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Mathieu Debuchy: RMC Radio transcript in full

You might have seen the earlier story in which Mathieu Debuchy has spoken again about his openness to leaving the club in January.

Thanks to reader @Bgunners42, here’s a full transcript of his interview with RMC Radio in France.

Luis Fernandez : Good evening Mathieu, how are you doing?

Mathieu Debuchy : Not to bad, not too bad

Gilbert Brisbois : Good evening

Jerome Rothen : Good evening

Luis Fernandez : Long time no talk, how are you feeling?

Mathieu Debuchy : I’ve had better days. I’m trying to keep my chin up, but I’ve had better days

Luis Fernandez : Have you talked to Arsène Wenger, about your current situation?

Mathieu Debuchy : I haven’t yet, I’m waiting a little bit. We talked about my situation in pre-season, I haven’t talked to him (about it) recently, but we’ll talk before the transfer window.

Luis Fernandez : How do you accept this situation, the fact that you are on the bench?

Mathieu Debuchy : I do have to accept it anyway, I can’t do otherwise. This situation doesn’t please me, but I have to accept it.

Luis Fernandez : Do you wish to talk to AW about your lack of playing time and the eventuality of having playing regularly at another club? Because you’re not playing at the moment and when there’s the euros in your home country in the summer, you don’t want to miss it.

Mathieu Debuchy : I want to (talk to AW). I really need to play. Didier Deschamps didn’t call me for the last two games, so it’s obvious, I’ve got to play more than I do, that’s why I want to talk to Wenger soon.

Luis Fernandez : Do you want to stay in England or going back to France? Being eventually loaned out to France?

Mathieu Debuchy : Well listen, we’ll study the offers, if there are some. Staying in England? Why not, I love England, I love the Premier League, so why not? I’ll listen to offers, and why not come back to France?

Luis Fernandez : Do you think AW will let you go?

Mathieu Debuchy : Well I don’t know, we need to talk about it, but we already had a chat in pre-season, and we agreed that we would talk again in December if I wasn’t happy with my playing time. We’re in December , so we’ll see.

Gilbert Brisbois : To sum things up, you’re thinking about being loaned out in the coming weeks? Because you need to play to be in the French squad for the Euros.

Mathieu Debuchy : Well obviously that’s my main goal. I need to have several games under my belt to be at the Euros. You can’t be in the French squad if you play a game once a month or less than that. You can’t be fit, and can’t be mentally focused. And if I have to leave permanently or on loan to play, I will.

Gilbert Brisbois : Even to leave permanently?

Mathieu Debuchy : Why not?

Jerome Rothen : Why did you become Bellerin’s substitute? Was Wenger unhappy about your performances?

Mathieu Debuchy : I had 2 bad injuries last season, I was fit in December, I was injured again in January and three months later it was all over for me.

Luis Fernandez : So the injuries prevent you from playing again? Because I know you want to be at the Euros, and when at 100% you are the best French right back.

Mathieu Debuchy : Of course I want to be in the squad for the euros, it’s probably my last big tournament so I must be there, it’s in France, so many people want to be there.

Jerome Rothen : (He mentions the fact that Jallet and Sagna are average and that Debuchy could still be in the French squad)

Mathieu Debuchy : I know I can do it, but Bacary and Christophe are playing currently, and I’m not, and I need to. I need to play and be good.

Some random dude tells him to come back to Lille.

Mathieu Debuchy : I love Lille, it’s my home, I want to come back there later in my career.

Luis Fernandez : (talks about Cabaye who left PSG cause he never played, he left for Palace, but he is playing at the moment)

Mathieu Debuchy : Exactly, he left a massive club cause he didn’t play enough, now he plays for Palace, who are not as fancy but he plays week in week out and plays for France as well.

Luis Fernandez : You still have a good relationship with Wenger right?

Mathieu Debuchy : Yes I do.

Luis Fernandez : Does he talk to you a lot? It’s never easy when a player isn’t 100% happy. But he’s French, you’re French, there are many French players at AFC.

Mathieu Debuchy : We do talk (with AW), but not a lot and not every single day.

