Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea: player ratings


Not the 9th win in a row we were all hoping for, but Chelsea aren’t top of the league by accident and this played our exactly how their manager would have wanted.

It wasn’t a day when any particular individual stood out for Arsenal, but here’s how we think the players rated.

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Bellerin MOTM.

David C

very inspiring going forward and, for the most part, great decision making. Not sure who starts next year: Bellerin or Debuchy?

The Monreal/Gibbs debate is over I think. Monreal looked great again today.


I think Bellerin has done everything needed to be our starting RB next year, of course Debuchy hasn’t done anything to lose it either as he’s performed well when healthy. Just worries me with his lack of pace compared to Bellerin for recovery runs esp with Mertesacker next to him often.


Might be a case where the manager selects based on form and opposition. Should be very interesting to see.

My name is my name

Just like it was over last year when Gibbs outplayed Nacho? This is what competition is for, Nacho made it his this year, Gibbs could take that extra step next year and force himself back into the starting line up


Monreal starts for now, that bit of the debate is over. Gibbs is young enough to still have room to grow though, and things can change quickly in football.

Remember the invincibles

We were solid defensively but I think we were poor offensively. I actually thought Danchez was excellent because of how many dribbles he completed bup we missed a trick by not giving Walcott a bit more time out there. Anyway we didn’t lose the game, but the title is over.


Koscielny easily MOTM.

raron aamsey

At least try a bit harder than just giving everyone 7’s and 6’s because we drew.


Well, everyone was just okay today really. Played fine against a very rigidly set up team with good players. Hence 6s and 7s.


Someone’s been scarred as a child by his report cards.


How is giving someone an 8 or a 5 trying harder?


Fair ratings… Ospina did save that one on one Chelsea chance early on which kept us in the game.


He also rushed out like an idiot and should have got sent off and conceded a penalty.


Did they score that chance? NO.
Did he give away a penalty? NO.




Another clean sheet Steve maybe it’s a very big coincidence he keeps getting them or maybe he is actually a very good keeper.


The clean sheet had little to do with Ospina. He had virtually nothing to do as all of Chelsea’s strikers were injured and Mourinho was only interested in getting a point. It’s just another example of another big game where a defender makes a calamitous mistake – this time we got away with it, usually we don’t. Ospina’s not done much wrong this season, but it’s in big games like this that if we’re EVER going to compete for something meaningful you need top class players and composure. Can you imagine Ospina starting a Champions League semi-final against Barcelona? We’d… Read more »


I’m not sure Szcz would keep that Ramirez’ ball, he makes the defence nervous just by his presence


Look Stevey boy we are The Arsenal and we don’t want there sloppy seconds they get ours! Remember the last time we got a chelski cunt!


“If Petre Cech was in goal we’d feel secure”
What? You mean this guy?



What you mean when we had Benayoun on loan? I actually quite liked Benny, he had way to much class to be a Chelsea “player”.


Just wondering exactly what would you have him do in that instance!!! Yes it was a collision with his body but would you prefer him not challenge in that situation which made Oscar lob the ball and have the defenders save. Would just like to know?

For Gods Sake

He did not stop a clear goal scoring opportunity only penalty and yellow at best.


If Szczesny had done that I’m sure everyone would be fuming, saying Szczesny is shit, it was a clear penalty we need to sell him etc. It should have been a penalty, let’s not gloss over it because it’s Ospina and we like him.

If you come charging out to get a cross, and then you don’t, and instead smash into the opposition striker, then yes that’s a penalty, and yes that’s a big mistake. Ospina had little to do, and he made a big mistake. Let’s not have favourites please.


If Oscar didn’t go for goal, it would have been a stonewall penalty. If he brought it down and tried to play it around Ospina, it would have been a penalty. Oscar attempted a shot which went over Ospina and then Ospina collided with Oscar. There was nothing more either of them could have done to influence play when colliding and it’s simply a coming together of two players at full speed. The shot was on target and Bellerin (I think), headed it away from goal. If the rules included that as being illegal, then you would forever have strikers… Read more »


– biased referees
+ biased pundits/commentators


Bullshit! Oscar was offside. Go look. But ok, since the ref did not call it then Oscar got a chance to tip the ball. He got to do that without any interference from an Arsenal player. He missed/Bellerin saved. The impact came after that. Go look.


The penalty shout was a strange one. IMO, it was a foul. But fouls on a player that has already shot are rarely given, and even less so in the box.


