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Arsenal 5-0 Aston Villa: By the Numbers

415 – Arsenal passes completed
458 – Villa passes completed
118 – Arsenal passes in the Villa final third
79 – Villa passes in the Arsenal final third
28 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes which were in the Villa Final Third (118/415)
17 – Percent of Villa’s passes which were in the Arsenal final third (79/459)
13 – Shots by Arsenal
15.9 – Shots Arsenal average per game this season (2nd in the League)
9 – Shots by Villa
10.7 – Shots Villa average per game this season (3rd worst in the League)
11 – Both teams converted roughly 11% of their final third passes into shots
8 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
5.7 – Shots on goal Arsenal average per game this season (2nd best in the League)
2 – Shots on goal by Villa
2.7 – Shots on goal Villa average this season (worst in the League)
62 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots that were on goal today
34 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots that are on goal, on average, this season
22 – Percent of Villa’s shots that were on goal today
25 – Percent of Villa’s shots that are on goal, on average, this season
43 – Goals scored by Arsenal this season (1.9/game, 3rd best in the League)
11 – Goals scored by Villa this season (0.5/game, worst in the League)

Arsenal scored 5 today, 4 from open play and one from the penalty spot, and the five goals sent Arsenal’s overall conversion rate (goals/shots) above the opposition’s conversion rate for the first time this season. Arsenal typically convert goals at a higher rate than the opposition, so it was a bit of a worry early on this year when the defense was leaking goals at such a high rate. But Arsène’s work with the team, on pressing and defending from crosses and set pieces, seems to be paying off a bit.

shot conversion percentages


In fact, Arsenal have significantly tightened the defense since the loss to Stoke. Against Stoke,, Arsenal conceded from a corner and two crosses. Since then, Arsenal haven’t conceded a single goal from a cross and have conceded just once from a corner (Liverpool) in League play.

Stoke also represented a nadir in terms of Arsenal’s offensive efficiency as well. There was a run of four matches between Swansea and Southampton where Arsenal took 71 shots and scored just 4 goals (6% conversion). In the 9 matches since, Arsenal are averaging 2.44 goals per game and have scored 22 goals off 121 shots (18% conversion).

Much of the offensive turnaround is down to the resurgence of Cazorla in the #10 spot and the return of Olivier Giroud to the starting lineup. Cazorla has 6 goals and 6 assists this season but 4 of those assists have come in the last 8 games. He’s also scored all 6 of his League goals in this period.

Giroud has added 5 goals in those same 8 games and 1 assist. Giroud only has 7 goals and the 1 assist in the League this season.

One of the reasons why Arsenal have looked tighter in the back is that they have a true defensive midfielder in the middle of the park in Francis Coquelin. In his five Premier League starts (since West Ham) Arsenal have conceded just 3 goals and have scored 12. Two of the goals Arsenal conceded when Coquelin was a starter were against Southampton when he was asked to play along side Matthieu Flamini. It was his worst performance of the season.

What Coquelin offers Arsenal is shown in what he did today: 50/54 passing (second behind Cazorla), 2/2 dribbles, 15 ball recoveries (led all players), 5/7 tackles (led all players), 5 interception (tied with Koz to lead all players), 1 block, 1 aerial duel won, 3 fouls committed, and dispossessed just 2 times.

His resurgent form has him leading Arsenal in tackles per game (which he wins at an astonishing 78% rate) and third in interceptions. He’s also getting a fair number of blocks, doesn’t get into too much foul trouble, helps out with clearances, and he wins 70% of his 3.5 aerial duels per game.

14 – When Theo Walcott and Hector Bellerin scored it meant Arsenal have 14 different goal scorers on the season in League play. Giroud’s assist was also a landmark of sorts, it means Arsenal have 16 different players who have provided an assist on the season. That’s the most spread out attack of any team in the Premier League, just ahead of Man City who have 11 goalscorers and 15 different playmakers.

I’m not sure if Arsenal would have more or less goal scorers and play makers if Özil and Giroud had been available more. Those two players have only started a combined 15 matches for Arsenal in League play this season.

And for those worried about where Özil would fit when he returned, I think that question was answered when Cazorla and Özil combined for a goal and an assist each.

