Ox: Coquelin is a big part of our team


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says the Arsenal squad knew Francis Coquelin had the quality to succeed at the highest level and backed the French midfielder to maintain the good form that has earned him a new deal at the Emirates.

Coquelin has featured in nine consecutive games since returning from a short loan at Charlton with the Gunners losing only once – away at Southampton – during that run.

Speaking to the Arsenal official matchday programme ahead of the game with Aston Villa, Chamberlain underlined how pleased he is to see the 23-year-old seize his chance.

“He’s been really patient and I’m sure there’s been tough times for him since he’s been at the club.

“I know everyone here has always known what a talent he’s been, it’s just been a case of the numbers and the type of personnel that we’ve had. It can be hard.

“As a young lad, sometimes you do feel the wrong end of that and those are the times when some people need to go out on loan to find their way.

“He’s been abroad and in the Championship but he’s never lost his quality and sometimes it’s all about luck and opportunities.

“Since he’s come back, he’s taken his opportunities, he’s taken his chances to show how good he is and now I see him as a big part of our team. He is a really influential and key part to our success, especially at Manchester City.

“In recent weeks we’ve seen it but the Manchester City game really showed how important he is and how good he is. Hopefully that will continue for him because it’s good for us as well.”

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Who would have known that the hole in our midfield was Coq shaped?


It goes to show, it’s not the size of your coq, it’s how you use it….


WOW! Ox and Coqs…. we are in good hands!





Love the partnerships developing.

Arsene's Selfie Stick
Arsene's Selfie Stick

Don’t forget Wiltshire and Cazola.


Wiltzola? (but no ‘t’ involved, so ‘Cazshere’ might be better).

Though Jack hasn’t been playing much, so not much of a partnership there at the moment.

The ‘Welroud’ partnership similarly.


The coq should do a good job plugging up that massive hole we have in midfield

Unyoke the Ox

The best l.a.n.s that I can think of


I remember watching Ox + Coq breaking into the first team together. Nice to see them both having an impact these days and working hard.

Proff Gooner

Coquelin has his feet on the ground and doesn’t let the hype get to his head. Glad to see he is focused on the end product.

Forever COYG!!!


We are so much stronger defensively with him in the side!

Viva le Coq!


Lets get another one in to play next to him then we will take a lot of stopping


Bellerin – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Gibbs
Coquelin – Cazorla
Chamberlian – Ozil – Sanchez



Our best 11?
Not even a “thumbs up” for spelling??


no, you misspelt Chamberlain


Oh blx!

Unyoke the ox

Needs more Ramsey.


Yes, experimental, but that could work. But by current form, only as a backup alternative to Ramsey in central midfield, Monreal at left back and Cazorla in attacking midfield.


Yep. He sure seems like he has the energy, discipline, aggression and even the passing to be one of our holding midfielders although I still think Arteta, when fit, might still be first choice this season.

On another note, Australia have won the Asian Cup! C’mon!

Long Black

I don’t usually like to boast but my have we got a massive coq indeed


who doesn’t want a huge coq in his mid-section! That kid is immense…… coyg


I’ll reserve my judgement on coq till the end of the season.
One thing’s for certain; if coq gets a contract renewal, then it means no DM for us contralily to what some think. I don’t think he’ll sign a new contract just to be second/third choice. Unless wenger is planning on selling BOTH arteta(not happening) and flamini, Then its NO DM this summer.

Lightening Pace

i have one name for you Trez and that name is Bielik, if you hadn’t noticed the young Pole is a “DM” and we bought him this transfer window, perhaps you missed it because his name’s not Schniederlin
No need to get our knickers in a twist over needing a DM, we got it covered bruv 😉


Yeah 17 year old bielik is better than schnederlin right?? I bet you the same people harping on about Coq being our savior will probably turn on him after 2 bad games.


Whereas you haven’t even waited for the two bad games.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!
Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

We have 4 DMs in the first team right now. If Coquelin proves himself and continues to play like he is been playing, why buy another DM for the sake of buying? I don’t get how some people think. Because he won’t cost 30m doesn’t make him worse than the mythical 6’4 DM you are pinning for. If he is good, he is good. Stop moaning and complaining about everything


You’re clearly getting ahead of yourself. Coq has played well in like 4 games and you think he’s the solution to all our problems?? I like the coq and all, buti’m not getting away till the end of the season.
And who said i wanted a “6’4 mythical dm”?? i want an agressive version of arteta; someone like busquets and schnederlin.
you need to shut the hell up if you don’t understand what i’m talking about.


Isn’t coq an aggressive version of arteta?


Passing range is not in arteta’s league.


