Reports: Welbeck comeback delayed


Arsenal’s hopes of having Danny Welbeck back in the side in January have been scuppered as reports this morning suggest the striker has had a setback in his rehabilitation from a knee injury.

The England international suffered the injury towards the end of last season, and it while it was hoped he wouldn’t have to undergo surgery, an operation was carried out to repair bruising to his knee ligaments.

Now it appears that the expected return date next month has been pushed back until February at least, which will be a worry to Arsene Wenger.

Speaking earlier this month, Welbeck spoke about getting back to first team action, saying, “It is hard but you have to see the positive side and I have learnt a lot more being injured on how to look after your body and prevent injuries.

“I have to see the positive side and hopefully when I come back, I will be flying.”

With a midfielder most certainly on the shopping list come January, his absence might also have Arsene Wenger thinking about a recruit in the forward areas, where an injection of quality would cdertainly be a useful addition in the second half of the season.

Jose Antonio Reyes signed in January 2004, so a ‘Mark II’ would be nice. But we’ll probably just get Jose Antonio Reyes.


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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Of course.


Absolutely, hate it. It can’t be a coincidence that EVERY player faces a setback and never returns on the date that is previously said. Every time there’s a good few weeks delay in players returning.

Rosicky Wilshere Welbz were due back by Christmas. Won’t play till Feb.

DONT expect Cazorla/Coquelin to play a huge role this season.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

But Sanchez may be available for City game !

bims lay

that’s because sanchez is superman and not even injury can keep him away from football…..i swear this guy will hop around on the pitch with one leg if you let him


I’ve basically just excepted that Santi and Le Coq’s season’s are both done.

With our medical team, they’ll probably be out until next year.


How optimistic, next year is only a few weeks away.

Goone's Farm

He probably meant they’ll be back in a years ti…oh.


Ha, touche.

But in all seriousness, I doubt they’ll be back for the rest of the season.

I also like how many people disliked my comment, as if I was saying something that wasn’t true.

For me, our medical team must be doing something wrong for our players to continually be getting set backs during their recovery.


the Standard are reporting today that the story about Welbeck having a set back are rubbish and that his return date has not changed.

Post January Blip

Well that’s just fucking swell… Get well soon Welbz!


All from a bruised knee. Damn it, who would have thought. I mean….really?! REALLY!!?! Fuck my life…..half tempted to say something tedious like Sign Guedes or this player or that player…but i mean whats the point.


its not from a bruised knee as such or what is considered a bruise in the conventional meaning of the word , or even as the article says bruised ligaments, its from what is known as a bruised bone, which in fact is more like tiny fractures inside the bone and it can lead to a full on fracture. A bruised bone can be considered a small step from a full on fracture. Rest is the normal first treatment, which is what happened to both Welbeck and Rosicky, only when this does not work, should an operation take place, again… Read more »

Le Jim

Well, fuck.

Sign Eva just for the fun of it? It would be nice to see Mourinho go completely mental 😉


Better for her to go back to Chelsea, as she wants to.

Having lost the dressing room he might as have problems with the backroom staff too.


She’s half the reason why Chelsea is a complete mess. The rumours surrounding her weren’t good, and obv I take them all with a pinch of salt, but I heard she was having fun with a couple of the players which was undoubtedly going to cause problems within their team. So mourinho found an excuse to get rid and the whole thing has blown up in his face. He’s lost the dressing room and if the rumours are true, she’s obviously the catalyst. End of the day it could be complete bs but it would explain a lot. I’d rather… Read more »


Sounds like the generic discrimination / sexism that seems to fester within the game.
Bit embarrassing that people can’t consider a female making their way to the top without performing certain “acts”.


Firstly I never said nor implied that women can’t be successful without “performing certain acts” or without using their sexuality. I also didn’t condone any actions mourinho or Chelsea took against her either as they were unjustified.

Anyway it seems like it’s a sensitive issue that’s easily misinterpreted so probably best to leave it and move on as suggested..

Le Jim

Pretty sure there are other ways to fire a doctor than gender (?) harassment

Michael Estes

No, she’s not even 1 percent of Chelsea’s problems. She is a symptom. You think a nice looking, intelligent physio even dents the psyche of an overpaid footballer who constantly has woman throwing themselves at him? I couldn’t care less whether she was “having fun with a couple of the players” or not. Nobody deserves to be treated the way Mourinho treated her. Mourinho is the only cook in that kitchen.


She’s a doctor, not a physio.


so, you’re basically saying mourinho knew about the doctor “having fun” with a couple of players, and rather than saying that truth and firing her for that reason, he instead chose to fire her in a way that he gets all the blame and the football club and players and the doctor, all appear innocent? 😀


Regardless of who did what I urge people to drive carefully past Stamford Bridge as they are giving everyone 3 point at the moment.


