Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Report: Man Utd 1-2 Arsenal (inc. goals)

Starting XI: Szczesny, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Alexis, Welbeck

Subs: Martinez, Gibbs, Chambers, Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott, Akpom

Danny Welbeck scored the winner for Arsenal on his return to Old Trafford as Arsenal secured a first win at Old Trafford since 2006 to secure safe passage to the FA Cup semi-final. Nacho Monreal had given the Gunners the lead midway through the first half before Wayne Rooney’s headed response. Welbeck put the Gunners ahead just past the hour mark, pouncing on a mistake by Valencia before Angel di Maria saw red for a push on referee Michael Oliver in response to a yellow card for diving.


Olivier Giroud’s absence was one of five changes from the side that beat QPR; the in-form Frenchman replaced by Danny Welbeck who started at Old Trafford against his old club for the first time. In midfield Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came in for the ill Tomas Rosicky, while at the back Nacho Monreal took over from Kieran Gibbs. Wojciech Szczesny continued his run as the Gunners’ cup keeper with Emiliano Martinez providing backup. For the seventh game in a row Theo Walcott started on the bench.

First half

The opening stages were a tense, scrappy affair with both sides creating half chances. Alexis forced De Gea into a save inside two minutes, Bellerin picked up a booking for a foul on Ashley Young, Coquelin took a whack to his broken nose from Marouane Fellaini and Ashley Young shot over having been teed up by the Belgian. The Gunners were neat and tidy in possession, but rarely showed any signs of breaking the deadlock.

On the couple of occasions when we did get round the back we couldn’t capitalise. Bellerin had a cross deflected out for a corner, it wasn’t given, then a lofted ball by Chamberlain flew straight over the bar. The young midfielder would soon make up for his profligacy.

On 25 minutes we sliced through United with superb precision. Monreal and Ozil combined on the left to find Chamberlain in the middle. With dancing feet the England international drove towards the box skipping past three men and when Monreal raced into the box the Spaniard was picked out with a fine ball to bear down on goal. The left back took one touch to compose himself before curling past countryman De Gea. (1-0) 

The lead lasted all of three minutes. A fine Di Maria cross was whipped in with pace and Wayne Rooney found far too much space between Koscielny and Mertesacker to head past a stranded Szczesny. At half time Ian Wright described the England international’s hex over the Gunners as Drogba-esque. Given it was his 14th goal against Arsenal, he had a point. (1-1)

Arsenal looked to make a quick response and when Welbeck was tugged back by Rojo on the edge of the box it looked as though we should have had a penalty. Contact was definite, but whether it was in the box or not is up for debate. The ex-United man picked himself up and moments later forced a decent save from De Gea with a header.

Second half

Louis Van Gaal wasted no time making changes, hauling off both Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera at the break and introducing Phil Jones at left-back and Michael Carrick in midfield. Within three minutes the Gunners were forced into a change of their own. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain pulled up with a hamstring problem and it was Aaron Ramsey, seemingly to the frustration of Theo Walcott, who was thrown into the fray.

The game was played at a frantic pace with tackles flying in all over the pitch. Fellaini, after a million fouls, finally picked up a caution from referee Oliver for a ridiculously cynical kick on Ramsey. Young then took out Welbeck and joined him in the book.

It was Arsenal who were to strike the next blow. Having toiled up front all game, Welbeck finally got his reward. Pouncing on a poor back pass by Valencia the striker flicked the ball around De Gea and calmly slotted home from 12-yards. The Manchester-born lad had no problem celebrating the strike. (2-1) 

The dirty stuff didn’t abate. Rojo cleaned out Cazorla to earn a booking. Chambers then replaced Bellerin who’d come close to a second yellow for another foul on Young. In between Smalling squandered a fine chance from a yard out after a ball into the box fell at his feet. At the other end De Gea kept United in the tie saving a Sanchez free-kick and then miraculously keeping out a Cazorla volley.