I think it’s you who needs to shut up here, mate. he clearly said that “IF” Coq proves that he’s a right fit in Arse and only then should we keep him.

The jury is still out on that one. We’ll see. I think he has a very valid point, though. There’s this crazy need in some people for us to buy people, almost as if for the sake of buying. Screw that. Barcelona paid 70 million for Suarez and how many goals has he scored?

LIverpool paid 15-ish million for Balloteli and what has he done for them? Hell, for all the flak the kid gets, Sanogo has done more good than Balloteli.

My point being that the new shiny toy isn’t always the best one. That’s a mentality we really, really gotta step away from. If Coq does well, he’ll probably remain our DM. If The Bald Eagle develops well, he might fight him for the spot eventually.

If neither works out, we’ll hit the market.


You need to learn how to fuckin read too mate.
Where did i say i want a “6’4 bruising DM” on my post??
Did you even understand the point i was making??


Because its time to step up. We have the money now. I’m a massive Wenger fan, but if we are going to start challenging the Real madrids and Bayerns of this world then I still think an upgrade on Coquelin is needed. I also think we could do with an upgrade in central defence. Great teams are built on their back four and we have to be realistic and say would Mertesacker get in the Bayern team? Would coquelin get in Real Madrids? I’m not saying i don’t appreciate these guys, their great players, rocks, but we didn’t go through those lean years for nothing. Its time to fill our whole team with players of Sanchez’s quality.


Coquelin is homegrown. Given our current numbers of homegrown first team players, Coq has a spot in the squad that couldn’t be replaced with another outside DM without dropping someone else.

Trex d' Gunner

Who can say with a certainty that a 30million plus DM would be better than the Coq. I’m routing for the Coq

Man Manny

It is always better if a team’s needs can be solved internally. Barcelona thrived on this in the Guardiola years.

Man Manny

It is always better if a team’s needs can be solved internally. Barcelona thrived on this in the Guardiola years. It helps the team to bond.

Arsene's Selfie Stick
Arsene's Selfie Stick

As opposed to a piss up in Abu Dhabi


Part of the reason we are stronger is because Coq has been a massive plus.

But the main reason we are stronger is because the back 4 has settled.

When Koscielny played in unfamiliar partnership at Brighton we had the same leaky issue.

It has nothing to do with Flamini who is at very least equal to Coq. Where Coq is more atheletic, Flamini does not waste the ball as much.

What we have lacked all season is a stable pairing at Cback. Gabriel will hopefully alleviate the issue by providing (NOT COVER) alternate specialist capbility in this position instead of inexperienced players or out of position ones.

Come the summer, we may elect to add another DM likely to replace Arteta because of wear and tear issues (albeit the option could remain to keep him around another season should we not find one of requisite quality.

Schneiderlin is not what we should look at (Just as Winston Reid isn’t or Jenkinson)

We need to consider that we have to add someone who can cover defensively but also perhaps add another dimension going forward with Flamini and Coquelin capable enough to hold the more combative side of things in conjunction.

Thereby the loss of Diaby may weigh on our need for a bit of physicality in midfield.

If the likes of a Khedira comes on market for a good price (being we may not have any other pressing recruitment needs other than adding future talent in areas such as LB), then we could spend on his quality AND crucially experience to replace Arteta.

If not, another good candidate maybe Gustavo at Wolfsburg. He was one of those name thrown in as the ‘mythical physical DM’ some seasons past much like Melo or MVilla or Capoue etc. all flattered to deceive.

But Gustavo looks to have kicked on this season and at 27yrs (similar to Khedira) has sufficient experience to help us whilst Bielik is developed.

Crucially both these players are highly technical and add height which we may need in certain scenarios.

‘The Big Tall Mythical DM’.;)

Mr Brain Is a Gunner4life!
Mr Brain Is a Gunner4life!

‘Buy!’ ‘Buy!!’ ‘Wenger Buy!!!’…. This has become a normal Chorus on the lips of most Arsenal fans this days! Even if there’s no need to sing, it’ll still be sung anyway! It’s now an obssession to them.

Sometimes I wonder why they sing that song even when it’s irrelevant. Cheap publicity maybe!

But seriously, we’ve got to change our mentality sometimes.

Just this questions….

A] How many DMs outthere are better than the COQ on current form???

B] If this talented Coq is the answer to our well documented problem in midfield, what is wrong in giving him the needed confidence to blossom into the best DMF in the world!??

C] Must we buy that fabled £30m DMF you all craved even if he ends up as a flop??

What is wrong in finding an internal solution to a problem??

Pls get a grip mourners!!!!