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Wenger wants to keep Jenkinson

Arsene Wenger says he wants to keep Carl Jenkinson at the club despite the right-back situation making his future something of a doubt.

The boyhood Arsenal fan has spent this season on loan at West Ham and done very well for Sam Allardyce’s side – and when a player goes on loan that’s what you want to see.

However, with injury costing Mathieu Debuchy most of his debut season at the club, the door opened for Hector Bellerin and the young Spaniard has taken his chance with aplomb.

Calum Chambers is also an option there, but in the long-term is likely to play more centrally. Still, even with so many choices, the Arsenal manager says he wants to keep the former Charlton man, but he’s not sure if he’ll be part of the squad next season.

“I met Carl this week to speak about his future,” he said. “We will sit down together at the end of the season, but my target is to keep him here at the club.

“He has had a great season for me and he has moved forward and overall he has gained a lot of confidence.

“The decision I have to make is do I bring him back now or does he need one more year now to play in the Premier League. It is not decided yet.”

With Debuchy and Bellerin set to battle it out for the first choice spot, it wouldn’t do Jenkinson’s development any good not to play, so another loan spell is a possibility.

“He needs experience,” said Wenger. “Carl is a young, very promising right back with top quality and he had a good year where he has really moved forward. It’s important that he has a good chance to play if he comes back.”

One quality that Jenkinson excels in that the others don’t is his dressing room repartee which could be to his advantage as the Arsenal manager admits, “He has a lovely banter.”

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Is there any chance Wenger eyes selling Debuchy. He was an important buy at the time, but Bellerin and Jenkinson would have the right back position settled for a long time.

Man Like Ozil

It would be so cruel to Debuchy, but I don’t think the manager is considering selling him at this stage. When fit he’s France’s best RB and still the best RB at our club (arguagly among the best in the league), although he’s being chased hard by Bellerin. You make a great point though, plus I’m not sure there are many, if any, fans who wouldn’t want Carl to succeed here. I could see him going back on loan to West Ham, but similarly given how well he’s played there are a number of better clubs which could come calling…… Read more »

remember the invincibles

Debuchy is fairly old isn’t he? I think he was a bit of a stop-gap always before Chambers and Jenkinson stepped up, Bellerin’s development makes a bit harder. But Chambers is clearly more of a center half so there is space for all three in a couple of years.


you are right, if what you mean by “stop gap” is top quality but only for a few years, which i think you do. Despite Bellerin’s excellent season, an experienced international in a defensive position is too good to let go, and i doubt even Wenger, despite his love for young players, would do that. I think it is pretty clear that Wenger wants Jenkinson and Bellerin to be future Arsenal right-backs, much like Gibbs and Monreal are left-backs now, but wants to use the quality of Debuchy while Jenkinson and Bellerin continue their development, so obviously one of the… Read more »


Keep him out one year then replace Debuchy.

Love the Corporal, would be great if he stays long term.

Perry S.

great call, that would be a good move.

David C

agreed, buy yourself some time. I’m not even sure how we keep DeBuchy and young Bellerin happy next year if they are both healthy.

I guess Chambers is going to help out more at CB and holding mid next season?!?!

tanned arse

It’s plausible to play both at the same time. Bellerin surely has the qualities to play in that advanced position on the right


Agreed. I think jenks would be up for it too. Something tells me if theres a slither of hope of his arsenal dream coming true, he’ll hold onto it.


One more year of loan..honing his brilliant footballing skills. Hector & Carl are the future of Arsenal RB position, at least for the next 5-6 years (and boy that future is AMAZING & fast & solid) \m/


We all want to keep Jenko!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

You heard it here first…

– sell Theo Walcott to Liverpool for $oodles of money
– bring Carl Jenkinson back home to Arsenal to compete with Debuchy
– move Hector Bellerin back to right winger where he started his career so he’ll compete with The Ox (and he knows how to track back and defend now)
– use Walcott $ + whatever $ Arsene has in the transfer kitty to try buying Paul Pogba from Juventus


Heard it hear first, and probably last too


If Juve are willing to sell Real Madrid will spend 80 million. No way we even get anywhere close. Sad to say but it’s the truth.


They have a transfer ban i believe so if he goes this summer it’s likely to the Manchester Clubs. Have this sinking feeling United are going to get him back unfortunately. Be interesting to see what his price tag is. £50m+?


