Report: Arsenal 0-0 Southampton


Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Campbell, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Mertesacker, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott

Arsenal suffered a night of frustration as poor finishing from a host of very presentable chances saw them draw 0-0 against Southampton at the Emirates.

After the win against Burnley, there were a raft of changes with Petr Cech, Hector Bellerin, Nacho Monreal, Mathieu Flamini, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Joel Campbell all returning to the starting line-up. Francis Coquelin and Theo Walcott dropped to the bench, and there was no place in the 18 man squad for new boy Mohamed Elneny.

The game began with some Southampton pressure, a free kick and a couple of corners which Arsenal dealt with through the presence of Cech. The Gunners were sluggish but in the 12th minute crafted the best chance of the game. Alexis played a pass over the top, Ozil ran onto it, killed it with his first touch and placed his shot but the keeper saved with his feet. The touch deserved a goal.

The visitors were getting plenty of joy hitting long passes to Shane Long, who moved between the central defenders to win the headers, and Cech again was the busier of the two keepers having to deal with a dangerous free kick after a Campbell foul in midfield.

Despite Southampton looking most dangerous, Arsenal came closest to scoring again. A cross from the right was flicked on by Giroud, Ozil got a touch from point blank range and the touch from Forrester saw the ball dribble agonisingly wide of the post, much to the frustration of the German international who knew he should have scored from there.

With Lee Mason pulling the strings for Ronald Koeman’s side, Arsenal found it tough to build any rhythm, and Cech again was in the right place when Tadic’s shot was on target. Romeu shot over the bar after some sloppiness at the back, and there was a 40th minute chance for Southampton to score after the ball was cleared from a corner. It came back in, Mane got wrong side of Gabriel, but he made a poor conncection and dribbled his shot wide.

At the other end Giroud was brave to get a stooping header on an Alexis pass but saw it blocked out, and good work from Campbell fed Ozil in the box but he couldn’t get the ball out from under his feet from close range, meaning the teams went in level at the break.

Early in the second period,  Forrester was called into action to prevent Arsenal from scoring, tipping over a right-footed Giroud effort after he’d been set up by Ramsey. That it all came from a terrible mistake from Flamini, and a worse one from Long, summed up the quality of the game overall.

There was more pressure from the Gunners though, and a brilliant move down the left saw Alexis play Ozil behind, he cut it back but it went behind every Arsenal player until Campbell won it back and curled a shot over.

At the other end a terrible pass from Gabriel sent Mane clean through but his finish was tame, and easy for Cech. Giroud got a header on target but without much power, making it easy for the keeper, before Arsene Wenger made his first change in the 62nd minute, bringing on Theo Walcott for Joel Campbell.

Alexis was next to test Forrester, heading on target from a Walcott cross, and there was a heart in mouth monent in our box when Gabriel slid in on Mane, and had the Southampton man gone down there might have been a big problem.

There were then 5 minutes when Arsenal had 5 great chances to score. Firstly Walcott’s shot with just the keeper to beat was poor, and his follow up allowed Forrester to save easily. Then the big keeper pushed an Alexis header around the post, before Koscielny headed over from inside the 6-yard box from an Ozil cross – he really should have broken the deadlock.

After Giroud had his shirt pulled and ripped, no penalty of course, Alexis saw a shot cleared off the line, and Giroud again couldn’t quite connect with an Ozil cross, nodding over. There was a lengthy stoppage in play when Fonte suffered a cut head, and that seemed to dent the Arsenal momentum a bit, but again Forrester made a save tipping over a Giroud header.

It almost opened for Ozil after a great combo with Alexis, but again Southampton got back to defend. Francis Coquelin came on for Flamini in the 85th minute, and promptly got booked for his first foul, swiftly followed by Gabriel for a foul deep in our half.

Ramsey got a shot on target, but it was straight at the keeper, and although Arsenal huffed and puffed, the chances missed earlier in the game proved so costly, and two big points were dropped at home.

With wins for Leicester, Sp*rs and Man City, we now sit 4th in the table, and the title challenge looks ever more difficult as the weeks go on.

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It is winning games like these that wins us the league. We should’ve won today. Also, is this that bald headed cunt’s revenge for the petition on


Looks like we only win when our opponent wants us to. I feel sorry for Arsenal F.C.They are taking this campaign very lightly….again. Fourth place ffs!


One word to describe this performance: WEAK

Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Now see us play like tigers protecting 4th place. And oil money no more excuse as Spuds and Lic above us.

Arsenal IS the problem.


I’m keeping the faith (just) you have to look at Koeman’s opinion of the game, he basically said “we were lucky and our keeper played his best ever game”
I agree with Wenger, at least we’re creating the chances still!
After this weekend things will look better, with a win over Bournemouth we’ll gain at least 2 points over City/Leicester. If we lose on Sunday, I’ll join all you pessimists 😉


You got that spot on mate! Don’t mind the thumbs down..