Cazorla, man of the match

68 – Completed passes (led all players)
30 – Completed passes in the Villa final third (30/35! led all players)
4 – Key passes (led all players)
2 – Assists (led all players)
1 – Goal scored
3 – Dribbles (2nd behind Özil’s 5/8)
7 – Ball recoveries
3 – Tackles (of 6 attempts, 2nd best on Arsenal)
2 – Fouls suffred


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Damn this autocorrect...

That flick by ozil makes me smile even now…….

Türkiş Gooner

And we didnt even have Sanchez 😀


Pretty great trend emerging there, and I think all the signs point to an extremely strong finish to the season. Now that we’ve got all our best players back on the pitch, we’ve got three or four MOTM candidates in every match. Let’s keep improving the scoring and lowering the concessions. We’ll be unbeatable the rest of the way!


Arsenal’s form for last 15 games is: 12 Wins, 1 Draw (Liverpool) and 2 Loses (Stoke, Soton) – since the 2-0 win over Dortmund. Things are looking bright, but let’s not get carried away too early and players should keep their intensity and concentration level high… Come the end of March, we could well be on route to charging for at least 2 silverware (Can’t help but to think about those possibilities, arrrgggghh)

Oh yeah, exciting times! COYG!!!


Wasn’t it Chambers who played alongside Coq vs Saints?

Me So Hornsey

Yes I think it was. Pretty sure Flamster was injured. Pretty sure having a raw Chambers next to him was the reason for his poor performance as well.


Yes, my bad. I blame Flamini for all of Arsenal’s problems. I have an inFlamini of the bone. It’s a chronic condition.


Shouldnt you be watching SuperBowl, 7amKickoff?

Cliff Bastin

I like the contrast in styles between cazorla and ozil. One is a firecracker buzzing around and the other is just chill as shit but both are effective as hell.

On a side note I missed the game and fired up the liveblog to read what went down and had a minor heart attack when the score thingy at the top mistakenly read ‘0-0’


May have misread that but pretty sure Chambers started with Coquelinn in midfield against Southampton not Flamini? Love this column btw and also we have found ways to adapt our system in different games v,ery encouraging signs coming into this run of games.


Yeah, that’s correct. However, I think we conceded both goals due to individual errors by Szcz, Kos and maybe Debuchy. So, can’t fault Coq and Chambers much for the goals, but performance wise it was dire and Coq works best when he is sitting deep.

I just like the stability and solidness Le Coq brings to the back line. May long it continue.


coquelin has great stats

Santi Claus

Those Santi stats cant be right… I swear I saw him complete 50 passes to himself.. from his magical left peg to his magical right peg…all while holding villians off his back!

You little magician…


Awesome, just awesome! I have a feeling that we will win all the remaining games! Pundits are still talking down us but come May, we will have the last laugh! COYG!

Andrei Ozil

That is a mammoth task, to win EVERY game. But if your right, that would surely win the league.

What trophy drought?

Even if we win every single game remaining, we’ll finish on 87 points. Two of the last three seasons the league has been won with 89 points (86 last year). So even if we win every game, we still might not do it 🙁 Not to put a downer on a fantastic win and a great run of form, but I don’t think people should get their hopes up too much!


so that was the second consecutive prem match that we allowed our opponents to have more possession and complete more passes than us but we got the results that count … nice … more of the same on Saturday, please


Aside from the wonderful taken goal, theo was average overall. Also, glad our Lexus got some rest today. We need him 100% for NLD next week.


More evidence supporting Coquelin.


Love the info on the Coq, he was so solid today.
One stat which can’t be measured is Ospina collecting that ball which bounced right in front of him at 1-0 up. It’s the sort of ball where we have conceded a goal (from the first shot/cross on target usually)….


Extremely excited with Coq’s and Bellerin’s performances. When your youngsters show up like this it means that your system is really working = dream of every club.
We now have a solid mix of experienced and young players and that is just beautiful. Credit to the boss.
one Arsene Wenger!! Coyg!!
#the Arsenal way


Just an observation; whenever Gil got forward down our left hand side, Monreal positioned himself more towards Villas end, letting Gil go to byline and cross, however Kos was always positioned as first man at front post and cleared with ease. Think they did this at least 3 times and just wondered if anyone else saw this? Thought it quite inventive and successful. Stopped those dangerous balls across our 6 yard box anyway! Also WOW. What a team, love them all, too many stars yesterday to name – long may the wins continue. Have been happy with our season so… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

What’s your take on the goalkeeping situation 7am? It seems that scnszysensny on the bench is a signal for a clean sheet no?