I hate Chelsea I really do. And I hate Jose I honestly do. I hate the club and what they what they don’t stand which is class, integrity and honour. I despise them. They say hating eats away at your soul but I rather be soulless than pretend otherwise. Such cuntery.


And I hate their fans too, those racists in Paris. And I hate their captain the most, who especially epitomises the lack of class they have, leading the ref mobbing that they always engage in while their manager claims that there’s a campaign against them.


Racists in Paris?
Dat sh*t Cray.


I’ve been binging on Star Trek: TNG so to use those terms, they’re like Romulans: effective, but they have no honour.

It was nice to see us fight back and not just get shoved around like we usually do.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Bellerin basically had Hazard in his back pocket. With this performance, he has solidified himself as the starting right back.


Yeah until Real or Barca swoop in and snatch him away


I actually really like Debuchy, I think he was great at Newcastle and rightly kept Sagna out of the French side so I was happy to have him brought in as a replacement. With that said, his injuries have been very unfortunate (Stoke game instantly springs to mind) and whilst it’s very frustrating that he’s been kept out due to an orc off the ball attack, it has allowed Bellerin to step up. He’s come a very long way since the Dortmund game and for me, he should be first choice over Debuchy due to his current form. Unfair to… Read more »


Key Moments of the Match for me !

AFC Fans Boo Cesc
Cesc Applauds AFC Fans
AFC fans show the love back
Love Triangle complete (L)

I have forgotten the 90 minutes just wasted !

Now lets finish second and win the FA Cup COYG!!


Ozil should be a 7 atleast
Best player for both the teams(from an attacking point of view)

Fair pundit

You don’t need to rush and embellish Ozil’s performance. He is a great player and there will be plenty of opportunities where he will be the undisputable MOTM. Today, it was quite forceful saying he was better than anybody else.

shwoooz caprooooz

a bit off topic, but was anyone else super annoyed by Titi’s comments in the post game analysis ? singing from the same page as those LFC Jokers.
Arsenal need a new striker, a new defender, keeper, a whole new team bla bla bla.

To be honest, i am starting to lose a bit of respect for Titi, everytime i listen to him speak against Arsenal or Wenger.


Agree for the need of new players, did he see our bench? 0-0 is a typical score for any top team facing Chelsea. They are really tough to beat when playing for 0-0 as seen in previous years in the champions league. The team looks good atm and it’s hard to see a weak spot in the first eleven

Mr Gooner

Okay I’m very annoyed now. A few days ago I commented on how I disagreed with Th14 on his comments about Hernandez and how it was not needed because Hernandez has no relationship with madrid, was lacking game time and had finally been given a chance to score. I didn’t say anything bad about our legend yet I recieved a lot of negative comments on my opinion as people had jumped to the conclusion that I was attacking our legend.I stated that you can’t compare a person when they were playing football and being pundits. Today has showed that. However… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

He doesn’t have to be pushed. His job there is not to be an Arsenal fan. He’s got to be balanced and critical if need be.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Actually I think Thierry Henry’s comments stemmed precisely from the fact he is a huge Arsenal fan.

It was the biggest game of the season and the striker’s job is to score on such occasions. Giroud didn’t even get a shot off if my memory serves me correct.

In short, Henry was just frustrated at having to watch those fucking cunts pretty much clinch the title on our own home soil.


Remember who is paying Henry.

He is towing the party line and being critical of arsenal as much as possible

It’s the sky way


Not at all annoyed, I love Arsenal but see it as an honest valid assessment.
I’d like us to buy Cech, Hummels, Schneiderlin and Isco


I’d like us to buy Messi, Reborn Vieira, and Pele and Maradona at their peak.
We can all reel out a wish list, mate.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

He’s a pundit now, the job requires letting the idiot inside of you to take over.


Well put.
I think it’s a stipulation in the written agreement.


I can see where he is coming from, personally. We do not know the situation with Szcezney and it’s possible he could move on this year. I think Ospina is good, but I wouldn’t go so far as saying he is one of the top keepers in the world. At least not at this time. So a new keeper may very well be on the cards and with our financial restraints off (we did spend £100m plus this season), I think it would be wise to buy a keeper that would be an instant improvement over both of our keepers.… Read more »


Just to add, I know that above comment will get thumbed down, mainly because it’s all a bit ‘Football Manager-ish’ and can be retorted with “who would come in?” with which I really wouldn’t have an answer, I’ll let the people Wenger charges with scouting to do that than me. However, last year we spent upwards of £40m the last 4 seasons (2 of which coincided with us selling our best players at the same time) with the arrival of Mesut Ozil in 2013/14 as being the first real season of us splashing big without selling our key players. This… Read more »

Woolwich Peripatetic

It’s hard to see any players who are a real upgrade on what we have, who might actually be available. Great as Özil and Sanchez are, they’re clearly cast offs from bigger clubs (poorly managed behemoths) who wouldn’t normally be available for transfer.
On the basis that the people who run Real Madrid and Barca are fairly insane, I’m just going to keep repeating the rumour that we’re buying Bale and/or Messi until one of them signs for us 😀


Maybe next season we should not let the league leaders have a 10 point advantage and zero pressure to get 3 points.

