Thursday, December 1, 2022

Wenger backs Maitland-Niles

You might have seen headlines this week which covered an alleged row between the mother of one of the young players at the club and officials, including transfer fixer Dick Law.

We chose not to cover them because we felt like the stories do little else but put pressure on Ainsley Maitland-Niles through no fault of his own – but some obviously feel an exclusive is an exclusive regardless of whether an innocent party ends up in the spotlight.

It was brought up today at his press conference, and Arsene Wenger was quick to give his backing to the 17 year old.

“I don’t really well what happened,” he said, “but I know Ainsley very well and he has my complete support because he’s a good boy.

“I’m sure his mother wants a great future for her son and wants to help, and there have been some incidents that I don’t know well and I don’t know why, but the boy has perfect behaviour inside the club.

“Many times he’s been the whole week with me in training.”

The young midfielder became second youngest player to have ever represented Arsenal in the Champions League when he replaced Aaron Ramsey away in Galatasaray back in December, and he’s a player tipped for a big future.

The manager has put the spotlight back on him as a footballer, which is where it should be.

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Do find it very funny on ‘The Tuesday Club’ podcast, where whenever Ainsley Maitland-Niles name gets mentioned, Alan Davies says the word ‘Conservative’ straight after it.

remember the invincibles

we have so many good young players: this guy, Akpom, Zelalem, Crowley, Gnabry, Toral, Hayden….how many will make it? 1? 2? If we’re lucky 3?

(I’m assuming that Bellerin is already a first team player now btw.)


Who’s the youngest to represent Arsenal in the UCL?


10 points to Hufflepuff


Our Jack, innit


Arsenal, Arsene, and Arseblog: showing why form is temporary, and class is permanent.

Bould's Eyeliner

I really hope that phrase is not permanent though… Not that I disagree with it, but, getting real tired of hearing it for some reason. I honestly don’t know why.


It’s probably because hackneyed cliches are annoying, even when they’re true.


Because if we can get our form to match our class we can tell the phrase to piss off!

Funky Gooner

You can take your lips from blog’s arse now

Perry S.

again, arsene shows how he’s different from other managers. his class is always available for comment.


Nah, saw no headlines.
Please what does the mother want?
Mo money, more games or is some club tapping her up to bring her son?


lol she gave Dick Law a good smack!

Andy Mack

It wasn’t mentioned (in anything I saw) what the argument was about (other than young AM-N) but she slapped both Dick and her sons agent. From what I’ve read most agents need a slap anyway, so that’s less important but is she really dumb enough to think hitting Dick will help her sons career. Most teams will have struck his name off their ‘watch’ lists because they don’t want a player with family issues unless he’s a proven PL player…


If that agent was female would it be a good thing if the player’s father had slapped her?
Or is violence only acceptable when females visit it upon males?
I just want equal rights, when a female takes a swing at a man he should deck her.

Andy Mack

Are you being sarcastic or can you really not see the humour in that part of the comment?

Le Jim

One might say she… Laid down the Law.

I’m sorry.

Also, good luck to Ainsley. Want him to succeed for his badass name if nothing else.


Some might say he was dick slapped. Dick suffered superficial injuries. *winces*


Where’s Le Coq? 😀

Mark Hughes

Unless his mum is his dad, the only way he could have been Dick slapped would be his mum slapping him with his own hand while saying “why are you hitting yourself?” over and over.


I hear our Coq witnessed our Dick getting spanked.


AM-N’s mother could be the next Szszney’s dad, in media parlance.

Getso gunner

What is the nationality of Maitland-Niles?


google, Vorsprung durch Technik


dick law, le coq, arse-ne…… we’ve got more than our fair share of genitals in this club……

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