Mathieu Debuchy joins Bordeaux on loan


Arsenal have confirmed that Mathieu Debuchy has joined Ligue 1 side Bordeaux on loan until the end of the season.

The French international had been unhappy with his lot at Arsenal for some time, complaining publicly about his lack of playing time, and highlighting his desire to leave. He’s now got his wish.

To some extent he’s been very unlucky, suffering a nasty ankle ligament injury against Man City in September 2014 in just his 4th Premier League appearance for the club.

He returned to action in December, but in January suffered another bad injury when Stoke’s LIDL Imbrahimovic, Marko Arnautovic, pushed him while he was off his feet into the advertising hoardings. He suffered a dislocated collar bone which required surgery to fix. That opened the door for Hector Bellerin to stake a claim for the right-back position, and the young Spaniard hasn’t looked back since.

While recovering from the second injury, which left him feeling ‘destroyed and embarrassed‘ according to Arsene Wenger, he outlined his guilt and not being able to play for his new club.

“Inevitably, in your head, you’re not feeling great, you feel guilty,” he said. “When a club signs you they’re counting on you and in return, I’ve not brought anything.”

He began the first game of the season against West Ham when Bellerin was absent through a minor injury, but has been unable to force his way back into the first team reckoning on a consistent basis.

With Euro 2016 taking place in France this summer, he’s been vocal about his need to play regular football, and seems to have accepted quite quickly that it’s not going to happen for him at Arsenal without something calamitous happening to Bellerin.

His lack of fight has been a little disappointing, but when you look at how unfortunate he was in his first season, it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for him.

Good luck to him at Bordeaux.

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Into the bush.


Stopped feeling sorry for him when he kept moaning about not getting first team action, but every opportunity Arsene gave him, mostly against shit opposition, he played like a total cunt.

if you haven’t got the fight in you, to battle for your place against a 19 year old, then you’re just a loser, good riddance.


harsh mate. The guy was unlucky … he can be a good squad player for us.

Easy as JVC

I agree he could have been very useful. However if he is unable/unwilling to fight for his spot then he has no place at our club. I wish him nothing but the best in the future, but that future is not with Arsenal. Au Revoir


Aye, at this point i have to say he ‘could have been’ a good squad player for us. He came to Arsenal to be in a club contending at the top. We’re contending at the top more than we have in years, pushing for a title, and he’s worried about Euros and personal achievement. If he doesn’t want to help with that, perhaps we should have made it permanent. Mind you, I really really liked him when he came on board. Thought he solidified just as well if not better than sagna’s last season with us, and looked the part,… Read more »


PodB – I donno mate, the guy is as soft as they come; he got injured, that can happen to any pro, especially ones at our club.. then he expected to just walk back into first team action, when another player had rightfully taken his place not just out of luck and timing, but also out of merit – Bellerin was ripping it up at right back. Debuchy didnt have the fight in him to battle it out with Bellerin for a starting spot, he just rolled over and didn’t fight for his place at all. That left Arsene no… Read more »

Mr. G

Well said. For all his bad luck, his attitude has been childish, self-absorbed and completely disrespectful, and his lack of any willingness to fight for his place (evident by his mediocre, sulky, half-arsed performances when he has played) means he’s of no use to us. I never want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again. We need someone with a better attitude – look at how Gibbs is dealing with being in a similar situation for an example on how to act when you lose your place. Much as I don’t like seeing Chambers played in a position that… Read more »

Toure motors

Gone with a bit of a whimper


As you said, good luck to him at Bordeaux. I don’t know if I would have been quite as charitable towards him if I’d written the article, as his public moaning and apparent lack of work ethic pissed me off no end, but this is probably what’s best for both parties.

Perhaps he will return to us in the summer ready to work his way back into the team. Or perhaps the move will become permanent. I don’t think Arsenal loses out on anything in either case.

Again, good luck to him.


How is it best for Arsenal to be with one fewer player?

Luis Boa Muerte

If he’s crap and whiny, of course it is


So you’d rather Arsenal loan a player cos he’s a bit sulky than just keep him in case of an injury crisis? Arsenal pretty much gain nothing from this loan deal. It’s not like at the end of the season Bordeaux will sign Debuchy since they can’t afford his wages.

We were only 2 injuries away from Debuchy starting. Now I’m not sure who we’re 2 injuries away from starting at rb.


Sometimes having someone sulking around can hurt the moral of other players and impact the team negatively. Especially from an older player who should be setting an example for the young guns.


LIDL Ibrahimovic. That is the best I’ve read since The Gent dubbed Chelsea “Stoke of the South”.


I am scared – “Bellerin gets injured tomorrow”

Giroud's abs

Step in, Canaldo!


I hear Gibbs has a terrific right foot. I’m not sure though, I’ve never seen him use it.


Completely bottled it. He’s only been available for less than half the time. If he’d had the stomach to fight he would have had a chance without doubt. Young players always dip in form and Bellerin is no different. Very frustrating. But if that’s his attitude not a huge loss.