Also, if I hear one word from that ass Paul Scholes about Özil swapping shirts with Fabregas, I’ll chop off my ears.


Well-put. Chelsea would also no doubt have played this way with only a three-point advantage, but all they needed to do was avoid losing (if even that, in reality). We need to have them in a position in which they actually have to win the match.

I suppose the silver-lining is that there are rumors that they’re going to lose/be unable to acquire players who don’t want to play Mourinho’s “style” of game, but I suspect that a fat paycheck will (understandably) ease the pain of ugly football for many players.


Ospina 10/10, decked oscar and kept us in the game with that save from ramires


Agreed. aren’t going to win the league thisyear anyway and if nothing else, Oscar will think twice before going into Ospina’s box next year.


That’s assuming that, with his concussion, he’ll remember the incident.

I don't comment here often

The Man With Diaby’s Knee For A Nose: The Francis Coquelin Story


You should comment here more often.


Among our attacking players, I think Ozil was great,Ramsey did well, and at least in his build up play Cazorla was good, too. Sanchez seemed out of sync with the team today, choosing the wrong run, errant passing, holding the ball too long, etc. And giroud’s positioning opened up some space for other players, but he was inefficient in front for goal with the few opportunities he had. Still, I thought it was amazing that the team attacked so fluidly against this chelsea team, so many brilliant passes in tight space. Wonderful to watch.

AN other

I agree with Henry a bit. We need a new goalkeeper. He should have been favourite to get to that ball but somehow manage to miss the ball completely and got the man. Could have been penalty and red card and that’s game over in 16 mins.

Tee Söng

He was lucky not to get a penalty I agree but no way is that a red card. Denial of a goal scoring opportunity? Oscar got a shot away that was cleared off the line so Ospina didn’t prevent a shot. Excessive force or violent conduct? He was attempting to make legal contact on a 50-50 challenge. Maybe a yellow for recklessness, no way a red. I have no idea why so many people are saying that was a red card challenge.

AN other

Even a penalty scored would have been enough to win the game for Chelsea given thier defence. There was no need to do that. We were lucky with that. I don’t think this goalkeeper is good enough for us.


Based on one (arguable) mistake???

Dan Man

On what evidence is he not “good enough”?

I don't comment here often

These are tricky ones. I played as a center forward when I was a kid. My brother was a goalkeeper. When I heard about the things his youth coaches were telling him — things like “keep your knee out and put it into the onrushing striker’s chest” and “just hit the striker with your knees because he deserves it” — it would really give me the heebie-jeebies. Lots of knees and fists into delicate areas. These situations where the goalkeeper and the striker are both trying to decide goalscoring opportunities are hard to judge. As a referee you know that… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Not sure what Ospina is expected to do in that situation really. Why has nobody asked why it was so easy for one ball over the top between the CB and LB to create a one-on-one with the GK? They tried that pass quite a few times as well – our defensive positioning is poor at times. It’s funny – I was watching a dodgy Danish TV stream so didn’t get any of the cries for a penalty, so to me it didn’t seem like much of an incident. I think people’s opinions can be strongly influenced by the commentators… Read more »

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

“Why has nobody asked why it was so easy for one ball over the top between the CB and LB to create a one-on-one with the GK?” Because he was off-side by a good 1/2 yard. That’s why it was so easy.


Finally Henry says what I’ve been thinking since day 1. We need a world-class striker because Giroud will never lead us to the title. For me he is the type of striker who only gets goals when the team is playing well and creating lots of chances. To win the league you need a striker who gets hold the ball and can make something happen on his own. I think if we had a Van Persie, Henry or a Bergkamp up front we would have won the game convincingly today.


Maybe we can go get RvP from Man U’s U21 squad. He must be a world beater.

