Report: Arsenal 0-0 Hull City


Arsenal: Ospina, Chambers, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Elneny, Iwobi, Campbell, Walcott, Welbeck

Subs: Macey, Bellerin, Monreak, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Giroud

Arsenal face an unwanted replay at the KC Stadium after a 0-0 draw with Hull City at the Emirates this afternoon.

As expected Arsene Wenger made numerous changes to his team, handing starts to Calum Chambers, Kieran Gibbs, Mathieu Flamini, Mohamed Elneny, Alex Iwobi, Joel Campbell, Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck. Aaron Ramsey, Petr Cech and Mesut Ozil were not included in the squad at all.

The game began in fairly quiet fashion, perhaps reflective of the early kick off, but in the 8th minute Arsenal should have had a penalty when Elneny’s shot was handled in the area by Alex Bruce, but Mike Dean played on despite appeals from the Egyptian international.

Good work from Walcott provided a chance for Welbeck to get his second goal in as many games, but his header went straight at the keeper, and when Chambers saw his darting run last weekend’s hero saw his low shot saved by Jakupović. From the resulting corner Iwobi curled a shot just wide as the Arsenal pressure mounted.

The keeper was again called into action, saving from Walcott in the 28th minute, before Mike Dean booked Harry Maguire for a dive in our box. He was followed into the book by Shaun Moloney for a foul on Walcott, and in the 40th minute by Koscielny for taking down Diomande. That flurry of booking was about the most exiting part of the latter stage of the first period and the teams went in level at the break.

There was an early chance in the second half for Walcott, his shot from a Gibbs cross was saved by Jakupović again, and after Chambers had been tackled in the box, Elneny set up Iwobi whose shot was deflected inches wide of the post.

The breakthrough almost came from a Joel Campbell free kick, the Costa Rican’s effort rebounded off the bottom of the post, replays showed the keeper got fingertips to it to prevent the goal. From the rebound Flamini fired over with his left foot. The Hull keeper kept them in it again, palming away a Welbeck effort in the 63rd minute, prompting Arsene Wenger into making his first changes with Alexis and Olivier Giroud replacing Campbell and Welbeck.

The Frenchman had a pop on goal, the save was easy for the keeper though, while at the other end Hull shot into the side netting. Alexis fired a shot about three hundred miles wide, then overhit a pass to Walcott when he should have presented him with a great crossing opportunity.

There was danger from Hull when Aluko got into good positions but on both occasions was given offside, and another quality Giroud knock-down gave Oxlade-Chamberlain a chance which he squandered, shooting wide from inside the box.

A late Alexis free kick from inside the D forced yet another save from Jakupović, and in the final seconds there was a scramble which almost came to something, but in the end a dull game ended in a dull scoreline and that means a rather unwanted reply.

Next up, Barcelona.


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We actually looked far less threatening after the subs came on. All the momentum seemed to just disappear. We were creating quite a lot before then.

dr Strange

That’s the result of Ox in the middle. He is not a central player. No way whatsoever.

We are poor and have been for a long time. The last good game I can remember is city at home. This won’t do with the schedule we have in front of us. Wenger needs get a game plan going. It’s been missing for as long as we have been poor.

Maybe a bit cynical but what’s the point of us buying Elneny? Is he a decent player? Yes. Does he bringa anything we lack into the team? No not really and he’s not competetion for the Coq. Not from what i have seen but I hope I’m wrong.


dr Strange telling it like it is. Simple as that.


Whoops meant to thumb down Tilman.. b/c I disagree with him/her and Dr Strange…

Crash Fistfight

I see what you’re getting at with Elneny, but I think the signing is probably similar to Nacho Monreal – they would have signed him in the summer, if not for injuries. Really, I think he is supposed to be back-up to Coquelin.

Having him and Flamini in the middle just makes both of them look devoid of any creativity, but neither of them is there for that – they need someone else beside them to do the fancy stuff. That’s why, as someone suggest below, I thought it might have been worth going 4-4-2 as Arsene went last week – it’s not like Hull were bothering to come forward (not until the last 10 minutes or so in any case).