Luis Fernandez : (Tells him to come to Monaco, because they can pay his wages)

So there you go. He seems very open to leaving, but the big question is if Arsenal would, or should, let him go. We’ll find out soon enough.

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Chelsea's season

I remember he did get games and choked in every single one of them. or did I dream it?

Harish P

Like most footballers he needs a run of games to get his game levels to a good enough standard for us. He hasn’t been completely bad either, he’s had average games too which is okay, but it’s not the high standard we wish for.


I’m so tired of this meme that footballers need a run of games to not be garbage at their jobs and everyone accepting it as an excuse for poor performances. Practice during the week, study film, listen to your coaches and be ready to grab your opportunity when it comes.

David C

has the guy really done anything for us? I’m not trying to be nasty, but you’d say he was a pretty poor purchase for the money spent.


Before the first injury and between the two injuries he was quite solid. Definitely didn’t look out of place. Maybe he needs games but when you’ve got the competition of bellerin you need to at least play to you’re strengths and show you’re reliable. He hasn’t done that so it’s obvious why he isn’t picked.


I agree, he has had his opportunities against fairly poor opposition and he hasn’t done enough to overthrow Bellerin, that’s the honest truth. He clearly hasn’t got a strong enough mentality to do it either, for me, that fighting spirit should be one of the fundamental qualities of a top flight defender, that natural fight and determination has be there to compete at this level. He has to really think about what the French coach wants to see as well. Does Didier Deschamps want to see a seasoned pro buck his ideas up, get refocused, get fit and try and… Read more »


As a Frenchman, not that I have anything against the man, but I would be seriously worried if we ended up with Debuchy playing right back. Our preparations for the tournament have been enough of a farcical national embarrassment as it is. If you think that’s harsh, I’d compare it to heading into an Arsenal game with gibbs deputising for Monreal, sure you have nothing against Gibbs, but lets be honest you’d breathe a lot easier with our Nacho. Look the sad truth is that the chances of Debuchy making the French squad, even if he got the necessary game… Read more »


He’ll never play that well if he plays irregularly. The injuries were not his fault or the rise of Bellerin.

It’s a short life as a player. I understand though as a fan it is easy to be tough on him.


I’m tired of listening to the constant whining from Debuchy. Bring back Jenko and be done with it.

Harish P

Jenko wants to play football too, hence why he’s at West Ham.


Not much football gets played at West Ham. Snarf snarf.

This joke would have worked better a year ago.

Mein Bergkampf

I don’t think it’ll be that easy. There may well be no clause for Jenko to return and he seems to be happy and getting a lot of playing time at the Hammers. If we ship one RB and piss off another, it’s pretty bad management of the situation. To me this is a no brainer. We need two quality players in each position to mount a serious title challenge. Therefore Debuchy stays. He’s a good RB and an important squad player. Our concern is not whether he plays in the Euros, he is contracted to Arsenal to be used… Read more »


I’m of the opinion that if he is more worried about playing for France than he is contributing and fighting for his place at arsenal, then he should be cut loose.


Would it not be an option to use him in a similar way to which we are using Gibbs at the moment, but in a different way, use him in his correct position and push Bellerin ahead of him at Right Wing ? Bellerin hasn’t been as consistent as he was before his injury and whilst he’s back starting, the option of pushing him forward for the last 25mins seems a good option for us, Hector’s crossing and pace are his best attributes and would make the opposition more aware of that threat in the closing stages of games. I… Read more »


I think that in the context of Bellerin’s mediocre form since coming back from injury and the fact that DB doesn’t play tell us a lot about AW’s attitude to him at the moment.


It might well help if he played somewhere approaching “well” when he got the chance. Otherwise its just the richest kid in the playground bemoaning that his football is punctured.
Heaven forbid a professional footballer should take some responsibility himself.


He may feel aggrieved but no way arsene will let him leave in the January transfer window. In the summer though…..

Harish P

Depends how hard Debuchy pushes. He REALLY wants that spot in the national squad for potentially his last chance in a tournament for France, as he said. Wenger wouldn’t completely turn that down.