Az Ahmed

That’s emotion over logic. Just because you hate RVP and the fact that he’s a cunt, doesn’t make it any less true that RVP is the best striker we have had since Henry. The point HENRY made, and which I have previously made is Giroud is not that world class striker we need to win the league, not just challenge but win. He is a very good striker but not in that world class who will score from nothing, who, when the team is playing crap, will pull something spectacular out of the bag. I know players of that calibre… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Maybe Sanchez can be that man and we sign a winger


Pretty solid performance from everyone especially considering the opponent. First time in a long time we’ve gone into that match where I thought we would have the upper hand and felt we did. Ozil’s running throughout the match was tremendous, it’s amazing how is constantly drifting into great areas to receive the ball and also making so many pressuring runs across and through the middle (we just missed him on a number). Impeccable control under pressure too. The whole defense has really been so solid since Ospina took over after the SH match. I think it’s been just 7 goals… Read more »


I think at least one added point for all the boys!
Chelski happy at holding us?
Are they Spuds in disguise??
Times are a changing, imo!

wengers coat zipper

So, can we now accept that Wenger is incapable of beating Mourinho…like ever?


I let you know when ‘ever’ finishes.


Football is meant to be beautiful and flowing not slow, staggered and unadventurous.

Chelsea’s brand of football is vile. No jealousy here.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Ozil needs to learn how to shoot. For what we paid for him we’re not getting nearly enough I’m afraid.


You seen Di Maria lately?


and for what we pay Sanchez, he MUST at least shot on target!! The ONLY shot on target was Özil’s…


Just one thing, i hope someone could shut jose’s mouth & stop him from bragging. He’s getting annoying and disgusting, day by day.


He’s not GETTING disgusting, he IS and always has been

kevin whitcher

Nothing wrong with the players which were assembled by a lot of luck and no judgement. 13-0 says it all. If we win the FA Cup and improve on our league position people will point at improvement but not me. I’d point at my Wenger voodoo doll.

two bullets in the chamber

Fuck off. Our team has costed half as much as theirs yet Wenger creates a team that can finish second in the league and win the FA cup for the second time in two years. Look at where Liverpool is now to judge how things could have been for us. We hold our own against teams with relatively gigantic resources, and we are pretty much the only team that can, and you still criticise Wenger? You are the worst sort of “fan”


Another piers morgan in the making maybe? Those who only know to criticize the team & AW but never looked at how they have been playing recently and what has AW done for the club


Must be such fun to be you.


At least he has his dolls to play with.


Congrats Kevin, you have successfully gotten the negative response you sought. Enjoy.


I love Ramsey but the experiment on the right should be terminated now. He slows the game from that position. Welbeck would have offered more energy down the flank. Around the 37th minute when Giroud was tracking back like crazy while Ramsey was jogging really hit me hard.


I thought Ramsey actually played really well today but he didn’t keep the width as well as he did against Liverpool, and I think it’s time we went for a more traditional option. Walcott and Welbeck should have come on earlier, and one of them should have started outright. They genuinely stretched Chelsea’s back line. Agree with Blogs (for once!); Wenger needs to choose between Cazorla and Ramsey in the middle, and play Welbeck or Walcott out wide.


A decent result in a hard to win match. Also well done by wenger not going overly attacking in the second half and thereby keeping a clean sheet as this one point could still prove to be important in the race for automatic qualification for the CL. Maybe would have liked to see either walcott or welbeck introduced earlier in the second half as we struggled for a period there. Walcott looked sharp after coming on


Finally Henry says what I’ve been thinking since they day he signed. We need a world-class striker because Giroud will never lead us to the title. For me he is the type of striker who only gets goals when the team is playing well and creating lots of chances. To win the league you need a striker who gets hold the ball and can make something happen on his own. I think if we had a Van Persie, henry or a Bergkamp up front we would have won the game convincingly today.

Az Ahmed

^^ this


Bit harsh on Rambo. Thought he had some lovely touches to suprise them.

Diaby's Glassware

somebody has got terrible body language. Our Ozil is seriously needing counselling, mostly on 50-50 challenges like that one in Chelsh*t’s box. And work harder like all the rest


Thought Ramsey had a few good touches today when he got the ball in the final third and worked hard as usual. I do wish he was in the centre but who do we put on the right and who moves out of the centre?


if the ox wasn’t injured he’d be on the wing and ramsey beside coquelin. santi on the bench. my 2 cents anyways.