If we judged coquelin as quickly as you’ve judged Elneny – after about 150 minutes? Ridiculous – the coq would be busting shit up for someone else, and you’d be on here whining about a DM again.

Seeing Sounds

I personally think Elneny looked great. If anything we should’ve bought him in the summer. Jesus Christ, ever since Coquelin and Cazorla got injured we’ve been unable to play at the level that we need to in order to win the league. Can’t even begin to stress how crucial Cazorla is. His backup and future replacement is in my opinion our next transfer dilemma although everyone has been crying out for a striker since Van Persie left. I can write a thousand pages about the undeserved criticism Giroud has been slammed with. We CAN win the league with Grioud, the man we can’t with it without it has become evident is Cazorla, unfortunately Elneny isn’t going to take his place, Ramsey is but I’m not too sure how it’s going to work out.

PS: Alexis pls start scoring


BTL comments are being a bit unfair to the team. Bar one really good chance at the end of the game, we were beyond extremely unlucky to have yet again a fucking once in a blue moon monster of a goalkeeping performance deny us like three times. Plus Mike Dean. We were unlucky today. Momentum would have been nice, but we also didn’t lose. Sanchez has the yips right now imo.


I don’t think the keeper had a worldy. Apart from the Joel Campbell free kick, everything else was routine or close enough to his body. We didn’t work him hard enough.


The save for Welbeck’s deflected shot was also impressive but otherwise I agree; just not clinical enough in front of goal.


Sanchez’s erratic shooting is scaring me


and passing but he is on the way back…

Gudang Pelor

Really hope so, because it has been a while he was not playing up to his usual standard.


We must have the worst conversion rate in England. No matter what we do, we just cannot score. It was clear against Leicester last week and even more clear today. The fact that we can’t wear down a mix & match Hull team is hugely worrying, especially when we’re going to be taking on the best attack force in the world on Tuesday.


This isn’t anything new. Its a problem that has been around ever since RVP left.
This team lacks killer instinct. We have forwards who for all their hustle and bustle, are just not clinical finishers.

He is Well Beck Now!

And we are only going to get one or two chances against them.


A M O T?


And sadly our lack of goals and the inability to convert our numerous chances is what could ultimately cost us in the title race.
We have the defence an amazing midfield but we are and have been lacing up front for a good few years and this could be the year it really does kick us in the nuts.


Arsenal draw, Leicester win.

Should have been a different game had either penalty been given.

Andy Mack

Mike Dean was the best Hull player, although their GK also had a great game….

Red Cannon

Dean was extremely bad, but he was bad all around, not just in favor of Hull. There were a lot of Arsenal fouls (some rather egregious) that probably deserved yellow cards, but he never gave them when our players were already had a card. Much as that I was glad of that, it’s not really how the rules are supposed to apply.


One bad decision in one team’s favour often leads to a compensatory decision awarded the other way. Which leads to an ongoing see-saw refereeing masterclass in incompetence that leaves everyone frustrated. I don’t like blaming the officials in cases like this, it’s embarrassing that video technology isn’t in place to help referees yet.

Crash Fistfight

Much as I dislike the bald cheat, I thought he was mostly fine with his decisions today. It’s just a shame he will never give any close-calls to us – having seen the handball, that is clearly a penalty, and the foul on Chambers is one that he’d probably have given to ‘another’ top side.


We have plenty of striking options, but just no one to provide an Ozist


It’s possible Wenger got the two in front of the back four wrong today.

Holloway Headcase

Flam-neny lacks creativity for sure. They looked flat against a team with 11 behind the ball. But, they’re a solid platform and a more natural fit for each other. It’s a true pivot. I’d like to see them in a backs to the wall and counter attack game, like Tuesday.


Good chance for those that don’t get much first team action to sharpen themselves and get used too each other in the replay. When is it?


Maybe it will be a welcome game for santi wilshere. Much needed game if they can be back when the reply its played.


Lack of urgency at times in the game. A really unwanted fixture added on.

Welbeck looked really sharp though.


Draw against hull then get a result against Barcelona? Sounds like arsenal to me.


Really hope we are saving up those goals for Barcelona . Alexis, Giroud, Walcott and even Ramsey are due to score a goal soon.

