Thursday, October 6, 2022

Arsenal 5-0 Aston Villa – player ratings

I like it when we win 5-0. It doesn’t happen often enough for my liking, but that sounds suspiciously like a complaint and today is not a day for those.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Only 1 for Giroud? Taking Giroud hating to a new level 😛

Canuck Gunner

And stating he’s doing it week after week just adds to the insult!

Remember the invincibles

I think he’ll correct that 🙂


and his goal celebration has regressed since last week! Pffft!


So so poor ;P

The Mert

Hey Blogs, I think Giroud was a bit better than a 1, don’t you think? 😉

this aint FIFA bitches

Very Generous to give Ozil 8.5.

He gave away possession way too many times with simple passes that were wayward. Also gave up many times, not bothering to track the runners back.

Also most worryingly when he wasn’t given the ball he had a look of disdain on his face towards the player that choose not to pass to him.

But obviously a goal and lovely assist will gloss over all that.


Look of disdain my Arse! One of these days you’ll have to get used to what Özil’s neutral face looks like…

alexis' shorts

if you can’t get used to that, you certainly won’t like his Ö face


Özil has a resting bitch face, it’s not exactly anything he can change. That would be like asking Wilshere to put his tongue back in his mouth while playing.

this aint FIFA bitches

Find it so fascinating how quick arsenal fans are to criticize people like Ramsey, Cazorla, Mertesacker etc but when it comes to Mr Ozil, they will defend him till the death

this aint FIFA bitches

Arshavin 2.0


Please don’t feed the disdain-faced troll.


I must give you thumbs down for three reasons:

1) You have a ridiculous name
2) You obviously don’t have a clue what you’re talking about and
3) So’s your face.

David C

what game were you watching?


He was probably wearing his white shirt and watching a replay of yesterday’s Spurms match and thinking “maybe this year?” Sorry pal, not going to happen.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Obviously, you don’t know football.

this aint FIFA bitches

It’s hilarious that the second someone criticizes Ozil, he knows nothing about football.

Ozil was world class when we signed him, no doubt, but in the 18 months that he has worn the Arsenal shirt he has not put in a “World class” performance.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

This ain’t a GOONER bitches

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Everything is shiiiiiiiiiiiit!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Copy-and-pasted from comment made on the day Ozil got injured. It was crap then, and it’s fucking smelly troll crap now.

Victor Kimuyu

Largely agreeable after such a scintillating display. Ramsey rating is a tad generous. 5.0 for me. Carzola 9.5.


A 5 for Ramsey as compared to all the other 8s? Didn’t watch the game or are you high?


What about your rating for Cazorla then? 😉


I don’t think Ramsey deserved a five, I think Bloggs rating of 6.5 was fair summarised analysis. Again, he worked his backside off but it just didn’t seem to click for him properly. Hardly a shoddy performance, it’s just that he was poor by his own standards. Would’ve preferred to see Rosicky start but then I do love Little Mozart.


Anyone who calls Santi “Carzola” should be fired out of a cannon onto some jagged rocks. How has this idiocy spread? It’s like we’re surrounded by Chris Waddles.


Ermmm, you may want to fix Giroud’s 1 star rating


You gave Giroud a 1? Lol

high 5

Yippekaye motherfuckers, great game, keep it up, i thought giroud was good value for his 1 rating 😉

Me So Hornsey

Both are full back were magnificent.

Bellerin was sensational today.

Monreal was simply unreal.


Plenty has been said about our top performers today, so a shout out to Monreal who I thought was outstanding today. His defending at corners is exceptional and one occasion in the first half he sped down the left flank at terrific pace, I had to double check that it was actually him.
Oh and great performance from Ozil and Giroux but the little Spanish wizard was MoM for me. Ran the show.
And one turn from Rosicky to fool a defender had my chuckling for the rest of the game. Life is so sweet at the moment .


Monreal has taken a lot of flak while playing out of position due to all the injuries. A position I think he did alright in. Monreal is due some praise for his efforts IMO.


Got to feel for Gibbs though – but the team is the most important thing.