Why put Santi on the bench, he has been our most consistent/second best player of the season after Sanchez. And before Ozil was brought back and was playing in the number 10 position he was doing just as well or even better than Ozil. And that is when the team started playing so well together. DA; HB, PM, LK, NM; FC, AR; AOC, SC, AS; OG…. I just feel Santi just gives more of an overall attacking threat in terms of shots to goal and attacking passes to keep the opposition on their toes. Ozil is great but I believe… Read more »


you can’t play everyone. ramsey and ozil both score and assist more in open play. almost all cazorla’s goals have come from the spot this season. you can’t count on penalties to win games. he’s also 30 so a bit late to build a team around him.


I think our entire back line deserve a bit more credit over this calender year than they have been given. Solid keeping Chelsea (and Hazard) nullified for most parts and even contributed going forward, that’s after we took Coquelin out to no ill effect. This is largely symptomatic of the understanding engendered through familiarity and players finally played in their intended position. The return of the Meterscielny pairing has been absolutely crucial. Coquelin’s rise coincided with this. Had he come on first half of season when we were forced by Wenger’s inexplicable parsimony not to add an additional Cback start… Read more »


Ramsey played decent today. He was the safe choice bearing in mind his inclusion would mean less width on our right. But he stuck to his tasks well. We could have done with a bit more penetration at RW. Wenger rightly gambled with Walcott but Theo did not quite click into gear quickly enough. Difficult to decide whether to put him earlier Perhaps either of Welbeck or Theo may have had more joy first half when Chelsea were prepared to come out of their shells a bit more but it could have also been at expense of caution when tracking… Read more »


On Ozil versus Fabregas, thought Ozil was very effective first half creating chances for us. Wenger was absolutely right not to take Fabregas. 1) Ozil is a younger player with more potential 2) We already have Ozil, Santi, Rosicky and to some extent Ramsey fulfilling a similar role. It was not where money needed to be spent (Cback for example was) 3) Any inclusion of a player like Fabregas will impact wage structure. It will have a negative effect on getting the players we truly need in other positions. We need to spend on quality over quantity for the first… Read more »


and Özil is better, basta! I am stupefied some Arsenal fans can’t see it!


I want to beat the shit out of mourinho with john Terrys face


Regarding the Ospina non-foul on Oscar- could someone please explain to me the official rule on what a keeper is legally allowed to do in that situation? For instance, in basketball, it is only a foul if a defender jumps into the offensive player’s space and makes contact with him. ie. you can jump straight up and even if you make contact, it is not a defensive foul.

Now I know Ospina did jump into Oscars space and this seemed to be a clear foul but could someone please clarify the above? Thanks!

Canuck Gunner

What the keeper can do isn’t much different than what a player can. If Ospina got to the ball first, then it wouldn’t have been a foul, but he ran over Oscar after the ball was played, so we can thank the ref for that one.


I’m glad Ospina flattened the little weasel. Something about Oscar’s face that just winds me up. Not helped by being a diving little shit in a Chelsea shirt either.

Crash Fistfight

I think it’s the fact he always looks like he’s going to cry, ala Ronaldo.

Canuck Gunner

Have to admit Ospina’s hit on Oscar was simply a poorly timed challenge and really was a penalty, but no way was it a red card offense.
Happy to see Cesc get the yellow, because he really did go down way too easy.
Thought the team was solid but not spectacular. Bellerin and the whole back line also shut down Hazard very effectively – can’t recall any time where Hazard was causing any problems.


That ramsey’s backheel for ozil(or someone else, i can’t remember), though. It was brilliant and lovely. He had some good passes lately, he’s improving

Clock-End Mike

I’m actually quite depressed after that performance today. Chelsea defended very well, and we simply didn’t have the flair to break them down. Yes, we had a couple of chances, but they were the result of perseverance, not sparkling attack play.

I’m probably going to get thumbed down for suggesting Alexis was by no means at his best today and deserved no more than 5.5.


It’s hard to sparkle against a team like Chelsea. They don’t call it ugly football for nothing.


Sadly, you are completely right about Alexis. If we’re honest, he would get the opposite of the “most improved player of the season” award, if there was such a thing. I now actually worry when he has the ball because he gives it away so frequently. That awful pass in the first half that eluded both Özil and Giroud when in a brilliant position, the cross late on that went to nobody in particular, several hopeful dribbles that ended in conceding possession, his infuriating habit of ALWAYS moving inside instead of passing to the overlapping wing player etc etc. I’d… Read more »


Perhaps, but Sanchez pulled our head above the water so many times in the first half of the season. He’s overplayed, which is just something Wenger has always done, the best players get run into the ground far too often (which is possibly a reason for the injury proneness, as well as the full intensity of training). The problem is that Sanchez will carry on playing until he is injured or until his performances become so shocking that it can’t be avoided by Wenger. Still, take last week’s cup game. He does very little and pops up with 2 goals.… Read more »


