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Nacho: I want to stay at Arsenal

Nacho Monreal says he’s eager to stay on at Arsenal as he enters the final year of his contract.

The Spaniard has been one of the revelations of the season, shrugging off last year’s disappointing campaign, to become an integral member of the Gunners defence.

Speaking from Dubai to Sport 360 where he is showcasing the FA Cup trophy, the 29-year-old revealed he’d love the chance to sign a new deal at the Emirates.

“I have one more year on my contract and I would like to stay at Arsenal. I am very lucky to play for Arsenal, and am very happy to play for Arsenal.

“I would like to stay. If the boss [Arsene Wenger] wants me to stay, I will do as I am very happy. I only have one more year left on my contract. I am really happy and would like to stay at Arsenal.

“I am in contact with the club. My main intention is to stay at Arsenal, I hope I can extend my contract.”

Impressing in the first third of the season as an auxiliary centre-back, Monreal eventually saw off the challenge from teammate Kieran Gibbs to end the season at Wembley as Arsene Wenger’s first choice left-back.

“Kieran is an amazing player,” reflected the Spaniard when asked about competition for places. “I can imagine it is really difficult for the boss to choose between Kieran and me.

“Obviously in football, only 11 players can start the game. The boss can choose between him or me. I think this is a good thing for the team.

“I have to give my best every day in training, or I wouldn’t play. “I think in this position, we are lucky as we have two good players. I have played a lot of games this season, I would like to continue.”

We’re hardly being controversial by suggesting that Monreal has, alongside Francis Coquelin, been one of the most improved players at the club this season. His calmly taken goal at Old Trafford was probably the highlight, but so too was his constant willingness to charge up and down the wing in the FA Cup final.

He certainly deserves a new deal and we hope he gets one; if only because it’s integral that the whole Emirates Stadium rocks out to his new Starship inspired chant…

“We built this city…we built this city…we built this city on Monreal!” 

Oh…and because we want to use “Nacho in crunch talks” as a headline.

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An arsenal player goes to the press expressing a wish to STAY at the club. how times change!


Not just him.. Capt. Arteta, Jack, Woj and so on.. Oh the good times..

Bould's Eyeliner

I also love the implied syllogism:

“Kieran’s an amazing player”
“Le Boss must have difficulty choosing between us”

Q.E.D. Monreal is an amazing player.

Titty Twistah

Contrast Nacho’s response to Theo’s response. What do you lot make of that?


It was hard to get rid of our deadwood back then too.


It would be disappointing if the club dont offer him a new contract as the player himself, nacho stated his desire to stay. What a time to be alive, few years ago our best player themselves choose to leave us & now, the player is no longer shame to show their desire to continue their commitment with the club. Love this kind of attitude, no wonder wenger has stated he dont want to lose any of our best players anymore.

gooner 44

All for one and one for all
were getting frencha an frencher


Great player, decent guy. Would love to see him at the ARSENAL for a couple more years


Solid defender, more reliable than Gibbs. Better defender too and seems more comfortable on the ball. Give him at least a three year extension I say.

mersons coke dealer

Who doesn’t want to stay these days eh? It’s great. Love nacho. And nachos.

Lyle Lanley




David C

the Simpson’s references on this site make me feel like a young man again! Like I’m wearing nothing at all!

Good thing we won without Inanimate Carbon Rod in the FA Cup final.


That’s what happens when you win trophies, your players want to stay.


Almost never got a decent run in the side, and wasn’t allowed to play continuously.

Gibbs would start, if he got injured then Monreal would come for a few games, then Gibbs would just get back his spot as soon as he came from injury.

This year he got a great run and was our most consistent defender. I think the spell at CB helped him a lot too, where he did quite well contrary to what most people say, other than Swansea game he was fantastic.


Seemed to me his spell there made him a bit more ‘nasty’. Was such a clean player (one I don’t think was every well received enough in the first place, fairly sure he was number 2 to Alba in the national side when we got him in) and I reckon now he goes stronger into tackles, is a lot more vocal, jumps a little more with elbows; indeed, his aerial ability is almost unrecognisable from the player he was two years ago. He and Azpilicueta have been streets ahead of any other lb in the league since Christmas, I’d say.… Read more »


He was bought because he was the most consistent LB in La Liga – and he was available at a cut-rate price. He’s now been the most reliable LB in the PL. Not a great surprise really. He never got a major look-in from Barca or Real because he isn’t flashy like Marcelo or Alba. But he’s more consistent than either.


