Villarreal defender confirms Arsenal interest


Villarreal’s Gabriel Paulista has more or less confirmed that Arsenal are interested in signing him this January.

Via the Guardian come quotes in which the Brazilian says, “Whether I go to Arsenal or stay at Villarreal, I won’t lose my head.

“I’m very calm. My head is at Villarreal and I’m very focused. My agent is working on making sure I continue being calm.”

The 24 year old was speaking after his club’s win over Athletic Bilbao on Saturday, but any move for him is complicated by the fact he has yet to represent Brazil and that would present work permit issues as he doesn’t have an EU passport.

After today’s win over Man City, Arsene Wenger confirmed he was still looking for a defensive recruit but admitted he was struggling to find the right player.

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“My agent is working on making sure I continue being calm”

Sounds like the words of someone bricking themselves..


Perfectly calm dude, calmer than you are.


You know he was waving a gun around just before these quotes? Someone’s foot had crossed a line.


I hope Dick Law has thought long and hard about whether he should be pursuing this deal…


that’s what she said

Glenn Hoddle's chin

Is he more mobile and stronger in the tackle than Inanimate Carbon Rod? If so, bring him in!


Is he a CB that plays on the left like Kos? We already have Per and Chambers on the other side. If not we shouldn’t be going for him.

Dick Swiveller

Screw that, if he can head a ball and has a basic understanding of defensive positioning we should have him. I know it can help to have players who are used to one side play on that side but if you can tackle and read the game, does it matter that much? Now, style of play might be a bigger thing, but if you know what you’re doing and have a partnership it’s still enough to do the job.


Look at what happened when Per swapped sides. We need someone that can play on Kos’s side (if/when Kos is injured) so we can keep Per on his best side.

Agree on style, we need him to be able to cope with a slower Per or Callum.


Carbon rod is cut from different cloth from most, but he will drape you within his robe and for that you will benefit from a 30% increase in ability just by being close to him.


A very good player, I’ll say a younger version of ‘Diego Godin’… Might be worthwhile


As much as I believe in the kid. I have never really understood why young players needs to be the ‘new’ someone else. After all it is up to them to create their own history.

Dick Swiveller

It’s to convey a general idea about how he plays (unless it’s a transfer story, then it’s just to get some cash of the back of a players name), it’s a fairly nebulous way of describing things but it can get a point across fairly well without too much waffle.


A player talking about Arsenal interest – while it’s a defender I’m still not very hopeful.

Blog would you mind updating the article with the poo meter? It would help me decide if I can get my hopes up.




Nope – poo, not poop


Work permit issues, so not going to help us this season?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It would require some serious negotiation with the Home Office to see if a way could be agreed to allow him to play here. I can’t see it happening if he has no visa. If it did it would probably take to the end of the window to sort it out.

How “Arsenal” would it be to end up with no defender because we were negotiating til the end of the window and then the Home Office said no?

We need more strings to our bow.

Gus Caesar

We would need to make the case that he’s an exceptional talent, otherwise he won’t have a cat’s chance of getting a permit.


I always am amazed at the difficulties professional athletes have getting permits to work in the UK.. I got mine and I’m an utter shit cunt at everything except drinking
Totally wasted it too, I think I had a job for a month then pissed away my money all over the place
apologies for contributing nothing to your nation my colonial cousins


Don’t leave us hanging, we need the poos!

Gudang Bedil

Eww.. Poo hanging!

Cyril Washbrook

I’ve noticed that when a player talks publicly about wanting to go to Arsenal or Arsenal wanting him, that’s a good indication that a deal is not going to happen. So I think we can strike him off the list of possible arrivals, whoever he is.


not really, just recently, the polish lad we have signed has been talking about his interest in joining and club after him, etc, and now i heard we have him in our ranks? even though he is just a youngster…

Alright mate

If Arsenal are interested, a pkayer’s stocks rise. Due to the quality of Wenger’s scouting.

So it could be a tactic by the player in contract negotiations or to attract interest from elsewhere.


“Whoever he is”?

Someone clearly hasn’t been playing enough fifa. Players i’d go for based on fifa:


Gudang Bedil

No poo-o-meter blogs? Well, when the player himself declares it, I think it’s 6 or higher poo.

Man Manny

Good one if it real. His age makes it more interesting. At 24, his best years are ahead of him and will play for years with players like Sczezsny, Bellerin, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Coquelin, Ox, Ozil, Alexis, Walcott and Welbeck . All these guys are within the 23 to 26 bracket. What a team we will have from next season if everyone stays and stays fit.
Arsene has a foundation to win the league and give the CL a good shot.

