Report: Monreal signs new contract


Reports from Spain say that Nacho Monreal signed a new contract with the club which will keep him in North London until 2019.

Radio Marca say that the deal was signed this week but the club have yet to decide when it will be officially announced.

Monreal has firmly established himself as the first choice left-back ahead of Kieran Gibbs, the quality and consistency of his performances this season have been outstanding. It’s hard to think of a better left-back in the Premier League right now.

His contract was due to expire in 2017. Obviously we’ll take it as good news but as yet unofficial.

Hat-tip @jamiedalton82

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If true then happy days, a tremendous player!


Brilliant news, indeed. There is not a single player in our squad who I’d like to see leaving Arsenal. This squad is destined for great things.


Indeed! One of our most improved players in the last 18 months.

Serge Blanco

Well I hope its true. Best LB in the PL.

David C

and not a bad backup at CB either!

Gunner From Another Mother

His time at center back has undoubtedly made him a better all-around player. He has been so reliable and consistent.


Excellent news, if true.


Tasty news indeed nacho!



Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding



New times indeed. Instead of losing our best players, we keep tying them down left-right-center! Mind you, he has leadership qualities such as calmness and sportsmanship (every Arsenal player has this anyways, except Debuchy!). A hardworker and creative as well for a LB. More to follow please!


I love Nacho


Nacho the Macho..

Naija Gunner

Can we continue with the good stuffs(news ) right to the end?!

Dial square

If it’s true why would the club not announce it??


Because the club work to the club’s schedule, not Marca’s?

Because there are some final matters to tie up before its ready to be announced?

Because they want to do have one big presser to announce his new contract alongside Eleney’s signing and possibly the return of TGSTEL?

Because Arsene Wenger is personally trolling you?




Vamos Nacho! Excellent news!


YES. Outstanding signing. Our most consistent defender, albeit unsung.

The Anthony Stokes we were told about

His likeness to peter crouch (albeit somewhat less mong) is his only downside


Nacho, he’s only the full back Debuchy could have been #partridge

Keepin it MonReal

I’ve never understood transfer rumours about Arsenal being willing to sell Monreal. Hopefully now those stupid rumours will stop!!

Yorkshire Gunner

Not only a brilliant left back but a key starter in my Arsenal food 11.Great news!

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

Who else is in the food 11? Not David Seaman I hope.


Tasmanian Jesus

Fantastic news! Hard to think of a more steady defender in the world right now, really..


Well deserved. He’s earned it. His consistency is second to none.

Dave mc'owino

The best left back in English premier league.


Awesome. Now we should tie down Bellerin ASAP! I can imagine the Barca vultures are already circling, what with the “DNA” and all that crap…


He signed an extended contract in July.


Oops. OK, so ‘El Bell’ signed in the summer… Good job, Dick Law!