“I would like to stay at Arsenal.”
“I would like to stay.”
“If the boss wants me to stay, I will do.”
“I would like to stay at Arsenal.”
“My main intention is to stay at Arsenal.”

I reckon he wants to stay. 🙂


I’m not sure. Does he really really want to stay?

Anyway good news, he’s done great this season, 29yo so a few more years yet.


That’s Nacho choice, sir.

Terrible jokes aside it’s been lovely to see Monreal evolve this season into a very reliable and solid left back. A clear highlight being his yummy finish against Man Utd in the quarter final.

I for one would welcome the stay and/or extend his contract at the appropriate time.

Baptista's legacy

Really pleased for Monreal. He’s got great defensive positioning and since playing at cb he’s added aggression to his game. Always a good outlet going forward and deserves to be ahead of Gibbs in my opinion.


I think its fair to say he has also benefitted from having Sanchez in front of him as apposed to Özil

Baptista's legacy

In many ways you could argue that Sanchez benefits from having Monreal behind him. Monreal is more defensively astute than Gibbs and tends to have a deeper starting position, meaning Sanchez may not be so worried about covering his full back due to his defensive tendencies so he pushes a bit further forward, making him more dangerous.


Your getting a lot of dislikes but your dead right ozil does not put the work in on the wing , not saying he don’t work but he’s a central midfielder only I’ve noticed that about Monreal too


Love that Starship chant, top work!

Anonymous Kumquat

Dick: Arsene, Barcelona have sent me a snapchat expressing an interest in signing Monreal and then selling him a year later.. What would you like me to tell them?
Arsene: Tell them “he’s Nacho Monreal, he’s Arsenal’s Monreal”. Hahaha!!

At least, that’s how it plays out in my head.


I’ll give you a thumbs up for trying.

Tom thumb

Thumbs up from me for putting an image in my head of arsenal officials furiously snapchatting clubs on transfer deadline day,while the rest of the staff run around shouting “don’t panic” dad’s army style


How has he not been recalled to the Spanish national squad yet? He’s been magnificent this season.

Rohith J

Spain’s got loads of talent at LB. Even Azpilicueta didn’t make it.

Tom thumb

Monreal bellerin and coquelin have been the real success stories this season in terms of improvement


Ok I’m tired of this bollocks that Monreal has been a revelation this season. Last season he started off playing second fiddle to Gibbs, who Wenger wanted to play regularly so he could develop, while Monreal barely got a look in. Then, if I remember correctly, Gibbs picked up some injuries. After a shaky start, Monreal improved, and to be honest, I’ve always preferred the Spaniard myself, but at one point last season there was little to choose between the two. This season maybe the reverse has happened, Gibbs has been out with injuries, and in the mean time Monreal… Read more »


So in short, you think he has been a revelation this season? He really has, hasn’t he?


“Last season…After a shaky start, Monreal improved, and to be honest, I’ve always preferred the Spaniard myself, but at one point last season there was little to choose between the two.

“When Monreal has had a decent run he’s always been a very good defender…”

Please read what I write before you respond. NO, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A VERY GOOD DEFENDER. Is that clear or not? Not clear, then?


So you mean he was a revelation last season, but even more of a revelation this season? What’s the beef?


I think he meant that Nacho has always been a good defender.. so it wasnt a revelation much when he pull out those performance in his natural position given an extended run.

Cazorla on the other hand is a revelation since dropping deep this season for me.

Kos Forehead

He is such nice guy, he gives the ball to opposition player for side throw in crunch time.

Dick Swiveller

Impressing? He gets respect for trying his best in a position he isn’t suited to, and he’s a better player for it, not helped by the team at the time either but I would struggle to call it impressing, I guess it did make an impression on me though.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

What do you call a Monreal who’s not yours? Nacho Monreal.

Rozza the samourai

Thumbed you down for trying buddy, lol. Do better next time.


I liked it.

