Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Elneny shirt number revealed

New boy Mohamed Elneny will wear shirt number 35 for Arsenal after his signing from FC Basel was completed today.

At his former club he wore 33, so this is 2 better. The 33 shirt is, of course, currently held by Petr Cech so the Egyptian international has plumped for 35 because of complex mathematics.

35 is 2 more than 33, but 5-3 is 2 and when you take that 2 away from 35 you have 33 so it’s all Hunky Dory and he doesn’t have to worry about the ch-ch-change that much.

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Jack Wheelchair

Let’s all hope he can be our Star Man…..


Chambers really needs to change his shirt to 36
As a Wu Tang fan I’d even buy the horrible 3rd kit with that on the back.

Welcome, El Neny Neny, best of luck my bubble-permed friend


36 Chambers with an incredible verse from inspectah cech

Jamie Vardinho

hahaha absolutely loving the wu tang references.


I’m by no means a petitions man, but I could get behind a petition for this… a Chambers 36 shirt would be legendary


Looking forward to seeing el neny play against stoke


Get in… ASAP… Please.


My advice to him is don’t let Alexis and Giroud introduce you to their hair dresser. He will make you tidy with a friendly face. We want a wild boy in that midfield

Man Manny

Just check out the age range of these boys and you’ll see what Arsene is quietly building.
Bellerin – 21
Chambers – 21
Gabriel – 25
Coquelin – 24
Elneny – 23
Wilshere – 23
Ramsey – 24
Ox-Chamberlain -23
Campbell – 23
Welbeck – 25
Add Ozil -27, Alexis – 27, Walcott -27, and you will see a team that will play together for many seasons.
If we sign a CB in the summer ( as Mertesacker’s immediate successor), and a striker, an extremely exciting team emerges.
Why am I having this feeling that Arsene should stay on?

John C

Ramsey’s 25

John C

And crap, so is Chamberlain and Wilshere’s always injured, as is Welbeck. No one’s seen El Neny play and Chambers has yet to convince or find a position in the team.


Ramsey’s crap? ………. alrighty then

John C

I guess you didn’t watch yesterdays match


What are you on about the welsh jesus is crap. Just a few weeks ago the pundits, yes those torrid fuckers, were saying he is the best midfielder in the league now. I dont take into that debat because im gunner biased and off course it is rosicky. (On track for balon d’or, player of the year and golden boy) without even taking the field this season in my opinion.

But our whole midfield got dominated at anfield. Jog on if you think ramseys crap. Next thing you’ll be saying is rosicky isnt a rockstar.

John C

I think we’ve seen we’ve seen enough of Ramsey to comfortably say he’s a crap midfielder, maybe he’s a good striker, because thats where he normally plays, but midfielder not so much.

The pundit who said he was the best midfielder in the league was Steven Gerrard, who had a very similar all action style to Ramsey and i thought he was rubbish as well, so there you go

For the record i’m not a fan of Rosicky either.


Due respect Johnny but I fear you carry quite some negativity.

John C

I don’t only honesty,, i’m an optimistic person


Goal aside, Ramsey was a liability to our midfield last night and has been since he moved back in there. The “By the numbers” article yesterday on his partnership with Flam is right there. Speaks volumes. A less injury- depleted liverpool squad last night would have cut us a new one. He needs to curb his glory-hunting and do his job. Blogs has too much of a soft spot for Ramsey. I love my kid but some discipline when she steps out of line is in order.


@ lanre..I like your comment and I think you are right. .he needs to calm down on the bumping forward at every single opportunity. On another name, am guessing from your username you’re from Yoruba oriigin of Nigeria, if yes, bawo ni, se e wa dara dara..love seeing my people here..up gunners. One love bro


@ope.. Thanks Bro. Proud Yoruba gooner right here. Sad not a whole lot of us consume Arseblog, best sport blog i have come across. Are you home or abroad?

John C

Yeah of course, Bellerin’s been excellent and so has Campbell in the short period of time he’s played.

Coquelin has transformed the team along side Cazorla, and it really makes you wonder what Wenger was thinking not playing a defensive midfielder for the previous 6 years he’s made that much of a difference.

Gabriel is a difficult one because he’s never had a consistent run of games but what i have seen he’s looked very good, i need to see him have a run of 10-15 games to make a real judgement.

There you go, there’s your silver lining!

Ted E.

Maybe it’s the other way around, he wants something very solid to hand over? Unlike Ferguson, who left Moyes with problems all over the field…

Man Manny

Nice perspective, but I have a feeling the board will offer him an extension. If that happens, I don’t see him saying no.

paul moses


John C

And Wilshere’s 24


Now watch me whip, now watch me el neny.

Sonic Gunner

Don’t know why people always down vote this comment.
The dude himself tweeted it on his Twitter page yet people are dis-interested
Happy times ahead for all gunners.

The Car2n Goon

Rather something like this…

Elneny oh oh
Elneny oh ho ho

To the tune of “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, the refrain is:

“Volare, oh, oh
Cantare, oh, ho, ho”


Timothy Lumsden

Zelalems number


Do we have an official pronunciation of his name yet? I don’t know where to put the emphasis.

Dan Hunter

En-nen-ny – silent L

Crash Fistfight

Why is it M. Elneny? Not like we have any other players called Elneny.

At least it isn’t as bad as Toure Yaya (why is it back to front?).


You crash fistfight the players chose their names. They only have to make sure they comply with the guidelines blah blah. Lauren for exemple was Etame when playing in the African cup and Etame Meyer when playing in world cup. Also that guy Kun something in Citeh. It’s for identification purposes only the rest is their mate

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Don’t you know both Kolo Touré and Yaya Touré played at the same time in Man City ?

Crash Fistfight

Nope – I’ve been living under a rock. Of course I do, but last I looked, Kolo and Yaya don’t have the same first letter, so it could quite easily be Y. Toure and K. Toure and if it has to have his whole name, why isn’t it Yaya Toure? (Maybe you call him Toure Yaya, but I think that sounds weird.) I know it’s petty and pathetic, but I don’t see why players get to put whatever they like on their shirt, rather than their actual name – it’s supposed to be for viewers and the referee to know… Read more »

Dom B.

Or like that egomaniac kevin prince boateng, whose shirt only says “prince”. Meh.


Methinks the only man in football who deserves the egomaniac appelation is the man who nearly relegated ChelseaFC.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

In french Africa, they put the last name first. That’s where Yaya is from. He does have big ego though.


I have to say that I was very negative at the beginning when the rumours started that we are interested in signing Elneny. I have never heard of him before, and he did not seem impressive or “shiny” at all, like it feels when you are signing a star in the making who is coming from a stronger league and nation. Now, reading about him, especially the article in the guardian, about how he used to sleep with the football, how modest, hardworking and selfless he is, along with how good and important he became for FC Basel (not Basle,… Read more »


who wore the 35 shirt previously?

Alex Partridge


Shitu Yahaya

Welcome to Arsenal Mohamed Elneny

Yassin Ntamala

Elney is the best.

Ifeoma O

I wish you the best in an arsenal shirt. your first blessing at this club will be the 2015/2016 premier league trouphy

Eberechukwu Asiegbu

Am happy to see Arsenal sign a player like Elneny; he will join our superstars to battle for premier league .

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