Friday, October 7, 2022

Leicester left-back linked with January switch

Reports across the main newspapers this morning have suggested that Arsenal are trying to sign Leicester full-back Ben Chilwell.

The 19 year old has apparently been earmarked by Arsene Wenger as somebody who could understudy Nacho Monreal, who signed a new contract earlier this week. That leaves the future of Kieran Gibbs in some doubt as it’s unlikely the England international would want to spend another season sitting on the bench.

Chilwell has only played two games for Leicester, but with reported interest from Man City and Liverpool, Arsenal are keen to get the deal done this month to ward off their competitors.

On the face of it, it does make some sense in the medium term. If Gibbs does decide to move in the summer, a replacement will be needed, and bringing in a young player to learn from Monreal seems very much the kind of thing Arsene Wenger would do.

However, the manager more or less ruled out any more arrivals this month in his press conference on Friday, saying, “We are always open to the exceptional occasion of course because it can be a long-term exceptional opportunity that we would take. But at the moment I expect our last 10 days to be quiet.”

As such, we’re giving this one a cautious 5 on the Poo-o-meter.


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Trex d Gunner

Bellerin 2.0 I guess

the american

hardly. long-time academy product and a 19 year old signing are very different animals


Looked decent for Leicester vs Spurs


I like Gibbs. He’s more than a decent backup. And unlike debuchy he has been a great team player.
If we go for this kid we can loan him out for a season or two, to have a better assessment.

Luis Boa Muerte

Gibbs isn’t a young player who just needs a chance any more though. He’s 26 and has had 3-4 seasons in our starting xi. We know exactly what he’s all about. His development has also stalled/regressed slightly in the last 2 seasons – probably because of a lack of playing time. I like him as back up and he was fine starting for us when our realistic aim was top 4, but he won’t ever be good enough to start for a club aiming to be a major force in Europe. I also appreciate his patience and that he’s been… Read more »

Luis Boa Muerte

Oh you were talking about loaning out Chilwell, yeah that would make more sense


Seems pretty unnecessary to me. We are quite blessed to have 2 quality left backs already.

Naija Gunner

Don’t be fucking cautious about the poo-o-meter, load the damn news with more stinking shit.
Gibbo has always been,and will always be our humble, loyal and handsome left-full back, and even if anyone is coming in, he’ll still stay.


Kieren is Arsenal through and through, I’m sure he wants to play more but he’s never going to throw his toys out and leave the club that he loves. We’re blessed to have two awesome left backs.


Maybe not throw his toys out, but why wouldn’t he leave? He wants to play football, and he could start for most of the teams in the league.


No he wont.

Greh Greysh

I think Gibbs is a useful player to have in the squad, as he can also play further up the field. Injuries have stalled his progression through the years and Nacho is just a better defender. I don’t see him reclaiming that first team spot any time soon.

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Gibbs is generally too conservative and cautious a player to be a first team regular. At 26 he should be in his prime, getting crosses in and tearing defences apart as well as being solid in defending himself but he too easily settles for a simple square or backward pass and just feels too lightweight to be our first choice left-back. If this story is true it looks like the writing is on the wall for him. He’s a decent player, fine in the squad etc, but a left-sided Bellerin he ain’t.

I get the feeling that defenders tend to bloom later. There is almost a correlation between how far back the position and peak age… obvs Bellerin is smashing this theory… or maybe he isn’t and 10 years down the line we’re going to have a ballon d’or winning right back on our hands. Anyways point is Gibbs is still a couple of years younger than Natcho and could peak in a season or two.

Bringing in a young left back now and loaning him out a year or two while retaining Gibbs could be good.

Yet Gibbs is regarded as the more attacking of our LBs and the one who can play up the field at LW.

Whatever happens, we will always have that nerveless sliding tackle in the box against West Brom in the final minute or two of the season which saved 4th place, Champions League football, the Wenger era, you name it.


strikers get a lot of praise for their goals, but that tackle was as good as any goal we scored that season. incredible.


Yeah, no kidding. If Gibbs doesn’t make that save we probably wouldn’t be top of the league right now.


Er, tackle, even.


I hope he Gels-Well with the squad!!


I hope he’ll Gel-Well with the squad!!


He is very accomplished on the ball and quite tall for a LB.

Wouldn’t mind him tbh


He definitely would suit in at Handsome Lads FC


Or maybe Wenger sees him as a winger or something other than left back. Wenger has precedence in this sort of thing you know. Just saying.


Chilwell’s wiki page says he plays both left back and right back, and left midfield and with rumors that Debuchy is leaving this window, this lad might be a smart signing.
Also regardless of gibbs staying past the summer, if this lad has the potential to be a top top player, then why would we not try and sign him.


Journos read Arseblog talking about Gibbs’ future and invent possible signings…usual shit…

Heavy infantry

Do it.


I mention this last season. We will be on look out for a Lback shortly for the future. Its not just Gibbs struggling for form,its also the fact that Monreal as good as he is is hitting 30+. You only have to look at how quickly Ivanovic has tanked to know that things can go downhill quickly physically for fullbacks. This move makes sense precautionary-wise and builds for the future There is no knowing if he will develop the way we hope he does if we get him and we will also still keep another eye on market this summer… Read more »


I like Gibsy..he is a gooner thru and thru..but his progression has stalled over the years..his crossing has never been great, not very strong physically aswell, positionally not great..wud hv luvd to see another academy player excel.. But it is wat it is.. A young understudy to Monreal would make sense..


My best position on the pitch is Left Back……Left back in the dressing room.


I will forever love Gibbs for that goal at Old Trafford. And he seems a sound lad with a bit of banter.

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

If he does replace Gibbo the ref is less likely to send Chamberlain off

Sean Poe

Plays a bit against Spurs. Is of a young age. Media decide he’s brilliant. Fans who watched that game only remember his name from reading media article. A better backup than Gibbs, just because. He’s kinda tall, a good thing right? Will learn his trade under player/coach Monreal…. HE’S PLAYED TWO GAMES FFS

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