Wenger reaffirms possible Debuchy departure


Arsene Wenger has again confirmed that Mathieu Debuchy could leave the club this month, to help sate the French international’s desire to play regular football.

Debuchy has been outspoken about his unhappiness on the bench, telling RCM radio last month, “I’ve got to play more than I do, that’s why I want to talk to Wenger soon.

“You can’t be in the French squad if you play a game once a month or less than that. You can’t be fit, and can’t be mentally focused. And if I have to leave permanently or on loan to play, I will.”

At his press conference today, the Arsenal manager again reiterated his willingness to let him go but said a deal was not done at this point.

“He has an opportunity to go,” he said, “but he as well has not been in touch with any club.”

There were strong links with West Brom, denied this week by Tony Pulis, while Remi Garde revealed he’d spoke to Wenger about the possibility of taking him to replace the useless testicle that is Alan Hutton.

Perhaps we’ll gain some insight tomorrow as to his future. If he’s involved against Sunderland in the cup, perhaps there’s some possibility of him staying. If not you have to think it’s because he and the club won’t risk the possibility of injury before any potential departure.

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Curious, why the downvotes?


Not quite “on topic”, was it?


It is Arabmoney, what do you expect?


Wish him well if he does go. Struggled with injuries and it was always going to be tough for him to get games this season, but he came in and plugged what was a very big hole left by Bacary Sagna. His arrival probably gave Hector Bellerin a little more time to develop, and I’m sure he was helpful in that process too. Best of luck to the lad!


Not only was he quite good at RB before his injuries, he also put in a couple of good shifts at CB when our only other alternatives were Inanimate Carbon Rod and Gunnersaurus. Real shame he couldn’t stay fit.

cazorla's smile

About time someone put it in perspective. I really don’t get the hate players get sometimes. Very short memories of most fans


Say what you will, but he’s loyal, solid and dependable, that Inanimate Carbon Rod. He’ll come good one day, mark my words.


He could turn out to be a diamond, that’s for sure!


Hear hear!

Good to see him given some respect for a change.


He was only on the pitch for some 30/40 minutes on his return from a lengthy absence when he was gratuitously and brutally shoved by a hulking twat, presumably because, lacking in any technique, ability or footballing intelligence it was his innate response to dealing with his opponent.
During that brief appearance Dubuchy appeared to be fit on form and focused. However whilst recouping during another long absence Bellerin stepped up to the plate and stunned us all with his obvious talent, energy and speed.
It must have been gutting for Dubuchy, like rubbing salt into his wound. Good luck to the man, I wish him well and first team regular football.

Anonymous Physicist

I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite us, but I can understand why Wenger wants to let someone go who really doesn’t want to be here anymore. And I guess Chambers does have quite a bot of experience at RB (as does Flamini), even if he doesn’t seem to have the ideal attributes.


Including Debuchy, we have eight defenders. To make a go at the FA Cup, the CL, and the BPL, ideally a team should have at least two quality players for every position. The man is under contract, and too bad for him he lost his starting spot, but the right move is for Wegner to keep him until he can be replaced. Which probably means the summer; either by bringing Jenks back or buying someone else. The team comes first; I don’t give a crap whether he gets to play for France in the Euros.


Arsene should care about the club´s interest first and foremost, and not Debuchy´s or any other player´s. Enough with all the moral preaching. Debuchy has a professional contract with us and we pay his exorbitant wages even when he is injured and cant play. He has also a professional responsibility to pull his socks up and work his way back into the team. I do not care what anyone says but, I find this kind of entitlement attitude that Debuchy is showing as selfish and unprofessional especially at this time, considering the clubs ambitions for the rest of the season.

While we are on it, should Gibbs also push for a move away to get regular football to boost his England Euro2016 chances? Or is it that Gibbs doesnt have personal ambitions? Debuchy should shut up and work to get his place back from Bellerin. Competition, thats the name of the game.