not entertained?!,” but I thought it was more “don’t be surprised because I’m not. I’m this good.”

Thoroughly deserving of the armband. Refused to let his career die, and I’m glad Arsenal (and Arsene) didn’t give up on him.

obvious stater

I thought it was more of a Cantona. “And what mofos?”


My first thought was there’s a monster guitar solo going in his head.

Rock Star.


I love me some Rosicky.


Rosicky, Cazorla, Alexis, name three more likeable players anywhere…


Senderos, Squillaci, Santos.




That would be ‘more likeable Elsewhere’.


Henry, Bergkamp, Pires.


bastard, I meant current players, not Gods!


Barnett (ask your dad), chapman, kiwomya


Lydersen, Pates, Bartram


Akpom could maybe be criticised for not playing to other players but he caused a lot more trouble from an attacking point of view than giroud in this game (no disrespect to giroud) . I could See him getting a premier league start some time soon. You could sense that the defenders at that point of the game couldn’t deal with his pace and so resorted to constantly fouling him.

But what a great weekend. City OUT, Chelsea OUT, Sp*rs OUT, Soton OUT and we win. A lot better than that gloomy New years day.

obvious stater

Think the Coq au “vin’dwagon must be to blame for flamini’s rating. He wasn’t that bad, and Kos was way worse so if flamini is a 5, Kos must be a 3.

Apart from getting turned I don’t think he made any mistakes, passing was quite good too.

Mark Hughes

It’s more rating one player against another who is far better right now in the same position (and as shown when he came on).

Little Mozart

I could not have been happier with Tomas today, even if he had scored a hat-trick.

He kept his cool and ran the opposition into the ground when other players were struggling to make the desired impact.

I hope Kos has his focus back after today.


its stupidity of the highest order all this blaming of Szczesny for the goals today from so many Gooners, there was nothing he could have done about either, and its laughable to see some say it feels safer with Ospina in goal, why would that be, cos you have only seen him keep goal for us 4 times and despite him not having a hard save to make we kept clean sheets, never mind that was mostly down to Coquelin and ramsey sitting deep and the defense playing well, no Ospina is the new guy so lets upgrade his effect… Read more »

Canuck Gunner

I don’t blame Szczesny for the goals. And I’m not fully convinced Ospina is much better. But for whatever reason, we are conceding fewer when Ospina plays. Maybe it’s luck, maybe he organizes the defense better, maybe the players in front of him are more confident when he is playing. At the moment we are winning and conceding less with Ospina in goal, so why change that winning formula. Don’t f around with things when they are working.


canuck that is the point, we kept the clean sheets with Coquelin at DM, Per and Kos at CB, Monreal at LB and Debuchy or Bellerin at RB, then today we have one of that five in front of Szczesny and even at that Kos was on the right at CB, so not one defensive player in the position they have been for the games Ospina has kept the clean sheets in, but hey its all down to Szczesny as far as some are concerned, its pathetic how they ignore little things like today, on the first goal what sort… Read more »


I agree 100%, and I don’t know why people are thumbing this down. Arsenal fans just love having a target to have a go at. We’ve had Ozil, Monreal, Mertesacker… all made targets. Next month it will be someone else. Give it a rest you spuds.


…and why don’t the both of you stop lecturing everyone who they should prefer in one position or not?

It’s a forum to express opinions, to vent…the point seems to be lost on a couple of people here.


“and its laughable to see some say it feels safer with Ospina in goal,”

It’s not laughable if you feel that way, you just feel that way!

We can’t help the way we feel…


…(breaks into song) feeeeeelings, nothing more than feelings…. 🙂


Yeah, Mannonne was amazing in his first 4 starts too, see how it turned out.

Yankee Gooner

Fair points, but BHA is hardly Man City. I think the same argument could be made about SZCZ’s clean sheets last season when the defense was much more organized–I certainly don’t blame him for the first goal today, probably not the second, but I’d like to say, “wow, that was a GREAT save” about him a little more often, plus each match he typically has a few moments of real indecision.


Tomas Rosicky. A man who,if not for injury, should be up there with many of today’s greats. Heck, he could still break into a number of top teams today. I just love the guy!!!!!


Love Rosický, but which top teams would he break into?


At his current performances.. All the top teams.


He’s so fucking versatile. Tackles, assists, goals, interceptions, infectious energy etc.. His positional awareness, work rate and vision are extraordinary. Anyone else think when he slows down ( in 5 years or so, his football age is only 26 or something), he could be an awesome deep lying midfielder ala Pirlo?


Amazing how with Szcezney in goal I was never as relaxed as when Ospina played the last few games. I think his time is over.

I also think Ramsey needs more discipline, too often he gets caught ahead of the ball. We weren’t punished today but we will be in the champs league and against the top 4


enj you fail to take into account we were playing a different kind of game when Akpom came on, it was counter attack football, but while Giroud was on we were camped in their half most of the time, and in case you missed it Giroud got an assit today,
akpom looks like a fine prospect, but again why the need to downplay giroud and his performance just cos you want to praise akpom, it is possible to praise akpom without having a pop at giroud.


The second part of our season class player.
Arsene saves him just for games like today


Since rosickys last set of injury problems he has adapted his game. When he first signed he was a santi type attacking midfielder or inside left forward. Now he is more tenacious in the tackle and works hard for the team. He always passes the ball forward and is never afraid to inject some thrust into our play. You could say he’s our Czech orchestra conductor.


