Ticket prices increased for FA Cup final


The FA have confirmed that Arsenal and Aston Villa will each receive a 25,000 seat allocation for the FA Cup final on 30 May.

As anticipated, the allocation falls well short of the number of Arsenal season ticket holders (approximately 45,000) forcing the club to hold another ballot. As a further kick in the gonads for fans, tickets are £5 more expensive across the board with prices now set at £50, £70, £90 and £120.

As was the case last year, 20,000 tickets will (as the FA explain) ‘be distributed to volunteers through the football family which includes counties, leagues, local clubs and charities.’ The remaining 17,000 tickets will be used by Club Wembley members.

Arsenal outline the specifics of the ticket process and how eligible fans can register for the ballot –> here.

As we said yesterday, the Gunners will wear yellow and have been handed the East section of the stadium. The match will kick-off at 5.30pm.

Arseblog News has no doubt Ivan Gazidis will be writing to the FA to complain about the allocation. He did so last year, although obviously it’s made no difference at all.

On a separate note, the club have yet to confirm whether they will broadcast the match on the jumbotrons at the Emirates; last year a pitch invasion at full-time saw the power deliberately cut.

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Bigger percentage increases for cheaper tickets.

Can that be fair?

Andy Mack

It’s the FA, fairness doesn’t come into it.
They made such a shit job of the finances when they built the stadium and now they need to make up for the wasted money and the fans are the cash cow. They know that if your team gets there then you’ll pay over the odds.




Rabble, rabble, rabble…

Gunnersaurus's Lover

Remember the days when Cup Finals were a game where the two sides of fans would have their best day of the year out on Wembley? 17,000 tickets for “Club Wembley Members”…. silly money grabbers, leeching on fans.

Arsene's Zip

My Mrs came in the room when I was watching the semi final, and pointed out that there was hardly anyone sat in the seats behind the dugouts. The ends were full of fans, but all the corporate seat had no fuckers in them.

Either they didn’t show up, in which case it’s a ticket wasted, or they were missing the game to enjoy some hospitality – also ticket wasted.

You can see it in this image: http://cdn.streamable.com/image/e7f257f0e5e811e4a9bb834b7c78baab.jpg


Spot on walk past Wembley Stadium and it’s all corporate, they were selling 99 ice cream for £3.50, total rip off, beer over a fiver, the day belongs to the opera crowd swilling champers and eating prawn sandwiches, it’s a crying shame, the whole point of ST for the lower tier was to ensure everyone ST holder got a cup final ticket. fucking 17,000 for the club Wembley, a f..king disgrace. Haven’t missed a final since I have been going from 1973, but this year I may watch it with mates who simply can’t afford it anymore. One day the bubble will burst

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!
Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Gunnersaurus’s Lover. That’s an awesome name. But a disturbing imagery

Jack's Right Foot

I don’t understand how the FA can be such fucking cunts, seriously.

North Bank Gooner

Really?? They are the FA, can you ever remember them not being fucking cunts?????


FA actually stands for Fucking Arseholes


In my younger years, I actually worked at one of the county FA offices. There was 8 of us in total in the office, and we were given 30 tickets for the FA Cup final back in 2005 (Liverpool v West Ham, I think). Normally, I would complain with you all at them being a disgrace, but I was able to swap my ticket for a ticket to the Champions League final at the Stade de France in Paris.

So I kinda made off like a bandit with that trade off. But agreed, the FA ‘Family’ is literally the entire family of those who work at the FA. They were sold online freely and they were many. An absolute farce in all honesty.


I look forward to seeing all the fancy seats empty for most of the match.


I blame last year’s pitch invasion entirely on having to listen to Neil Warnock at mega volume for 90 minutes.

Ramsey's Spirit

F.A yet again causing disappointment, they really have it down to a fine art. Would of liked to see the club make a stand for the fans and offer something, anything would be appreciated.