The game took a further twist with 14 minutes remaining. Di Maria went down under pressure from Ramsey and dived to the turf. Michael Oliver made his mind up quickly and flashed a yellow at the United winger. He reacted absolutely furiously, pushed the referee in the back and was then shown a red. It was a remarkable act of petulance at a vital stage of the game.

Arsenal toyed with trying to steal a third, but looked a little laboured in the final third. United on the other hand pushed forward in desperation. With four minutes remaining Adnan Januzaj tried a Di Maria with another dive trying to win a penalty. Again the referee didn’t buy it.

The game dripped into five minutes of stoppage time and Alexis really should have killed the game with 90 second left only to be denied by another unbelievable save by De Gea.

It didn’t matter in the end! Wembley here we come…again!

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Welbeck! Loved that he didn’t pull that not celebrating shit!

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Manchester United FC: play football by day, dance ballet by night. Cunts. What a job by our lads, this is for the first encounter earlier. Anyone else get a sudden urge to punch something when Fellaini is on the screen?


Yes. You know why ? Because Fellaini is a dirty dirty CUNT. Fuck those cunt.
Wembley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we come !

Mertesacker's Per

He’d already elbowed Coq’s nose by the 4th minute!

Proff Gooner

What’s more pleasing than anything else was the ability to show how strong our bench is along with the starting eleven being just as solid.

Somehow I feel other fans are pissed and pleased. Pissed they can’t banter with pointless bullshit and pleased because they know deep down we’ve grinded our philosophy for many years with Wenger refusing to follow a trend away from principles. Let Manchester be fully aware we are a force to be reckoned with.

Forever… COYG!!!


‘We all know what is coming next: a disgraceful performance and loss to Manure.’ said Ex-Priest Tobin.

Comments now?

Ex-Priest Tobin

Nice to see a win against Man United finally but we’ll have to wait and see if we’ve actually turned a corner or not. We know how frustratingly inconsistent we can be. At the end of the day, the FA Cup is not good enough a trophy for a club with Arsenal’s stature – we’re still out of the running in the league and will need a miracle to progress in the Champions League, so how any true Arsenal fan can be happy with this season I don’t know. I wasn’t going to post something negative after this win as… Read more »

Dick Swiveller

I agree on the needing to wait to know if we’ve truly turned a corner but can’t back the rest of it, course we want more but the FA cup is a good start, two of them even more so.


Thanks for coming on, that takes some nerve. What is interesting is what is missing: Emotion: ‘Nice’ isn’t a word Arsenal fans are using, look at the other posts. ‘I was wrong’: at all in your initial statement I highlighted. plus what is there: ‘ I wasn’t going to post something negative after this win’: why would you even think of that if you aren’t trolling and desperate to get negative reactions? The FA Cup was fantastic for us in 1979, 1971 and last season, amongst others. I remember the 70s and how poorly we did for large chunks of… Read more »

Ex-Priest Tobin

“Be happy if we win at one of our biggest rivals, away, or don’t pretend to ‘support’ us whilst trying to drag people down.”

You asked me to give my thoughts, so I gave them. If you don’t like it, then don’t ask.


‘How can any Arsenal fan be happy with this season’.

Look at the comments!! Listen to the Arsecast! Every Arsenal fan is happy. You aren’t.


We’ve won 15 of the last 20 games in all competitions. How far around the corner do we have to go before you finally admit we’ve turned it?


The definitive sign that United are no longer the force they were – TWO yellow cards for diving, in an FA Cup quarterfinal, AT the Theatre of Dream On. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

You can never convince me that Red Nose wasn’t pulling mafioso shit behind the scenes, such was the unreal genuflection of refs to his band of diving, fouling, scoring-in-undeserved-extra-time-ing cuntbuckets. Obviously Moyes had them confused awhile, but it all comes around, my friends, it all comes around eventually.


And a BIG shove in the arse to LVG for downplaying Danny boy. COYG!


