Arsenal to face West Ham on opening day of 2015/16 season


Arsenal will play West Ham United at the Emirates on the opening day of next season.

The Gunners will be the first test for new Hammers manager Slaven Bilic, who took on Arsene Wenger twice as Besiktas manager last campaign.

Our second game of the new season sees us travel to Crystal Palace (15 August) before a home game with Liverpool (22 August) and away trip to Newcastle United (29 August).

There doesn’t appear to be a ‘death run’ as things stand – January’s trips to Liverpool, Stoke and at home to Chelsea looks a little tricky – but obviously European and domestic cup competitions tend to complicate matters further after Christmas.

All the fixtures are still subject to change with Sky Sports and BT Sport yet to choose which games will be broadcast when. The initial batch of televised games is due to be announced towards the end of the month.

Before the new campaign gets under way Arsenal will play two games in Singapore, Lyon and Wolfsburg in the Emirates Cup before heading to Wembley on 2 August to face Chelsea in the Community Shield.

You can view Arsenal full set of fixtures here.


Extra reading – an interesting article on the Premier League website about how the fixture list – all 2,036 matches across four divisions – is compiled.

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spud shooter

Woop Woop bring em on cyg


All-in-all I don’t think the fixtures are too bad, and there are no super-mega-death-runs like we’ve had in the past. Stoke away in January won’t be fun, but it never is with those wankers, and a kind run-in means we should get our guard of honour at the Etihad!!!


It looked OK to me too, but the Telegraph says we’ve got the worst fixtures of any of the CL clubs (and Chelsea of course have the best). The win factor following a mid-week tie apparently drops very heavily, with the CL having almost as negative effect as the Europa.

Is it the travelling, the hangover from the excitement, the tiredness? Has anyone done the same stats for the effect of the league cup and FA cup midweek ties? Whatever, someone should show Wenger the stats and recommend more rotation.


Because i’m sure we will fight for the title I mainly looked at the last 8-10 games of the season April and may and we only have away before the last game of the season the other ones are easy games if we can call them “easy” but this types of games for the finish of the season are welcomed when you need to get over the line, like chealshit did last season playing awful with bad teams and grinding out 3 points. The start it’s not to bad i think liverpool will be easiest 3 points won from the first 5 games they have Europa league QL to play, they are in crisis they can’t buy a good player and sterling saga will drag on all summer and in the end will be sold which will be a good thing for us.


Sorry but Bilic and co will be in for a hammering


…then we surely will be top of the table after 4 games, with maximum points.


It’s a home game for the start of the season. Please please Arsenal, let’s start the season brightly & maintain it until the season end. Just bring back the title for the club & to the Emirates for the 1st time.


No doubt a number of fixtures later in the season will also have to be moved due to our progress in both the FA Cup and Champions League.


Most of the league matches against the big clubs are at home in the first half of the season (bar Chelsea). So we should be in a good position at Christmas, fingers crossed. If not things will be tough for the rest of the season.

It is important that we are in good form and have few injuries for the second half of the season, as more pressure then, with CL knockout (hopefully), FA Cup defence as well as the big matches away.

David C

I was hoping for a better Christmas schedule. I’m going to visit my brother in London (from Toronto) and plan to try and see 2-3 games that week!

Is Stubhub the best way to get tickets for EPL?


The best way is to join Arsenal Canada and get tickets through them. You’ll pay list price for them, and the away supporters club allocation comes between sales to gold and silver members. Only drawback is you have to commit to the tickets prior to a deadline which is usually ten to twleve weeks before the match, with no guarantee the match won’t get moved a day or two for TV. So make sure you either book your flights AFTER you’ve got confirmation of the ticket and game date(s), or you build in an extra day at each end of your trip just in case the game(s) you’re going to get moved.

I’ve got my tickets this way for the past six years and it’s been brilliant.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

So no selfies on the pitch during our first match of the campaign? Fuck sakes I was so looking forward to that…


Glad we get Chelsea away done early. If we lose, there’s potential to recover early on with kind fixtures. If we win, great boost to gather as many points before the second-half congestion kicks in.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)
Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

My only worry about Chel$ki so early on in the season is Alexis. Hopefully will be fully rested by then and his Copa run.


Let’s get the squad we need sorted BEFORE the season starts this year….NOT in January!

Soqed Hozi

I don’t like the Liverpool-stoke-Chelsea run, but a win in the first of those should give us the momentum to deal with the tricky two that follow.

Merlin's Panini

Liverpool are shite. I reckon we’ll take some revenge on Stoke for last season too. I think we’ll be ok. The two Chelsea games will be the big marker of progress. A win in either of those fixtures would be a massive statement of intent.

