Friday, October 7, 2022

Henry praise for ‘amazing’ Coquelin

Thierry Henry has praised the performances of Francis Coquelin, and suggested his unexpected form might have saved Arsenal some money in the January transfer window.

Since returning from Charlton where he’d been sent on loan, the 23 year old has become a mainstay in the Gunners midfield, his hard-tackling, high-energy performances adding something of a shield to a porous defence.

As Sky tried desperately today to make something interesting out of a deadline day on which the biggest move was Robert Huth to Leicester, they interviewed the Arsenal legend who was quick to praise Coquelin’s resurgence.

“For me the best thing they’ve done is bring Coquelin back from Charlton,” he said.

“Maybe if he hadn’t come back and played the way he did recently, Arsene would have gone and bought a defensive midfielder.

“He has been amazing, Arsenal don’t look like they will concede, they can score and he gave everyone protection everybody was talking about.

“Sometimes you look for that player and they are right in front of you. But the guy has matured, he went on loan, and knows he had to perform and he is doing it.”

Nevertheless, Henry didn’t rule out Wenger making a purchase in the off-season.

“What Coquelin does is allow you to go for the player you want in the summer, because in January you go for the player that is available.

“Coquelin allowed Arsene to go for someone he really wants, or if Coquelin does the job really well, he can stay.”

There’s also the fact that Coquelin hasn’t yet signed a new deal. Although the Arsenal manager says it’s 99.9% done, that 0.1% is still troublesome.

Let’s hope he deins to sign the new contract.

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Thierry said it better. And sexier.


I think he is so good that he has replaced my usual superlative as in “my oath that pint was the dogs Coquelin“ Said the cheeky cockney stereotype


Spot on.

If Coq plays really well and proves to Wenger he is the ideal choice for the DM role long term then good fro us and the lad.
Ball’s in the Coq’s court.

Mertesacker's Per

Sign da ting coq, sign da ting…

sg gooner

One ball or two ball?

Ok, I will grab my coat…


There was an opening presented to the Coq, he pushed his way in, and now that he finally got his chance to show what he can do, he’s performing well and and oozing with confidence.

the only sam is nelson

full marks for incorporating both coq *and* balls into the same post

it’s only due to cruel and fickle fate that we have been denied the truly mind-boggling opportunities that would have been presented had David Seaman and Francis Coquelin been team-mates. We can but dream

Merlin's Panini

Well, I still like it when Wenger gets Semi on and pulls out Chuba off the bench so it’s not all bad


I have to agree Humphre. With a true DM Wenger now prefers 4-3-3, which allows inclusion on more of our attacking players on the field (a formation initially intended to fit in Aaron and Jack together). That being said if that is our default formation I honestly don’t mind if we make another signing next summer to cover for either of Flamini or Arteta, with one of them likely leaving (and not to mention both really getting on with age). I know this forum loves Schneiderlin, which I don’t mind myself at all, but I hope Christoph Kramer gets a… Read more »

Soqed Hozi

But Kramer, much liek Khedira, is more box-to-box than holding.

I’ve always liked Maxime Gonalons myself, but we faield to prise him away from lyon 2 years ago and I doubt much has changed since then.


Lets just hope he signs, and Arsene can keep hold of his Coq for a good few years for us.


Le Coq “Back 4” Bloquer

Ultimate Gooner

Thierry is a charming man.. but I see through his acting sometimes. He overdoes the whole ‘I am gooner for life’ thing.

ricky d

shut up mate


Shut up indeed. This so called ‘Ultimate Gooner’ clearly did not see the passion, pride and determination in Thierry’s eyes when he was back on loan. Truthfully though, it was everything in those eyes as he came on against Leeds. Looked like he was about to kill someone. And that goal celebration. Henrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!


I dunno about you but I got a bit of dust in my eye round about the time that goal against leeds went in, and I also appeared to have some kind of problem with my voice the next day…


I think you’re overdoing the whole “I am the ultimate gunner” thing.


I don’t see why a legend of the modern game would go out of his way to do that if he didn’t feel it though. Always nice to have someone who everyone else reveres fight your corner.

What, in your opinion, do you think his ulterior motive would be?


seriously shut the f*** up!


uups was ment for the Ultimate Dickhead!


Get your coat and show yourself out. Imbecile.


Please exit this app. And don’t come back


You do realise he has a statue, don’t you??

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Got it, ultimate gooner, Nasri and Adebayor are your men.

Last Man Standing


Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

How dare you? This Henry we’re talking about here and not just any run of the mill ex arsenal player. People like you and the 5 other brainless morons who thumbed you up are not true gunners and should be banned from making such blasphemous statements


If the emotion below is fake, he sure deserves an Oscar.

Nasri's missing chinbone

Give him an oscar for playing in the same team as Sergio biscuits and probably have to pretend to like him. Disgraceful advert for football… At least he didn’t have to play with pepe.

Parisian Weetabix

Busquets is actually a pretty good footballer. I get that he’s more prone to simulation than most but surely that has to be somewhat counteracted by his being a better footballer than most. And by “better footballer” I mean that in the purest sense of the phrase. His game isn’t based on ego or bullying, he’s just very good at the game.

Pepe is a disgraceful advert for football. Diego Costa is a disgraceful advert for football. Busquets can just be a bit wet at times.


Agree. Busquets can be annoying at times with his fake injuries and flopping around. But he plays one touch football like no one else. And he’s really selfless; a proper team player.


Also. He’s a racist.


one of my favourite Arsenal moments


What a Dude…. Legend… Come back home Thierry….


Ultimate Gooner, who are you? You use that moniker and challenge Henry, really?!!! Oh the irony..