I praise LVG for downplaying Welbeck as that motivated him big time to play well. Sort of reverse psycology


Now I wait with bated breath (!) for the media to come down on Di Maria and a lot of other ManU players for being shit!


Di Maria has already been under scrutiny for a subpar season. This latest will only make it worse for him. Mind you, not that I’m complaining.


The BBC were referring to di Maria as “the new Veron” only this morning.


That’s an insult to Veron. The funny-looking, divey cunt.

Ronaldo's Paunch

Really important question: Does anyone have a video of Welbz’s celebration? Would like to send that to some people… 😉

Parisian Weetabix

It was a really interesting celebration. He went for it, but I don’t think he actually looked happy per se – I’m not saying he wasn’t happy, but he was clearly conflicted. He mostly looked shocked, like he’d sort of proven something to himself. He was at United for his entire life, and I guess it was confirmation for him that it was finally over, that they weren’t his team any more. He looked like he knew he’d done something big but he wasn’t quite sure if it was good or bad yet. Also the ref’s face when he sent… Read more »


Thanks Welbecko for rubbing the shit in their face!!!!!


Gah after all these years of frustration seeing Man U get so many cheap calls, when Januzaj went down in the box I had that “fuck…here we go again…of course” feeling. But the ref actually made the right call this time! Whew! Ferguson’s voodoo is gone. Man U – Fuck U…Man! Wembley!

kampala gooner

Manure 1 Arsenal 2 oooowwwwww I love me some of that. Keep matching on boys. In Arsene I trust.



Could not be more pleased for Danny!

AK 57

He is an honest player, can’t fake not celebrating.

Özil Gummidge

Welbeck’s song should be “You’re a gooner now” to the tune of “in the army now” by Status Quo.

bims lay

Yep!….i was happy Welbeck did celebrate, and more importantly, that he had something to celebrate and….I am a very happy gooner tonight! what a victory by the lads…..This win , with the mancity win should stop this nonsense from the pundits about arsenal being weak against the top teams. MY POSITIVES FROM THE NIGHT 1. as far as I am concerned, we have finaly found the mythical “DM”……and he is…….(Drum Roll) …………..COQUELIN…YES! ……he not only proved he can play the DM role effectively over the past few weeks, he also showed that he can raise his level in big matches… Read more »


Too many dots man.

La Défense



Game in a nutshell: Ozil lost the ball, chased the ball down and slid into a tackle to win it back! Every man played for the badge! Those magnificent bastards!!

Mertesacker's Per

Also saw him intercept once.


Le Coq is the man tonight


Aye! Stood his ground against Fellaini. He’s a tough little fucker!


He’s already got a broken nose.
In the first challenge Fellaini smacked him in the face.
The Coq didn’t back down and kept going after Felaini all game.

That makes him an extremely tough little fucker.

andre santos

I take back what i said against Coq and mertesacker a few weeks ago. They were brilliant today.


Followed a close second by the ref.

Man U diving, pushing, cheating, pressurising him and he stood firm.


There’s a first…..


Things have changed since the day when SAF had the refs intimidated.

AK 57

He is always the man. I am yet to see him having a rubbish game despite having his nose bashed time and again.


Cheerio fuckers!


LVG – Welbeck is not of our standard.

Too fucking right you cunt.

Get in.


Hey LVG, want fries with that?


Quality comment as always Mooro


Hello mate. Not been on in donkeys.
How about that then? Happy fuckin days.


Says it all



…and breath.


Like many on here, I’ve been an Arsenal supporter for most of my life. The highs and lows of following Arsenal, I live and die a thousand times. They’ve gone down a little though, I’ve learnt over the last few years to temper my expectations, and be more level minded about things, if possible. But this was a throwback match. For whatever reason – Man U, away, OT, FA Cup QF – I was up for this match in a way I haven’t been for a while. I screamed when Arsenal scored first, Nacho and the Ox (you little beauty)… Read more »


Have that you diving cunts!

