Petr together – Szczesny welcomes new boy Cech


Having started last season as Arsenal’s number 1, and subsequently lost his place to David Ospina, Wojciech Szczesny’s Arsenal future appeared in some doubt at times.

However, an FA Cup winners medal, and a pledge to stay at the club following the Wembley triumph, went a long way to quash rumours of his possible departure.

And now, following the signing of Petr Cech, Szczesny has welcomed the former Chelsea man to the club via his Facebook account:


The brunt of too much criticism in our opinion, Szczesny has never had an experienced quality goalkeeper to learn from during his time at Arsenal, so this might be just what he needs. And the post on Facebook is a nice touch.

It now seems more and more likely that David Ospina will be the one to depart, and the likelihood is that the Colombian wants to go to play regular first team football.

More on that when we have it.

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I really hope this works out well for Wojciech . All the various noises he’s made are all the right ones, and perhaps a sign of growing maturity, which would be a good thing.


Bye Oooooooospina. Normally, I wouldn’t even give Chelsea syphilis but wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake if we sold Ospina to them for say 11m?


You are too mean. They have parted with their best goalkeeper and you wouldn’t give them syphilis?

I would so long as I didn’t actually have to be there to pass it over.


You mean Woj-cech? Tee heeee

Third Plebeian

Absolutely. Excellent response from Szczesny. Gotta love him.


Cech is good but he’s no Mart Poom.


If Szczesny had broken into the team with a 33 year old Cech at the club rather than a 30 something Almunia all those years ago then we might not be doubting his temperament now
Hope his attitude is as sincere as what he says publicly. If he works hard he can still be a top keeper.


Our goalkeeping situation suddenly looks really fucking strong


So, this does mean that David Ospina is leaving. I hope he finds a better club than Fenerbache.

Goodbye Ooooooooooooooospina. Sad, really.


Ospina is 25 but Szcz is slightly younger and has greater potential in my opinion. That said atm Ospina is the better keeper so its only logical that it is him to leave as he will most likely want to keeping playing in the starting 11 hence a move shall most likely suffice. He has helped us to a top 3 finish and won the Cup in his first season for good measure, so not exactly a bad way to leave. If anything his goalie CV has now grown. N/B we can insert a buy back clause on Ospina if… Read more »


Arsenal players keeping it classy.

As Wenger benched Sczc for most of the season – there’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll want Ospina to stay. His position at international level is not under threat so I would not be surprised if all 3 start the season with us.

We shouldn’t underestimate David Ospina.

Dick Swiveller

Szczesny has been benched before, all it shows is that he isn’t ready to be our No. 1, he said that Wenger hasn’t lost faith in him after discussing it with the boss, and brinign in an older head rather than someone at his peak shows that imo.


Wenger would have boughy cech as a toddler if he had the slightest inkling he was gonna be half decent.


Yeah, but 3 goalkeepers are simply too many. Just managing to keep 2 reasonably happy and match-fit is something most clubs struggle with. If you keep 3 at your club you’re simply going to end up with 1 very, very demotivated and bored out of his wits backup-backup-keeper.

I’m happy we got Ospina and I have no doubt he will proceed to have an excellent career somewhere else. He has proved himself at the top-tier now, but it makes sense for all parties that he finds somewhere else to further himself. Leaving doesn’t reflect badly on him at all.

Clock-End Mike

4 goalkeepers, don’t forget Martinez. He shows great of promise, and will hope to pick up the 2nd goalkeeper position when Cech retires in four or five years’ time. I hope he stays around, as it seems Le Prof has a lot of faith in him.


There is no way that Ospina or Szcz (unlikely to leave) would settle to be a 3rd string GK. Also you can’t pay three GKs first team money.

Gunner in Canada

A touch of class from Szcz. It is nice to see a younger player who realizes that he can still learn many things from a consummate professional.


And if Courtois kept Cech on the bench all season why not Szcz as well?


Actually it’s Mourinho who kept Cech on the bench all season, not Courtois.


Agreed. The only reason why Cech played second fiddle was because Chelsea knew Courtois would leave if he wasn’t first choice.

Cech’s standard has not fallen.


You better learn something from Petr…That’s why Wenger has brought him to the club.

Scott P

Yep, I’m sure it has nothing to do with us trying to win the league this year.

Getso gunner

Hope you will learn a lot from him especially how not to smoke after giving away 2 soft goals to opponents

good ol' 1-0 to Woolwich

sign from Manure after RVP, now chelski after Fab… I shudder to think what Wenger will take from Shitty city


Oh, I dunno…Aguero?



Are you kidding? Yaya Toure obviously to be reunited with his brother….

East Gooner

Dude why would Yaya go to a third rate club like Liverpool?

Stringer Bell

Humility, maybe what was missing, now found. Very happy.


David Ospina has done nothing wrong. And he will be probably have to leave. I’m not having any of the “he wants to have regular first team football” like its his decision. Its not him that is making the decision, Arsene is. I’m sure that he would’ve loved to be at Arsenal, having just moved in london last year with his family. We are kicking him out.. it not that he wants to leave. If we are that ruthless in this GK position, we must be more ruthless in other positions (ST,CDM) as well.


That is exactly the point – we don’t kick players out! We barely even upgrade unless a player’s had at least 2-3 seasons, but we’re kicking Ospina out. Rubbish. So many assume this and it’s illogical. We sign two world-class keepers in two years, why get rid of one?? We kept many players that didn’t add to our success on the books for years so it’s not about wages. Either way, it’ll be Ospina’s choice. Look if this streak of ruthlessness is real, and I’m wrong, then we should also expect Giroud and Mertesacker to be out the door as… Read more »


Ospina just arrived last season. He may consider fighting for his spot.

