Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Wenger: Debuchy exit ‘not impossible’

Arsene Wenger admits Mathieu Debuchy could leave Arsenal in January, although the manager has stressed he’d be happy for his compatriot to stay at the Emirates.

The right-back lost his place to Hector Bellerin last season after suffering two long-term injuries and has been increasingly frustrated by his lack of game time this year.

Afraid he’ll miss out on next summer’s European Championships in France, the 30-year-old has spoken openly about his desire to nail down regular first team football even if means quitting the Gunners prematurely.

Debuchy has been linked with a move to West Bromwich Albion and old club Newcastle while a return to Ligue 1 has also been mooted.

It remains to be seen whether an exit is on a permanent basis or not, Wenger only telling his weekly press conference that a move, “is not impossible” in January. He added: “We’ll see. I’m happy if he stays. But we’ll see.”

Arseblog News did learn that Debuchy was due to start the game against Bournemouth on Monday only to be replaced in the starting lineup at the last minute by Bellerin. The Frenchman was an unused substitute.

Having paid £12 million to Newcastle in July 2014 it looks as though we’ll be taking a financial hit.

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Sell him to barca for 15 million.

Arsene's zip

Agent Fabregas and agent van Persie have done their jobs with their respective clubs, it’s time for agent Vermaelen to fuck Barca up before February.

Toure motors

That’s him gone so, shame but hector is the far better bit. Debuchy’s reaction to not automatically getting his place back was pretty poor

David C

agreed. I have to say his price, age, and attitude makes him one of our worst signings in a while.


well, actually just the attitude. defenders are worth more experienced, and in this day and age, 12 million for the staring french international right back is quite good. Just the attitude, makes me wonder how did he get so far in his career if he wasn’t competitive?

Mr. G

Exactly! However Wenger needs to sit him down, tell him to stop moaning and act like the professional a player of his age and experience should act like.

There’s enough business that needs to be done in the January transfer window. Unless we’re planning to recall Jenkinson, we should keep Debuchy because title-winning squads need depth, and most of ours is injured.


…and you can pretty much guarantee Bellerin will get injured the minute Debuchy leaves.


Maybe it’s because I’ve been a fan of Debuchy for quite a while but I can’t see much wrong with his attitude. We don’t know how hard he’s been trying; we just know that he’s been understandably worried about not playing. He might have been doing everything right and Wenger still decided Bellerin was better for the team. Fans get too precious about players not wanting to stay with their club (e.g. Di Maria and ManU fans) – but most fans have little invested in those decisions. They can become so attached because there’s little at stake for them. The… Read more »

Toure motors



He’s a moron to leave a club that’s gonna win the league or at least have as great chance to do it this season.
Its a shame that he puts his priorities over the clubs..
Sell him to league 2

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

He doesn’t seem to be the only moron on planet earth, sir. I have lot of respect for players who are not happy on the bench. If you wanna win things then you need unhappy players on the bench. Debuchy had been french international ahead of Sagna. Bellerin is full of talent but hadn’t achieved much yet.


giroud wasn’t happy on the bench. look at the way he reacted. being unhappy’s not the the only thing. you gotta fight for your place, not take flight. if you wanna leave, for whatever reason, you say it to the manager, not the press.

Bould's Eyeliner

Giroud also got subbed in from the bench how many games? Especially as a defender, you need a run of games.


Or manshity for euro22.5M

Corona X

But what if Bellerin gets injured? Which, let’s face it, is a high probability when playing for Arsenal…





Corona X

Chambers can’t cover central midfield, right back and be 4th choice central defender! It’s a recipe for disaster with our ongoing injury problems.

Unyoke the ox

Bring Jenko back! The Arsenal YouTube channel has been missing his and Ox’s comedy double act. He’s a pretty good rb too

David C

Carl’s lost his place at West Ham. He’s been pretty poor of late, sadly.


Bring back Jenks!


No way should we let debuchy leave in January, we are trying to win the league and will need him to play 5-6 games between now and end of season ,and that’s if bellerin does not get a injury ,so who cares about the euro’s ,and if Arsene lets him go on loan it will be Arsene’ head that will fall if bellerin picks up a injury and we struggle at right back. I am sick of these players who think their country comes first while getting paid probably £80k a week, it’s time they start concentrating on their club… Read more »


I heard rumours that our star players consistency, harmony and spirit are all not happy if debuchy continue to sulk. We will take a financial loss if we shipped him out, but this is better than angering our three key players this season.


But debuchy might change his mind and change for the better after agent sagna speak to him. So let’s wait and see….


hector and jenkinson compeating for the spot is good for the team . Jenkinson has done brilliantly and west ham

Luis Boa Muerte

Not this season he hasn’t – red cards, penalties and own goals galore. James Tomkins has taken his starting spot.

M Theobald

I think I’d start him against Newcastle. Bellerin has played 3 games in a week, give him a break before his hamstring snaps


So would I but only if Gabriel and kos are in the centre because every game mert and debuchy have started together this season I think we have lost and look very exposed for pace on that side with those 2


Incredibly unprofessional behavior. I mean, this guy should consider him self lucky just to be in the Arsenal squad. We should send him to our B squad instead of selling him.


