Friday, October 7, 2022

Arsenal 2-0 Bournemouth – Player ratings

Arsenal bounced back from the defeat to Southampton by Mesuting Bournemouth 2-0 with a goal and an assist from Mesut Ozil.

Here’s how the players mesuted.

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Top of the league – coyg!!

Daniela 9

I sincerely hope Leicester is top of the table tomorrow though 🙂

A kick in the Debuchy

Really? Do they go ahead with a draw?

Dan Hunter

I agree. I think a win for them meaning 0 points for our main title rivals is better for us


Still, a draw would be… wait there isn’t something as ‘too perfect’, is there.


I completely agree with you on this one


Why? What is the sincerity for?


Another untouchable Ozil performance, Cech’s clean sheet record, top of the league and no injuries is a good day for any Arsenal fan!


The Mesut School of assists.


Ööööhhhh Mesut ♥


Rather a shame our forwards were so wasteful and no one other than Gabriel did him justice in putting these chances away and actually giving him the assists he deserved, he could have been 2-3 away from the full-season record. Shame on you Feo and Ollie, bad boys.


imagine his assist if we have a world class striker in the form of benzema………………. what a dream

Mesut's magic

Fuck yeah

Dial Square Charity XI

Does anyone know how many “chances created” Özil had? must have been at least 6!






I wish I could give him 11 stars though.

Arsene's handkerchief

Nicking a living……..oh Mesut… genius…..COYG!!!


Mesut is German-Turkish for “Magic”. The Magic Johnson of Soccer he is.


Actually “Mesut” means “happy, which was exactly how he looked after scoring that goal 🙂


That is not the most suitable comparison.

Yankee Gooner

Magic was a 5x champ, 3x league MVP, played point guard which runs the offense, and was known for his incredibly graceful and artistic assists (11+ per game), so I think the comparison holds up if you set aside basketball bias.


Does that mean he is conducting “Showtime”?


Chamber’s positioning was bad especially in the first half.. but it’s only because that’s his first full 90 minutes playing as a DM.. hopefully he ll get better game by game .. hes got the potential but need to get used to playing at that position

Getso gunner

Thank you real madrid for giving us Ozil. The guy is just amazing


Really. What shit were Real smoking?


I don’t know what they were smoking, but they had a whole Bale of it.


yep, that bent pass from the left wing late on in the game to Theo (who fucked it up) was a joy to behold… though there were so many Magic Mesut Moments in that game

Third Plebeian

Theo never looked like scoring today, even when he was a yard away from goal.


£42 million? Bargain

Ozil is class

Very happy with another 3 points, but i hope Leicester beats Man City and goes top of the table tomorrow. For now I’d rather be 2nd just 2 points off Leicester and have a big gap to Man City, our main challengers in the long run.

IL Gooner

This is the best I’ve seen from Ozil in an Arsenal shirt. Unlucky to have left the pitch with just 1 assist today. If he keeps this up until Sanchez is back, we’ll be fine.


I’m pretty sure Ozil assisted in this blog post.


I love Mesut Ozil.


Fuck it we better start getting used to being 1st


I really want to know what Ozil’s goal celebration is a reference to?? He always does it….Has he fathered 3 and a half kids or something?

Anyways the guy is genius.. and really hoping Gabriel gets a run in the team he was outstanding today!!


The sign is an “M” for his niece Mira. Though your theory is funnier ?


It could be Mandy too. Or Miley. Or Madonna maybe? You NEVER know.

Dial Square Charity XI

It’s a “M” no? Sucking a thumb because it’s childs play?


Typically the thumb means it’s dedicated to a child or baby.

Scott P

It’s his niece, I believe.


I still think the ref at st marys was crap.
I still think Wanyama challenge on Rambo was a red.

I still think Mesut is a donkey (but I would let him live in my gaff if he wants)


I don’t get you

Bula Fiji

Mesut deserves a better finisher who does justice to the chances he creates.


Alexis Sánchez


You have been weighed, you have been measured and you absolutely have been found Mesuted…


I was so pissed with Theo.
Özil could have had 4-5 assists today. Could have had his 20 in this game.
At least we converted one of his chances.
That pass at end though!


Feo was an embarrassment today. Yes he scored a great goal against man c. That puts him right up there with Cuco Martina. Last 2 games he has been disinterested at times, cowardly at times (such as during the first half when Bournemouth were trying to bully us and nearly succeeded until Chambers got a grip) and pathetic in front of goal. He never sustains form. It’s been a lot of seasons now, we cannot use words like “potential” in his context anymore. Upgrade please.


Glad you said that about Theo, almost guarantees he’ll score a hat trick next game. Just like the muppet who commented after the team news article and was predicting doom because Gabriel started over Koscielny.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang cmon down..
He is like Walcott but 10 times more clinical.


Is not. Aubameyang goofs up just as much as Walcott. Seen Dortmund play at all? You know nothing, Jon Aussnow. 😛

sixteen swans over ainola

He used to be. And there are many comparisons with Walcott. But right now he’s like Theo’s never been – consistent in front of goal game after game – goal after goal.

Who knows if this is the real P-E, but at 26 and £30M I doubt it’s us who are going to test the water.


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this the man we need.


As awesome as Mesut is and he is awesome he’s going to need a rest soon. Should put him on the bench for the Sunderland match and only bring him on if needed. Great record for Cech to have. Gabriel was outstanding too.

Although I wouldn’t begrudge Leicester beating the Sheiks


City are shite away, would be surprised if Leicester do them.