Saigon Jack

Villa at home last game, could be fun if we need a boost in the old goal difference.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for
2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Chelsea away on September 19th (Sat)? I’ll bet a fiver we travel away to Galatasaray in the Champions League on the Tuesday or Wednesday before.

ZA Gunner

And they make it an early kick off…

But I thought the campaign was against Chelsea?? 😉


*opens and immediately checks to see the spurs games*


Lol I didn’t even check when we are playing that mid-table team like the other mid table ones .


As a few have mentioned there are no string of games against Chelski, The Mancs, The Spuds and Liverpool as in previous season’s. All looks very promising.


I’ve just noticed that because Bournemouth are actually “AFC Bournemouth”, we’re no longer alphabetically first in the league and will start the season in 2nd place. This annoys me more than it should.


We’ll make up for it during the course of the season as well as the ending.

Le Jim

No, it’s okay. I checked the Premier League website for that very reason and they’ve left out the ‘AFC’.

In any case, if that turns out to be wrong, we can sue them for taking our rightful place at the top of the table before every season. Can’t we?


Or use the BBC site, they are Bournemouth there too.


Away to city second last game.

We won the league…. in manchester!


We are away to Chelsea, home to ManU, Everton and the Spuds, all on the weekend after a Champions League game midweek.


That’s not great but then Chelsea and Utd will also have CL games, and Spuds will have Europa League.

Arguably better than playing a fresh team we’d expect to beat and “slipping up”


Love that we do not have to travel across Europe to any CL qualifiers and we dont even have to leave London before the 4th round at the Toons place. Nice calm start to the season. I like it


I just hope Weng makes a big signing before Chelsea bums us in the Charity Shield or it’ll be boos and “spend some facking monneh!” against West Ham 🙁 We really need to start positive for a change.


You’re right, positivity is the key!

santi dressed as santa
santi dressed as santa

So we win the league at Etihad and are presented the trophy at Emirates, we will have to put hold on celebrations until after our two cup finals though.


Manure vs shit on the first day?, well with my nose-mask I’ll be just fine.


We have United away straight after the interlull in February followed by Swans and Spurs. This could be sandwiched with a League Cup Final and Champions League Knock Out and is usually the time when our title challenge disintegrates. I’d be optimistic of our chances if we are on top after this sequence of games or even just about there.

Post January Blip

I think this is one of the best fixture lists I’ve seen for us in a while. Of course it doesn’t really mean anything on paper and I’m sure there’ll be surprising results throughout the campaign. We really should be putting the ‘lesser’ teams to the sword this time round as I think we’ll do better in the big games.

Perry S.

September 19th will be the test of progress or no progress.


There is still Liverpool(a), Stoke(a), Chel$ki(h), Southampton(h), starting 12 Jan., otherwise it looks fine.


I don’t think we need worry so much about Southampton this season. The Europa is bound to affect them just as it did Stoke, Newcastle, Swansea, Everton, etc., and they’ll be near the relegation zone by Jan and the media will be calling for Koeman’s head, at least until March-April. Everton, however, could be back to being a danger again. And I think Swansea will continue to improve.


Make no mistake about it the first ‘tricky’ fixture of the season is before the season starts.

Chelsea in the Charity Shield will be anything but a friendly. If they win – it’s business as usual and Mourinho will be at full volume before the first ball has been kicked. If we can at last beat the tossers, then we will be on the up – again before the first ball has been kicked. So this is vital.

Looking at that fixture list and with the huge exception of City away, our run in looks eminently ‘doable’. If we are top or near top at the time of Spurs away, we will have a real chance.


Only dodgy think about West Ham first is the fact they have a new coach and the fact they their season will already be well underway with the Europa league qualifiers…. But I’m an arsenal fan and a glass half full kind of guy…..


The fixture list seems so great, but I bet those wankers at sky & bt will reschedule matches to their liking.

Nothing as common sense is used in rescheduling.


Nice easy start: a chance to build a lead early on. I love that City game as the penultimate match: if we are still in the title race then that could be a massive clash.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!
Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I looked at the schedule and I think we can go through the season without dropping a single point. I’m very excited where we are as a team, right now. If we stay healthy, we win the league, pure and simple

Me So Hornsey

We’ll probably lose the City away game.

As we will have wrapped up the title by the then and rested the 1st team in preparation for the FA cup and CL finals.


Wolfsburg? You all know what that means, don’t you? Yes, you guessed correct.

The return of the TGSTEL!

Coq au Vin

Nicky’s coming home!


“everything” in quotes. “we will take the league in november!