Man U 3-2 Arsenal: By the Numbers


9 – Points Arsenal have earned from their last 7 Premier League matches (of a possible 21)
9 – Goals Arsenal have scored from their last 7 Premier League matches
5 – Goals Arsenal scored in the first and last of those matches (3 v. Liverpool, 2 v. Man U)
8 – Goals Arsenal have conceded from their last 7 Premier League Matches
6 – Goals Arsenal conceded from the first and last of those last 7 Premier League matches (3 v. Liverpool, 3 v. Man U)
4 – Goals Arsenal scored in the other 5 matches in that run
2 – Goals Arsenal conceded in the other 5 matches in that run
57 – Points Arsenal would have and be leading the League if they could have just scored 1 each against Stoke and Southampton, two teams that Arsenal played in that run
5 – Points Arsenal are behind League leaders Leicester
11 – Games remaining in the season
0.46 – Points per game Arsenal need to make up over those 11 games in order to catch Leicester or in other words, a +2 win swing
3 – Points Arsenal need at White Hart Lane to stay in the title race

112 – Chances created (key passes + assists) by Özil this season (leads the League by 31 over 2nd best Eriksen)
18 – Assists by Özil this season (ties Fabregas for 2nd most in Premier League history, leads the League by 8 over 2nd best Mahrez)
5 – Goals by Özil this season
6 – Chances created by Özil v. Man U today
4 – Number of those chances that Özil created from set plays v. Man U today
2 – Big chances Özil created v. Man U today (1 through ball for Monreal, 1 set play for Welbeck (scored))
1 – Goal scored and 1 goal assisted by Ozil v. Man U today
2 – Goals scored and 1 goal assisted by Marcus Rashford v. Arsenal today

0 – Goals Alexis Sanchez has scored with his left foot for Arsenal in Premier League and Champions League play
12 – Left-footed goals he has scored in his career as a footballer (according to
95 – Goals Sanchez has scored with the rest of his body
3 – Times Sanchez tried to cut back into the middle of the pitch from the left side, onto his right foot, only to have the ball taken away from him v. Man U today
1 – Successful dribbles by Sanchez v. Man U today, in the 8th minute, when he dribbled straight down the line, instead of trying to cut back inside
1 – Goals scored by Alexis since returning from injury in January
6741 – Minutes Sanchez has played for Chile since June 1, 2013
75 – That’s the equivalent of 75 full 90 minute matches
9886 – Minutes Sanchez has played for Barcelona and Arsenal since June 1, 2013
110 – That’s the equivalent of 110 full 90 minute matches
185 – That means that Sanchez has played the equivalent of 185 full 90 minute matches in the last three seasons
62 – Full 90 minute matches per season that averages out for Alexis…
3410 – Minutes he played for Barcelona in 2013/14 which is 38 full 90 equivalents, then he played 6 more in the World Cup!
4321 – Minutes he played for Arsenal in 2014/15 which is 48 full 90 equivalents, then he played 7 more in the Copa America!
2155 – Minutes he played for Arsenal in 2015/16 which is 24 full 90 equivalents
1 – Copa America tournament Alexis gets to play in again this summer!!!

And you know what’s incredible? Sanchez’ per90 stats haven’t changed. Tackles, shots (actually up), passing (way up), dribbling, etc. are all the same or better than last season. That means he’s trying harder than ever. What’s down is simply his finishing (and interceptions which means he’s probably playing higher up the pitch than last year) and his assists numbers. I know it’s late in the season and difficult to try new things but now that Welbeck is back, I’d like to see Alexis in the CF role instead of Walcott. He’s similarly speedy and simply a much better player all around.

Speaking of Walcott…

62 – Minutes played v. Man U
16 – Touches
6 – Passes completed
5 – Turnovers (1 leading to a goal)
3 – Passes missed
2 – Ball recoveries
1 – Failed dribble (of 1 attempted)
1 – Failed tackle (of 1 attempted)
1 – Foul suffered
0 – Shots created
0 – Shots taken


82 – Minutes played
39 – Touches
17 – Passes completed
9  – Passes failed (his passing has been off the last few games)
4 – Turnovers
3 – Ball recoveries
2 – Successful dribbles (of 4)
1 – Successful tackle (of 1)
3 – Aerial duels won (of 4 attempted)
3 – Shots taken
2 – Shots on target
1 – Goal (headed, big chance, assist Ozil, set play)
0 – Shots created


90 – Minutes played
63 – Touches
33 – Passes made
11 – Passes failed
7 – Turnovers (4 dispossessed, 3 bad touch)
2 – Chances created
1 – Big chance created
4 – Fouls drawn
1 – Successful dribbles (of 3)
3 – Shots
0 – On target
1 – Interception
1 – Me done with this game


Sources: Opta


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Nasris wallet


Runcorn Gooner

Tw14 has to be the most lightweight footballer in the Premier League.Take your eye of the game and just watch Walcott.He does absolutely nothing.He shies away from tackles,moves around doing nothing and like today when he tracks back he loses the ball (and they score).

