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Alexis: Wenger has to curb my enthusiasm

Alexis Sanchez has praised Arsene Wenger as a legend and said that although the Arsenal manager has to reel in his exuberance from time to time, he does it in his best interests.

The Chilean has been a relentless, fusion-powered football machine this season and, as legend has it, will only stop playing football when he’s strictly forbidden from doing so (or driving).

But he says Arsene Wenger does it make sure he stays as fit and energetic as possible.

“He is a legend,” he’ll tell BT Sport before the final. “He is an Arsenal legend. You learn from him every day. Sometimes we discuss about things like I would like to train more, and he doesn’t let me!

“But he definitely looks after me.”

And, on the verge of his first ever FA Cup final, he revealed that the squad have had some history lessons to get them prepared for the big day at Wembley.

“The FA Cup is a competition with amazing history,” he said.

“Today we watched a video about Arsenal’s previous wins and thanks to the clips I trained with even more motivation. I hope we can win the cup so the Arsenal supporters are happy.

“The reason why I moved to Arsenal is because there were a group of young players with the ambition to achieve things.

“I thought that Arsenal was the perfect club for me, the perfect club to win titles and compete in every competition.

“There is a joyful atmosphere in the dressing room. Arsenal is a magnificent club and I hope to win many titles here. I’m going to do my very best to help the club achieve success.”

What can you say? The man is practically a legend himself already. He’s gone four games without a goal, would you bet against him scoring on Saturday?

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The man is such an inspiration with regards to work ethic. Maybe I should get back to work now..


That comment is a legend in itself


This comment is actually pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty prettyyyyyyy…. good


top top quality


Dammit, you blew my cover! Now my boss wants to know why I’m laughing.


Possibly the only footballer if you walked upto and asked for a quick kick around, he’d say yes.
At least in my dreams he does.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Course he would. Any excuse to roll his shorts up.


My daughter watch Arsenal matches because of his rolled up shorts!!!


I was fortunate to spend a day in Chile with some close friends of his. They said they all played 10 and in with him, he let them get to 9 and then started playing. Won 10-9, of course. Wicked story

Naija Gunner

Loooools, u guys won’t kill me with laughter. Up the Guuuuunnnners…


I only thing more relentless than Alexis is my relentless love of Alexis.


What about Alexis’ relentless love for relentless love of Alexis due to his natural relentlessness?

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Imagine Santi and Alexis casually having a kickaround somewhere. Magical scenes.


Crazy image, but I doubt anything Alexis does is “casual”. Kick around with Santi? Santi will be begging for mercy at the end.


Throw in Ozil and that’s enough to make one moist


After selling all those misfits to Barca they sell us Sanchez lol

David C

seriously! what were they thinking? I guess they eventually bought Suarez, but paid way too much for the diving biter. I’m much happier with AS!


The irony is delicious!

the only sam is nelson

“I trained with even more motivation”

*motivation meter explodes*


“he’ll tell BT Sport before the final.”
has he said this or no?


Im guessing what that means is the interview with bt sport has already been filmed and will be aired on bt sports coverage on Saturday in the build up to the game….


So you won’t be telling us the score, who scores and when the goals go in in advance then?

Bang goes another get rich quick scheme…..


We’ll be spoiled this year with the BBC dedicating a day of “coverage” to the cup final


This guy is already a “LEGEND” .What a Beast .Never seen anyone so persistent and tenaciously skilful.


I have to curb my enthusiasm for Alexis. It’s ruddy bloody difficult though.


Walcott for me….no, actually, Giroud. Errrrr, no….I mean Walcott…..no, Giroud….yes, definitely Giroud.
….but maybe Walcott.
Wow! It IS tough being a manager!

Az Ahmed

Walcott. Hat trick. End of


I like that they’ve been watching the old clips, Sunderland’s winner, Charlie George, Ray Parlour…


And the cynics say Arsenal don’t do videos


Pah, have they seen the Arsenal YouTube channel?