Nasri's missing chinbone

I love how this guy thrives on the recognition that he is a grade A masterturd. People just need to ignore said douche’s posts altogether. (Pot kettle I know) this is the last time I’m commenting on them. As such, you sir are the ultimate pooman


Listen, mate, Henry was the ultimate Gooner. You are nothing but the ultimate troll. Go the fuck away and never come back.

Big Chief from Antarctica

lol, all this vitriol makes me believe there is a God.

kampala gooner

Ultimate gooner?????? Fuck of mate u better recognise.


Henry might be very conscious of the PR/showbiz aspect of things, but he CERTAINLY is not not acting when it comes to his feelings about Arsenal. I believe he genuinely feels an unbreakable bond with the club. In large measure, it is Arsenal Football Club that defines who Thierry Henry is. If he ever comes off as insincere, it might be due to Henry’s personality or disposition, but certainly not due to his feelings. That being said, as an American, I find it a little confusing that a player at the height of his powers can leave for Barcelona and… Read more »


Ultimate Twat, 337’s down has got to be a first.


whatever else the coq is oozing, it sure is oozing a lot of class at the moment


Whoa!! Link to that terrific Thierry image!? *swoon*


Hope he will sign a new contract le coc have been amazing for us


We need to hold onto our big Coq.

Robert Henry 10

Henry is the Man!!


I think that last line should have read ‘Let’s hope he deigns to sign the new contract’. 7

Unless it was a pun on our former vice-chairman, in which case i’d have preferred an all out ‘Let’s hope he Davids to sign the new contract’

La Défense

Coq… LANS.

Man Manny

A classic example of “what you are going for abroad being right there at home” situation.
I still feel that if we brought someone with exactly his capabilities, the pundits would hail him the more. We are in an age where transfer fees determine a player’s value.
Coquelin is the real deal. Tie him diwn to a deal and someone for competition in the summer and we are sorted for a minimum of 5 years.


There is only one Arsene Wenger…. The fans are talking like they discovered our Coq, guess what?..


Brilliant comment on the Telegraph’s coverage of Arsenal transfer news:

12.18 Confirming Arsenal fans views that Aaron Lennon is just a rubbish Theo Walcott, it’s reported that Hull isn’t for him and he’s been offered to Stoke instead – remains to be seen if it’s as a fly half.

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Ultimate spud get the fuck out here…Le coq and hector are definitely the suprise package of the season thus far..


This is where you can say fans don’t know what they are going on about. Its always about a new signing for them. There is no such thing as player development or improvement. Truth be told, like Bellerin, Coquelin was always part of Arsene’s plans this summer and for different reasons. Bellerin had an impressive summer pre-season. To say we had only 6 defenders and discount him was always slightly short sighted. Granted we did ourselves no favours not getting a Cback, Bellerin together with Chambers were always part of Wenger’s long term plan at RB. With Debuchy (who kept… Read more »


Coq stroking. Guilty.;) But lets put things in perspective. He has been a very exciting development and I believe he can hold the midfield for the future to come. There is no reason to believe with his technical ability and pace, he is not going to get better still. However he is not as good as many people feel Flaminiis bad. They are going to be instrumental. BUT the principal improvement has been our back 4 and in particular the availability of Meterscielny. We have not had a settled Cback pairing (or specialist) for the first half of season and… Read more »

Ed the Red

The back four’s improvement is linked to the extra protection that Coquelin gives us/them. Even the famed back 4 struggled in the 97/98 season before Tony asked AW for more cover from the DMs, two chaps by the names of Vieira and Petit, who up until that point were a tad cavalier for TA’s tastes. Mert et al did not become bad or good overnight, they just became less exposed when an astute and young DM was deployed. All that said I would still like another DM as well as Coquelin so that we have strength in depth and so… Read more »


I love le Coq, and agree that a stable back four (and stabilizing keeper) are essential to continued defensive success. However, do not discount the recent defensive impact of Santi Cazorla. First, over the past several games he has hardly turned the ball over, much less in positions that compromise our defense. Nothing says fast break like a bad pass in the middle third. Second, Santi has become a ball winner in his own right. He’s looking like a 2008 version of Xavi. Last year when we got killed by the big teams away we’d turn the ball over and… Read more »


Flamini is crap…end of story.
Stop trying ti make him out as some underrated player. Coq is better atm.


With Coquelin and Chambers fulfilling on their enticing promises methinks the chances of the mythical DM that Wenger ‘really, really wants’ will fail to materialize – because he already has him (them).


Although to be sure, Chambers isn’t really a DM and wasn’t brought in as one. He was brought in as a CB, indeed, a CB for the future. The DM of the future after Coquelin is Bielik. Unless the boss surprises everyone yet again and buys another DM in the summer.


actually chambers was brought in to eventually be a dm, but wenger feels he is better as part of the back 4 due to his utility’ness

Oh My Coq

So much praise for Coq. Hope he keeps up. Play like this for most of the rest of the season and I don’t see how he is not ‘world class’ if Schneiderlin and Matic are! With this form he’s in as well as Ospina, clean sheets are easy peasy.


Now you’re getting ahead of yourself. Now coq is better than matic and schnederlin?
Being realistic doesn’t make you less of a fan you know.

Da Faq You Looking At? Keep Scrolling

This kid is proving to be solid in dm, I hope it continues.


Coquelin gets my vote for January player of the month. What an absolute colossal month. Look at what adding some steel to the midfield does, 4 clean sheets in a row.


More than one Coq on the rise after a glance at that picture of Henry. Just sayin’

palace gunner

He has qualities as a player who attacks and has pace also bellerin we watched the games v city and villa impressive form

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