Debuchy: I was gone in thirty minutes


Mathieu Debuchy has revealed he woke up yesterday morning assuming he’d remain an Arsenal player for the rest of the season before Bordeaux made a late approach for his services and sealed a deal inside half an hour.

The France international had been linked with Aston Villa, Sunderland and Bayer Leverkusen during the January transfer window and reportedly saw a late approach from Manchester United rebuffed by Arsene Wenger before he completed his exit just three hours before the deadline.

Reflecting on his unexpected return to Ligue 1, the 30-year-old revealed: “It all happened very quickly. When I got up on Monday morning, I didn’t think I was leaving anymore because a lot of doors were shut on me.

“I went to see the coach [Wenger] one last time, I showed him Bordeaux’s offer and after that it was all taken care of in half an hour.

“We all know Bordeaux, the history of the club, all the players who have played here. I’ve played for Lille so I know a little about what it’s like here and I didn’t hesitate.”

Debuchy, who moved to Arsenal 18 months ago from Newcastle, was usurped by Hector Bellerin as Arsenal’s first choice right-back last season and has spent nearly all of this campaign looking pretty miffed on the bench.

Detailing why he was so desperate to move, he continued: “First of all, what I’m expecting is to find joy again, because these last few months I haven’t had much joy as a football player.

“I want to be back on the pitch, to touch the ball again … and further to that I need playing time in order to go to the Euro, which is one of my main objectives.

“If I’d stayed at Arsenal without playing, I don’t think I would have been part of the squad and that’s normal.

“That’s why I came here, to play as much as possible, enjoy myself, give as much as possible to Bordeaux to they can reach their objectives and to play in the Euro in France.”

While Bordeaux don’t have an option to buy Debuchy, it’s pretty clear that his Arsenal career will come to an end when he returns in the summer. Not much has gone his way at the Emirates, so best of luck to him in France.

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Well, good luck in Bordeaux, if only so we can recoup some of his transfer fee.


He talks as if he’s employer Arsenal FC has not been paying him wages…. its all about him and his French ambition…what the hell! go to hell man. these footballers have a warped sense of reality.


You see, it is not that hard to understand that different people have different priorities. Wishing someone to go to hell for that is a bit of an overkill and shows it is indeed YOU who has a warped sense of reality.


Sorry it didn’t work out but thank you and all the best at Bordeaux and for the Euro’s!

occam's hatchet

Bon chance, Mathieu. Hope he starts regularly, finds his form again, and makes it to the Euros.


He could do with studying the attitudes of Nacho and Joel. They struggled at first, but kept their heads down, worked damned hard and grasped their opportunities when they arrived. Never once did either of them whinge to the press about lack of playing time – and now they are both irreplaceable.

Bould's Eyeliner

Joel and Nacho are also much younger. While I’m not disagreeing with your point faulting his attitude, I feel that affording him some understanding, as he approaches the death of his career, is not too unreasonable. After all, he’s not really our problem. He’s just…. there.

Bergkamp's elbows

Nacho isn’t much younger. And someone of his age should be setting and example, rolling up his sleeves, not moaning to the press potentially disrupting a squad who thrive on togetherness and clickage. Very disappointed in Debauchery.

Mark Hughes

Monreal is 29 and Debuchy is 30, not exactly the biggest age gap. One has a professional attitude that is above himself and he plays for the team while the other has an attitude of just himself and the team is an afterthought.

An Enthusiastic Gooner
An Enthusiastic Gooner

And mind you that Nacho, in year 2014, was desperately trying to get into the Spanish National Team for the 2014 World Cup, while he was still deployed as Gibbo’s understudy. I am sorry but I rarely heard of the scale of moaning and whinging from Nacho over that period of time when he was benched and was so hell bent on trying to make Del Bosque’s squad.
Monreal just stayed professional, despite later on failing to make that 2014 Spanish squad, and patiently waited for his opportunities and up till this moment, refused to relinquish what he rightfully gained.


I would say there is one major difference in that Debuchy has been the French first choice over Sagna for the last few years and has lost his place to him again. Wheras realistically Monreal was only going to be second choice to Alba and be on the bench.

Bould's Eyeliner

Ok let me clarify – Monreal has been a staple to our team for the past two seasons, more or less, meaning that when he was left out in favor of gibbs, he was 26-27. Now he’s playing week in week out and getting better all the time. It’s easier to bounce back at the age of 27 than 30. It’s a huge difference being at the physical height of your career and the winding down stages. That’s all I meant.

Bergkamp's elbows

And Gibbs! I think he’s been a bit underrated considering he’s only had a couple of starts in his best position. Was very good at the weekend, loved his interception for the 2nd goal and sprint to get on the overlap for Alexis


I don’t know which Gibbs you were watching, but he looks quite circumspect defensively and can’t pick simple forward passes when being pressed. He’s good going forward, but he definitely isn’t in the level of. Montreal defensively or in possession in our own defensive third.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Players unhappy for not playing is a common thing. Podolski did that just last year. Even our beloved Rosicky complained to the media during international breaks but to a moderate level. Debuchy didn’t do it with class, I concede.


Even the unfortunate translation aside, Rosicky never said anything even vaguely comparable to any of the several debouchy’s statements. It’s very unfair to Rosicky to mention them in the same sentence.


Must be really malicious with them smiles in training, sly one we got here.

plus the nerve to assume he is assured of Euros so long as he is playing.