AW must be blind if he cannot see he is the last player you need for a fight.He should have been substituted the minute he gave them the opening goal.


I have absolutely no time for a guy that has been at ARSENAL FC for 10years and failed to improve any aspect of his game. Apparently his finishing has improved.

The one thing i would say…Wenger should have played Theo up top against Barca and brought Giroud on…Today he should have started Giroud and brought Theo on..Weak i know but this Arsenal team has me Clutching for straws right now.


We need to move Ramsey from the midfield so we can once again actually start creating attacks from the midfield.

And please, Alexis as the striker finally for Christ’s sake. Walcott? Seriously?! Wenger however genius you might be, but this kind of glaring stupidity is why you still retain a dedicated group of doubters.


What about wellbeck up front. He is a striker has height, pace and power?

Alexis needs to bring more variety in his game, go outside at least 40% of the time instead of always cutting in. By always cutting in he makes it easy for the full back


Heh, shite is actually well put. Looking at these stats I can absolutely understand why Ozil looks mightily pissed in yesterday’s game. He is literally carrying the team by himself this year. His assists should at least be 20% more than what it is if our team can actually finish off chances. Really have to feel for him.

Runcorn Gooner

The strange thing is that despite how bad it turned out is if Monreal had scored with the early chance we would probably gone on to win.Simple game football if you score goals.


6 = times the team I have followed for more than 50 years has bottled it on the home straight. In past years we sometimes weren’t good enough and others superb but I’m sick of the lack of intestinal fortitude. That’s old fashioned guts by the way

Arsene's handkerchief
Arsene's handkerchief

Walcott for me was the main reason we for 0 out of this game. I can understand Arsene thinking about the game back at the Emirates to warrant him a start. I won’t blame Arsene for Theo’s first half. He’s an international ‘footballer’ who demanded to play up top (remember when he practically held us to ransom over it) and put in a performance that made me sick, I shudder at the thought of him earning £140,000 a week, it’s unbelievable. But I’m so frustrated that Arsene persisted with him in the second half, how he was allowed to come back out of the tunnel and onto the pitch is beyond me! As soon as Welbeck moved up top in he first half, he scored. If you can’t have a shot against a defence as patchy as that, I don’t care who you are, you’re not good enough, it’s as simple as that. Cost us more than just points, psychologically we looked like a team that threw the towel in, which is the biggest worry for me. And I can’t see it getting better anytime soon….


Stress level is wrong and therefor the confidence level is off too. You can see it in the passing, the tackles, the finishing and the readiness to be aggressive at the right moments of the game. It’s down to everybody to make these things right.


Walcott might not be as terrible as I think but he clearly doesn’t fit our system. Hurts to see Alexis perform this way too.


No, he really is.


It’s funny, earlier this season we were talking about Walcott’s best ever Arsenal performances. Now we’re talking about his worst. It’s like he’s playing for a different team entirely at times.

In general we look clueless up front. There’s clearly no game plan and Wenger has to take the blame for that


Wait, who was talking about Walcott’s best performances and when? Maybe it was in the context of him completing 10 years at the club but I don’t think anyone was raving about Walcott at any point of time this season(or last if I remember well). I remember going Gaga about the Giroud hattrick, praising Campbell vs olympiakos, and ozil in many games, but I can’t recall anything about Walcott. The man Rarely creates chances for himself, occasionally finishes chances on a plate for him and does absolutely nothing else other than score (occasionally that is). Can Chinese clubs please buy him? If I were Arsene I’d tell him right on the pitch after the last game of the season that he’s got to find himself a new club by August or not play a single game for arsenal again. He loves his paycheck and will want that for a long time, not just his current Contract. China, we need a bailout!


There were quite a few games actually, the most notable was United at home funnily enough. I’m usually a big fan of Walcott but he’s been atrocious lately, we might as well be playing with 10 men, he’s been that anonymous.