Arsenal hurts

Thats the spirit! Usually ppl use that otherway around


Not great. But fair play to Hull. will win the replay. Not the disaster everyone paints it as.

Tarquin Farquar

Who has painted it as a disaster??


BT sport would have you believe it is. Although they are fuckwits.

Tarquin Farquar

I turned straight over at final whistle. Can’t stand listening to the cunts. Merson earlier saying Simpson first yellow should not have been yellow. Completely negating how many times Simpson had already fouled Sanchez. Cunts, the lot of em.


I hope there are no delusional fans who actually think we are going to win anything this year.


it appears there are many


Yeah, because the logical next step after drawing in an FA cup tie is to conclude that you have no chance to win in any of the three other competitions you are involved in. Seems reasonable.

mr. pink

You mean drawing in an FA cup tie against a lower tier opposition who didn’t even play their first team? I would say that is quite an important detail. So yeah, if we aren’t able to win a game like this, at home let’s not forget, what chances do we have against a more serious opposition.


yeah mate, i’ve only watched this one match all season and made my conclusion based on our inability to score against hull. you’re a smart one


From what you’ve said and how you’ve chosen to say it, that’s exactly how it comes across. You seem to neglect every good thing we’ve done this season. There was a point in the season where we looked like we’d be out of the CL all together, now thanks to what was (or at least should be) recognized as an amazing performance, we have a chance. Yes it’s against Barcelona but fuck Barcelona, if I’m not allowed to dream of Arsenal beating every team under the sun, even after we lose 4-0 to Southampton because Shane Longs a bit quick, then what the fuck is the point of being an Arsenal fan?
We’re third in the table on goal difference, two points off the top. In September it looked like City would run away with it, by December it looked like we would run away with it, nobody predicted the state of the league accurately then, so why would anyone be able to do so now? It’s not even Marh yet, we’ve got a more than a third of the league games left to play, if you honestly believe your judgement of what you seen so far in the league is enough to accurately predict now how it will conclude in may then why don’t you stop chatting here and go make a bundle at the bookies?
We drew an FA cup tie and have to play a replay. Not a desirable outcome but that’s about as doom and gloom as you can be about this. We’re not suddenly out of the cup, we’re not suddenly underdogs in the tie, we’re not suddenly a side that is incapable of beating teams from the championship and therefore incapable of beating any team. We beat Bayern Munich, we lost to West Ham, we beat United 3-0, we couldn’t score a goal against Southampton in two games. There’s good and there’s bad, juwt because good shit happens doesn’t mean that’s the way it’ll pan out every time, just because had shit happens doesn’t mean that good shit cant happen. You want to tell every Arsenal player that because we drew against Hull they should give up on beating Barca, give up on the league and forget about the FA cup? That’s fucking stupid. It’s illogical and it’s irrational. Yourself and people who think like you need to be rounded up and sat in a room and made watch the Rocky series on repeat (including creed) until you start saying “it aint about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. Have a little fucking faith my fair weather friends.


Based only the collective effort the players have committed this season…and disregarding luck, the opposition, the transfer issues, the world class players we have bought completely…I struggle to understand your concept of being a football fan. Why do you have to say that?

Hope we win the league
Hope we win the league

Ox was awful


Alexis was. Enough with the Ox and theo bashing. They have been good lately.

Ox in the box

Ox didn’t have time to influence the game. I think this game needed a creator. I think Wenger might shot himself in the foot because he didn’t include Ramsey in the squad, as he would be perfectly suited for later stage of this game. Playing two DM’s and young winger/AM in midfield didn’t provide the thrust and creativity we needed. Walcott was bright but maybe faded a little towards the end, Welbeck was a positive as well, Sanchez is clearly out of form.

Crash Fistfight

Agree entirely. People can’t seem go beyond the pre-conceived narratives. Sanchez has been next-to-useless since he came back from injury. If he doesn’t score he pretty-much brings nothing at the moment – all he does is cut infield and either:

a) get tackled
b) take a shot that is either blocked (because there are so many defenders in front of him) or goes miles wide
c) over-hits a pass

Clearly this doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, but he’s obviously out-of-form and not immune to criticism.