Didn’t he recently got 4-5 Weeks of from wenger? I could be mistaken though.

bims lay

Another ‘ozist’ from the wizard of Oz today and some of those passes today left the Bournemouth defence completely ‘mesutmerised’


42 million? Mesut O’Steal


I think Giroud’s rating is a bit too generous. I know he assisted Ozil’s goal but he was very lackadaisical most of the game in my opinion.


Agree, too many balls were bouncing off his feet. He really does not control the long balls very well. He also gives up after losing the ball and should try to be a bit more like Sanchez.

Eh, everyone’s giving Walcott shit, and I get it he is a frustrating player. so is Giroud, but they both have their purple patches. If we had Sanchez and Welbeck back I’d be much more comfortable with our striker options.


Theo didn’t score but he was very good today it was a very encouraging performance .. Great passes from Özil but also great movement of Theo to get there .. Hopefully he will score those goals when we need them.
O.G Looks tired the rotation was good today .. I suggest he starts barcodes game on bench with Theo up top.

Das paulybear

Not sure how hector got. 7.5 he has been off the boil of late. All round good team performance.

Canadian Gooner

Thought Chambers played fantastic. Ozil was great again. Campbell ran his socks off!! Theo and Oliver are running a bit cold, hope you can turn that around boys!!!


… Giroud and Walcott against City anyone? Short memories!


Something something Gabriel slide tackle on king. Ejaculate.


Buildup to the second goal was sublime. Donkeys don’t manage flicks like that.

Timothy Lumsden

That flick was pure quality


Every team there’s a beautiful team goal, Giroud is involved. They don’t always come off, but when it works, it is sublime.


These guys really need to start putting us 3-4 up with 60-70 mins to go..Really want to see Jeff and Iwobi for an extended period and Ozil getting more rest.


Ozil – Given space to roam (And Bournemouth looked leggy), he will destroy you. Amzaing number of assists now and goal to boot! Gabriel – My MOTM. He needed to create a strong impression and did. A goal and some solid defending. Its heartening to find a defender whom nobody saw coming to us for little money and one who can now effectively rotate through Meterscielny. Koscielny had a bit of a horror show last game (not Per as erroneously by Gunnerblog). But either can have an off day due to fatique as with the case of our normally dependable… Read more »


Thought Theo did ok really. Good positive movement but the keeper made some great stops. There was only one chance that was on a plate for him but he was unsighted by Giroud. It’s a bit shit for Ozil because he missed out on assists but how many players in the premier league would have got on the end of those balls anyway?


Really glad Chambers got an opportunity to play a full match and he showed that he can be a capable backup there and potentially (with a little more experience) a better option than Flamini. Of course it was against a team that wasn’t pressing us too much which is where his inexperienced would really be tested. A performance like this can only give him much more confidence. Gabriel continues to show that we have three strong starting CBs and can step in at anytime. Not much more can be said about Ozil than already has as he was supreme tonight.… Read more »


I wonder if the mad professor in AW has ever thought of throwing off the opposition by playing with three center backs (Kos, Mert, Gabriel), a la Juventus? Would be an interesting experiment if everyone was fit — Coquelin in front of the three; Bellerin and Nacho as wingers, and a front four with Theo or Giroud at the point, and Ramsey/Santi, Ozil and Alexis as attacking mids.

Pass debuchy from the left hand side

It’s not footballer manager…


David Moyes is the jury still out?


So much praise for Ozil so I’ll give my praise to Gabriel instead. A warrior that we need in our team. Diving tackle in Bournemouth’s area after a corner, that recovery run to close down Ritchie. I’m so glad that Le Boss can give a rest to Koscielny and knowing that Gabriel is our third choice center back. Can’t quite remember when was the last time we have a third choice center back as reliable as this. Thank heavens for Gabriel and fuck you Diego Costa.


Özil in Ballon d’or form. His passes into the box are so sublime even Walcott and Giroud are sometimes mesmerized transfixed and cannot react in time or well enough. Cristiano and Karim are probably crying somewhere wishing they were getting this kind of service. Real Madrid Cunts, thank you so much. Gabriel turning up with a defence masterclass. Him and Kos are the future. Chambers was beautiful and assured and mature in the middle of the park next to Ramsey. Another future pairing that could work. Chamsey? Ramcham? Ramachandra? (I already have my coat on) Giroud’s Özil was reminiscent of… Read more »


Mesut can take this team places but we need a finisher.There are guys who score from no chance while Arsenal guys are fond of wasting clear chances.Mesut can end the year with 40 assists,a world record


I thought our squad rotation players like Chambers, Ox and Gibbs put in a decent shift in this game. Really hope that they will be given games more match time to try impress while Ozil are given a break

Percy Dalton

I know Campbell was only in for a few minutes but the way he chased their players all the way across the pitch late on showed a hunger that wasn’t lost on those in the stadium. It is squad players stepping up like they have done this season that wins titles.

Dan D

An efficient display. Ozil was outstanding. 3 points on Saturday and we can lay to bed the Southampton debacle, although slightly concerned that we have a number of tough away games to come and simply cannot repeat that kind of display.

I expected us to beat Bournemouth in the manner that we did, just need to make sure we’re ready for the other tests waiting around the corner.

Jamaican gunner

Back on track. Solid team performance all around.


Some of the dribbling, strength and guile the Ox pulls off makes me wonder what could be if he just kept his composure – so talented – he ought to be mentioned alongside names like Sanchez and Hazard – I hope it clicks for him Ozil – there are no words – a true genius at work Theo – stop being so selfish – learn from Mesut – an assist IS as good as a goal Gabriel – more game time for him please Arsene Chambers – not so sure yet whether he’s ready to play there against stronger teams… Read more »

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