But I blame Wenger most of all. Just talking about recently, he hasn’t been able to get anything out of him and I don’t know if he’s really noticed how poor Theo has been. If he did I think he’d take more steps to correct it. And in the wider scheme of things, he’s had him for 10 years and he should be much better and more consistent. This shouldn’t be happening to him now and it has me worried for Chamberlain and Ramsey.

I’m not saying Walcott is a busted flush but if he wants to play for us next season he has to shape up quick, and I’m not talking about his haircut


Walcott is the most overrated player to have ever played for this team. He needs to get sold this summer.


I don’t see many clubs lining up to buy him given he’s on £140k per week.
No football brain. Ozil must look at him and think why is a sprinter in our football team?


No chance of selling him because of the wages. We should have let him go last summer or before he signed his first 100k a week contract


China will love his pace, and he’s in prime physical age unlike some of the older players they’re splashing the cash on. He’s good for marketing too like we know well 🙂

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)
Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Will be hard saying farewell to Ozil in the summer 🙁

Man Manny

11 – The number of matches Arsene has to save his job. An FA cup win won’t save him.
If we don’t win the league, Arsene has to be respectably eased out. The emergence of Leceister and Spurs has put paid to his resources alibi. He has to deliver or go, period.
0 – The number of minutes Walcott should play in the league again this season.
90 – The number of minutes Ramsey should sit on the bench on Wednesday.
The team was shocking today; no fight whatsoever. We fail to puenish a United with a make-shift defence – unbelievable. I am yet to wrap my mind around this defeat – I didn’t see it coming.


He will never lose his job; unless he walks out himself. The board and Kronke have this club exactly where they want them to be. In the middle of london where the club makes the highest revenue per seating in the entire world! with 4 years + waiting on season ticket.

What is this clubs agenda? is it to compete for the league? Bar champions league? because only a very optimistic person can see us going how far we did in 06. We have bought players but are we investing enough? Why not kondogbia indead of el neny? why not morata? for 40m we have the funds? or even Suarez when we had the chance……. Surely regardless of what the answers are the club is massively underperforming


Look no further than Schnerderlein today.


Our midfield was so shit it made him look like he was playing well.
Schneiderlin had many shit games for some time this season, so I’d imagine we’d be on evens there.


I wonder what the excuse is this time
Maybe the players got distracted by van haals theatricals on the sideline


If we don’t win at Shite Fart lane it will be a fucking catastrophe.


Win Swansea first


Ozil did not deserve that shit being served up. Genuinely felt worse than that 8-2 defeat.

Mesut eyes

Walcott was dreadful
Sanchez was dreadful
Ramsey was dreadful
Gabriel was dreadful
Geroud was dreadful

The whole team lacks passion and desire. They play like they don’t mind losing.


Who was the coach and general manager in the 8-2 defeat? And you know what, embrace yourself for Wenger for life. It is like a mafia controls the fate of Arsenal and their priority does not line up with that of the fans.


Poor form continues. There’s something very wrong with this team at the moment. It’s rare to see what seems like the entire team performing so badly – the psychology of the whole squad is completely off. It’s too late for the title but the team desperately needs a shake up if we are even to make fourth.


Too much serenity and no swagger is my take on it.

We should have been going in there- and through the last several weeks – with a bursting ego running over other teams.

Instead we lose our shit anywhere near either box.

Tarquin Farquar

Such a relief that your trying fool us with Ramsey stats about he had most touches bla bla bla. He should not being playing for Arsenal if we want to be serious contenders for top trophies. Walcott has been with us ten years and is still not doing it consistently. Why on gods earth was he given that contract. Wenger I’m afraid.

Tarquin Farquar

Not trying to fool us


Exactly. He has all the ball, creates nothing.


Aye Tarquin… don’t take this the wrong way but you ever considered owning and managing your own footballing blog? It would take away from the time you spend on here, but I’m sure there’s plenty of us who’d check in after games just to get your valuable insights into… Aaron Ramsey.

‘Always Aaron Ramsey’ you could call it. Make it subscription only and sign me up fella.


Can we get Ramesy’s stats for the game because he has become a poor immitation of Jack Wilshere. Simply does not have the footballing brain to instigate and dictate our play. He really needs that responsibility stripped off his shoulders and told the truth of his deficiencies in that role. No matter how much he prefers playing there, Elneny is a better option on both sides of the ball. Attacking wise and defensively. This is when Per should have been played as without him and Arteta, there are no other leaders outside of those two. Per and Mikel need to come back straight into the team when fit because we need leadership at this stage of the season, just like Rosicky brought to the club for so many seasons when champions league was our aim.

