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Debuchy open to January move

Mathieu Debuchy has reiterated his frustration at not playing regular football at Arsenal and says he’ll sit down with Arsene Wenger this month about a possible move in January.

The Frenchman joined the Gunners as a replacement for Bacary Sagna but has since slipped down the pecking order at right-back with Hector Bellerin taking advantage of the time the 30-year-old spent out with two long injuries last term.

Worried that his chances of playing at Euro 2016 on home turf are slim if he only plays sporadic football – he’s been dropped by Didier Deschamps from recent France squads – Debuchy told RMC Radio that he’s open to offers.

“I’m waiting to talk to the boss, we talked earlier in the season on the subject. I have to accept the competition [from Bellerin] at the moment. But currently, I need playing time. It’s clear that I need to talk again with the boss.

“I’ll look at the offers to move,” continued Debuchy. “I love England and the football here, but why not return to France. In the summer Wenger told me we’d talk if I was not happy with my situation in December. It is now December.

“Of course I would be disappointed not to make the Euros, it’s probably my last chance to play in such a situation.”

It’s not the first time Debuchy has hinted at a willingness to seek pastures new. He spoke similarly in September and November but hasn’t yet found the form to make Arsene Wenger reshuffle his defensive pack in his favour.

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Perhaps if he didn’t play like a sunday league player when he does get a game, that might work in his favour.

Mr. G

Exactly! Rather than fighting for his place, he seems to have given up as soon as he realised he wasn’t first choice. However, while I am sick of his constant moaning and groaning – very unprofessional, especially for a player of his experience – unless we have a replacement lined up in January we shouldn’t let him go anywhere. He’s back up to Bellerin, these things happen in football, and unless it suits the club (which it really doesn’t as we have more than enough business to do in January to strengthen our midfield and attack; defenders are not a… Read more »


Genuinely think that’s uncalled for. I still think if afforded a proper run of games he might prove solid and more reliable when defending than Bellerin.


he can fuck off….we should never have sold sagna…bacary can/could also cover as cb when mert was having his post wcup traumas……


We didn’t sell Sagna.


Totally agreed. The poor bloke was deliberately injured by a Stoke ape and unlucky (for him, not us) enough to be replaced by the yet to be known super talent of Bellerin. He’s seen hardly any game time since and is therefore as match unfit as could be expected. An unfortunate set of circumstances for him which aren’t his fault. If there’s to be no opening for him then it’s perfectly understandable why he’d want to leave so he can secure his place for his national side. Jumping on him for any of this is shameful. I’d expect that kind… Read more »

Mr. G

Erm, have you actually seen him play this season? His performances have pretty much reflected his attitude for the most part – sulky and given up any sort of fight for his place. Bellerin’s performances have dipped recently, and if the boss had enough faith in Debuchy’s fighting spirit he’d be getting more chances now than he’s had. And comparing me to a Chelsea fan because I don’t like Debuchy’s attitude? Yes, circumstances have been unfortunate to him, but that’s not the point. The point is he just expected to walk back into the team even though Bellerin was fantastic… Read more »


Yes I’ve seen him play and he plays like someone who’s been out for a long time. How is that worthy of peoples vitriol?

I see a player who wants to play and if he can’t then he’s ready to move on. How does that count for a bad attitude?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia



Before his unfortunate injury Debuchy was very solid and had made the RB spot his own so much so he made us forget Sagna.

The only thing that has changed between now and then is his lack of game time nothing more.

He is like a rusty/abandoned engine atm that if allowed oil to run through its parts again. It will be up and running smoothly without the screeching (eg poor passing passing positioning or whatever it is people have against him)






Anyone in the market for a spineless RB with no stomach for any sort of fight?

Anonymous Physicist

Very unfair. It´s not as if he´s complaining either. He´s saying he wants more playing time, and he is prepared to go elsewhere to get it, especially because he really, really wants to be in the France team for their home Euros. It´s easy to say he should ´fight for his place´, but if the Euros are his main goal he hasn´t exactly got time to wait for Bellerin to get injured, and it´s pretty much impossible to get a run of games just from doing well in training (just look at Campbell). Sure, we don´t like players being prepared… Read more »


Fickle fans will turn on their players for a dip in form even when it’s due to long term injury.

Ken Dodd

I do feel some sympathy for him to be honest. He’s probably gutted that injuries have let another play nip in his place and take his spot (deservedly so as he mentions) after getting the move he had probably wished for, for a long time. He’s looked rusty this year when he’s played but that’s more down to lack of playing time. Bellerin has been a bit indifferent the last few games, so he might need a break.


The other side of squad strength is having players unhappy due to not playing. From our point of view it is good to have someone else to slot in but it is hard, especially if, like Debuchy, you have one final crack at a major championship. Remember he was keeping Sagna out of the French team before Arnautovic’s shove and Bellerin smashing expectations.

So there is a balance between squad numbers and squad happiness, difficult balancing act for Wenger.