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

THIS FEELING + 130mph on the motorway….shiiiiiiiiiiittt!!! If you’re doing the 70 GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY….except if you’re some miserable diving cunt in Manchester, stay and get run the fuck over…..anyone else wondering what happened with Anthony Taylor tonight?

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Oh God I’m stupid for trying to praise the baldie! *Michael Oliver*….

Arseblog's Royal Falcon

I know you like to say stuff as it is, sometimes bordering on pessimism but……Fuck you, Fatgooner!


Fuck Fatgooner. I hope he took my recommendation to become a Man U fan instead and that he’s crying into his pies together with his new found Man U friends right now.


Along with his fellow trolls Trez, Tobin, and Maddyclaires.


Sorry…not a troll…just calling it like I see it…even if I CAN BE WRONG…and also right at times…but I don’t think this was a great performance by us…Man Utd lost it by even sloppier defending yea…their dumb luck went out the window and pathetic diving…praise the spot on refereeing…but since you asked for it by calling my name out… this season is still a step backwards for us…we didn’t improve defensively and our attack took a step back even with all the attacking awesomeness on the bench…still feel we need real killer shut out mindset in defence and central mid… Read more »


No need for that. We’ve just won a great game, so why turn it into something against other fans just because you don’t like their opinions?

Enjoy the win.


Well said, Blogs!


Sure but then maybe he can help himself a little by chipping in a celebratory comment or two. He only rears his miserable head when there’s a wound for him to rub salt in.

Serge Blanco

It is also worth pointing out that although Utd are not pretty to watch they have beaten Liverpool, deservedly drawn with Chelsea and drew at WHL this season on top of hardly losing in several months. So still a tough opponent. Great win by the lads. Well deserved.


Oh Danny boy…. are u watching RvP?




To put paid to the little boy’s dreams of finishing…well finishing fourth in the theatre of actors!

Come Southampton finish 4th ahead of this shit heads, the Pools and our jealous neighbours.

bims lay

RV who???


Felt very much like playing a fifa/pes game with the opponent incessantly going for the long ball route. However, we did concede too much space whenever they had the ball and di maria was dangerous throughout the first half. Thought we improved on that in the second half, or maybe their substitutions did a job for us. Szczesny’s performance just doesnt inspire any confidence at all, poor clearances and decisions making. And his nerviness only invites more shots and crosses, something I felt Almunia was always guilty of. Monreal scored the opening goal but I thought he was outstanding defensively… Read more »


Not an occassion to belittle our own players. But Monreal clearly showed why he is first choice at left back. That composed finish.. Ahhhh.


Yeah, he read De Gea, the freak of a keeper that he is, so beautifully.

Magic moment from Nacho!

sanogo's missed kick

Great analysis! I couldn’t agree with you more, especially in regards to scez. His performance just demonstrates the difference in experience between him and Ospina. I really hope he lucks into some confidence soon because I really do believe that there is a quality keeper in him it’s just hard to find at times.

Also it’s about damn time we beat those twats at their “toilet of nightmares”! I’m so proud of the lads and Welbeck is a Gunner!


Oh my god that was tense.

– Ref was actually excellent? In a game Arsenal is playing in?
– Ox charging at the defense for the first goal – amazing.
– Welbeck with the perfect winner.

Another monkey off the back with United beaten at home, now back to our second home ground – Wembley.

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Throw in the fact that we’ve done a double in Manchester in the same season for good measure. Happy days!

Kenny's tache

And soon to be a triple.


game was won with passion end off
MAN U bunch a divers !!!

Aussie gooner

I criticised Arsene for startir the OX and Danny. Both of them played key parts in our goals.

Shows how little I know about football compared to Arsene.



We’ve conquered the whole Manchester.

Edu's Braces

And a large portion of London

Long trip back for those fans

Mertesacker's Per

Kudos to the traveling gooners. Could hear you sing over the tele.


