Friday, October 7, 2022

Arsenal draw Bradford City or Reading in FA Cup semi-final

Having beaten Man Utd 2-1 this evening, Arsenal will now face Bradford City or Reading in the semi-final at Wembley next month.

Bradford beat us in the Capital One Cup a couple of seasons back but on that night Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho, Gervinho Gervinho, and despite pressure Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho, Gervinho Gervinho Gervinho.

We also had a mammoth Capital One Cup win over Reading, that crazy 7-5, and after a big win tonight it does feel like a favourable draw.

Onwards and upwards.

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Time to win it again 🙂


Welè you beauty


Wembley is home from home given last year. I went to both semi and final and they weren’t fun at all most of the matches.

Great chance to win, just need to keep the same spirit and skill levels as today.

bims lay

pay back time i will say!…..and with the quality and depth we have in the sqad now?…….why not?…..its a cup tie, so let nobody think its going to be an easy win!


Bring it the fuck on.

Edu's Braces

Absolutely. Can we say were out for revenge? I dont give a fuck if were suppossed to be the big civilised team, lets revenge these cunts


with the focus and intensity required for revenge. You hold the game in control till you start your own players moving into the places they need to score. Then, you score one and two.

Revenge is when you decide at 2-0 up, clean sheet and no remorse, we will go for more goals. Revenge is complete when you finish at 5-0, and they walk off the pitch haunted looks in their eyes, “man, we pissed these guys off two years ago.”


Or you could do it the Anderlecht way, let us get 3-0 up and then bang 3 in to avenge a 2-1 loss 2 weeks ago. Shit though we were, fucking kudos to them for that.


NIce win, nice draw.


This went up in the second after the ball came out – impressive.


A huge win at Old Trafford aaaaaaaaannnnnnnddddd WE’RE OFF TO WEMBLEY!!!!!


for the #12 record breaking FA cup title!!! can you beat that??


we’re gonna win the cup.


Only thing that could’ve made this win better was if Arseblog was swearing in the background!

Sam I Am

Could’ve been Rooney getting sent off – might have been the cherry.

David C

haha, we heard that in Canada too!


Definitely no cheating from Dermot there!


Think that’s the most nervous I’ve been in some time! Absolutely buzzing..

She wore,she wore…..


COYG! Two more wins!!!


So confident of this team. Great game, great team effort and I’m confident we can get a head of steam up in the league and keep hold of the FA Cup… COYG!


I want Bradford; I want revenge for the day I finally gave up on Gervinho.


whether it’s Reading or Bradford, it’s the best draw of the bunch.


I agree it’s a good draw for us but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s learn from the mistakes we made against Monaco, we underestimated them and we got punished. If we show Bradford or Reading with the same respect we showed United we’re win no doubt, but if we go in there thinking we’re already in the final then we may get a nasty shock and we’re be back to the “Wenger out” agenda again.


perfect result going into the rest of the season!!!!!!

Third Plebeian

Arsenal v Liverpool final coming up.


probably. it’d be an amazing final.


I can honestly see Liverpool getting sucker-punched in the away game against Blackburn.


Revenge for 2001.
Shut up that whiny annoying cunt Owen & all the Scousers…but that’s if they get past Blackburn & Villa


I think you mean Arsenal vs Blackburn Rovers.

David C

both my brother are LiverPOO fans. I want to beat them in the final more than anything, but I’m not sure they’ll get past Blackburn at home.

David C

* brothers

Smiley Culture

Lads stood up to be counted today. Take a bow Franny C!!!
Absolutely chuffed for Welbeck as well. BUZZING.

Man Manny

The second FA trophy might be the real launching pad for the team to go on and challenge for the big trophies. Boys make it happen.

Andy Mackenzie

I couldn’t agree more!

Man Manny

Yea AM. And the jersey was lovely. I love this third strip more than the yellow.


come on, the yellow is beautiful!


FA trophy is contested by non-league clubs;) I think you mean the FA Cup 🙂

Man Manny

Yes Average gunner, I meant FA Cup.


This one keeps giving.


Arsenal v Blackburn final it is then!

Runcorn Gooner

Liverpool Fans say Gerrard must get to Wembley in his last season.