Mark Hughes

Why leave out Ospina? He’s only 26 and is proving himself a good ‘keeper with a calming presence. The defenders don’t seemed panicked when the ball has made its way to him.

Man Manny

Not deliberate. Ospina too.


Foundation perhaps, but consistency will be needed in order to win the title. Hopefully they will build on the last 2 games and continue with this type of performance.


Please Wenger should sign eligible players that can hit the ground running not someone with passport issue


The problem with buying a squad defender now is Arsene will use it as an excuse not to upgrade our first choice for another few years.
I love Arsene but my frustration comes from knowing he isn’t intrested in improving every position, he’s happy to just wing it, and stick with players who can and should be improved upon.


Have you seen this guy play? What makes you think he won’t challenge for a starting place??

Andy Mack

BBC says “West Ham have been led to believe that Arsenal will only move for the player should they miss out on other targets in January.” talking about Winston Reid


To be honest I’m sceptical of how good a Brazillian defender kept out of their team by David Luiz can really be, but I’ve never seen him play and you’d assume those who have have a better clue than me…
So we hope. But literally anyone is better than literally no one so I’m keen for this to go through.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If you just paid a fortune for David Luiz then David Luiz is going to play.


I think he meant the Brazil side. And the obvious response is that he’s keeping Dante and Marquinhos out at CB as well even though they’re definitely better. Really, Luiz should be a box-to-box midfielder, not a CB!


Disagree on Luiz- I think he should be a Championship centre back. Honestly the most baffling transfers and misplaced appreciation for a footballer I’ve ever witnessed, he’s utter shite. I’m not sure what makes me dislike him more- his stupid voice and hair, that Terry has found his form again due to him leaving or that that one transfer almost single-handedly has allowed Mourinho to whinge about how they now abide by FFP.


Gibbs is kept out of his national team by Baines even though he can’t defend. National selections don’t mark a player’s value.


Is anyone surprised that we didn’t try going for Nastastic. Decent, young CB with PL experience who in my opinion would of provided decent cover especially as we could of got him on loan. Would of then allowed us to bide our time until the summer when we would of had more of a chance in securing a first choice CB or if he impressed we could of bought him!

Mark Hughes

Imagine a scenario where a team, who we just beat by the way, might have turned down any bid from us and told us in no uncertain terms that they won’t sell to us or any rival in the same league.


Sorry that scenario is hard to understand, when 5 ex arsenal players made the move to city in recent years and our captain went to our arch rivals…

Gooner Smurf

Join us. We beat the best!


How can he play in Spain and not England….seeing as were all part of the EU, any other bloody migrant and come with no prospects and beg in this country, and take our jobs, but not a professional football player whose wages would actually get spent in THIS country by both taxes and spending. What a crazy fucking world.


Nigel.. Is that you??


I’m sorry Nige but Piers Morgan is one celebrity (so called Arsenal supporting) cunt too many in my eyes already. Jog on!


A beggar can take your job? What makes you think immigrants don’t pay taxes or spend money in your country?


Rossi’s a local beggar who logs onto the Internet when he thinks people aren’t looking.


Really mate, how childish are you. Just because i have the balls to say what alot of people believe and think. Dont mean you can come at me with that bollocks. Maybe if you had a brain, or an opinion other than what The Sun tells you. You could have an intellectual debate about that issue, except this isnt really the site for such things. Good day to you, you moron.

Gus Caesar

You daft racist.


“….what a lot of people believe or think”

Not here, not on this forum.


Dey tuk err jurbs!


what is your job? I ask because you must not be very good at it if beggar migrants with no prospects can come to your country and take it from you. all this anti-immigration talk is basically not-so-thinly veiled racism.


@arsesicky Im a pipefitter mate. What is so ‘anti-immigration’ about saying, in essence, id like a system like Australia? Not just anyone can go there. They have a criteria which they believe will help develop their country.


Australian here, don’t use our immigration policies as an example. History will not be kind to our current actions and policies.


Another Australian here.

Nope, nope and nope. Will NOT help our country and not something the majority of Australians are proud of AND after recent poll results showed after the “boats were stopped” it is not something that Australian’s vote on.

Finally at the rate of immigration without taking into account the effects that immigrants contribute to tax it would only effect our GDP by -.01% over a 10 year period (shown in B.O.S reports circa 2012).

Arsenal Wenger

So, I’ve got an admission letter from the London School of Economics, which will precede a job hunt in England. If, as you claim, most people won’t approve of it, should I reject the opportunity to study in one of the world’s best institutions?