But best of luck over there…

Alexis is Back

I reckon we can sell him and recoup atleast half of his fee. The real worry would be how easy it would be to recall him if Bellerin suffers injury. Knowing Wenger he would like to give Chambers a chance but not sure he is suited.


So we sucked the joy out of you Mathieu? IMO… Twat.

Bould's Eyeliner

I hope that Debuchy goes on to become a hero at Euros, and a legend somewhere, only so that many years down the road, “Gone in Thirty Minutes” starring Nicolas Cage (who will still not have aged) will become Debuchy’s definitive biopic.


Assuming Nicholas cage can reverse his age

Bergkamp's elbows

Debuchy went Twenty Eight Days Later than he should have.


Burn Baby Burn

“because a lot of doors were shut on me”?

From what has been said and done, he has shut those doors on himself.

bobby chapman

You know who I blame? Referees. Why? Because they let shit slide. Why is it acceptable for players to lash out, off the pitch especially with no repercussions. It’s ridiculous that people just brush it off and nothing is said and it goes under ‘Oh it’s just handbags nothing serious get on with it’. Debuchys career is destroyed because of one idiot who decided to push him mid air with the ball out of play. Sanchez gets pushed into the stands. Ospina gets kneed in the ribs.

All seem innocuous until they do damage and pundits and managers alike spout some bull about ‘he’s not that type of player’ and ‘arsenal are soft’.


Is it just me or is there something about the French language that seems so.. dramatic? Intense? Seems lots of things our French associates (Le Prof, Giroud, Debuchy) have to say are about overcoming the impossible obstacles, fighting against the current to prove their mettle. Not complaining, just an observation.


Do you hear the people sing?

steveafc forever

Good riddance

Walcott's left footed curl
Walcott's left footed curl

Everything just happens with such bad timing for him. He came pretty late in his career expecting to be first choice, and was. Then injury struck, and we really missed him during his first injury. Came back and we were all glad he did! No raw youngsters anymore! Then, injured again and usurped by Bellerin the very season he was about to play what could be his last international tournament and it’s in France! Imagine how frustrating that must be. I totally get why he’s been acting like he has. Perhaps not the best of behaviour, but hey, the guy’s desperate. And it’s not even really harmful for the squad if a fringe player picks a fight to be able to leave, especially someone that’s been here for such a short period of time. I think all parties will be able to move on just fine.


what bothers me most is i can’t recall him ever saying anything positive about hector. sure, we’re all upset about his injuries and the way things played out, but maybe take a moment and acknowledge that hector bellerin is better than you, and most other fullbacks in the league. instead, his whole attitude has been ‘woe-is-me, poor me, i came to arsenal as a french international so i should automatically walk into the team and never lose my place’. good luck to him all the same but i don’t think we’ll miss him.


Good Luck!!!! I wish u all the best,Mathieu

Sonic Gunner

We respect your desire to find joy and when you came we adored you but your latter attitude towards this club is disappointing. Your lack of respect for All-Things-Arsenal and you failing to realise that the player playing in your position is on form is amusing.
Just days ago, a team mate of yours put Arsenal FIRST before even his own health, his name is ROSICKY. Those are the kind of players fans have sympathy for and needed at this club.

We respect you but now that you are gone, can you pls SHUT THE FUCK UP?

MrBrain + Ozil's vision
MrBrain + Ozil's vision

If I could Sonic Gunner, I’d have given you a tripple thumbs up for that comment… Debuchy is such a wanker!




Finally, thought He’ld never leave. Saved by the bell-though! I’d get my coat!


Debuchy is bang out of order to think can go to Arsenal and demand to be first choice, He’s self centred and selfish. Arsenal are well rid of that type of selfish player.

Al Gilmore

The irony is that because he was expecting to move he wasn’t even picked for the cup games. So by wanting more games, he cost himself erm….Some games.

decent player – unlucky with injury and the discovery of Bellerin. I worry we may have need of him before the end of the season.


I really am rather disappointed the way the whole thing worked out. He was exactly what we needed when Sagna left. I would have rather he shut up til summer though maybe won a title and been good cover for us. Its not like we paid he wages while he was fucked for the entirety of last year. What a Gallic wankstain.

Martin Finley

Debuchy got a very high top level which he has shown both in Newcastle and in the world cup for France where he was chosen ahead Of Sagna.

If he was not so blinded by playing the Euros and instead focused on the club and earning his place back Then im certain with his experience and quality he would have had a very good chance at regaining his spot or at the very least be the preferred option in certain games depending on the opposition.

And allthough i have sympathy for him with the injuries and all I also find his focus and priorities worthy of alot of critique and not befitting a proffessional footballer. He forgets who his employer are and which supporters money goes into his paycheck.

I find him disrespectfull of the club and it’s fans. But still gonna wish him good luci and Bon Voyage.


If he was gone in half an hour the club must have been keen to get rid of him!


Come on Blog, where is the lineup? Seen elsewhere the Coq on bench? Elneny missing? Flamini starting? Walcott on bench? Come on, say something


Don’t get the blocking of man Utd. They won’t win league and MD could have played for them to help take points off Leicester, shitey, and spuds!!!


I feel sorry for Debuchy. He’s had a couple of bad injuries and whilst he looked like he was coming back well from the first one, he suffered a dislocated shoulder thanks to that scrote Arnautovic. I was amazed at the time that we didn’t kick up more of a fuss about that all to unnecessary push into the hoardings. Then, as we all know, Bellerin started looking like first choice so his chances were always going to be limited.
I wish him well at Bordeaux and I hope he does come back fitter and with a stronger mental attitude.