I’m sure Gibbs will get more games soon. Just pleased we have two excellent left backs!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Look at Manchester City, Alexander Kolarov is a monster of a playr but he can’t get a game because the manager (for reasons that escape me) prefers Gael Clichy.

Having 22 top-class players, 2 in each position, is the recipe for becoming Champions of the Premier League. For Arsenal perhaps not this year, but let’s hope next season.


In many ways Gibbs is lucky that Wenger hasn’t completely replaced him with his injury history. Gibbs is a great talent, but his continual trips to the training room year after year will prevent him from being our clear cut first choice at left back. It’s a great luxury for the team to have to have two solid LB options where in the past we had Santos or a player playing out of position filling in for Gibbs. Monreal deserves a huge amount of credit for his attitude, work and level of play this season.


Not sure why people have thumbed down your comment eternalflamini, Gibbs deserves nothing but praise for his consistent performances the last few seasons. It’s not his fault he gets injured, and it’s great that the club has two brilliant left backs battling for their spot. Not many teams have that luxury.


Really good performance today. It’s a bit nitpicky but maybe we were a bit too cautious in the first half and invited too much pressure. But otherwise really good. Ozil was superb today and I hope this ends the ridiculous idea that he can’t play on the wing! Think the rating on Ramsey was harsh, he worked hard for the team and had some excellent touches. A bit harsh on Theo too because he definitely grew into the game and his presence just makes defences wince. Can’t help but feel the bits where he “fluffed his lines” were actually just… Read more »


Don’t get me wrong, Akpom was really good and his movement was great. But that can be said of Sanogo as well. Whenever he has played he has troubled defenders and gotten into really good goal scoring positions. However, his main problem is that he has missed too many easy chances. I don’t think Apkom showed anything different. His movement was fantastic but he really should have finished a couple of those chances.

AK 57

Mate he has only played few minutes. Give him a break. Jeez.


Maybe with a better touch he would have scored instead of winning the penalty. And there was the chance he put right at the keeper. But I was still really impressed. He just seems more composed on the ball than Sanogo, even showing a little bit of flair. He did a lot in those few minutes but maybe I’m just getting over excited because it looks like an academy player is finally making it through! (I’m not including Bellerin because he’s technically from the Barca academy)

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I think what we saw on Sunday was Akpom being nervous, and he’s had Sanogo as a recent example of how difficult it can be for a young player to get off the mark when he’s nervous. What we also saw was a concerted effort by Wenger and the rest of the team to help him settle in and get that first goal. That was why our intensity stayed high but our effectiveness on the goals side dropped off a bit near the end. I imagine that he’ll get similar help next time we have the luxury of bringing him… Read more »


Nacho Unreal 😛


Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Chuba Akpooooom Akpooooom


Akpom, Akpom, Chuba Akpom
You can always score when the NLD comes along

(with apols to Tom Jones)


Chubbs deserves an extra star for a fine clearance on a Villa corner. Great to see a defensive contribution from an offensive substitute.

happy gunner

Wenger was spot on with the tactics again . 10/10

Clock end

Ospina chant : 10/10


Hahaha…..1 for Giroud? Genious.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Obviously strikers are only rated by the number of goals they score… in which case I hope he rates a 10 next Saturday 🙂


We looked absolutely fantastic today , again. I’ll be 100% convinced if we spank the Spores next week that we will get into the top two this season. Winning it may be a bridge too far but it can be done.



Actually thought Ramsey was decent. Unspectacular, but that’s okay from him.


Yeah I thought this was one off Ramseys better matches, kept it simple, it was effective.


exactly. it’s pretty clear that ramsey is trying to play himself into something resembling last year’s form after the injuries, so if he is quietly effective it means he’s doing the right things: starting with his midfield work. could have stayed forward more to try and bag himself a goal and improve his arseblog player rating, but that wouldnt have been the right thing for the team

dont see too much to criticise in today’s performance


Couldn’t agree more. I thought Rambo deserved at least a 7.5. You can never take issue with the defensive shift he puts in. What impressed me today was how many times he was able to take the ball in tight spaces, relieve pressure, and maintain possession. He did this several times in the first half around midfield, where a turnover could have turned into a counter for Villa. When he’s able to provide these less heralded yet vital bits, his contribution to the team is invaluable. If he can get his form up to the point where performances like today… Read more »

Lee Morris

I love Rambo, but his ball retention today was appalling. He gave it away more than any player on our team (mins Carlos Sanchez).