I really do like Ramsey but he needs to face reality and Wenger has to do something about him because he is going astray and losing what made him such a great player before. He needs to remember that his best performances came before 2013/14. He made his name because of his ability to work hard on both sides of the ball alongside an intelligent playmaker. his first player of the month was not for all the goals he scored but for his defensive contribution alongside his slightly restrained attacking. His defensive numbers have gone from rivalling Vidal and Ramires, to jogging back when the opposition is countering.

I hope we get our deep-lying playmakers back soon because we have no direction when playing any combination of Ramsey, Coquelin and Flamini.

Tarquin Farquar

Well said sir. It’s amazing how people harp back to 2013/14 it’s now 2016. Some of those he was excellent and everything he touched turned to gold. Others he was shocking popped up with winner in 90th min and the myth was born.


He runs around alot.

One and Only Great King 14
One and Only Great King 14

0 – Effort or desire to win this game or the title
1 – Time I saw Walcott today when he helped them score their first goal
1 – Leader in this team currently (Cech) but he is not an outfield player able to make any effects on the play nor captain
11 – Arsenal Players that made Man Utd “B” team look like Barcelona and their youngsters messi-esque
11 – Games left to win this season or it may be a long long time later before we have another golden opportunity like this
100 – Percent this is a Rinse and Repeat spineless performance at crucial moments that feels so familiar for the past 10 years (out of 100)


Beat Swansea on Wednesday and stuff Spores and we will go on and win the title.
Unfortunately ,I can’t see it happening…..


We’ll beat Swansea, I’m confident of that.

But the scum will fuck us over. Yes, for all the financial advantage we have, Wenger has created a team that I expect to lose to the spuds – for that alone he doesn’t deserve the honour of being the manager of Arsenal Football Club.


Surprisingly not mad about us losing.
sad to admit this but I kinda knew we would lose this game. Especially after the barca game. More so when players started talking about how we have to beat united. It always sounds like they are trying to convince themselves with those statements.
Anyway, we really miss cazorla (read as “ramsey has been really shit but it does not sit well with most on here when you say that”)

Its become so boring and tiring watching a midfield without cazorla in it (read as “ramsey’s brand of football from central midfield is bland and dull but most woukd rather go on about how hard he works”)

lastly, as usual, this summer we need a winger, a striker, a creative midfielder, a holding midfielder and a centre back. So that means our only signing will be a left back.

Reality check

Opponents adapt to your deficiencies, its not fifa. Cazorla although a good passer is just a 5ft AM playing in CM. I remember the same reaction from fans when he would miss those easy chances or was brushed off the ball easily. Ramsey had his best year when he had a ball playing DM behind him in arteta, he has never proved that he can dictate the play.


If we don’t win the league, I wonder how hard it will be for Wenger to retain the respect of his dressing room. Apparently respect of the dressing room is crucial these days, when you are a big club (see Madrid, Chelsea).


Wenger’s time is up…Thanks for all the happy memories and for making my childhood fun, but Goodbye!!!
What excuse do we have for not winning the league this time?? certainly not lack of funds because Leicester has shown what happens when you have good scouting, a good coach and a balanced team unlike us.
Ferguson would’ve obliterated us if we played with a team as weak as the one manure put out today.
No more excuses…Wenger must leave. We’ve lost to the worst Chelsea team in a while, Worst manure team in a while.
Wenger has forgotten what it takes to win the league. Don’t care about the FA CUP, the league is the biggest domestic competition.
He has lured us into believing coming 4th every season is a great achievement.
Enough of this shite….How many times did Alex ferguson lose 8-3, 6-2, 6-0, 5-0 as manure’s coach??
Walcott is a disgrace of a footballer…waste of space. What is he earning 140k a week for??
Ozil and Alexis will leave at the end of the season and I won’t blame them one bit for it. Why should they waste their careers playing under a manager as unambitious as Wenger?


Wenger needs to get over himself and play Campbell on the right. You can’t tell me that Bellerin and Giroud’s form have not dropped since Wenger has demoted there mate below Ox and Theo for no other reason than not being an AW favourite.


Pretty sure that Arsene will not be at the helm next season. He’s been brilliant but it’s time to change….and I’m a Wenger fan !