I say I could try and find him a ticket. boom boom

David C

I’m going to use that one, thanks 🙂


Impressive win tonight!The harder they come the easier we gun them down COYG

The gooner

Back to back FA cup winners sure does sound good


Rojo should have been off too! The scum bags, how many dives? Absolute desperation with their punts to fellani. They made two subs at half time, thanks LVG. We only had to make two. Dominated 🙂


Our thoughts are with ‘stripped up and ready to come on Walcott’ during what must be a mixed night for him.


Really don’t want Liverpool in the final, come on blackburn/villa!


Oolala.. kudos to Arsene for his surprising selection.. who knew welbeck would replace an inform HFB.. it paid off handsomely.. coyg


In hindsight, it did, of course. But we lacked control in the first half, especially with them looking to bully us. We were set up to counter attack but Welbeck’s touched failed him a lot. I feel that Giroud would’ve done better there.

True Red

Really? You’re going to nit pick on a night like this? Just fucking celebrate man


I think being honest doesnt mean we cant celebrate as well, Welbs scored, truth, but after an atrocious gift from valencia, other than that he wasnt that good, but the important thing is we won and we has a big chance to win the FA again


Forgive me for trying to discuss something. Next time I won’t bother saying anything.


I said that on the post for the confirmed teams, that wenger surprise us all with that tactic with wlebz and i said it will confuse van gal, and it did he said after the game that playing welbz was big surprise instead of giroud for him .

andre santos

Shit just got MONREAL.

teddy salad

hot fuzź!!!!!!!!!!!!


What a night. COYG!

Springbank 1962

We got Welbeck, they got Falcao. Then Coquelin came back.

Don’t tell me this is the Arsenal of the last few years.

We deserve Bradford/Reading. And then some.


Anyone else terrified of drawing Bradford?


No. Wembley is not Valley Parade.

Mate Kiddleton



FatGooner, this one is for you — Put it on the record here, before the match: how will it go at Old Trafford? Here is my prediction: Giroud Sanchez Ozil O/C Caz Coq Bellerin Boss Per Nacho Ospina And I think we will win 2-1, after conceding possession for the first 20 and then gradually building it thereafter. A lot like the game we all just saw at QPR. Second-best option is a 1-1 with them getting a fluky goal early and us equalizing late. What do you think? I’ve never, ever seen someone more inclined to put his opinions… Read more »


‘We all know what is coming next: a disgraceful performance and loss to Manure.’


True Red

Thumbing this up isn’t enough. Man hugs are called for

happy gunner

Omfg! I work at a hospital and one of the nurses was like “arsenal will win 2-1 and then get reading” … Yes he’s a reading supporter. Yes he also said reading will beat arsenal.

Yea I laughed at him. COYG


To be fair to the guy 2 out of 3 isn’t too bad.


Except we’ll get Bradford so that’s 1 out of 3.


Cracking draw for us, that’s not complacency, just common sense. Great opportunity to retain the trophy. Big push in the league now, 2bd place definitely in sight..


What are the bets that the FA/PL make the semi final weekend the same one as were scheduled to play Chelsea and end up rescheduling that game for our last game of the season in order to try to create some tension at the end of the season?

Andy Mackenzie

Three words and only three words.


When is it announced if the game is Saturday the 18th or Sunday the 19th of April?


Hey guys I am a huge arsenal fan but I live in Amsterdam and so i’ve never been to any games except the Emirates cup. I made the mistake of not saving enough money for the final last time so i didn’t have any money to buy a ticket but i will not make the same mistake this time around. So my question, dear arsebloggers, is where is the best place to purchase tickets if you are a non-member? As i have never succeeded through the arsenal website


Bloody Dermot – drawing us away from home…..


New media line: Arsenal have never won at Old Toilet IN THE LEAGUE since 2006.

That is, till the penultimate LEAGUE match of the Season.

Alan Sunderland's Afro

I’m just glad we avoided Blackburn in the draw.


one more monkey off our back we won’t miss! next up, beating Chelsea under mourinho


Great draw of course, be we certainly have to come out and treat it like it is against Man U, Liverpool, etc.. We will not win by just showing up as many big clubs that have been knocked out have thought especially against a team that will pack it in playing for PKs.


I have a question. Is it technically right to chant She Wore A Yellow Ribbon is the semis?


yeah it is, just change “merry old month of May” to “merry old month of April”

bims lay

AAAAAAAAAAAAH!….a win against Manure at last?…..well done lads!……fuck all the pundits that thought we couldnt do it….who is the daddy now eh????…..WHO IS THE DADDY!!!!

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