Agree.. and that is coz he is not of enough quality to be in starting XI of any ‘big’ team..
his first touch and ball control are suspect (I hate to say ‘woeful’) and he isn’t of the same class as say, Ozil or Cazorla in that aspect and many others to play in MF..

His suddenly surprisingly-good finishing masked his apparent deficiencies last year (I remember how everyone groaned at his lack of basics the year before) but this year with no goals, the groans are back and will only grow louder..


If you’re referring to Ramsey, he’s a class player going through a rough patch. When his head’s in gear and full of confidence he’s a sublime player.


Great team performance. Really pleasing when you think we had no Alexis today. Tad harsh on Giroud. Our new signing must be well impressed with what he saw today.


How the f*ck am I going to get a place in THIS team? 🙂

Fancy pants

One Olivier Giroud.!


Only 5? Wenger out!


Which humourless fuckwits thumbed me down?

You know who you are!


I wouldn’t worry. A number of folks on this site have had their senses of humor surgically removed.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes, but in a good cause. All those senses of humour were sewn together and shoved up Adebayor’s arse, and look how shit he’s been since.


Loved it. We’re getting somewhere now people. Can’t wait to see Gabriel play. It’s strange to look at a Wenger team and see no obvious gaps. Would like world class DM and Striker, but can’t complain about the squad we have right now.


You just did!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If we’re lucky we can get Alexis and Coquelin. I hear they wouldn’t even cost us much.

Gooner Inside the Beltway

10/10 – no new injuries; another clean sheet, five different goals scorers, plenty of squad rotation.

Akpom looks a player, what an encouraging cameo. Assuming Gabriel is the real deal, what is so exciting is the real competition for playing time at almost every position, with two exceptions. Debuchy’s absence makes Bellerin undroppable for me and shudder to think what we would do without our Coq.


Probly eating from the hairy bowl.


I just got home to catch the highlights and let me tell you, I could watch replay’s of Bellerin’s goal all day long. He’s looking good, as is the team.


I actually thought Ramsey was decent. Two killer passes to put through Theo (would’ve usually scored) and Chuba (for the penalty). He also made some good runs and wasn’t found. It was his outside run that opened up so much space for Theo’s goal.

Canuck Gunner

But damn, now I wish I got up at 5:30am to watch the game live. I obviously missed a fantastic game. I’ll just have to watch it later on Arsenal Player.


I got up at 5:30a to watch it and I’m glad I did! And I’ll be up at 4:30a for the Spurms match next week. It’s what you do when you’re a Gooner!


Exactly right! Left Coast Gooners are tough.

Wizard of Öz

Great to see Santi in this kind of form, as well as Özil playing well. Seems to have something to prove in front of goal! Walcott’s still a bit rusty, but that’s perfectly understandable. Wish we were a little bit more ruthless in the first half, but without getting too picky, that was quite enjoyable :). On another note, 6.5 for Ramsey is a bit harsh imo. A few odd touches (including an attempt at an Özil flick), but he did very well to set up chances for both Theo and Akpom (which led to the penalty), didn’t over-dribble, generally… Read more »

Fireman Sam

yeah I missed the game too.

Looking forward to MOTD tonight!! I’ll try and have 5 beers to show my support for the team 🙂


Who needs Sanchez when you have Mertesacker doing such a great impression of him at LW?


You see it’s all about mertesacker’s low centre of gravity….


Ramsey can’t really emulate last season’s form when he was having to carry all the goal scoring responsibilities.
He’s not at his best because we don’t need him to everything at the moment and long may it continue.

Bring on the shit!


Even before Bellerin scored that brilliant goal, I was thinking, this boy is really good and debuchy has his work cut out for him getting back into this team, its amazing, the best thing about the team currently is that there’s competition for every position, and that’s really bringing the best out of them.

in my chambers

Again, not really up to the expected standard for a service I pay for.
You could stand to learn a thing or two from the team today.