Nah!…not too difficult for Wenger at all; You play your best team ALWAY’S!! It’s that simple.


Meh. Don’t be such a douchey, Debuchy!


Yes, wishing to play regular football in the twilight years of his career and trying for a shot at probably the last biggest tournament he can play that too in his home country is being Douchey??? I mean WTF.

People like you and me would not miss a single heartbeat to do the same. Much hypocrisy? heh?

Arsene's zip

This shouldn’t happen in public though.
If I went on the radio saying I am not happy in my job, it reflects badly on my employer and I would probably lose my job.

I have no problem with him feeling that way, I have a problem with him broadcasting it.


Agreed! I did not like that being compared to douche.


Sorry, I guess.

Didn’t know my comment would be taken so seriously! I sincerely hope he stays and does well, and I’ll continue rooting for him till he’s with us.

Is douche such a bad thing to say, though? Just saying. I’ve heard a lot worse for a lot less! 😀


Well spoken! He’s not the only one, the Captain of the Club (Arteta) and Flamini are in the same shoe, Coquelin gets picked ahead of them. His moving to another club wouldn’t guarantee his being picked ahead of other french players who are deemed better than him for the national team. He should try and improve his game within the Arsenal team whenever he gets the opportunity to play. There are still enough matches left that he may be featured before the end of the season, which will give him the chance to prove his abilities or worth. No top… Read more »


I agree. I just hate players talking like it’s a FIFA timeline and trying to make headlines for an offer from another club. All this can be sorted out behind the scenes and Arsenal has a history of co-operating a little too much in case of player departures anyway. I fully understand the sentiment, but like I said- meh.

Naija Gunner

This guy is more serious about the Euro than his career, his current form and the Arsenal. Can someone tell him that if he was that good young Bellarin would not have demoted him.
He should really think about this well.


Yeah really odd priorities with this one.
Collect your payment knuckle down and help us win the league ,don’t be a calamity when you play.
You want to play play better that will open the door to euros and sour lineup does he think we are overplaying Bellerin for the fun of it?

Petits Handbag

Debuchy, much like Joel Campbell plays a lot better when he plays with quality players. Common sense I know, but I feel it’s playing with the inferior players that makes him look inferior.


There’s no way we’d let him go in January. He’ll have to sulk until the summer and then he can go. We won’t be able to find a suitable replacement for a decent price in that time.


We need two right backs, so as far as I’m concerned we should keep hold of him until we can get Jenkinson back in the summer. I don’t really care about his chances of playing at the Euros.

Besides, Bellerin’s form has noticeably dipped since the international break/his injury. If he has no faith in himself to be able to give an out form, inexperienced youngster a run for his place in the side then he has no business playing for France at the Euros imo.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

How many times have he played after coming back from injury to get his form back ? You guys said same thing about Walcott when he came back from injury and had to renew his contract. Plus, Debuchy’s last performance was encouraging.


I didn’t realise that I said the same about Walcott. Thanks for letting me know


To say the least, I love your name. Arseblog readers should give you thumbs up, just for the name

Yorkshire Gunner

Calum Chambers is a right back?


Get rid of him and bring back the Corporal.

Sick of his whinging.


Nah he stays until summer.
Gender incorrect i know but he needs
to “Man UP!!”


Good riddance.

Bring back my coq :(

Keep him until Jenko is back!

Gudag Bedil

I don’t think Wenger will let him go mid season, leaving the squad thinner. We need every single body to challenge the premiership. And hey, didn’t Debuchy think that this season is also his last chance to win a Premier League title?

Next season he can go, ’cause we’ll have corporal Jenks returning.


What on earth is he thinking? if he goes to other club, and he only has around 5-6 month to improve his form, he’ll be selected for french squad?


You shall not go!


Wherever (if) he goes,hope he does well and gets selected for the French national team for the euros and revive his carrear.


I fail to see how any outfield player at Arsenal can moan about a lack of playing time when we are currently experiencing an injury list unprecedented even by our unique standards. And as has been mentioned in an earlier post Bellerin’s form has dipped. So it is up to Debauchy to provide decent competition for him. After all Sagna, his main rival for the French position, has to compete with Zabaleta Most importantly i would have thought the opportunity of winning a premiership medal would be as great an incentive as making the French World Cup squad. If not,… Read more »


At this point of the season, ravished by injuries, wenger needs to put the team ahead of individuals desires. At the end of the day, hes got a contract and if he doesn’t get his move away which i wouldn’t expect him too, hes got to get on with it and improve his form when hes called into the squad.

At the end of the season, we can let him move on so the corporal and bellerin can fight it out next season.


Why is it Arsenal seem to be unable to keep back up players happy? We’ve had it in the past and it just leaves us weaker when they leave. We all know throughout the season you need at least two players in every position. I think AW relies too much on the starting 11 when it’s probably the back ups that you need the most. Is this where rotation comes in?