Hell no. See you in London someday soon.


I admit my impression of him is only based off a YouTube compilation….but he looks to be a good fit…he is in the koscielny mould…has an imposing frame at 6 ft 1″… And he’s got the typical Brazilian flair too…also has the penetrating koscielny pass…


Thought so too, the guy loves a challenge. And Villarreal have been superb at player development which will be a big plus for Arsene. He seems to have the raw materials, and any difficulty getting him a permit should be worth it to add some Brazilian toughness to our defensive numbers.


Sounds like a very good deal really. Paulista would be an excellent addition. If we could re-call Jenko from loan as well that’d be awesome


You misinterpret what i said. What i meant was its okay for the government to let in these migrants with no prospects. I.e the Romanian beggars at marble arch as an example, but when a migrant comes to actually work, earn good money and pay into the system. The government decide to get on their high horse about not being deemed ‘exceptional talent’ or not enough ‘international appearances. I’ve no problem with anyone who comes here to better themselves and their family. I have problems with people coming here and adding to the dregs we have here already, claiming housing… Read more »


Because Spain has historical and current links to South America, and Brazil, that the UK does not have.


Indeed, it’s also why we have a higher proportion of immigrants from places like India, Pakistan, South Africa and the West Indies than they do in Spain, as they were all ex-Empire (now Commonwealth) countries.

Unfortunately we taught them all to love cricket rather than football, which was a bit of a fuck up on our part as there are something like a billion Indians and the British clubs would pretty much have had first pick.


pires is out there teaching them to love football these days 🙂
probably causing numerous cases of hysterical swooning


Problem is Rossi you fucked yourself when you said “taking our jobs” – many migrants do the jobs we don’t want to do, they don’t take them.


Different work permit rules for footballers in the two countries, but why do i bother to answer your question knowing any answer will provoke a response in keeping with your “bloody migrants” and “the dregs” attitude? Bloody hell this free speech thing can be a bit rough, but if you do want answers to your questions, try easing up on the “this isn’t the site” to have an “intellectual” discussion talk and speak to people like they’re only human. We’re all Gooners here.


Thanks for finally answering the question haha. Maybe the terminology was incorrect but bloody hell was hardly racist. Just pointing out that the govs policies are a bit screwed up and confusing when it comes to migrants. I mean surely the country benefits from these rich footballers? Unless they’re TGSTEL

Large Fingers Dave

Go get Winston Reid simple


Are the negative arrows for this one because of Winston Reid or “simple”? Jan windows are always tricky and Winston Reid as a player with PL experience under his belt has to be a serious option especially as AW said it would be “too risky” not to bring in a CB this window. Regarding “simple” we do not know what is happening, we could well be just playing it cool for a little while later into the window to increase pressure on West Ham a bit.


Interesting player to have. In the right age bracket at 24 (we should be hunting for between 23-25yrs) Slightly shorter than I’d like if Per got knocked. I think the other issue is what happens to Calum Chambers. He was bang on for a spot on the team at start of season. but most forgot or conveniently discounted that we were developing a very good RB in Bellerin and he would make up numbers for us this season (particularly on what we saw pre-season) If Debuchy returns, Calum will be restricted to a Cback back up berth or maybe in… Read more »


Flamini is “improving”…wow..just wow.


News is sayin Otamendi at Villareal has received an offer from unnamed club, for 27mil….and Balague is just guessing United, united have denied it.. Club is refusing to comment on club which bid….surely this sounds like us and Paulista a smokescreen. I remember him being okay at W.C, but never seen him play.


At club level

santori Very extensive coverage on Gabriel above. I think this deal can happen. 1) He is a no nonsense defender in good form with Villareal (Remember Koscielny with Toulouse) 2) He has technical ability which is crucial to our backline in Wenger’s current thinking. 3) He is 24yrs which fits into the age bracket we should be looking at 23-25yrs bc of Meterscielny’s age 4) He is not cup tied 5) He could be part of a swap deal with Campbell going on loan which will afford the Costa Rican game time to sharpen further and make weight. Should not… Read more »

Andy Mack

What’s Kozzer got to do with Toulouse?
What about the lack of a work permit?


Probably meant Lorient.
Find it surprising people fail to take that into consideration.


But what is his injury record like? Can he make the grade?


Personally i think we should go out to try and get Diego REYES from Porto. CB than is equally comfortable as a DMF!

He’d be on my target list


how’s that Winston Reid character? I haven’t watched him much.