Don’t blame his attitude. I know this will be thumbed down because from our perspective it’s not helpful, but from his, he needs playing time. You can’t really argue to buckle down and fight for his place. He’s older and Bellerin has emerged as one of the best RBs in the league. He won’t play unless Hector gets injured again. It’s simple, if you’re AW you keep him, if you’re Matthieu you want to play. My guess is that the Olympiakos will alter a lot of our thinking. If we end up in the Europa League (shudder), Debuchy will see… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

I think whatever happens he’ll stay – we’ve enough to worry about in terms of the January market without the assumptive need for a new RB (we can’t recall the Corporal sadly) and he’s a very good fullback as evidenced by his pre-injury performances. There’s also the distinct possibility that Bellerin’s form will dip in which case an international quality back up is a massive asset. Understand his view though, it’s not as if he’s a dyed-in-the-wool gooner and at 30 he’ll be desperate to play in what might be his last international tournament, particularly given it’s being played on… Read more »


I have sympathy too, but at the same time I can’t help but get a little annoyed by all these interviews. It’s not as though he’s a particularly famous or revered player, which leads me to think that unless he and his management were actively seeking these journos out they wouldn’t be happening. I just think these things should concern the player, his manager and potentially the national coach. Mind you, I’ve never been his biggest fan, was quite disappointed when we signed him, so perhaps I’m just biased.


I can’t say I was disappointed, when you look back at Santos and Eboue you can’t complain about signing an experienced full back with prem history. Having said that I’m over the moon that Bellerin has become one of our most improved players and an important part of the team.


he is a french international right back. if he can’t deal with competition from a young and upcoming 20 year old right back, it’s a poor reflection on his attitude.


Well he forget to measure that when given the chance to play he play shit footballer it never their fault it alway someone else fault what make him think that he will play ahead of the other two right back are in the France square maybe he should think about that when given the chance and play well to get more chance ahead of others in the team,we all the injury wasn’t his fault but not playing well that someone he can change and not by talking but by doing what he has to do on the pitch

it isn'tomas rosicky

“You can’t be in the French squad if you play a game once a month or less than that. You can’t be fit, and can’t be mentally focused.” I can see that it’s hard being match fit, but mentally focused? If you’re tough and determined you can. Following that logic no player would ever break into a starting eleven. But if you’re worried abut what’s going to happen in June 2016 rather than the next game, you’re probably likely to under-perform.


Selection is (primarily) based on form…
As a reader its bewildering hearing an experienced player be so confident leaving guarantees games, if he can’t get Bellerin (however talented) an unexperienced much younger player out of his position what hope does he have getting Sagna and Jallet out of the French squad?


Nothing wrong with the interview at all. He’s been very unlucky with injury and rise of Bellerin. He’s been rusty when back but that isn’t a surprise. He is/was a quality full back. Need to keep him as it will keep the pressure on Bellerin and is healthy competition.


Why would I have sympathy for him? He chose to leave Newcastle, and for whatever reasons he has failed in to make the grade. Maybe he should work harder at regaining his place. This interview is extremely disloyal to a club that’s been paying his considerable wages, to sit on the bench or lay on the treatment table. If he thinks that doing this interview will encourage the club to sell him than I am sure Wenger will do the opposite. However, the opposite thought given how much the club control communication is that this is a managed way of… Read more »


Oh please, he’s a good player who wants to play. He needs to toughen up but interviews disrespecting? Come on…

Me, Myself & Arsene

Debuchy’s been (very) unlucky with injuries – no thanks helped by the petulance from Arnautovic – and when he arrived he filled the void left by Bac extremely competently. When he had to play centre back he performed admirably under a lot of pressure – a real grinder and the kind of character you’d want in your team. While I understand his plight in not being involved in the national team set-up ahead of a tournament his country are hosting, the timing of this interview is shocking; we have our biggest game of the season so far in just over… Read more »

Man Manny

Difficult situation to be in. I don’t see things changing this season except Bellerin is injured (I pray not).
This situation shows how difficult it is to manage a team of players who all feel they should be playing; the manager faces a losing battle of trying to make each player happy.