Hopefully his dip in form is better than debuchy’s current form. I could live with that.


“He’s only been available for less than half the time.” – and who’s fault is that…


Are recall options allowed on international loans? If so, any idea if such a clause is included? Have read numerous articles, but nothing addressing this.


Wouldn’t want him back to be honest.


I feel the same, but if he’s playing regularly at Bordeaux and gets back into form, and Bellarin went down (knock on wood, pinch of salt, etc….), would be good to be able to bring him back. In form, I think he’s better than Chambers.

Hopefully, it’s all moot.


a good point, well made…


And Hector Bellerin breaks his leg in 3..2..1

New Haven Gooner

Meh. He handled his situation in the worst possible way. I’m glad to be done with his whining.

Little Mozart

I’m annoyed he chose to leave, and I’m equally annoyed that the only replacement I can think of on the market right now is… Eboue.

Arsene's zip

I would welcome Eboue back, but only if he brings his tiger suit.


Massive cunt. Bye.


Put yourself in his place and think what you would have done. Your rival is getting the max opportunities even though you are more experienced than him. Would you rather stay on in an environment like that or go on for better pastures? I am not supporting him but there is no need for the name calling. He has had bad days but he still played an important role when we bought him. He probably feels bad because he wasnt given enough games to come back into the groove.


I’m not in his shoes, but i’d like to think I’d stick it out and fight for starts and be part of a title tilt!

Then convince Le Prof to sell him on for a tidy sum for both in the summer. They’d both oblige, I’m sure.


I’d have much more sympathy for him had he grafted properly, retained some decorum and still been on the bench.

However, as we’ve all seen, his approach to getting game time has been less than subtle and somewhat disrespectful. In that respect he doesn’t really fit the bill of an Arsenal player.

Hopefully he impresses in Bordeaux, gets his head down and achieves his Euro dream. If that means a permanent move in the summer then so be it, I think both parties would probably benefit overall.

Good luck, Mathieu, you little tinker.

Naija Gunner

So unfotunate good luck to Him. But his attitude towards his situation is unprofessional and He doesn’t seem to be a fighter but, rather whines about not been used instead of trying and working hard to get back his place in the team.


This is (almost certainly) the most exciting thing to happen to us on deadline day. Yay.

I know it’s just up there because the page has a score on it by default, but somehow the liveblog having “0-0” at the top seems incredibly appropriate.


I find City telling Pellegrini and the City squad he’s a dead man walking is much more exciting, to be honest.


Yes, good luck to him. Personally, I think the attitude shown by Arseblog towards the player over the last while is slightly unfair. He was injured, a player took his place, he was unhappy. Big deal that he wants to move. Personally I think he is physically stronger than Bellerin and a better defender and as such I would like to see us maintain that option but c’est la vie. Good luck to him and I hope if the Irish face him at any stage in the Euros, he’ll break his hole.

My name is Jeff

Chambers showed on Saturday that we have adequate backup to Bellerin, so it really was time for Debuchy to go.


Cheerio cheerio cheerio cheerio!!!!


What if he doesn’t get picked for euros after all this? oh well aurevoir tarahh see ya wouldn’t want to be ya because we’re going to win the PL and you won’t get a medal ? hehe


According to the tabloids there was strong interest from Man United but the loan was categorically vetoed by Wenger. Hard to know how much credence to give these stories but I’d be happy if it’s true. I hope our days of selling/loaning to rivals are well gone.

I still think Debuchy has a real struggle on his hands to qualify for the French Euros squad but good luck to him.

igor stepanovs

On the other hand, he could have been to United what Silvestre was to us…


Hope there’s a recall clause just in case

Parlour's pay packet

Reminds me a little of Anelka. I hate that all a player has to do to get a move is moan a little and create a negative atmosphere around themselves. Managers get rid to avoid it adversely affecting the team.


Au revoir dickhole

Frankie boy

Glad he has gone to be honest, had the Mental strength of a dead rotting hedge hog and zero loyalty…… Rather have chambers or my pet staffy playing right back as she is a beast in tracking back and tackling and craves her football.


Chambers can take his place so not a big loss other than the experience. But his unprofessional attitude would have offset his experience.
I do see why he resisted Villa though. Easy choice really. Provence or Birmingham? No brainer.
Good luck Debuchy and hopefully we can get some money back if you impress.
Still could never understand how he was 1st choice over Sagna for all those years for France.


Got me French regions mixed up. Still a no brainer though. Bordeaux or Birmingham?

Giovani R

ja vai tarde!


The problem is that he was waaaay too vocal about being unhappy! Sure man. You don’t like being benched. We get it, no one does! Complaining publicly was never gonna help him win his place back, and by doing so the fans started disliking him a lil bit (at least I did). Shame he couldn’t find his mojo back


Hopefully he will impress at Bordeaux and also this Summer at the Euros so if we do sell him his value will be retained. The one thing we don’t want is for him to fail while out on loan and then he won’t be worth anything.