Seriously man. I salute all the traveling fans for creating a great atmosphere. Could really hear you all over the Tele. Get home safely. Need you bunch again soon for the West Ham game…

Parisian Weetabix

Well I have a new favourite referee 🙂 gonna get a framed picture of him for my wall


I wonder what is hardest for the Man U fans, not winning the game or having a ref who doesn’t bow to pressure every time they commit a foul or dive?

Yorkshire gunner

I think it was Danny “doesn’t score enough goals” welbeck basically telling LVG to shove his thumb-head up shreks arse

Parisian Weetabix

The guy showed some serious balls. I haven’t seen a player booked for diving in far too long, so to see it happen just once was amazing. It says a lot about the standard of refereeing recently that I’m complimenting him for just sticking to the rulebook, but it was still some pluck to immediately go for the second yellow – it was a set of circumstances which might have made a lesser man bow to the pressure. And then he went and booked another one of their cheats! Did not think I’d be singing the praises of a referee… Read more »


And amazingly he let so much go early on that United were thinking “it’s the ghost of David Elleray here, let’s just cheat ourselves to a win”. And so early in the game too WTF?

Then Fellaini made two fouls in a minute, gets carded for the 2nd one, Rooney et al have the gall to complain, and I think Michael Oliver just thinks “fuck all you entitled, overpaid, whining cunts” and has none of it for the rest of the game. Nutters!


top marks to the ref for his zero tolerence of Man U’s desperate, dirty tactics.


I know I loved that!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH 😀


Yeah, it shows what a tremendous boon it is to have a competent ref. Something we had almost all forgotten about with how bad it’s gotten lately.


Monreal outstanding

Parisian Weetabix

He’s worked out fast wingers. Slams into them before they have time to turn. It looks like the lessons I assume Kos gave him to help him at CB have really helped him improve as a player, because he’s adapted his game brilliantly. Whether that was always Wenger’s plan we will never know.

Dick Swiveller

Since moving back to LB he’s been simply brilliant, I struggle to think of a better LB in the league with Baines struggling.


Well, I think we can safely rule out Danny Rose, that fat bucket of lard.


I am going to sleep at around 4 am my time but I don’t think I will ever have a better start to my day when I wake up. 🙂 🙂 😀

Nikhil Agarwal

Same here man. But I just can’t fucking sleep. Amazing win. Coyg!


Me too Buddy, Me too Buddy .. Meanwhile I am in Bangalore .. You guys ?


Same here, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. COYG!! 🙂

Nikhil Agarwal

Calcutta. Wish I could be in Bangalore because of Bangalore gunners. Bangalore gunners should organize a road trip for this man 😀


You not alone XD 😀


You’re fuckin right, lad! I’m right buzzing!!


Who gave a thumbs down here????



Probably his mum, doesn’t want him awake so late :p

gunnersaurus rex

Glory glory lol!!!




right here!….Woop woop!! 🙂 that guy welbz

George the Gooner

Yes! About time.


The curse is broken! Wembley, here we come!

Viva Vivas

A non biased red at old trafford!
This is unprecedented 🙂

Well done boys. On our way to Wembley!!


Michael Oliver was awesome today


Ya Gunners Ya!


Your move FatGooner….

kim kallstrom



How’s your back, man?

kim kallstrom

feels better after this result

pony tulips

Tactics were spot on

Referee was awesome

Dat celebration though!!!

ROFL what a pile of shit this man utd team is! Up the arse!!

diaby's ligaments

That was fucking exxelent. See ya later you devilish cunts!! bring on bradford or reading!! COYG

Gooner from Pretoria(Cap city)

Always knew that up top was Dannys best position..And to top things of he celebrated….


Thank you Valencia for gifting us the victory against Divester United!! valencia 10/10,


This is amazing. As someone who has only followed football closely for five years, and being a gooner fan for just about as long…this is by far my favorite moment as an Arsenal fan. To beat MU at old trafford…by way of the Walbeckening…glorious. And special big ups to Michael Oliver. With the whole world whining at him incessantly, he kept his composure and made two smooooooooooth diving calls. He was absolutely correct on both – and I fell for that Januzaj one on first blush. Wonderful officiating at the end there. Your ass is grass, Bradford/Reading, and the Coq… Read more »

Less rambly Pete

Fucking yaaaas! Get in. Bring on Bradford/Reading!
Kudos Michael Oliver too.