Evang. Simon

This is a very dicey situation all fingers crossed till January.
in other news:
ChelshitFC are now the most consistent team
in the EPL.
1 win in August
1 win in September
1 win in October
1 win in November. .
Chelsea’s win now comes once in every month
like MENSTRUAL CIRCLE… If they go without a
win this month… They are PREGNANT!

Thierry Bergkamp

He signed a contract, he is no longer first choice. Shit happens deal with it. Be quiet and take your chance when it arrives, just like Coq, Hector, Monreal and Campbell (to a lesser extent).


Why Campbell to a lesser extent?

i think he has taken his chance with aplomp.

Why always minimise the potential of players?

I bet you did not think Bellerin or Coquelin would make the grade.

Monreal went through a sticky patch at the start with us too.

Older players can get better.

Koscielny himself was a magnet for red cards and own goals first season with us.

Debuchy hasn’t had a settled start because of injury.


Aplomp is my new favourite word.

Thierry Bergkamp

Campbell to a lesser extent because with everybody fit, his place in the starting 11 isn’t guaranteed. The other players I mentioned start every game. If we had our first choice midfield partnership, Ramsey would take Campbells place. No?


Dude is just a big fan of Campbell. Truth is Campbell hasn’t done anything to prove he’s good enough to be in the starting 11.
Santori seems to have something for the “underdogs”. Not a bad thing, but you’ve got to admit when they’re just not good enough.

Merlin's Panini

It’s a shame how it’s worked out for him here. That piece of thuggery from Arnautovic appears to have stopped his Arsenal career in its tracks. If that hadn’t happened you can’t help but wonder if we would even be seeing Bellerin now. I’m glad that we are because he’s probably my favourite right back we’ve had. He’s just so exciting. Before Bellerin we’ve had a number of very solid right backs… and Eboue, but no one who has made me ever say “wow” like Bellerin. I think we’ll have to see Debuchy moved on in the summer, not January,… Read more »


Personally I feel sorry for the man – he wants to play and to play internationally.

That said, from a supporter’s view, it’s tough shit. We need the cover for RB.

He performed poorly when given the chance. If he’s the type of player that needs a run of games to get motoring, we don’t really have that luxury if we’re title contending.

Can’t help feeling he should stop talking to the press and get his head down in training. If he did that, there’d be little need for meetings.

Alexis trousers

Actually, theres’s a way to address his lack of football without hurting the team, although its nota a straightforward solution. Buy a promising CB and let Chambers deputise at right back. This year Debuchy has been a waste of space.


Footballers who winge really do annoy me. If he was going the extra mile in training, and was really up for it and tried to seize the moment when he did get his chances instead of what I’ve seen from him which has never really impressed. Then he’d provide competition for bellerin instead he’s moaning and looking for a downgrade in club.


I don’t blame him for wanting to go. With Hector playing so well, and being much younger, Debuchy’s long-term prospects at Arsenal don’t look too good. And who wouldn’t want to play in a major tournament in his home country?

But I can’t see Wenger letting him go this January – not unless he can get a replacement in the same window.


Debuchy is okay with being loaned out so the obvious solution would be to loan him to westham and take jenkinson back

Me So Hornsey

The game against Spurs was the first time he looked remotely like the right back we all saw when he first joined. Before that most of his performances were alarmingly bad. That period was his chance to snatch his place back and it was a good chance. He failed miserably.

Harsh as it sounds but I have to agree that if he takes 6 or 7 matches to get ‘match sharp’, he really has got limited use as a back up rb in a title race.

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

The last game he played for us was pretty solid. He’s a quality player if he can get that run of games in but Bellerin, despite not performing as brightly the past two matches or so has the benefit of youth on his side.

And I don’t think he’s “whining” either. The man is a professional who has aspirations to play for his country this upcoming summer (on home soil), he was asked these questions and simply answered them matter-of-factly. Nothing wrong with that either. I don’t recall him once speaking poorly of the club


He’s looking out for his interests which he has a right to do (even if the attitude is a bit disappointing). On the other hand, Wenger has to look out for the interests of the club and should not consider letting him go in January. I say this not just because of our need for cover but, if tonight’s game doesn’t go extremely well, there’s a good chance Debuchy will be getting plenty of game time in Europe in the next few months.