Debuchy, Bellerin, Jenkinson, Chambers. Talk about strength in depth!!

I’d like to see Chambers primarily now as a centre back, the first DM trial went badly for him but we shouldn’t rule that out for him ultimately yet either. One of Bellerin or Jenkinson needs to go on loan to a premier league club next season.


I agree, though given some of his showings this year I think Hayden may even be ahead of Chambers at DM. Have no doubts had he not been broken all season he’d have been involved with the first team, possibly even at the expensive of Coquelin, so in some ways it’s lucky he wasn’t quite fully fit. What I find interesting is how dynamic this team is; there are very few players who are confined to just one position. I’d say our cb’s are arguably the only ones, though I still think Koscielny could do a job at rb if… Read more »


Mertesacker can play auxiliary striker, too.

Red Cannon

Thank Bergkamp we’re no longer in the position where that becomes necessary! We’re not ManU with Fellaini.


West Ham is more than willing to make the loan permanent, I would think they won’t oppose an idea of another year on loan either, so that should be settled then


Erm, there is no way you can loan out Bellerin. He’s here to compete now as he’s proved himself by spades. I hope Jenko has another year of development at West Ham (stays in London) and comes back a year later even better. Debuchy will be here next year without doubt. So works for all parties (if Jenkinson is happy to wait).


Loan out Bellerin? ffs!

Have you loaned out your brain?

less rambly pete

Would be quite happy to see Jenko take another year on the road given length of contract, equally wouldn’t object to Jenko coming in and Bellerin taking a year on the road. But arguably Jenko and Debuchy are more similar than Bellerin & Debuchy. +s and -s to that argument though. Wonder if a loan for Chambers might not be a bad call, particularly if Arsene could find somebody willing to give him experience in that role. He’s still young. Would certainly be worth a look if we do buy that ‘world class’ CDM to sit on the bench while… Read more »


Assuming Debuchy is fully fit next season, would it give enough opportunity to continue developing as rapidly as he has this season?

If not, would it be better for Bellarin to on loan to another premier league club to continue his development.

That way Jenkinson can spend the next season fighting Debuchy for the RB spot. Making the former and Bellarin the long term RB options!

Tshaka the gooner

Jenko for president

Rohith J

It would be great to see a fan play in the Arsenal shirt :). He has the drive!


He has already played in the Arsenal shirt. And I too play in an Arsenal shirt during our sunday league

Al Gilmore

Chelsea are showing there is value on holding on to players, getting them loan spells at good clubs just below their level and then the path to first team football is less of a jump OR the can make the decision to sell and the player has probably increased their value. I think he needs another year at which time Debuchy will be ready to retire perhaps or move down a level. I think we don’t need to sell so why do it? Esp an English man and a Gooner I think Chambers is best suited to playing centrally. Squad… Read more »

Mark Hughes

I thought Chelsea’s plan was to buy young players, sell them and then buy them back again for an inflated price.


I am all for this! I rate carl so highly as a right back and can even see as a centre half in the future. Of course on a more cynical note we need as many English players in the squad as possible to satisfy F.A rules and reg.


Arsene never wants to sell anyone. Lolz.


My thoughts on this – Hector is destined for a right wing role – needs one more year developing at full back and learning tactical nous and discipline – then Carl can comeback a year later and have 2 years epl right back behind him.

Hector could be the real deal – a balon d’or winner.


Nice to see you’re not getting carried away. Personally I see Welbeck becoming better than Messi ever was in a few years time.


Been saying the same thing for a while now…wouldn’t be surprised to see bellerin go through a bale like transformation. He’s got the tools needed go through such a transformation.


Bale was played as a left sided midfielder because he was an incredibly average left back. Why would we take Bellerin, who is performing excellently, and try and shove him further up the field?

Le Jim

Will always remember his celebration against Norwich to put us 2-0 up I think, before he went off like he’d won the World Cup.

Oh Jenkoooooo <3


I suspect this means that Chambers goes on loan next season if Jenkinson returns to the squad.


It was great to hear Arsene say this about Jenkinson….I was so worried we would sell him.

He is a gooner and becoming a very good RB,,,,I remember when he scored that goal at the end of the season…..saying he had scored that goal for Arsenal a million times in his back garden when growing up as a junior gooner

Another year out on loan then bring him back home


Question is does he go back to west ham, where he has a guaranteed spot? Or tries for a Europa league team and try to usurp the rb slot?