Got Per doing his best Mark Harrison impersonation and everything


This guy is a born winner. He’s having a great impact on our squad…and look how pivotal Wenger has been in getting him here and getting so much out of him.


I think it’s telling in what he said about coming to the Arsenal. We are on the cusp of something great with this club. Arsene knows!


I still believe Sanchez can be our Aguero up front.


Ability, absolutely. But he doesn’t want to wait for the play to come to him!


Pretty sure he’ll be even more involved in a central position.
He won’t be just tasked with sitting on the shoulder of the last defender, but interchangeable with the other wide players, along with dropping deep to run at defenders with the aim to dribble. It’s how false-9 strikers work.

Tshaka the gooner

Wenger’s dilemma on Saturday is like a choice between playing with Kelly Brooks boobs or Beyonce’s arse…u gotta chose one. Good problem to have but there is an outside chance of ending up staring at James Corden’s crack for the rest of the summer.


I’ll take the Kiera Nightly version. That’s Theo to start and Giroud on in the 55 minute.


Nobody ever goes on in the 55th minute…


I’ll take Keira nightly


Can see that alexis want his future in an arsenal shirt. I hope that he’ll continue establishing himself as one of the greatest player in football world & known as an arsenal legend in the future. A top lad with a great attitude & manner.


Your photoshop skills are becoming disturbingly good, Blogs. I feel very uncomfortable looking at that pic….


Let’s do this lads. Go and bring it back and send the millions of arsenal fans into raptures. God be with you to victory ✌


Jesus Christ my eyes!


Reading that I almost cried! And to think we used have Nasri…..


*wipes away tears*

He just fuckin does it to you


Why will it be a difficult decision for the manager?, play Walcott on the right, Giroud on top, Ramsey back to central midfield, Santi plays deeper, Coq…. Wilshere… erm.. Crap, I’ll get my coat


And Liverpool thought they could get him. They are spending big money for mediocrity at Liverpool. If you listen to the press earlier in the season, you’d thought Rodgers was a genius…well maybe not. Now that fourth place pot is suddenly significant to the press. We have started to add quality to the squad now with Ozil and Alexis (80M quid) We are not short on numbers so we will add this summer strategically likely again with emphasis on top quality. What Alexis has brought to us is a fantastic work ethic. He actually (annoyingly) loses the ball all too… Read more »

Az Ahmed

Losing the ball then running back like a hare on crack is inefficient. Better not to lose the ball in the first place and to preserve that energy. I am sure Arsene is working on this aspect of his game to make him more effective in this regard.


Alexis and Arsenal are the total opposite of the evil corruption of FIFA, the cynicism of Chelsea and City and teams built with money but no class. Alexis runs and runs and brings a smile to the face, even when he misplaces passes all over the place. Arsenal have class, history and it would be great to win on Saturday but we are playing another proper football team who deserve respect as their supporters have been having a terrible few years. Haven’t the faintest idea who will play, but I do think we need Giroud for the defensive headers from… Read more »

Yaya Binks

I don’t know we don’t try 4-4-2, i know its considered out of vogue these days but if you got Theo up top buzzing around the defenders line, HFB just behind him holding the ball up and bringing into play the pace of Alexis on one side, Ox (when fit on the other) and then Ozil and Santi buzzing about all over the place….. fucking defenders nightmare i’d imagine

Glasgow Gunner

I hope he takes a leaf from Leon’s book and does the Dizzle on Villa.

Will be great to imagine prince William crying into his grannies crown on Saturday night.


Yeah!!! He’s a legend already, wish all other players put in similar energy/spirit like he does

Yaya Binks

I think he’s having a good influence on some of the players. Ox in particular this season with some of his direct running, shimmys etc, lets have more of it


Alexis is mediocre at best.
He was a bench warmer at Barcelona 😉


Where have you been all this years mate? Jupiter? Alexis was the second highest goal scorer at Barcelona behind only Messi! In 2013/14 La Liga season, he made 34 appearances out of a possible 38. Please tell me how that translates to bench warming.


Relax smoking…(j/k)
I have a secret crush on as17


love the wink!

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