Sanchez will get no rest sadly as he’s off to the Copa America in the summer


I don’t really subscribe to that ‘overplaying’ thing. Hazard played 4 more games this season in the PL than Alexis and he’s still pretty much firing on all cylinders (unless he is playing against a quality RB like Hector of course!). Can’t remember the exact stat, but didn’t Chelsea use the least amount of players over the course of this season? Sure, Alexis has single-handedly saved the season with his performances before Xmas. But I always find it more worrying when players start brilliantly and drop off after that. There seems to be very little progress with him in terms… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

Agree about the lack of progress. It’s been heartening and rewarding to see how Özil has learned to look for Alexis’s runs and worked out how to play with him; but the reverse has barely been the case at all.

I do also agree with the view that a pre-seasomn with Arsenal will do him the world of good. Shame about the Copa America, though. He needs to recharge those Duracell batteries.


Except for the miss at the end, Ozil was exceptional today and I loved watching him.


Yes that was a fluffed shot from Ozil, and he wasn’t leaving it for Welbz. And Monreal is the best LB in the league in this form. I still reckon if Szczesny had decked Oscar like Ospina did everyone would go bat-shit ultra tip top hysterically abusive with him.


You are probably right about Szczesny. But that’s probably because it would be yet another mistake to add to his growing list this season. Ospina has been solid since coming into the team and the team looks more confident with him in goals. Even this one mistake didn’t cost us.

I think

I think that Mesut Ozil was amazing.Motm for the first half.Not so motm for the second but still at his very best.
I think John Terry was amazing too.He gets the cunt of the match.


For me that is never a penalty what Ospina did. Oscar had a clear shot and then Ospina hit him. And beside that it was a clear offside there. I think only the first penalty shout on Oscar could be a penalty as Cahill hand should because the ball went into goal imo, it was a shot. I am angry because i still think today we had a good chance. But Giroud was to isolated and we didn’t do nothing in the last third neither did Chelsea but both defensed did very good today. I felt Wenger shouldn’t substitute Giroud.… Read more »


When everyone started going on about how great Chelsea and John Terry are after it finished I had to change the channel because I thought I would dissolve. I loathe them more than words can describe. I know it shoudn’t be about that but it’s so FUCKING annoying that we haven’t beaten them AGAIN.


Really need the Ox back…Ramsey is starting on the right simply because Walcott and Welbeck rarely deliver. Welbeck is better on the left but is still not really a winger, although his pace and directness cause problems his numbers don’t back up his good work. As for Walcott i think Wenger has grown tired of him in general. His claim to fame before was offering a threat in behind, now we have other players that can do this Walcott’s all round limitations stick out so bad its unreal..To me at least. Ramsey does not offer any width but unlike Walcott… Read more »


I would love to see Sanchez on the right instead of the left. When he plays on the left, he tends to always cut inside on his right foot. He would create more chances for other players and add more width by staying on the right.


Bonus 10/10 to Blogs for the subject picture because Cesc’s face looks chubby as feck. He looks like Face from Tango and Cash.

Getso gunner

With our best performers coming from the back line means we were not ready to win the game.


Maybe Bellerin should have done RW, instead of Welbeck or Walcott.

John Kornhauser

Seeing the live game on tv, I finally get it about the evil of chelsea and the scum level of their game.Maureen is an abomination.


While I agree with you most of the time and often don’t feel the need to post something, I feel like you totally underestimate how good Ramsey is up front. His pressing, positional awareness and strength on the ball gives our side a nice balance. I don’t want to go to far in praising him but I definitely think he deserves a good look for us as a RW/RM. Once he finds his confidence again, he’ll be banging them in again.


Btw, I was watching the game here in delhi on star sports, in which Peter drury and some other bloke named danny (was it danny mills? I couldn’t get his surname) were commentating. This danny guy was so biased. Made me think he.s a chelsea fan, really made my blood boil.

Chairman Meow

could be danny Murphy


I think I must have watched a different game to everyone else. I thought it was a really fantastic performance against the best team in the league. Defensively sharp, quality in midfield and just lacking shot accuracy in a game where chances were kept to a minimum by Chelsea’s (seriously good) defence. Ramsey on the right may not be the answer in the long-term, but I thought he showed some real skill and flair; Ozil should have scored but otherwise was fantastic on the ball; Bellerin looks more and more like a star in the making. For me the only… Read more »