K Hole

Adaptation of song;

Laurent Koscielny,
Laurent Koscielny
Laurent Koscielny & Monreallllll!!!

winterburn 87

Unlike jordi alba, Monreal doesn’t dives.One tough Nacho Man


I remember him showing diving to ref when some stupid Man U kid tried diving in the box.
But what can u expect from them anyway


The relationship and understanding he has with Alexis I think is a HUGE part of why we’ve seen him look so comfortable and assured this season. He attacks well, he has excellent awareness in both offense and defense and rarely do I see him straight up lose out either going forward or defending. He’s been the better of the leftbacks by some distance this season and I hope Gibbo knows he’s got a job on his hands. I think his somewhat indifferent form of late may just be for the opposite reason as Nacho, he doesn’t have that same understanding… Read more »


Yipee! Blatter has resigned!


But give the man some credit, he did say female footballers should wear tighter shorts. Everyone has their redeeming qualities.

Atletico Islington

Grow up a bit


Don’t you like tight shorts? I wish some of our players would wear tighter shorts: Giroud, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky… Mmm, think I need a cold shower…


I thought it was a funny WengersNoseHair…

rob starr

You kinda suck..

ospina's thumb

Nacho is just the flavour of the day..

Coat (check) Hat (check) Umbrella (check).. I’ll be going now..

Midwest Gooner

Well, he’s no James Milner, but he’s ok.


Okay Okay….Calm down Nacho, you can stay…you can stay!


I always felt he was better than gibbs defensively. I really hope he stays….he can fill in as an emergency cb when we have injury crisis.

Rohith J

That would require 5 injuries now as we are adequately stacked there!


Continuity is king for a title challenge next season. 1 or 2 while retaining players like Nacho is how we will win the league.


What a shame we didn’t go after Benitez. We would probably oscillate between 7th and 4th in the league, but at least he’d come out and talk bollocks about other managers, in particular Maureen. Man, I’d love that over boring 4th or 3rd every season, eh wot wot?


You feeling alright mate ?


A changed Arsenal team.
Now let’s just get the boss to sign an extension, and the team is complete.

Prasanth Kallur

Did not get to see much of Nacho last season, so really can’t say if he has improved. He was always a better crosser than Gibbs. Also notice him as a player whose performances depend so much on his confidence. So as he was trusted and the team got tight, he has been amazing, even defensively. His aerial ability is very good. He tops the PL in many defensive statistics. He is very skilled, his touch, its the best in the team after Ozil and Cazorla. Still has to learn to take on a man while on offense, but he… Read more »


Then stay Nacho, please.

We want you to.


His attacking play is oft derided but I think he’s been much more effective when he goes forward than gibbs has been. His crossing is good and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him knocked off the ball or forced out of play.


Off topic but I have just… (along with my gooner misses)… listened to the “Arsecast” from yesterday and found it to be the fucking funniest one of those in living memory!!

Well played chaps!


On topic!..When I first saw him, I thought “fucking hell, he plays for Spain in his position…he must be good!
…and he is!


I think what is so amazing which many people have overlooked is his stint at centre back (which he played as well as a 5ft10 left back, with no competetive experience in that position could). It has clearly worked wonders for him defensively and it shows. He was already a decent player but the change of perspective imo has allowed him to become a better player.


I used to think he was crap….but once again….Arsene knows!!

The Angel Gabriel (Paulista)

Instead of your starship inspired chant I reckon Nacho should be serenaded with “Macho Man” by The Village People: “Na-cho Mon-re-al. Our best full back, is Mon-real.” *and then repeat or continue into another part of the song. Alternatively we could do something with Sinita’s “So Macho”. Cmon make it happen people/blogs! Nacho deserves a chant now!


He had a great a season and as others have mentioned, his forced time at CB has actually done him some good. He’s always been better than Gibbs going forward but prior to this season Gibbs was better at the back and had more speed to recover. Now Nacho is better at the front and back and deserves his place in the starting 11. Great crosser of the ball and never wasteful with it when higher up the pitch. Easy signing for Wenger. We want and need 2 solid guys in every spot. With our injury record that is essential… Read more »


Can arsene please keep Nacho and then sign a player who can teach the existing squad members to dance properly! A Colombian would probably do well


Honestly always thought Monreal was better than Gibbs defensively and no slouch going forward. We were defensively awful with him at CB, and I never want to see Wenger rely on him for that position again as it blatantly cost us games, but at LB he is excellent and we would struggle to upgrade at that position.

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Clearly I like the bloke.

palace gunner

For what i seen of games nacho has also been a key player to them games arsenal fc jumped the table and c/lge win v monaco, he missed game v sunderland was it but win v villa coyg

Zip watcher

All I can think about is making nachos for lunch now. Damn you Nacho.

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