He’ll still be in charge.

Unfortunately, us fans don’t have the decision.

The decision is with that yank cunt. And he will be satisfied as long as the 4th place cash continues to roll in.


It’s not about cash..look at the financial results. Sorry but Arsene has to go.


Good luck with convincing Stan of that, whilst he’s counting his billions on his mega ranch.


Absolutely true!


It’s not true that we would have been top if we’d turned two draws into two wins against Stoke and Southampton as that would only have given us four more points (not six), but at least we’d be above Sp*rs. Anyway, the reason we didn’t win either of those two games is that we weren’t good enough to score, so it’s not as if we were hard done by or anything.


We didn’t play a bad game. We dominated the opening and were in complete control until we were shellshocked by those 2 goals in less than 5 minutes. We responded well and got undone by an unlucky deflection from Kos, who was not doing bad. We were unlucky today, plain and simple. If Monreal scored that one on one against Da Gea we would have destroyed Man U. Sometimes, little things like that completely change the outcome of the game. Was it disappointing? Yes. Did it break my heart? Yes. But I still believe in the team, and I am proud of the boys for figthing till the end, save for Walcott, who was woeful today- he needs to be dropped to recover his form but I don’t think we should sell him and we shouldn’t abandon him. We need to stick together, lads.


Mancs just played better than us and they had more grit and determination to win this game after their last win i would think they felt confident they would beat us and they did. At least we beat them 3 nil the first game. Forwards and upwards gunners!

Martin Finley

Without Per it seems like its much more every man for himself in the backline. Saw very little communication between them today. Especially the second goal Rashford just stands right inbetween Gabriel and Koscielny with neither man picking him up and he is gifted a free header on goal.

When per plays he organizes the defense and if he see anyone shirking their duties he will let them know.

Crash Fistfight

Much as I like Per, I don’t believe he does organise his defence. More to the point, he shouldn’t have to – the players clearly aren’t drilled in the defensive aspects of the game.

It was Gabriel’s fault that the second goal went in, as Rashford’s movement was literally two steps to the right. However, what space is Koscielny picking up in the play action? Unless Speedy Gonzalez made a run from 20 yards away nobody was going to score from three yards to the right of the 6 yard box.

These errors could be eliminated by having the back 4 (and the back-ups) fully drilled on how to move with each other in different situations (as well as the midfield – why was Coquelin on the 6 yard box for the third goal?) but they are clearly not.


Walcott is not fit to wear his shirt. I’m sick and fed up watching him bottling tackles and failing to respond when an opponent nicks the ball off him. He’s a £140k-a-week joke. No brain, much less a footballing one.
Ramsey? Runs around in circles before he gets robbed of the ball. Graft, but absolutely no intelligence. Without Carzorla no-one knows quite how to link defense with attack. Both Ramsey and Walcott are simply hopeless at one on one.
And pretty pissed off watching this team allow opponents to stroll in the middle of the park without applying any pressure or tackling sensibly. Who on earth is coaching these players in progressive defence?

Gooners & Roses

1- hilariously divey manager
Infinity- ridiculous amount of faith Wenger has in Theo.
0- chance of Joel Campbell to play again if either Theo or Ox (and now Welbeck) are not injured.


I confidently said Ramsey played like he had never been at such a level vs Barcelona and now Vs under 21s he again looked a duck.

This to me signals he has no place in the team for now until he can really find what he is really good at.


He has failed us in BPL and Champion League season over season.

The reason why we are in 3rd place now is other usual top teams Man City, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea are not playing at their peak level and Liecester and Spurs are playing with Champion form.

If we don’t win the 2015/16 BPL title, Wenger should just move up the Arsenal board and allow someone who is braver and more creative to take over his seat.


0 is number of effects fans can make to change the attitude in this team coz we will still rush for autographs & selfies instead of going nuts like the Valencia fans did after 9 games without a win now they have 3 in 4
Under 80k a week is the wages this arsenal team should be earning
2 is the number of players we will struggle to keep (ozil, snachez)
1 is the number of players we need to off load since it was like we played 10 players AGAIN!
We need a hostage negotiator to ask Theo to leave the club


It’s really annoying me that AW just won’t accept the need for defensive coaching. Perry Groves leading a stadium tour told us a few years ago that AW buys players and expects them to know their jobs, he doesn’t do tactical training. There is absolutely no cohesion, leadership, or desire for this defensive pack to keep clean sheets. Does Bould have any say? He must have seen how GG got it working before. Adams/Terry/Kompany would not accept this feeble approach.