Trex d' Gunner

I’ll definitely be watching this game on the tv then.
And a quick prayer : Oh Bergkamp please cut off the vocal cords of Michael Owen before this match,I can’t stand his disgusting voice and biased commentary


I wonder if Neil Warnock will be drafted back in to bemoan big clubs getting all the decisions for the duration of the game.


So you can’t get tickets as a red member then?


Can anyone explain to me why the final was switched off @ the Emirates last year? I wasnt there but what was so wrong with celebrating on the pitch?


Crowd control protocols, annoyingly.

Stevie T

I broke my leg on the pitch during that pitch invasion


People being cunts like this is exactly the reason I gave up my season ticket at The Emirates.

Andy Mack

Let me get this straight. You gave up your season ticket because the FA are a bunch of cunts…… Is that logical?

Hamburg Gooner

You gave it up because of the FA?

Third Plebeian

In my experience, most people on the internet who claim to be or have been season ticket holders, aren’t.

It’s a rhetorical performance, not unlike, “I’ve been following the club for fifty years,” or “When I was a defender…” etc.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

How do you know this exactly?


Different side of the stadium and a change to the away kit.

I’m going to take to mean a change in pattern from both recent semis and last year’s final. No extra time and a comfortable win.

Can’t wait!


Or, if you’re a half empty sort of person with a long memory, a defeat.
This will be the 7th appearance at new Wembley
First 2 times we had the east end and lost them both
(FA Cup semi v Chelsea + League Cup final v Birmingham)
Last 4 times we have had the west stand and won.


Price increases and lower allocation than last year.

Just over half of the people in attendance will be actual fans of either team.

Magic of the cup my arse. The usual disgrace from the F.A

A Gooner

More than half of the stadium will be fans of the clubs. However, the FA’s decision means that a large number of people wanting to go will have to find tickets from touts and third party sellers… Unsurprisingly, many of those tickets allocated to “friends of the FA” and the rest will mysteriously find their way onto the black market at crazy inflated prices.

chippy's chip

Its the FA’s cup final and they know they can charge whatever and we will pay it. It will never not be a sellout. Was in club wembley for last seasons final,feckin rip off!

David Hillier

Club Wembley vs The Football Family. Sounds like a cracking final.

David C

put this match on the back burner – we’ll show up against Villa; of that I have no doubt.

A win versus Chelsea will almost feel like a trophy! Let’s get that one done and dusted first.



A win against chelsea, and wenger will run, shirt off to the chelsea fans, do a massive knee slide in front of them while making ‘wanker’ hand gestures. He’ll then moon them before causally strutting back to the tunnel. He’ll do it, wait and see…

Juxta Position

What do John Terry and the FA have in common?

They’re both cunts.

AN other

Is it the same FA whose chairman welcomed reduced prices at West Ham and urged other clubs to follow suit?

Belfast Gooner

That’s just rubbish. I would love to go to the cup final, but being a red member I would have no chance. I mean, if 20,000 season ticket holders cant go, there’s no chance for the rest of us. 37’000 seats are going to people who are not fans of either team. That’s almost the capacity of Highbury! Might come over for the screening if they do show it at the Grove.


Good points, well made. The FA sucks, as does FIFA, non news but confirmation of same yet again. Bollox to the fans, suck it up.


Meaning (FIFA’s attitude) and in this instance the FA’s contempt for the fans, is corporate bollox , they are sniggering, and taking the proverbial pi*ss. Enough, why do we suffer this, again and again? What a rip off..


I’ll watch it on TV, so jokes on you FA!


Yep a proper piss take.

gunner girl in tottenham
gunner girl in tottenham

my mum and dad have been season ticket holders over 50 years disgusted they cant get tickets real supporters tossed aside for corporate wankers remember in old days collecting coupon in programme and queing at highbury for cup final tickets those werehe good old days


I was at the Emirates last year and confirm it was one of the best days out, what could be better than being surrounded by supporters of your team all going barmy in your ground watching tv it was bliss and the party atmosphere was one of the best. First trophy for 9 years I excuse those who ran on the pitch but it was all good humour banter, in and out of the ground please please do it this year. it was a great value day out.