Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Watch Wilshere’s stunning brace for England

Two stunning goals by man of the match Jack Wilshere helped England to a 3-2 win in Slovenia that maintains Roy Hodgson’s 100 per cent winning record in Euro 2016 qualification Group E.

The Arsenal midfielder found the top corner with a stunning first time effort to level the game on 57 minutes and then hit an even sweeter shot with the same left foot to give the Three Lions the lead 16 minutes later.

The strikes were his first in an England shirt since he made his debut five years ago.


England went behind to Milivoje Novaković in the first half and look set for a draw when Nejc Pečnik equalised with six minutes left. However, Wayne Rooney – who’d previously missed two sitters – ensured his side claimed the victory with a clam finish with four minutes remaining.

Kieran Gibbs played the full 90 minutes while Theo Walcott came off the bench.


Cheers to @BLarsenAFC1886 for the Vines.

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Brilliant goals!!!!


We want you Jack!


Bellerin just said that Jack got MOTM in 6 of the last seven England matches! He is stepping up as he gets near his prime years.

Stringer Bell

And even with that some press have been questioning him this week, he is not fulfilling his potential bla bla fucking bla, cunts, the lot of em.


You’ve gotta love a clam finish


You mean one that the scorer uses a lot of ‘mussel’ or just remains ‘whelk’-ool?

Or just silences the crowd so they ‘clam’ up?


Meanwhile how obsessed is English media with rooney?
Some of the scribes are giving him and his leadership qualities the credit for for Wilshere’s brilliant form.


I say bollocks to the lot of them!

Always with their nonstop Manure bias.


Have some sympathy, they don’t know what to write about given that England is actually winning football games.


Er,some more of that for us please Jack.


More tricky choices for Arsene if Jack starts doing that regularly.

Remember the invincibles

If Jack starts doin that regularly he’ll be the first name on the team sheet.



Stringer Bell

Can’t believe how many Arsenal fans (question mark) were suddenly saying sell him. Don’t see much ownership from them. Their the type who ring up talk sport (shite) and coat off Arsenal to cunts like that ugly ginger pig face cunt Durham


It’s quite embarrassing how fast opinions change in football and those guys are now saying, that they’ve kept faith in him ever since he made his debut for us.


Go and read the post about SZCZ that went up a day or so after the FA cup final. There are people in the comments saying he’s better than Courtois and dozens of people thumbing it up. I’m obviously not knocking him or his performance but people need to get a grip.

Rozza the samourai

I maintain my opinion that Jack can do anything Pogba does, hope for Arsenal this is a proof and many others are coming.


Just as long as he doesn’t do the hairstyle.

Giroud Awakening

Strong words Stringer Bell hahaha


Plastic fans should support plastic teams.


Those fans, I’m sure, are singing this along to the fabulous Take That tune..

Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn’t mean it
I just want you Jack for good

Absolute crackers from the lad. Without injuries he could have a blistering 2015/16 season!


Brilliant goals! Hopefully a sign of things to come for Arsenal next season.


More of that for Arsenal next year please Jack!


Jack doesn’t many but when he does…..


Should reduce his punishment then…

Ger Scully

As opposed to a different left foot?

Ger Scully

The smiley didn’t get published in case anyone thinks I was being serious…


Wilshere out, Sterling in… not.

gunnersaurus rex

The only bad thing about the goals is that he would have to celebrate those with Rooney… Argh

Springbank 1962

Holy … erm … shit!

The FA

Watch your mouth, mister.




Hey hey no need to get all foul mouthed now

Andy Mack

Great goals by Jack but the big debate is which one of Townsend, Jones and Rooney was the worst player on the pitch?
They were all really poor but which was worst?


Well, Rooney eventually did get on the score sheet and Townsend plays for, er, them, so Townsend.

Andy Mack

Does that mean that you think Walcott or Austin replacing rooney at half time wouldn’t have increased our score to more than 3?


“Our” score? I’m Nigerian.




What??? Jack’s never scored for England before today, wow. Also why is Andros Townsend starting ahead of Theo, Jones ahead of Clyne and where is the Ox? Is Roy Hodgson crazy? Anyway, looking forward to an injury free season for Jack.


A – Roy’s probably on coke
B – The Ox wasn’t included because he was injured when the list went out.