Oxlade-Chamberlain, on the other hand, could score a screamer from 35 yards and people will still moan about one pass he misplaced. Some people were saying he didn’t mean to shoot against Bournemouth when he scored, ffs!


If the Ox didn’t have a British passport, there is no way he would be anywhere near the first team.

Boilermaker Gunner

Walcott was poor as well. His passing and dribbling are limited which becomes a liability on the wings. Giroud did well but Sanchez’s passing and shooting was erratic. I am relieved that Kos didn’t get sent off. Iwobi was impressive again.


I don’t think he is that poor. First half we have few created chances through him. I remember one of his cross was bounced back by Giroud to a chance as well.


Meh game. However, if we can’t beat a second string hull side with the players we have today, then it’s a problem…no excuses.
The only bright spot today was Welbeck…Looks like he might start against Barca.
Another game added to an already brutal schedule.
Only a miracle will save us on Tuesday.

Tarquin Farquar

That’s the spirit. I bet your a bundle of fun.


Their keeper had a blinder again. Hull literally had 10 men in their third and we couldn’t break them down. I wonder if subbing on Giroud for Flamini would’ve been better, Hull had no intent to attack. But I’m sure Wenger thought that would be too risky. Couldn’t fault the team for effort though, just a bit unfortunate now we have another game to contend with.


I said sane thing about the subs. All 3 times the board went up i was shocked that Flams number wasn’t on it.


Is anyone else scared about Alexis’ form? He doesn’t look ready to play and looks like a poor option to start against Barcelona.


Alexis is vital, the only thing he tries to much is tries to score, and because of that he is rushing his shoots. Everything else is top notch passing dribbling creating chances. OK maybe today he didn’t look great when he came on maybe his mind was on barcelona game.

Crash Fistfight

Beg to disagree on this. His passing is not his strong suit at the best of times – at the moment, it’s atrocious.

Also, yes, he has been dribbling too often, when on a number of occasions a simple pass to a team-mate would have been preferable. It’s exactly this type of poor decision-making that Ramsey gets crucified for.


I’m not on ramsey’s bashing wagon, and I know that both of alexis and ramsey will be vital players for us against barca, only a fan that don’t understand football and plays fifa to much could thing otherwise.

Crash Fistfight

You seem generally positive GDM – good on you for that.

It just seems that there are a lot of people that comment on here that fall into two camps:

1. Players can’t be criticised – if they are, the person criticising them is not a true fan/overly negative/unreasonable
2. Certain players can do no right – whatever they do is useless and one poor performance means they are a terrible player (and the converse applying to players they like)

I think when a player performs poorly, they should be open to criticism. I don’t however, think that just because someone has a poor game/games that means they are a terrible player for now and forever, vice-versa if they play well (where they should be praised on that performance).

club arse

Best shot of the match, Campbell. One of the next best, when he hit the post. Get in while you can, Joel!

club arse

Dammit, in the replays it was Danny. Just call me Marriner…


We really need the vintage Alexis back. In matches as these where the opponent goalkeeper is having a blinder, its all about being clinical. And Alexis is usually that, except since coming back from injury.


Alexis…arrghh, hope he gets back on it ASAP
Thought we played pretty well, best seen from Theo in ages. Hull defended deep and in numbers and their keeper played brilliantly. Was getting worried they.d sucker punch us in the last 10 or Kos would get the red..replay not so bad


Arsenal FC has a knack for making opponent goalkeepers transform into Neuer during the game


Ironically we always score past Neur.


im sorry so say this, but please sell Chambo. Hes useless. His miss pass and oh god that miss!. His inconsistency is so scary. Hes more an Eboue(a joker) than a winner any champion need. Every times hes on the ball my heart beating so fast cos i would scared he will misplace it. He needs to go out of comfort zone at Arsenal and get real. He had it too easy

He's got no hair but we don't care...
He's got no hair but we don't care...

Poor. Barcelona will be terrified.
On the bright side, there’s always Utd to laugh at I guess.


Barcelona will be a different game. They will leave gaps at the back. We have to convert our few chances…if we don’t we will pay a heavy price.


This will not be our starting line-up against Barca!