I would be interested to know how many clean sheets we’ve had with and without SZCZ in goal (as well as a % too).


I’m pretty sure Sczesney has a good clean sheet record, last year he shared the golden glove.
The issue lies with his shots-to-goals ratio and being susceptible to the first shot on goal going in.


There’s an Orbinho stat that states after the Villa game, Ospina equaled Szcesney’s record of clean sheets this season with 3 each.

Link :


I will have to take a look at the keeper situation but remember that keeper stats are tricky at best. The number of “high claims” a keeper makes and/or even the number of saves is influenced more by the players in front of him, where the shots are coming from, and how the opposition are playing. Teasing out how much the keeper is doing is often difficult. Personally? I would look more at distribution and specifically how well the keeper gets the attack going — sadly, this is a stat that isn’t publicly available. In looking at the numbers that… Read more »


Lovely numbers! Considering none of these stats embrace the madness of Alexis, I for one am quite excited of the remaining batch of fixtures both in the league and the cups. Nearly full squad, with several key players hitting form!
The drool of yesteryear is again starting to drip!

Buffalo Gunner

Have to say that Arsenal look much more fluid going forward with Alexis on the bench. Not that he should be dropped by any means, but he plays as more of an individual than anyone else in the squad and is dispossessed more than anyone else in the squad.


Not to be over-simplistic with a small sample, but it seems our “resurgence” has also been with Danny out. I’ve liked Danny just fine so far. But is this just a coincidence?

Thierry Walcott

Olivier Giroud is simply a beast! Scores and/or creates on the regular.


Shows just what a bit of healthy competition can do 🙂


When Alexis is fit, who goes out? From yesterday’s match, Ramsey should be the one to go. He lost the ball too often with his complicated play, and never really stayed beside Coq to keep the midfield tight. If he wants to keep attacking, we have better players in Ozil and Carzola for that role. None of them should be dropped. And Alexis has to play


Walcott obviously


Ozil and Santi can’t play centrally together for balance reasons – and Alexis is a certain starter.

And with Santi’s stellar form in the middle my guess is that it’s between Theo, Ozil and Oxlade-Chamberlain for the other wing position.

With Theo and the Ox being predominantly right footed and the way Wenger likes to play an asymmetrical formation with a winger on the right and more of a narrow AM/LM on the left, (Ljungberg, Pires, Rosicky) I would say Ozil should start on the left and Alexis on the right if everyone’s fit.


Why is the picture in the header from last season?


Thought Ramsey was good yesterday. Ran his face off, as usual, and that keeps us ticking and puts the pressure on the opposition. No way he is dropped. Walcott for sure is the guy to make space, and Walcott, the Ox and Rosicky will be are killer super-subs.

Anonymous Physicist

It’s very harsh on Ox though. He was easily our second best player up to Christmas, and now he just happens to be out when the team is finding some form. But maybe this is when he starts competing for places with Ramsey instead of with Walcott, and we get his true breakthrough that way. That probably wouldn’t hurt Ramsey either: he seems to be undroppable to Wenger at the moment, probably because he’s our only true high energy box-to-box player, and having to fight for that spot rather than being handed it would probably do him good. (I know… Read more »


Szczesny’s clean sheets stats this season are skewed because of the various injuries to our back 4. Ospina hasn’t made the decision mistakes that Szczesny makes, but his height is still a question mark. Will judge him when Kos is out of the lineup.


Well, he has looked quite assured plucking aerial balls in a packed box so far… may not be the tall lean type but definitely looking waayyy more composed and at ease than the likes of fabianski in a crowded area.


Ospina’s the no 1 keeper for a very good national side. Very experienced. He looks calm and unfussy, just goes about his job.
But I think Coquelin has helped the CBs defensively and psychologically.
As for the team/bench, Ox is behind Theo imho. Theo to play if Alexis isn’t fit.

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