I’m a big fan of debuchy. His situation is really unfortunate but he has been very vocal and to the point about his unhappiness and maybe that hasn’t done him any favours. It’s a shame really because those 2 injuries really changed everything. Hector filled in better than anyone could have realistically expected.


At this point i think we should congratulate Gibbs with the way he has been carrying himself.

Jack Wheelchair

Wenger should fo what’s best for Arsenal. You can’t sell an experienced reserve just because he has his own agenda.
Keeping him is better for the squad….end of. We’ve a league and cup double to win.


[email protected] made amistake when we loose agenist west ham n we get nock out of league cup due to poor perfomance when bellarin was injurd…this guy useless betterwe sell him…n get goo scuad when we face barca

Arctic Troll

Who are all these idiots slagging off Debuchy for being upset at being on the bench?

We don’t want or need players happy to sit on their arses and collect their pay cheque. Players not happy at playing are a good thing.

I’d loan him out and see what happens in the summer.

Parlour's pay packet

The questions being raised against him are about the way he’s gone public with a desire to move. Less moaning, bitching and complaining. Needs to get his head down in training and put in a shift when his opportunities arise.


You can be upset sitting on the bench but when he had game time, he did little to justify him being the no.1 rightback again. I know he’s been out for a while and is rusty but rather then moaning after a couple of poor performances, I’d rather he buckle up and work his socks off for his place back.

If he only started moaning last month then maybe you’d have a case but he started pretty much a month into the season.


Corporal Jenkinson report for duty to the N5 parade ground, chest out, shoulders back lovely boy!


I don’t understand the flack he is getting. Yes blah blah he should be loyal to club blah blah they pay his £80k a week wages blah blah – it’s 2015, few players at all have emotional ties to the club they are playing for unless they are playing every week and doing well with them. And why should they? He wants to be the starting right back for his country when the Euro’s are played in his country. What on earth is wrong with that? If anything, it transcends money and suchlike. Bellerin is a better right back and… Read more »


In general I think everyone would agree, except for the bit in the report about him going from being ‘due to start’ to an unused substitute against Bournemouth, with no further explanation (but effectively implying a dummy-spit). Perhaps this could be clarified?


Another possibility is that a deal to ship him out had progressed to the stage where they didn’t want to jeopardize it with a potential injury.


Can we actually get Jenks back? Or was that deal for the year?


Sell him back to Newcastle for a new third kit from Sports Direct??

Crazy Lehmann

He has a history of sulking before while angling to move from his boyhood club, Lille to Newcastle. His behavior isn’t surprising.


I wonder if he has a better chance of winning Euro 2016 with France or the PL with us. I wouldn’t bet on the former.


Debuchy should be starting IMO, Bellerin’s performances have been piss poor and he’s starting to look his age. Fortunately for the Spaniard he returned to fitness just when Debuchy was finding his form.

Luis Boa Muerte

I disagree that he’s been piss poor but he hasn’t quite lived up to last season. Even so his runs forward have become a big component of our attack. Take those out by replacing him with a dull potato of a full back like Debuchy and I think our forwards will find their movement doesn’t find as much space as before.

Just cut our losses. Chambers has even probably been a bit better than Debuchy at rb so let him have the game time he needs.

Ben Hayes

his frustrations are understandable, however when debucey gets a run off games under his belt i think we can all agree he is a fine full back, so critiscm of his ability in my eyes in slightly unjust. His career with us just doesnt seem to be written in the stars, as the unfortuante injurys he suffered (especially the one against stoke) coincided with the emergance of Hector. i echo the thoughts of others in the sense that letting debucey go in january is incontrovertible, simply due the need to have 4 full backs to manage through a season, regardless… Read more »


As I understand it, he refused to start against Bournemouth as he didn’t want an injury immediately before the transfer window opens. Honestly even allowing for that to be only a rumour, he has been an unprofessional sulking wimp since his arrival. Make him stay. We need the cover, fuck his European hopes.

Cygan like Donkey Kong

Swap him for adam smith at bournemouth. He’s an alright defender but has got a great engine and attacking prowess.

Cygan like Donkey Kong

Wait. Just checked his bio and he’s a sp*r junior. The deal, and adam smith, are dead to me.


I feel for Debuchy. If not for those 2 injuries, he might still be in our first XI. He is a experienced BPL player and should be better than Bellerin. But yet his actions speak otherwise. He should really learn from Gibbs and Monreal. I still remember clearly when there’s a strong fight for the LB position. Gibbs has really been used very sparingly. But he does make a meal out of it. He gets on with it and try to impress when given time on the pitch. Or maybe even Campbell. Seriously to only be able to play for… Read more »


I mentioned he is likely going. The writing was on the wall when Wenger elected to play Chambers screening in front of Bellerin instead of Debuchy.

If he goes, Chambers will likely revert to his natural position at RB should we get a new central mid


Yeah lets not let chambers start in multiple positions, I am scared he progresses to be another Djourou. Remember what that stint at RB made him become?

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