I just watched Las Palmas play Barcelona, 2-1 for the catalans but the canarian team played really well and a draw would have been a fair result. Messi was very subdued, Neymar scored from about 4 yards out but other than that, he was non existent, much like the rest of the barca midfield.

Tuesday’s game will be different of course but lets not assume we will be completely wiped out.


Freak game.

Had we scored early on we would have probably won it 5-0. But the ball just wouldn’t go in. The away tie might actually suit us better because Hull will have to come out more. Agree about Alexis: he looks stale to me. The most annoying thing is that we don’t need another game at this stage of the season.


The likes of Campbell/Chambers/Walcott…. will love a replay (a chance to shine) …as will I, as I love watching the Arsenal!

Tim Geschwindt

It’s not a freak game though. We haven’t been able to convert possession/chances into goals since December.

bims lay

who is this??……where is fats?

Arsene's Toffee

With a much more ample squad being refreshed with returning players a replay isn’t such a bad thing. Hopefully it coincides with a return for Jack and/or Santi to get some minutes and gives much needed game time to others in the squad. Really liked the look of Iwobi again. Valuable minutes for Welbeck and indeed Sanchez who still looks to be getting back to his best, but every minute counts!

Ox in the box

I think we should have two penalties, one for Bruce’s handball and one for tackle on Chambers in the second half. But to be honest, even though Arselan had a lot of good shots and dominated the game, the only opportunity that was really clear we had was the header from Welbeck from Walcott cross. Mind, both Campbell and Welbeck shots were great (so were the saves).

I think this game needed a creator. I think Wenger might shot himself in the foot because he didn’t include Ramsey in the squad, as he would be perfectly suited for later stage of this game. Playing two DM’s and young winger/AM in midfield didn’t provide the thrust and creativity we needed.

On the plus side, we were defensively sound, and we have two whole squads of players available which will be helpful for the replay in the congested fixture list. Walcott was bright but maybe faded a little towards the end, Welbeck was a positive as well, Sanchez is clearly out of form.

Onwards and upwands, Barca on the gates.

Ox in the box

I think we should have two penalties, one for Bruce’s handball and one for tackle on Chambers in the second half. But to be honest, even though Arselan had a lot of good shots and dominated the game, the only opportunity that was really clear we had was the header from Welbeck from Walcott cross. Mind, both Campbell and Welbeck shots were great (so were the saves).


Worst thing about all that was Robbie Savage commentating.

Ox in the box

I think this game needed a creator. I think Wenger might shot himself in the foot because he didn’t include Ramsey in the squad, as he would be perfectly suited for later stage of this game. Playing two DM’s and young winger/AM in midfield didn’t provide the thrust and creativity we needed.

Onwards and upwands, Barca at the gates.

Petits Handbag

I’ve an awful fucking hangover.
That didnt help.

Tim Geschwindt

A rough hangover while dealing with that commentary. Savage.


I’m with you handbag but I have gone with the ‘hair of the hound’ option. Roll on….


Ps; frustrating game….

Bob Davis

They came with game plan to park the bus and hit us on the counter attack. Similar to the Leicester side last week. We created enough to win the game and the Hull keeper had a game to remember with some great saves.

We should have had a penalty or two but Mike Dean never gives decisions like that in our favour. The first main shot towards goal from Iwobi in the first half, I would have liked Iwobi to have passed to Campbell rather than shoot.

The subs couldn’t save us and Sanchez looks to be struggling. We just can’t seem to take our chances.

Anyone know when the replay is?


I think we can be done with Walcott as forward experiment now because it works in only really really special cases. And personally, i think he’s nicking a living at this point.
Welbeck is looking real exciting. Hopefully can compete with Giroud.
Whenever Flam runs forward, i scream “No” inside a little.
Ox doesn’t yet know how good he can be.


Our woeful finishing was painful to watch. And now we have a replay to contend with…


The ball really refused to go in. Campbell hitting the post from a free kick, Iwobi coming close, Welbeck denied, Theo, Giroud even Alexis late on. It’s a worrrying trend that we struggle to convert so often despite creating so many decent chances but in isolation it’s hard to be overly critical of what we did today. I guess it’s some kind of cosmic joke that we get forced into a replay after Arsene says he’s all for keeping them in the competition…


Shitful performance


Unpopular opinion here: I would rather we focus on the league. Give the subs a chance in the replay as well.