I don’t think it’s just arsenal that have this problem, it’s just we don’t tend to pay attention to players at other clubs moaning


Sell him!
and call Jenkinson back.


I love Hector but he has not looked himself since returning from his own injury. Debuchy got better and better each game. Was quite shit the first few games so he could only go up to be honest.
Hope Arsene doesn’t give in and sympathize with his countryman and let’s him go in Jan. We need that cover. Not convinced of Chambers just yet if something was to happen to Hector.


Who cares what this moaning guy wants, you play for Arsenal, Arsenal come first not your Euro 2016 ambitions. As if we’re going to get rid of a very good premier league experienced defender in January and then have to find a replacement etc.

Me, Myself & Arsene

Debuchy’s been (very) unlucky with injuries – no thanks helped by the petulance from Arnautovic – and when he arrived he filled the void left by Bac extremely competently. When he had to play centre back he performed admirably under a lot of pressure – a real grinder and the kind of character you’d want in your team. While I understand his plight in not being involved in the national team set-up ahead of a tournament his country are hosting, the timing of this interview is shocking; we have our biggest game of the season so far in just over… Read more »


The difference in his attitude and Kieran Gibbs is huge. Gibbs in a a very similar situation, only his attitude is excellent and is willing to do the job from the bench for the club. Love that he came on and scored v Spurs.

Ronnie Pickering

Were paying his wages and have done so whilst he has been unable to play for most of the last year or watever its and he knows were down to the bare bones due to a ridiculous amount of injuries and he wants to fuck off ? Am i the only one who thinks he should be looking to help his team out when were going into the business end of hopefully a title bid ? We need him just as he has his needs too . Id keep him now and then bring back Jenks for next sseaso and… Read more »


When he was given the chance, he wasn’t just rusty. He was horrible. All over the place. Not even following basic RB positioning. He needed a run of games just to get up to being “rusty”. It’s really sad that injury took so much away from him. When he was signed, i was so excited that we had found a true replacement for Sagna. The emergence of Bellerin is just the way football goes. Eventually, someone younger and better will take your spot. He should’ve signed a contract with a lesser team if he didn’t expect heated competition for his… Read more »

the american

Hey West Ham,

you can have the old man if you give us back our jenko.

someone who wants a fighter and a gooner backing up hector, not an old man who couldnt give a u21 right winger any competition for the Arsenal right back spot

Gooner Smurf

Shades of Lassana Diara


Frankly I’d like to see Chambers played in his natural position which is at Rback. He should start to develop in concert with Bellerin’s rise. Much as Wenger has mentioned Chambers can play in midfield, I would prefer to bring in a specialist that is already familiar to the position in January. Rabiot is hankering for a (loan) move so we could bring him in (ego and all must be managed) or say an Illaramendi if Sociedad should agree on a decent/not outrageous price for reinvestment into the squad. In which case should Debuchy want to leave in January, we… Read more »

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Deschamps (or any other international manager) doesn’t care if his selections and decisions affect adversely on the clubs. We don’t expect any favours. Quite right too. Similarly, it is not Arsenal’s problem what happens to the French national team. Arsenal’s concern is to have the best options at right back possible, not make it possible for one of them to play internationals when it suits them. Debuchy shouldn’t expect any favours. We pay him good money to fight for his place, not agitate for a move when he is no longer selected for France. Wenger’s job is to select the… Read more »




I’m very unimpressed with Debuchy’s taking this public. Perhaps I’m reading between the lines a bit, but it sounds as if he’s already decided he wants to leave and he’s trying to force the issue so that his departure happens in the January window. If he thinks he’s not getting enough playing time, he should be man enough to realize that the ONLY reason for that is he’s simply not good enough right now to warrant any playing time. While the injuries he’s suffered are not his fault, the simple fact remains that since he’s been injured he has played… Read more »


As long as we can bring Jenko back in January, you can leave


What’s the point of staying when you are not playing?We all know Wenger will overplay Hector until his legs come off, only then will he look at bringing Debuchy in.If the manager rotated a bit more, yes then Debuchy would be more match fit and his performances will also improve and we wouldn’t be in a position of him wanting to leave.Good luck to you Mathieu whatever happens.


He was terrific in the first few games he played for us. He showed why he was ahead of Sagna in the national team at that time and left most of us feeling we’d actually got an upgrade. Two long term injuries later and he hasn’t been the same player. He’s played too poorly to say “just give him a run of games” because then that wouldn’t be at all fair to Bellerin. I can’t say I’ll miss MD but I think it’s a shame we never got to see the player we saw in those first few games again.


We have seen this with a few players, they don’t play particularly well for a few games after coming back from injury and then they are quickly written off.However when given games they have gone to produce excellent performances.Ramsey for instance (when he got back from his long term injury)and Campbell’s form is getting better because he is getting the games.There is no point in playing young Hector to the point of him being crocked, when there is someone else who can stand in for a game or two.


He should be Doing his talking on the pitch. Even if it is only the training pitch. Maybe then he would get picked.

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