Welbz celebrating, Nacho magnificent, Coquelin beasting Fellaini, Arsene smiling from ear to ear.

And Reading/Bradford at Wembley. Fuck Monday night football!


Fellani was United most dangerous man, winning the ball and setting up chances all the time, says something about their approach -but that was about the best I’ve seen Fellani since the Everton days. that said, he should have been off for persistent fouling


Respectfully, I repeat – he was BEASTED by Francis Coquelin today.

Yes he became more effective when they moved into rugby football mode, but in winning his individual battle with Fellaini early on Coquelin forced him to play in their own half where he was no threat to us at all. Recognising this, Van Gaal then puts him up top to win headers. Once United started playing to Fellaini’s “strengths” they had lost half the battle. The “appearance” of a good game from Fellaini was their downfall tonight.

Dick Swiveller

When a guy who is 5’10” is beating a guy like Fellaini in the air you know he’s doing something right.


So they said our record is poor in old trafford, who cares about record? We are The Arsenal and we just trash the Mancs!!!

I love You Welbz……. You the Man


Nah. He’s Dat Guy.


GET In! fucking useless long ball dive team! love it! good draw aswell life is good

Saffa Gooner

lol long ball dive team hahaha


Heard the Welbeck chants on TV and it made me die laughing.

“He left cause you’re shit.
Helft cause you’re shiiiiiiit.
DANNY WELBECK – he left cause you’re shit”

One of my earliest memories as an Arsenal supporter was the 8-2 at Old Trafford and this win meant the world to me. COYG!


Well I remember Black Sunday. And I remember Coquelin being one of the few bright spots in that game. Glad to see him starting now, and taking it to ManU.

The gooner

wow way to make a 22 year feel old

The gooner

Anyone else reckon we should finance De Gea’s move to Real Madrid by buying James, Kroos or Khedira?

Mertesacker's Per

How about we buy him?


This makes me so happy, winning at OT !! Out team was better many times in the past there, but seemed like a mental block. On the other hand, Mertesacker running up the pitch to tackle gave me shrills and dreams of vermaelen. I hope he tries to stay back a bit 😀


Well done Dermot on that draw.
The Coq awsome

Funky Gooner

That was fun…so much fun. Can’t remember enjoying a win this much. Old Trafford, UTD, FA Cup, VICTORY!!!!! Hahahahhahahahahhaahah


We are the Arsenal and we are going to wembley!


Could do with another 7-5!!!


def arsenal(“twatted Man United”)

@shit = twatted Man United



Get in arsenal!!!


So proud.

Gunner till I die.


Bradford or Reading vs The Arsenal at Wembley. We gotta do this.
Well done Gunners!
Thank Dennis those bunch of diving cheating manure soaked cunts are out. Fellatio should have been sent off in the first half for consistent cynical fouls.
Two bookings for diving, and only one sending off, misery at old toilet and joy for Gooners!
Up The Arsenal!

Tanzanian Gooner

We are going to Wembley…….we are going to wembley.Now bring on the mugsmasher

Tom thumb

Bradford semi,welbeck scores the winner and the ref doesn’t screw us over,it doesn’t get much better than that

happy gunner

Oh my fucking god I love arsenal. I am so Ill ATM but I absolutely an ecstatic.

Also Oliver had a outstanding game. He missed a debatable penalty, and some yellows on their cunt players but other then that he was truely outstanding.

inside tip

We are chasing 3 trophies, and they are now officially chasing that big fucking rat in the bins behind the fucking red bricks toilet! Serves them right for being conniving diver twats……. And fuck Rooney, that fat ass cunt!

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