You have to give it to him. He is being honest. I think he has struggled to hit form since return from injury and has played slightly deeper and closer to the Cback bc of pace issues (fitness) but that has been to detriment of performance. I can see his frustration but the best man of course gets the starting berth. Wenger hedged his bets when he let Sagna leave. He had the rising Bellerin (which wasn’t on anyone’s radar). He brought in Chambers who was a RBack for Soton but whom he wanted to explore his versatility and he… Read more »


I think people are not so much begrudging his desire to leave as the public way he has gone about expressing that desire. And, to only a slightly lesser extent, his apparent lack of application in trying to work his way back into the starting XI.


As far as Chambers is concern, I think Wenger should frankly stop experimenting with him in various positions because it is retarding his growth (if at very best stalling it) He was a natural RBack for Soton and doing well in the position and we should use him there, let him develop and get use to something more familiar first. Instead, come the summer, we should be bringing a specialist Cback in to eventually pair up with Gabriel but for next season understudy Per and Koscielny with the Brasilian. Metersecker will likely take a more retiring role over next 2… Read more »

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Maybe someone should have told HIM at Stoke railway station to get out while he could.


The other thing to consider of course is Bellerin may go through a rough patch too or injury. Wenger may not feel compelled to entrust Calum at Rback and may prefer the experience of Debuchy So it may not be till the summer that Wenger will feel comfortable enough to let him go. All depends on who we may/can bring in for midfield (enough to free Flamini as a back up option at Rback) or if Wenger feels Calum can muster sufficient form in a more familiar position at rback rather than experiment with him in midfield. Wenger’s track reconrd… Read more »


Last game, Wenger put Chambers in right midfield ahead of Bellerin to counter Sunderland’s wing backs in their 5-4-1 formation and see the game out at 2-1.

Credit Wenger for making an astute tactical change.

But also notice he used Calum instead of Debuchy.

Canuck Gunner

I have absolutely no problem with him willing to leave to get more game time. My problem is him making it public. All that does is piss off supporters who now question his loyalty and his ability to earn his spot back. But can’t see letting him go, because if we do and Hector gets hurt, we’d be pretty screwed (even more than we already are).


I don’t blame him, if you were playing as number one, and then some unfortunate injuries mean you come back and can’t play, why shouldn’t you look elsewhere? Before his injuries he was playing well, looked solid. But at the end of the day, his understudy has taken his place, and held onto it, rightly so also. But that doesn’t mean he should be happy. He is also unlucky because Bellerin has hit the ground running, and nobody could really see his impact as a player happening like it has, so he is a victim of circumstance. Let him leave,… Read more »


He speaks as if Bellerin will never pick up an injury. Is that not an opportunity to regain your position? Anyway all those questions were asked by cunts, what kind of professional would answer those questions?

Surrey Gooner

pretty sure Dubuchy must have had more media appearances than at Right back by now.
Horrible luck with injuries but too much time moaning and not taking his chances when they’ve come (don’t remember Ramsey whining when he was out of sorts and he had fans on his back giving him grief as well) I reckon it’s a left over Newcastle attitude of assuming he should walk into the team regardless.
I think he’s a good RB but he needs to realize he needs to fight for the privilege – it’ll make him a better player


Since Arsenal pay his wages, shouldn’t his priority be helping the team win the league, not getting in the France squad?


I’d like Arsenal/Arsene to be more selfish in this matter. Bellerin has done admirably well up until this point but his recent performances have been slightly subpar. Just the opportunity Debuchy could grab to get back into the first team. Even if he doesn’t, I’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing Debuchy is there to deputize if ever Bellerin goes down with a knock; rather than relying on Chambers or Flamini as a last resort.

Sylent Syd

I like Debuchy, but he seems driven on a false preminition that if he plays weekly, he’ll just walk back into the French Euro squad. But they’ve been pretty solid in his absence, and if Mathieu plays anything like his recent Gunners’ appearances, he wont be guaranteed anything, no matter how often he plays. Be careful what you wish for, Monsieur…

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