*also thanks for the blog, ever 10/10*


Great to see Ozil & Cazorla’s partnership integrating already, liking Ramsey’s ability to affect the game by doing the simple things well and loving the fact that we’ve closed the GD gap. Superb penta and all-round performance from the team today!

Pony Tulips

10/10 to Alexis sanchez. without him this scoreline would never have been possible. wait…

David C

Sanchez might not be able to crack our starting 11 now 😉


We’re clearly a 1man team. Those cunts are BT are on to something…


Watch Alexis to score 5 goals next week to assert his place in the team.

Ronaldo's Paunch

Coq was superb today. Really hard, really got in there.

And no, i’m not making these puns on purpose.

Da Oli G Show

Everything looks so good after a 5-0 thrashing– let’s see another one next week! It’s interesting to consider how little some of our key players have played together. It shouldn’t be surprising to see the occasional mis-read or players “not being on the same page,” as many of them are still learning how to play together. And some are re-learning after not playing together for a long time. Sanchez has barely ever played with Walcott and not very much with Ozil. Ozil and Walcott haven’t played together much at all, and most of it was over a year ago. Welbeck… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

Coquelin plays his own game. It’s an absolute mastery of CDM play. Every time Villa were breaking I felt confident because they were never breaking at the back four, they were breaking at Coquelin with the back four dropping off or getting in position. He knows exactly how deep to drop before engaging the man with the ball, and more than enough tenacity to slow him down, then, when the ball is won, he plays the simple pass to Cazorla or Ramsey or Ozil and gets back to reading the game. It was the selflessness in Coquelin’s game today that… Read more »


Coq looks like a world class DM to me. No mistake on ball, strong tackling, good positioning. He will be a big part of our success.


I keep thinking how close it was that we might have lost our Coq.


I really, really wanted Per to get that assist for Akpom today. So, so close.


Ah my earlier comment disappeared into the ether! Just a shout out to Monreal who was excellent today in defending corners and there was one moment in the first half when he sped down the flanks, I had to double check it was actually him, no idea he had such pace.
And great as Ozil and Giroud were, the little Spanish wizard was MoM for me. Ran the show again with a smile on his face . Wish I could give him a big old hug


Bah so it did appear but as a reply to someone else. Apols for the double post, pulled a Gervinho there.


No criticism of your viewpoint.

Just an extatically happy Gooner today.


Paul…You have the same name as me!!!
But you are not me!
Didn’t know that could happen on here?

Please don’t say anything stupid going forward mate!! 🙂


Paul 1, you just did, say something stupid

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I’m so glad I picked Gutbukket as my user name or things could have got really tricky.


Alexis Who? One man team?! Today I think we proved we have developed from the one man team we saw in the early parts of the season. Now I am upbeat about a genuine competition for at least 3rd. As I write this Shelvey has just scored for Swansea. One slip up by either Man U or Southampton and we are quids in. Great to see strength across the board in every position. If only Ramsey could find some of his goal scoring form, this team would be UNSTOPABLE!!!!!!!!!!! With less pressure on Sanchez, and with Ozil and Cazorla having… Read more »


Ramsey hasn’t had a “Rambo” game in….forever? In fact he has become quite hard to watch while everyone around him carries the load. Would rather see Little Mozart start ahead of him.


A magic assist and a superb goal. It’s wonderful to see Ozil knicking a living at Arsenal again.


Blog no rating for Wenger doing his zip perfectly today ?


refer to his twitter feed for an insight into that. enough already


Feels good to be a Gooner!!!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Australia are the champions of Asia, both in the Asian Cup and Asian Champions League! OI OI OI

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…and it’s all thanks to John Kosmina. If he hadn’t got that appearance for Arsenal in the 78-79 season they still wouldn’t know about football over here in Australia. Anyways, my local Australian team are Champions of Asia, so how’s about my original local team doing it too? I’d love to be supporting two continental champion teams in May. I think we need to celebrate John Kosmina’s role in Arsenal’s history, and the best way we could do that is to adopt AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock… We Salute You” as Arsenal’s theme tune to be played before each… Read more »


It makes me wonder though, what if we had made the move for Gabriel at the begininging of the campaign not sent Jenkinson out on loan. The Chambers acquisition now seems a bit hurried, it could’ve have certainly waited.