In which case Szsc may go on loan.

Or Szsc may decide to move. Or Ospina.

One thing is certain, we will have plenty of depth at the back.

Cech’s 6’5 frame added to Per’s 6’8 spells plenty of power in the air. NO more leaking goals from set pieces/crosses from wide areas even if one is out.

Wenger has realised his big mistake last season.


This makes me incredibly happy! I thought SZCZ was an Arsenal man already, but this shows he’s thinking this club is his home for life.

Merlin's Panini

I had to pinch myself earlier. I thought I’d Petr Cech I’m not dreaming.


Sounds like Szczesny’s being a suck up to me, not classy. He’s never been friendly with his fellow goalkeepers, except maybe Fabianski cause they’re both Polish. But he clearly didn’t consider Ospina as someone to look up to even though he’s clearly. Why loan out Ospina. We’re being “ruthless” right? Loan out Szczesny. We need our 2 best keepers and that’s Cech ans Ospina. Potential goes out the window if we’re looking for trophies.


I want this all-access pass you have into Szczesny’s head! Who knows what else is up there?


Maybe you should’ve started being a fan more than 2 weeks ago

You telling me Szczesny’s better than Ospina? He’s been sent off in 2 of the most important games in his career.


Tang shitty articles like from a shit peddlers like the mirror at face value is a pretty ill-advised. Szcz may have said some of those things, but taken out of context anything can be spun to make someone look bad.

Dick Swiveller

He was friendlier with someone he’d known for years who was from the same country in a foreign culture to themselves, rather than somone who he has nothing in common with and he’s only known for a year?

What an arsehole.


Actually thought Sczc was being genuine here, otherwise I agree with Unhappy about Ospina.

Clearly Sczc should go if we’re going full-tilt for this title. The homegrown thing may be a spanner in the works for Ospina, but again, I can’t see Arsene letting that deprive him of one of his most-dependable keepers of recent years.


just shut up szcz. it’s already bad enough that we’re keeping you for homegrown quota reasons despite your lack of quality, but to read this tripe from you is embarrassing. we are losing a top class keeper in ospina because of you. I’d be so happy if arsene came to his senses, realizes we have enough homegrown players, and sold you to a mid table turkish team which is about as much as you deserve.


The Golden Gloves winning, clean sheet against the Germans, FA Cup winning goalie who grew up with the club?

If Ospina had played behind the midfield and defence of the first half of the season and Szcz the second half we would all be up in arms for Ospina to go.


if ospina had played the first half of the season we probably would’ve finished 3 points closer to chelsea – at least


I think you’re right. Assuming, of course, you mean he also played with koscielny, giroud, coquelin all fit and playing well, with cazorla in the form of his life and an actual right back at right back rather than Chambers (who I rate very highly but definitely not at fullback).


I mean he wouldn’t have had the howler against Southampton that Szcz had (3 points) and would’ve been at least as good if not better than Szcz in the other games Szcz started.


It’s as if Ospina didn’t confirm himself as one of the best keepers at the World Cup and this years Copa America, having taken a tough road from Colombia via France to London, usurping Sczc’s No.1 spot and helping us to a 3rd place finish while not spectacularly COSTING us points along the way, and finishing as statistically a top 3 keeper in a league with keepers like De Gea, Courtois and Lloris. Look, you can respect one player without disrespecting another.

And I bet Arsene still kicks himself for not benching Wojcech earlier last season.


I feel like Chech’s ability on the ball would make him a natural starter as a DM


If someone asks which goalie we’ve bought am i allowed to say “cech mate” ?


Wenger would have boughy cech as a toddler if he had the slightest inkling he was gonna be half decent.


Hmm I’m struggling to understand this and wait to watch Cech play in our colours before judging if it’s an improvement.

Hope now the focus turns to a DM. We have a good incumbent but need to add depth!

chippy's chip

Everybody seems to assume cech is still a great keeper and will walk into the 1st team, well i for one havnt seen him for a season apart from benchwarming, while ospina has proven his worth and in my opinion should be staying and starting the season as No1. The Neuer wannabee is too palpitation inducing.

chippy's chip

Thumbs up yesterday for saying basically same. You fickle feckers!!


Cryurinho biggest fear after cech signing for us ? cech revealing to Arsene that bust tactic they play every-time they face us and which player is targeted to be kicked and how they park the bus. That was his real fear, not just arsenal having world class GK between the post, the bus tactic will be penetrated this season mark my words, and that little crying arrogant person will start losing his mind not just for signing his best GK but also for starting to wining against his bus tactic, can’t wait ! And he will start moaning that Abramovich… Read more »




Puma give Cech a Checky hat wear……we’re on course.Well done wenger!!!!!…..


I don’t know where that “the Colombian wants to go to play regular first team football.” comes from… I´ve never ever heard that from him not even a suggestion of that. In Colombia he always says how happy he is and how much he wants to win trophies at Arsenal… that is a bit of misinformation from my point of view and that’s with all respect. That said I think is a bit unfair to him but Cech is a massive signing and he will help the other keepers to learn and battle more for the No.1, the strange thing… Read more »

Hector Bolognaise

We get too caught up on these possibilities and weighing up Woj’s traits with Ospina’s traits, why not trust that the manager’s decision is best? He’s done a smashing job with both keepers. I’m all about being ruthless if it’s with a morally considered mindset, and Woj has been Wenger’s Goalkeeping project for the last 8 years or however long he’s been at the club – and in keeper’s terms, he still has so much growth – selling or even loaning him would be robbing him of that experience under Cech; just plain silly.


I for one can’t wait to hear what Wojciech’s father has to say about this signing