I was the first NaijaGooner on here.


Excellent strikes! England really should be comfortably beating them though. I can’t say much about the team as I’m Irish and we’re just as bad, but England really should be up there with the best.


It may seem that way but in fairness those former Yugo teams tend to turn up on the day. They did as Yugoslavia and they keep doing it as the various smaller states they’ve become after getting their independence. The Balkan teams are not to be underestimated. World champions perhaps not but they can rattle anyone at any given time.


Jack Wilshere is nearly always England’s best player when he plays and it is actually the thing that frustrates me most when people say he’s overrated. Exciting to watch, fearless and technically gifted, i bloody love jack wilshere

Mr Media

Desperately looking for ‘fail celebration’ GIFs to try and show awkward Sp*rs fans trying not to celebrate Wilshere’s goals.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I’ll pay to watch such a video


The Arseblog team have been doing a wonderful job but pls don’t give them ideas!

Super jack

Stunning strikes


Comment of the match from the execrable Townsend (Andy): “jack seems to play so much better for England than for Arsenal”. Now I don’t expect much from a man for whom ” the tactics truck” proved too difficult in his first incarnation as a pundit and who had to pretend to once have drunk in a theme pub in order to play international football, but to make such an oversight about a player who didn’t turn out for his club between November and May really does make his comment among the most stupid I can remember. Honestly, they might as… Read more »

Coq Au Vin

Maybe it has to do with Jack being the big fish in a small pond (England) and him now being an averaged size fish in a sea of sharks!

By no means am I saying he’s average (I want/expect nothing more than the best from him), but The Arsenal is a country mile better than the England side.


High hopes for jack this season…..

Andy Mack

For THIS season that’s just finished?


I think you’ll find last season just ended, this season starts on August 2nd.

STAT: 8 of England’s 18 goals in qualifying have been scored by arsenal players. 6 for welbz and 2 for jack. Where would England be without our wonder boys?

Me So Hornsey

Breaking news!!! The FA have officially rescinded the recent charge against Wilshire and in light of Townsends’s performance agree that Tottenham are indeed, shit.

Arsene's Selfie Stick

Never seen anything like that in football before. Extraordinary pair of close knit goals.

Arsene's Selfie Stick

I think Wilshere’s value went up by £10,000,000 per goal placing his current value at £55,000,000.


Love a clam finish, especially after a salmon starter.


Is that Podolski in disguise?


Pfft he saves everything for England. Wilshere out!

AN other

Jack is back.

Finsbury Park Gooner

CAPTAIN JACK!! Fucking get in. Hope he can realise his potential with us next season and make himself a mainstay for years to come.


Why the 2 thumbs down? Its obvious he meant release. Injury free and continue hitting the back of the net. There is no reason why he cant be a starter for us. Love the player a true gooner

Merlin's Panini

It’s probably a bunch of bitter Spuds who can’t admit there’s an element of truth in what he says.


Gosh these thumbers are bummers. I respect a point of view but if its your bed time go to sleep. Guess there are not many people awake to engage in debate at this time. I am just killing time before my flight but would welcome any serious comment to why BFG is the better than an upgrade if we want to compete at the highest level.


Spode all those poncy billionaire backed parasite clubs like Chelski and Man Shitty will be sniffing around. Jacks our lad and a true Gooner


Looks like Jacks been hanging around with Alexis after training. 2 thunderbolts. Being a national hero is good way to respond to negative press and the fucking association.


Yeah yeah he scored 2 stunners. But what impressed me the much is how many interceptions, recoveries he made. He definitely owned that midfield. No way someone who plays like can be a lier, no way. If he says the Spuds are shit, then they must be shit.

monkey knees

If anyone ever doubted this chaps quality they are fools!

Mate Kiddleton

Damn son.


Been wondering who will fill in when Santi retires… I’m not worried anymore.
And it’s not just this match. I hope he stops breaking a leg like a wine glass.


Santi and Alexis won’t retire mate. They are made if adamantium with self regenerating skin.


Walcott got an assist as well?!

Mesut O'no

No, was the defender who slid Rooney in.