Really can’t remember when we last scored 5 goals. Really good game to watch. Ozil, Coquelin and Bellerin all got man of the match reward for me. They were outstanding. And Finally Nacho is repaying back to me for defending him against other fans 😛 I was always spitted up by others when I said he should be our NO.1 LB. Giroud looked awesome like always and a solid performance at the back. Happy with the clean sheet. Really don’t know what we will do with Wilshere when he comes back. And Akpom looks like he will become a really… Read more »

batman's agent


Parisian Weetabix

New number 5 watches from the bench.


Not for long 😉


That was an imperious performance by the lads. Watching that game was like watching Oprah. You get a goal. You get a goal. Everybody gets a goal.

ant g

Having just bit my nails, I just realised I wasn’t forced to bite them once during the match for the first time in christ knows how long. 10/10 to the red half of north london, let’s take over the other half next week! COYG!!!


The other 5 per cent you meant, right?


Form getting better and better. Villa were never going to be a tough test but we did what we needed to and a whole lot more. Ospina starting to remind me of the Lehman run of clean sheets in 2006 UCL run. Let’s hope that continues next week!!


Really good performance today. It’s a bit nitpicky but maybe we were a bit too cautious in the first half and invited too much pressure. But otherwise really good. Ozil was superb today and I hope this ends the ridiculous idea that he can’t play on the wing! Think the rating on Ramsey was harsh, he worked hard for the team and had some excellent touches. A bit harsh on Theo too because he definitely grew into the game and his presence just makes defences wince. Can’t help but feel the bits where he “fluffed his lines” were actually just… Read more »


There have been cries of Ozil’s languid style, but thats just him imho. Go watch the replay of his goal, I think its never easy to run at pace from the your own half to the penalty box and finish with composure. See how Gil (who I think has decent pace) sprinted back to track Ozil, and then how effortless Ozil’s run looked compared to Gil’s. If they were watched as individual runs most would probably think Gil had easily won the race.

Springbank 1962

Good though Ozil was today, Santi converted the penalty, hit the post, provided two assists, had a legitimate assist scratched thanks to an offside, and another (Giroud) that hit the post. He provided chances and even spurned some of his own.

If he plays out the rest of the season then I can’t see how we can avoid more silverware. That said, even if he misses a few games, I still can’t see how we can avoid more silverware.

A few crucial wins (ManU and Chelsea spring to mind) and this thing isn’t over. It really isn’t.

obvious stater

The league? If we pull back an 11point lead I’ll eat my hat.

And gloves and scarf


Watching the end of the second half felt like gobbling up caviar by the handfuls.
Or the way Homer Simpson feels about chocolade, mnom mnom mnom 🙂

Springbank 1962

Look at it this way. If we had an 11 point lead over Chelsea (a) with them yet to play away (b) with our star striker banned for 2 more games (and under extra scrutiny for the rest of the season) (c) with our ‘assist king’ off injured (again and with history) (d) with two of our squad-strength players (Salah and Schurrle) suddenly farmed out for a Gervinho-like winger (e) having been trounced (and disgraced) by Bradford at home (f) having been unable to beat a bunch of has-beens at home last game (g) and with our manager going completely… Read more »


The assist that was ruled out for Cazorla would have been another Ozil goal!!

Springbank 1962

Good point.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…and all Ozil managed was one feeble assist, one feeble goal, and to work tirelessly to ensure that Cazorla had all that space in which to perform his magic through the middle. Sad, sad, lazy Ozil.

[That’s supposed to be irony or sarcasm or some such low form of wit, folks]


I feel people are somewhat ‘undercheering’ Giroud for today’s win (if that’s even a word). His clinical finish and the assist for ozil were crucial in making our boys feel comfortable and expressing themselves more freely. His physical presence and hold up play was excellent throughtout the game and his passes pin point accurate.


A bit harsh on Ramsey. He did well imo & was never hiding. He covered a lot of ground & was energetic throughout.
Ospina’s decent distribution also deserves a mention. His perfect release led to Theo’s goal.

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