Not that it’ll make any difference to him. He won’t be there…..

the only sam is nelson

shockedy-fucking-doo-dah, an injury setback. who would have thought it?


Poor Welbz. I really miss his dynamism and workrate . I would really fancy that Aubameyang guy though.

Arsenal hurts

Oh if only! With a guy like Aubameyang we would be pl faves by a long shot n also have a shot for cl for years to come. Remember when we had Henry Bergkamp Wiltord Kanu…. Btw everton looking for a someone to replace Stones with, if we could use Chambers as bait… we’d also stop whomever rival club thatd buy him strengthing. You may say that im a dreamer but we have the money 😛

Arsenal hurts

To all the guys disagreeing: do you really think its wrong way to go or maybe an impossible idea? Eitherway just come on! Where’s your ambission?? Without that we fans are as well as dead!


For god’s sake. This is unbelievable.

Giroud's Flicks

Is it? Is it really though?


I’d wait for confirmation from a reliable source before getting annoyed about any supposed setback, it seems the Mirror are the ones who started the rumor, and it was not even their AFC correspondent John Cross who had the article, which in itself is off if there is anything to it. to me at the moment the article looks nothing more than a slow news day article, with not one piece of solid new info in it. not a mention of what sort of set back, what level of training he was up to when said set back happened. yes… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

Isn’t this what Hodgson said at the time of the operation though? I seem to remember something like that: Wenger said January, Hodgson said March.

Personally I would usually be inclined to trust Wenger over Hodgson, but when it comes to Welbeck that might be a different matter – if Welbeck could reproduce his England form for us on a consistent basis he’d be our first choice number nine in a matter of months.


If we sign senor Reyes, I will have to dig out my ‘Artillero’ t-shirt from way back then. He was truly fantastic when he was on song.

Cliff Bastin

When he retires as Arsenal’s all time 2nd highest scorer they should make a statue of him of when he celebrated the goal that knocked manure out of the fa cup.

Bring back my coq :(

This is natures way of telling us to go for Riyad Mahrez!


Mahrez is a possibility, in summer though. No chance Leicester will sell/he will want to leave in January.

Bring back my coq :(

Maybe. But i hope we at least approach them because even if we won’t, many top European clubs will have this lad on their radar. Lets not forget we barely spent in the summer with the reason that we couldn’t find right player. There should be no excuse with this lad.
We were missing a natural RW anyways and with santi out for a long period Ramsey is no longer an option on the right. Top teams always drain top player from lower teams, hope we start doing this more often.

Anonymous Physicist

I’ve said this before, but I would be incredibly disappointed with the state of football of Leicester sold any of their important players in January. Sure, they probably won’t win the league in the end, but as long as they’re up there they sure as hell should be trying, and their players will be worth just as much in the summer.

David C

nice player, but I’d much rather us get a central midfielder. Seems we have more injury-prone players there. Isco is pretty upset at Real; I wonder if he would be a good addition…


He’s not a centre mid, he’d occupy Ozil or Sanchez’s position, and I know which combination of the three I’d rather have (hint: it’s what we’ve already got)

Vladimir Petrovic.

It will be confirmed on the day after the winter window closes having not signed a replacement.


If welbeck is having a setback in his rehabilitation, I wonder what news we will get from Wilshere.

Michael Estes

Yes, Joel Campbell has stepped up his game recently, but he’ll never be as good as Welbeck. For better or worse, this Arsenal team needs it’s forwards and wingers to adjust to Ozil’s thinking, and I’m afraid Campbell just doesn’t have the footballing mind to do so. Welbeck does. Get well soon, as Arsenal can’t keep withdrawing from it’s credit line without making more deposits. I don’t care about the January transfer window (unless of course a defensive midfielder better than Coquelin is available), I just want Welbeck and Sanchez back. Coquelin and Cazorla would be nice, but not as… Read more »


Did I just read, cazorla and coquelin , not important ?!

Pass me some of your stash dude.

Michael Estes

Hey dude, my stash comes directly from legal Colorado, but that’s beside the point I have an opinion you disagree with. Please state your disagreement instead of just being a yob.


Campbell can walk on and off the field under his own power. That’s a skill set unmatched on the Arsenal team.

Michael Estes

I’m sorry, as a CONCACAF fan, I find him lacking. But please, prove me wrong. I watch every Arsenal match, just as you do. Tell me why you disagree instead of being a yob w/o explanations.


Yeah, I did that. The fact Campbell can stay healthy is an important asset for a team that is having to put youngsters on the bench just to fill the roster. And I live in the US just like you and watch CONCACAF just like you. I felt Costa Ricans national team was badly mismanaged by Wanchope, which is why it should be no surprise he was fired and that Campbell returned to scoring again with Oscar Ramirez as head coach. Even if we were to assume national team performance is some great sign of a players attributes to the… Read more »

Michael Estes

Yeah you read that. Wake up hot shot, This Arsenal side needs to understand Mesut, in spite of the ridiculous antipathy toward his Turkish background. Why are the YOBS on this site so racist? Cause you’re all British. Wake up.. The side is multicultural as are the fans. Why can’t Brits open their minds?

