Fans groups planning ticket price protest


A number of Arsenal supporter’s groups will be joined by their Liverpool supporting counterparts in holding a protest before Saturday’s game about the price of match tickets.

It’s an issue that has almost widespread approval, in that you won’t find too many people saying ticket prices are just right or should be higher, and the groups in question want to make public their displeasure to gain further coverage.

The AST, the Black Scarf Movement and REDaction will make their point with support from the Spirit of Shankly and Spion Kop 1906.

The Gooner provides the details:

We at The Gooner urge all Arsenal fans who believe the club is charging too high a price to watch the team to join supporters of both sides at 12 noon at the roundabout.

The two Liverpool fans’ organizations will also boycott the first ten minutes of the match, with a protest outside the away entrance and any Arsenal fans wishing to express their solidarity are welcome to join in. This is a good opportunity for the ‘priced out’ Arsenal fans that come to the area to watch the game in a local pub to have some impact, as the press will be covering both the 12 noon meeting at the roundabout and the stay out protest at the away section turnstiles.

So if you believe the price of watching football is too high, now is the chance for you to join with like-minded souls and make a stand.

You can find more details here or via the respective organisations themselves at their websites or on Twitter.

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Is it really wise to announce that you will be out of your homes from 12pm with busloads of scousers descending on your city?

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)
Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Heh. Nice one.

chippy's chip

Highest ticket prices in england = highest in europe = highest in world. A feckin disgrace.


But we’re not highest in Europe………………………………….?


I just wish ticket prices in North America were as cheap as they are to watch football in England. If I want to go to a hockey game, even against the worst team in the league, I’m shelling out $90 for the cheap seats. If I want to be close enough to the ice to actually see the puck, it’s $140 to $300. And there are 41 home games in a hockey season, not 19.

If you compare PL prices to NFL prices, it’s even worse.


Yeah having 1 team per state or province (normally) gives these teams gigantic catchment areas in North America. There might be 19 league games, but when you factor in the games of the 3 cup games, some away games, trains, flights, hotels and crazy beers prices then the average Arenal Dan is spending more

chippy's chip

BSM all the way.

David C

Of course I sympathize with people feeling gouged by ticket prices, but I’m not sure what this protest is going to prove. I’m glad the away fans will miss the first 10 minutes of the game because Sanchez and Giroud will have scored by then and the game will be done and dusted before they arrive at their seats!


COYG! This one is personal for me, both my brothers are LiverPOO fans! I need this one.


Prizes will ofcourse continue to rise up until they find the maximum amount they can charge and still fill the stadium. They will however do it gradually to cause less friction so people will accept it better. If they just instantly raised it by 1000%, on one hand they would not know if they could still fill the stadium, but also on the other hand fans would be climbing barricades in outrage as so many would be alienated at the same time.

By doing it gradually, you only alienate a few at a time making it less likely for big protest groups to form.

Also you dont want to push out people at a faster rate than you can get new ones with thicker wallets in.

Prizes are ridicoulous for most people, but I doubt Kroenke would care aslong as the stadium is being filled up. But ofcourse it cant hurt to try and get a reaction.


Sorry but I actually agree with the cause, fans are being ripped off left right and centre but this will prove nothing. Do what I do…. Stop going. .. Stop feeding this machine, put your principals first.


Thank God for TV cable.

David Hillier Handled My Luggage
David Hillier Handled My Luggage

you’re still watching it though, still contributing to the overall revenue…….. At least having a presence, publicly declaring one’s discontent will hopefully grab some attention and raise more awareness

steveafc forever

No excuse for such extortionate prices when you look at other major leagues such as Germany and Spain just pure greed

True Red

When you bear in mind the £5.7bn deal just signed there is no justification for the current level of ticket prices


Great stuff, will attend protest and watch down the pub because I can’t afford it… Solidarity! Great to see fans working together

marco vidal

I moved from London 2 years ago. if I hadn’t, I’d definitely go to tomorrow’s game. Maybe I wouldn’t had a ticket as most of the times I wathed in different pubs around, but dammit I missed a matchday walking around Holloway Road or the Emirateso, Good old days!! Lol!

Still COYG I ll definitely come back some day!!

Andy Mack

Did more than 10 people turn up?