In midfield Ramsey is not the answer to a missing Cazorla and has no creativity. So frustrating to see how many balls went side/backwards or to the feet of attackers who were marked and had backs to goal. We had no runners looking for space and only Ozil who could play a ball into that space. What is Alexis’ role supposed to be now? Gets the ball wide, head down, run into 3 players and look for free kick?

Any other team around with good players who went to pot until a change of manager? Chelsea come to mind. I’ve long been an AW fan but his tactical nouse has now expired and we should have gone for Pep when the chance arose – without David Dein who will pick the right successor? Don’t fall into the Manure trap and let AW do it please.


What Wenger brought to this club is unquestionable. He made a platform and brought this club to a certain respectful level. It is obvious that his limits are visible. And if the board keeps him just because he is a lucrative figure for the club then they are making a mistake because one day this club can go speeding downhill and that will result in a proportional financial downhill also.
I will take only one moan that came from Wengers mouth and that is the small technical fouls that Utd made in midfield. My dear Wenger, that is a tactic, a strategy, that means your game was read before the wistle blow. So, an experienced manager should have not just a plan B, but fluid tactics for group of players. For example, two changes in the team could prevented this disaster. Campbell instead of Walcott and Elneny instead of Ramsey. The next step? A formation without a striker sitting deep in their half. Then, a passing tika-taka game. If you see that you suffer from small fouls in midfield then keeping the ball less is the only prevention of the fluid game. Elneny and Coq in the middle as a hard anchor (both players can make good passes upfront) and Welbeck and Ozil in the same line in front of them. Sanchez and Campbell on the flanks as they can make one-two’s with any of Welbeck and Ozil. Keep low fast balls all the time. And at any point if the game develops on one of (left or right) side, one of the wingers can stand a bit between the central midfield and the attacking midfield. They can provide cover for countersand also they can strike from their back. Welbeck and Ozil can keep the ball and interchange between themselves, by seeing run ins from the wingers and feed them with fast and low balls. And not to mention too much that we need to shoot from distance. I will not comment the defence anyway cause it is not reasonable. I know Gabriel can be mistakes-prone but when you are a manager you need to identify that and put 2 defensive minded midfielders in front of him.
To sum it up, Wenger has to accept another place in the club and leave the coaching role to another manager that can read, analyse and fluidly change the sensibility of the team’s formation. We’ve seen managers (no need to mention) that were (and are) able to pull maximum from underperformers ny finding them appropriate roles in the team or protecting them by a stronger or better footballer by or in front of them. In the end, you can have 10 top quality goalkeepers in front of goal, but if the game is not well in the front line or the midfield, it will be more then clear that you will concede a goal.
The future is not bright, I see. Another season as failure (compared to the ambitions of the club) will result in players leaving. Our top players will have second thoughts and the underperformers who have a too high opinion for themselves also. In the end, if your top players leave, then quality wise you went downhill at a top speed. I don’t know if this club will be again in a situation to be a target for new players because some of them will have in their mind: “Why should i go there, its just an average higher midtable club with no ambitions for over a decade?”
Wenger, thank you for all that you’ve done for this club, you will always be remembered, but it is time to leave the managing role for another manager. Simple as that.


What happened to Walcott?
Earlier this season he was working , putting in a 100% shift, like he was learning from Alexis.
Now, nothing.


I’d take Welbeck any day now over Walcott at Striker or Wing. He may be a bit rusty now with some poor passes, bad touches, but he is at least trying to get involved and make things happen (and has at times). Whether Walcott is on the wing or at striker he just doesn’t get involved enough as it too easy to defend. Wenger can’t keep putting him out there as long as he does with such little impact on each match with so few touches or any other contribution. I’d rather see Campbell or Iwobi get in there as they at least have the potential to continue to improve while Walcott seems to be stuck at the same level.


Feeling a little deja vu…..Didn’t this happen last time Walcott renewed? Played well on the lead up to signing, then quality dropped like a rock in a pond after…..

Diaby's Glasslegs

Been really supportive of Theo. Seems he doesn’t care. Shocking performance. Transition from defence to midfield alone was a problem. I’m getting really scared of that NL Derby. Did Theo even sweat? 0 shots when Carrick is a CB? Seriously 10 years at the ‘highest’ level means you shld be a role model. China please?