I’m pretty sure that’s the popular opinion…


A big enough fit squad to go on all fronts…imo COYG!

Tim Geschwindt

Although we have beaten Leicester and Bournemouth, the performances in general have been stale. There is so little imagination upfront, with no ‘genius’ energy we had in the first half on the season. Where the little things by the big names would come off.

Alexis’ form is worrying because his individual ability is so influential – however it’s the attacking unit as a whole that feels dysfunctional leading to all of our frontmen going through rough patches simultaneously.

Lots of talk from armchair fans like me, but I have no idea how Wenger sorts that chemistry out. Desperately need a hot streak from Alexis, starting against Barca on Tuesday hopefully


Reading West Brom shud help u sleep it off


There was a time when we blamed our injuries to bad luck. I hope we don’t do the same for our finishing now, there is something not quite right. We created 22-23 shots today but couldn’t score.


Can’t tell if our finishing is just that bad, their keeper had one of those superman days and we just got unlucky with saves/deflections/penalties-not-given. Some of both, probably.

The only thing that worries me is how bad Alexis was… bad shooting, bad passing. Seemed rusty as hell, except he’s has a number of games back now.

Thought Elneny was really excellent in the B2B role, doing good defensive work and making some really nice runs and passes in the final third.


Oddly, flamini looked better while playing more forward. Whenever he was positioned at holding, he seemed very tentative and lacked a bit of awareness.

Elneny, I felt, did a fine job. He was all across the pitch. Especially liked it when he played from deep. Very progressive and sharp with his passing. Could tell wenger must have told him to push up and have flamini drop back. That might add to the final third, but I feel our switches and transitions from defense to attack aren’t as fluid.

Alexis seems not quite up to pace but with such great talent, you’re bound to tap into something even when you’re not at your best.

Luckily we have a hungry Danny welbeck. Lovely turns and great hold ups. I can’t really remember him losing the ball too often.

Not the result we want but good runouts for some players who need match fitness. Hopefully we’re saving our laces for Tuesday.


As dismal as the weather.


I think Elneny was excellent today, much better the his first start for the club, the guys was everywhere his passing was much more accurate and better, and the guy can run 180 minutes and not get tired.


Fact is without Ozil, the only other players to unlock defences in the number 10 position is Jack and Santi.
Something magical was missing today


if ever a match was worthy of a MEH. Iwobi and Welbeck looked bright, Elneny was tidy and energetic if a little safe…Theo was shite, Ox was made some passes fluffed some passes and a good shooting op. Sanchez was on for a short time but its a bad sign how easy it was to notice he was terrible…Need him back soon


What match was you watching? Theo had a good game and wasn’t shite. Stop with the Theo bashing it’s getting boring.


He had a good half..After being shite since the Man city game..Stop molly coddling a grown fucking man.


Stubborn performance. Got the impression Hull didn’t want to win.


Dear Lord the Whores of Catalan will slaughter us.


The doom mongerers are out in force today. Wellbeck’s goal last week must really have hurt considering it stopped you spouting your usual bile, at least until today.

So what we drew with hull? It’s a game we would of won 9 times out of 10. I give hull some credit for digging in and getting the result they didn’t really deserve.

The replay is a pain but we’ll get over it, no harm done. Let’s see what we can do against barca.


Am the only one here who think that replay match is not problem at all ? I even think that this replay will be a little blessing in disguise with our squad is coming back, we’ll need matches so everyone can “train” their lack of match in this replay match, we do have 2 squads capable to fight in every competition we are in

Richie Growling

Why is it an unwanted replay?

Probably the only chance for Ospina, Campbell, Elmeny, Ofobi etc. to get another game. I’d say it’s good news for them, and will keep them sharp n case they’re needed in big games.


I thought we played well today, the only thing missing was a goal or goals.

Have to start converting those chances though, it could cost us dearly


“Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger sees no need to scrap FA Cup replays because he believes Premier League clubs have squads to cope.”