I quite remember Jack against Barca. He was marvelous. He has a great future. Gunners our future captain. And he will becaptain for life until he retires


I would spend the summer money on Ramos and let this squad dominate. One quality centre back is all we need now. I have faith with this squad. I love BFG but we got to get the best now and if this is the only signing we make we can compete with chelsea with what we got. Sometimes we just have to come to realise the big man is friendly, fierce but not fast and that makes the difference when playing the best.


Bfg is a nice man Mr thumbs down (with no comment) but we are not going to ever compete with Chelsea or any top quality team with him there. Although I hate to state the truth as he is truly a big fucking gentleman. Love his personality, his playing style but we surely need a quality centre back to compete with the best.


Just imagined opening the front door and BFG is there. Not a happy man I presume but win him over after showing clip of Keown trying to draculate (hey i have invented a word) well force his incisors down Van Cunt Nistelroys neck. He responds well after I hand him Jack’s shisha. Now we are playing scrabble as we witness on the sports bulletin that Ramos has signed to play for us. The Big German smiles as he applies the letter S on top of my word “hit” by the way where is the rambler?


Mate, you’re ok?


BFG is one of the reasons we have turned our season around after Jan.

Forget Coquelin. As good as he has become (and he has improved dramatically), we would have the same results had we not returned to the Meterscielny partnership.

Who needs speed when you are already there? BFG’s positioning has been pretty immaculate over the second half of season.

Its a simplistic argument in the extreme to feel Gabriel is ready to step up ahead of him.


Another player ready to step up. Jack is within that 23yr age group where we have seen previously Ramsey, Walcott Fabregas and NAsri before, Now Coquelin step up. But to some more simplistic minds, there is no such thing as organic improvement and buying is the only solution. We need to invest in world class players according to them like say Falcao rather than Giroud. There is no room to be made for Bellerin type players from the academy or Monreal or for that matter Jack. Players simply do not improve. They would have sold Ramsey and Walcott ages ago… Read more »


Fabregas stepped up when he was 19. Nasri did round about 20.
Welbeck is 25…he isn’t going to rvn or henry like some people think. He’s just not a good finisher, accept that.


BFG & Kos is good but dont anyone ever here question if is good enough or are supposed to be dumb on this site. All i see is thumbs down. Nobody can explain why they think Per is the honey monster???


I do love me a good thumbing down train.


Here comes the thumbs down train – “Boo Hoo!”


Going for a record, are we?


Jack out of the box


Many congrats to Jack for scoring two wonderful goals to start his goalscoring account for England! But was so disappointed that the Beeb led with the story on Rooney instead. Seriously WTH!


Every single newspaper seemed to go with a Rooney related headline, completely forgetting the other 36 chances he missed in that game, and general terribleness, he was probably trying to look for Walcott with a pass but scuffed it to go in the Shrek w*nker


Fantastic pair of goals from Wilshere, and on the second one I especially loved the announcer yelling “Oh, that’s even better than the first!”

Watching all of our players doing so well on international duty just gives me goosebumps for next season. Honestly, if everyone can stay fit throughout the summer, it won’t matter if we sign anyone or not. The squad we’ve got, if fit, can walk the league.


For a self-identified pedant, one would hope you could distinguish between an announcer and a commentator…


England – bonnet, North America – hood
England – tannoy, North America – PA system
England – commentator, North America – announcer

Pedantic enough?

Fabregas bald head

mehn…i’m so happy jack is improving this part of his game..the ability to strike the ball( yeah i know, westbrom) i felt he didn’t understand how to shoot a ball i’ve really being critical also about his decision making but of late, i’m really impressed about it, maybe he’s coming of age or just injury free or a combo of both 😀 . oh well… i still feel he won’t be a goal scoring midfielder like lampard ( ramsey will) but he’s still gonna be a very fine one like scholes…also, the deeper role he’s being played in a way… Read more »


Can any Arsetechs out there help?
Given that Wenger doesnt rotate much, where does Jack fit in next year? Remember even Rambo (he of the beautiful innocent boy band looks) plays out right at the mo.

Happy fuckin headache!!!

Gooner Jack

Last three goals scored by Jacky boy were all awesome. Woooooaaahhhh.
Difficult to find the best one.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Last four at least. Man City in October was his previous goal and it was a beauty as well. Spectacular goals are the only kind he knows how to score!

Gooner Jack

True. Only difference is last three goals were screamers using his left foot.

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