Perry S.

Campbell it is until then!


I think this is bullshit, how he can have a setback when he is not even started running outside, if he has wenger would said so as he stated that rosicky is running already.

Maybe we are more cautious , but don’t believe he has a setback.



Yankee Gooner

So you don’t believe that it’s possible to get a setback in any of the rehab he’s been doing prior to rejoining the squad? I’m sure he’s been on a bicycle and weights since Day 1, and the smallest setback usually means you get a period of time of complete rest, which sets you back in your rehab, etc. These setbacks after surgeries shouldn’t surprise anyone–not just because it’s Arsenal–but because they’re incredibly common. For an anecdotal example, toward the end of my ACL rehab, I went up in weight on the leg press in a standard increment, but on… Read more »


But welbeck didn’t have ACL injury, and maybe is a case more of slowly getting him back and not risk him to get the setback you talking about then that he already got a setback.

Yankee Gooner

Fair enough, but my point is that you don’t dick around with a knee injury and that just about any aggravation in the knee–whether the blinkered part or not–is reason to tap the brakes. I don’t think it’s some injury conspiracy, as did the post to which I was replying.


reyes is still active. Bring him back 😉


It’s an Arsenal curse, I tell you !
Am I right in thinking Danny wasn’t injury prone at Man Ure?


Don’t recall the details, but he had his share of injuries with Man U.


Sad.., just predictably, sad. Get well soon Welbeck.


Calum Chambers has every bit as much potential as John bloody Stones, the only difference is Stones has had more football. I accept he’s an exciting prospect but we have a future gem on our hands as it is

number 7

Erm, Shad, can I have a quick word please…….?

Gunner Rob

Arsenal in injury setback shocker, there’s a novelty.
Get well soon Danny.

Mr Eko

I’m beginning to think the club was being economical with the truth. Roy Hodgson may have been correct about when he’ll back.


I don’t think the club has a clue what’s going on with Welbeck’s knee tbh; just look at how long it took them to decide whether to operate. It’s all very weird and I don’t expect to see him back this season at all.


Even injured, he’s still scoring more goals than Manchester United are this season.


Mahrez would be a great signing and would at least give us the option of Alexis up front if anything were to happen to Giroud and/or Walcott, but don’t see Wenger doing that type of move in January with what it will cost as he is in high demand. Not surprisingly at all unfortunately with Welbeck being out for a longer period and honestly would not be surprised to see it being even longer. Seems like a very strange situation that just keeps dragging on (similar to Rosicky that one year with the hamstring issue and Wilshere any number of… Read more »

Ozil's eyes

This is why I doubt the competency of our medical department. I am convinced he will not play this season. Another Wilshere/Rosicky/Vermalen all over again.

Sign Eva


I’m crushed…no really, I’m completely crushed! How can any team dream about CL or EPL glory without a clinical finisher and polished player like Welbeck? We’re doomed….

Kosc' other Pocket

Get well soon Welby!

the stoat

Same shit different day


I wasn’t expecting Welbz back until next season to be honest, and for a comment about Campbell not having a footballing brain, hmm I think he has what it takes and could get even better than Welbeck, as you saw in the Villa game and a couple of games before that. So are we that worried that we don’t have Welbeck back? Why? Walcott, Ramsey, Ox are back and Giroud is on form, Sanchez will be back soon and the Flam’s not doing too bad in the middle of the park either, what’s the problem? Gunners will be fine. Up… Read more »

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Danny UNWELLbeck. Francis CROCKelin. Santi CaSOREla. Jack WHEELCHAIR. Tomas RoSICKy.

MikILL Arteta.

DIREby, though obviously he has gone. DIEaby is too harsh, though works better given the sound.


Depressingly predictable news. Hope we at least see him play this season. Must be miserable to spend this long out with what was described as such a seemingly minor injury.

Pretty sure news this won’t elicit any transfer activity from Arsene in January. It didn’t in the summer so no reason to suppose it will now. Likewise, I think there’s zero chance that we will go for Mahrez and even if we did the competition would guarantee a price Wenger wouldn’t (perhaps rightly) be prepared to meet.




It’s only available as an ebook, as nobody would want to carry a thousand-page book.


Wow both Ozil and Sanchez linked to Madrid in the last 2 days. I’ll assume this is a taster of what’s to come.



Do an Ozil! Come back stronger! And fitter!

Arshavin's fake moustache

I’m with Stillman – I think Welbeck, Theo and Sanchez would be a terrifying front 3 for opposing teams. Get well soon Danny boy!


Even more terrifying is the thought of Ozil sitting behind them and pulling the strings.