Another confirmation today why the Coq is way ahead than Flamini who seems to have lost it & why the DM position is quite fundamental to compete for major honors

Gooner Inside the Beltway

Little Fu**ing Mozart! Ageless wonder and lest we forget, has brought the same kind of endless determination and work rate that we now praise Alexis for since the day he arrived. 10/10 for advancing to next round on a weekend when the the giant slayers ran rampant. Huge plus to get result while also managing significant rotation and getting confidence-building tallies from Theo and Mesut. First half was terrific display of confident domination and game should really have been done and dusted by half-time. As is our way, there were warning signs as well. Kos can’t seem to form an… Read more »

Anthony payne

In light of yesterday’s results I was slightly concerned about this game. Sure enough we made it more difficult for ourselves than it needed to be but on paper this was a potential banana skin. It was also very satisfying that neither of today’s scorers started last week and we were able to complete the game using Cazorla. With so many players now match fit I think our best line up with Debauchy injured should include Bellerin at RB and Coquelin at DM. Regarding the 5th round draw a home tie would be nice.Preferably avoiding Man Utd andLiverpool at this… Read more »

Anthony payne

I meant to say ‘ complete the game WITHOUT using Cazorla’

Gooner Gary

Cambridge with a home tie against Bolton would be nice.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I really wish we played Chelsea next week.


Or Man United, or Liverpool, or Ci….oh wait 😀


Overall we seemed to be strolling through the match, might have been because we lacked the intensity/effort that Sanchez and also Chamberlin and Carzola have been bringing, but after we got up two it seemed our killer instinct went out the window. Individually was great to see Ozil back to good form, really active looking for the ball and keeping the ball moving (vs someone like Ramsey), I do think he slowed down in the second half which is to be expected first full match back. What more can you say about Rosicky, absolutely love his effort, skill and impact… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

No clean sheet for scszcsz again


Stop it! 🙂

Limp Bar

Don’t normally give a cr8p about player ratings, but these generally seem a little low for me. Thought we did really well today!


I actually thought we played better than the sum of our parts today. The player ratings are about right, but I thought the team as a whole was around 8.5.


For what it’s worth on this whole little argument about Szczesny vs Ospina – it’s been four games.

In those four games, Ospina hasn’t shown any reason why he shouldn’t be playing ahead of Szcesny. Doesn’t mean Szcesny’s bad, doesn’t mean Ospina’s Jens Lehmann and David Seaman’s goalkeeping lovechild, just that until evidence to the contrary is found, Ospina deserve to have his chance. Much like Wojiech got when he was beginning his Arsenal first team career.

Chill guys, there’s NOTHING wrong with having Szczesny and Ospina competing for places (just thank god we didn’t sign Michel Vorm)


Or Simon Mignolet, who was everybody’s darling last year.


Rosicky has that ability to take an extra touch and drive the ball forward. There was a moment when the top two attacking midfielders in FM were Rosicky and Hleb, and we only went and signed them both. I remember talking with a bunch of Czechs about Jaromir Jagr, they all insisted Rosicky was a much bigger star. Such a shame we never really got to see the best of him. But I do hope he has been kept in reserve the first half of the season with a view the maximising his effectiveness in the second half.


If we were ever to sell Rosicky, you can imagine the compilation promotional video that would get sent out. His price tag would easily outstrip that Bale knob end. Love Rosicky, hope he get the playing time he craves.


Agree about Savage, Blogs. I switched ON the Radio 5 commentary and turned his vile whining voice off. The radio was about 15 seconds ahead though and JUST when Tomas scored his wonder goal. So, I was able to”predict” it to my wife – “here, watch this!”
GOAL AND end of Savage – perfect.

remi garde's nipples

Blogs, how was Sanchez’s performance “An encapsulation of the man in 20 minutes”!? He usually scores. He’s usually the talisman…


I liked that one of Coquelins first actions was to win the ball with a hard fair tackle while putting that ‘Ince’ guy on his arse.


Savage twat

bendtners mum

nacho played ok but was at fault for the second goal when he charged out and left his attacker unmarked

ferrero rosicky

Czech his style
Czech czech czech him out


i would like to shez loaned out so he can iron out the kinks in his game, as arsenal is simply too big a club to tolerate an individual player’s growing pains in such a vital position but he’s getting on a bit to be a loanee so i can’t see it ever happening. plus i don’t think his ego would accommodate such a demotion. i like him but he needs to shape up pretty fast now there is serious competition.


Rosicky is due a new deal surely


Understand the Theo criticism, it’s not about whether he deserves it or not but he simply didn’t have one one of his best games, and neither were his previous couple of substitution appearances. But hopefully most fans realise it’s completely normal at this stage of a comeback from injury, and I can’t help but be really impressed by how good he looks physically already and how he manages to come back so strong time after time from horrific injuries without ever making sad faces (especially a player like him that relies so much on his physical talents). He gets cast… Read more »


Spot on regarding Schez, Gibbs and Flamini. I would add Calum to that as well. Too average and reminds you of the awful 1st half of the season performances they put in.


We missed the directness of the ox and bellerin.
I know they are coming back from injuries but while watching the second half was thinking to myself I would never play both theo and ozil together. they dont like the physical side of the game and go missing when the opposition starts getting physical.


reasonable point but a bit of a dilemma as ozil’s through balls are most effective when paired with walcott’s pace. after a blistering start to last season, ozil really struggled to remain as influential when walcott suffered the lengthy injury. i think they both just need to take a cue from santi and sanchez that defending is a team task and certainly no one is “too good to defend”.


I never understand why there has to be those Ramsey/Wilshere, Szczesny/Ospina, Chamberlain/Walcott or Cazorla/Ozil argument, you love one doesn’t mean you have to hate or abuse another, isn’t it wonderful we have 2 or 3 quality players to compete for one position?

It’s the manager’s job to decide who to play, and if he’s good enough for Arsene Wenger to start him, he’s good enough for me.

I only want to be called simon

Nice one for the Savage rating blogs…..the twat nearly ruined the game for me with his bollock mouth