West Ham likely to qualify for EL next year under fair play.


Did somebody say fucking SWOON!! or is it just me?


Come on Jenks!!!


This is what i love in wenger. He didn’t easily lost trust in his players despite of their bad/poor performance. He believes in his players, and thats what makes the players love him & respect him a lot.

Jenko could be one of our establishing RB, no doubt. He just need more experience & game time and then he could be as good as the other. Keep him! As wenger said, we’re no longer a selling club.


Jenko could be good for us & another loan shouldn’t be a problem. Look out at our Le Coq, he wasn’t our best player few years ago not even at good level but look now, he’s one of the most feared DM in PL. Look at how Coq had to went through his Arsenal’s career to break thru into the regular 1st team since the second half of this season.


Very surprised by this….I was certain jenko was going to get sold. Who knows what this means for debuchy. He’s still our best rb and among the top 5 rb in the league. We need his experience.

Arsenal Runnings

The Boss knows: Give him time,we will be the most fortunate fans soon.Remember the Invincibles,….. wasnt no one trick pony.


Jenko must be so happy to hear that.

Ace Rimmer for Arsenal

I think people are underestimating Debuchys drive to succeed at Arsenal. He is a top player that, as far as I no, has not had the chance to play in a champions league team, and certainly not one as good as Arsenal. He is only 29/30 so has a few years left in him yet. The idea he is going to retire any time soon is misguided.


We have enough players who can play in RB position
Do we have that kind of quality players in LB?
I doubt that
We need a world class player who can compete with Monreal for next season.
I don’t think Gibbs is an option there .


This made my day! In future Jenkinson and bellerin competing for that slot would be great.

I see chambers as a cb.But he needs to improve a lot.

Anyways great competition for both fullbacks.


Chambers will be our 4th choice CB next season if Arsene doesn’t bring in a new defender but I can’t see him doing this tbh. Debuchy will get the chance to show that he was worth the transfer fee because Arsene won’t kick him out after such an unlucky season. So either Hector or Jenks would be 2nd choice and the other one should go on loan. Due to the fact that I think Debuchy will play most of the time next season, I would rather see Hector go out on loan to play regularly and Jenks to show that… Read more »


It’s all about the Bellerins. Kid is class. Debuchy looked great when he’s played, Reading game notwithstanding.

Think another year on loan is the most pragmatic move. Then depending on form of Debuchy and Bellerin we make a decision on Carl next year. Carl can also cover CB.

Do not consider Chambers a right back at all. In a completely flat back four maybe, but not in Wengers systems.


The fact we’re stock piling defenders is good news to me. I like to think it suggests Arsene will continue using different tactics against different types of teams!

Any chance of a by the numbers on our right back options ?


Listen, if Carl has a season like Bellerin had this year but for West Ham than yes. But at the moment can anyone tell me if Carl is as good as Bellerin or Debuchy. I remember a stellar performance against Man City but Carl needs at least 20-25 games for West Ham next year and then we can judge him.


Chambers is a RBack.

It is the position he played at when at Soton.

Jenkinson is likely gone.

Wenger will say he wants to keep him to fetch a good price.

Jenkinson has had a good season but frankly he is not technical enough.

Bellerin is ahead of him, Debuchy will be too. Calum is likely also ahead considering his technical ability.

Jenkinson is gone.


Chambers ahead of jenko as a rb??? You are deluded. I don’t know which is worse…your love for flamini or this.


Yeah, no offense, but you have some…interesting views.

Chambers lacks the pace and mobility for a right back. Other teams now target him relentlessly whenever he starts in that position. He has a far more promising future as a central defender.

(frankly, I think he’d be mediocre as a defensive midfielder as well, given the lack of mobility. he also doesn’t have the technical ability on the ball to play an Arteta type role)


Keep him Arsene.

Matthew Levitt

Bellerin is way better than Jenkinson. Keep Jenko on loan. Sell Debuchy this time next year.


My thinking exactly. Debuchy/Bellerin combo for a year, then bring back Jenks from his 2nd loan. Then we’re set for quite a few years in RB. Next year puts Debuchy at what, 31? Perfect Man City sell-on age….$20 mil. He can play head-to-head Tetris with Sagna while riding the pine….

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