Remember the invincibles

Apart from missing one of the best chances, did anyone notice Walcott? We were playing with 10 for the last half an hour. Can’t understand it. Flamini also poor again. Ozil created loads but everybody missed. Back to fourth and below Spurs. Amazing Arsenal.

John C

I’m not Walcott’s biggest fan but he needs quick ball, something a midfield duo of Flamini and Ramsey do not provide


Mention Ramsey and Blogs comes running.

John C

This is true, but he has a very specific skill set and you can’t blame him for something we all know he’s not good at. If anything the blame must be with the manager for putting on a player who’s “talents” aren’t suited for that style of match, it’s not like he hasn’t managed him for the last 10 years.

Walcott is one of several of our players who have a rather narrow set of qualities that i’d rather see moved on.


This is how specific his skillset is: he can’t dribble, doesn’t have a reliable first touch, and can’t manage any hold up play. The only way he gets shots on goals is if you play a killer ball that he doesn’t have to control much and can just finish. He isn’t reliable even with that as shown last week AND this week. Last time I saw a player like that, said player was called ‘limited’ or ‘one trick pony’, not someone with a specific skillset. If you look up all time appearances for arsenal fc, theos high up in the… Read more »

Mas Moiderer

As usual it’s either Theo or the Ox’s fault. Theo was playing well as a central striker. He has never been a right winger and is definately not a left.


Mr.Blogs and fellow gooners I think the real problem is Emirates stadium and home crowd. If it was Highbury we would have buried almost all the chances we created today. I am extremely disappointed with the majority of the crowd on days like these. They really do nothing to motivate our players or unsettle the opposition. All I can hear is pointless booing.
As fans we really ought to focus on making it easier for the team at home.
Something needs to be done about this.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Agree with you blogs, but i also see where he is coming from. The away chants are heard much more loudly on the tele (USA transmissions anyway), we are in the quieter side when it comes to nose by home fans in the premier league

Xavi's DNA

When he was scoring a few seasons back, I could see a use for him – lots of pace and good finishing, but little else.

He is now playing like a goal poacher who misses half his chances. At this point, I don’t really know what he brings to a football team.


Ozil missed two clear opportunities, I guess he should have done better too? Anyway, at least Walcott put in a good cross just before. Campbell was dreadful with a few moments of quality. So Walcott was at least a like for like replacement. We’re regressing to the median, typical Arsenal.


Bloody hell, you guys are really ready to blame everything and everyone BUT the man in charge. Do you need another decade of mediocrity to wake up?


Maybe his confidence is shot? Have you been to the Emirates lately? It’s been getting more and more toxic especially towards Theo. That’s our home support. Seriously do Arsenal fans think they deserve the title? Have you seen the atmosphere at Leicester or even them wankers at white hart lane? Read through these comments and tell me that these ‘supporters’ deserve the title.

lwanga charles

it really hurts to see spurs above us…now fighting for 4th Place…am fed up


We have started pick on Theo game 🙂 Missing one of the best chances really!!


You are allowed to slag of theo on this site. But it’s the manager who is to blame. Many forecast our usual collapse.yes theo has been shite as have many others.
We were miles behind last season and only bought a keeper. Thank fuck we did or we would be mid table without him. Another top four finish but many will be delighted with that. Wengers greatest achievement in the last decade has been convincing so many gullible fans that 4th place is a trophy.


Theo has been poor of late. One good game against City and that’s about it. Dunno what’s up with him. Doesn’t dribble with the ball, for some reason can’t get enough power in his shots.. He’s gone completely off the boil. Really needs to find some form.


It’s simple. We don’t have an efficient, consistent and ruthless striker

Mr Robot's Nipple

Come to think of it now that we’re below Spurs we’ll probably go on a decent run as always…(hopeful much?) Will it be enough to win the title? not really in our hands anymore, is it.

And can we leave Theo alone now. Most of the team struggled for their best- even Joel and Hector. Onward.


dont forget city/leicester next week

Mr. White

What a fuckin joke the referee. Giroud’s got zero movement. Ozil had to ran past him and force chances. Theo’s testing many people’s patience now. Hasn’t improved one bit for so many years and just doesn’t show the same hunger some of the other players in our team do. Such a frustrating team I decided to love.

Midwest Gooner


Bob's Mexican Cousin

10 Saves by their keeper
1,000 fouls against us
1 wanker referee
Champions win these games

It’s also not helpful going 10v11 with the introduction of Theo


Yeah, cuz Campbell was playing oh so well…


I believe we need to come to terms with the fact that the team doesn’t believe in itself and Wenger isn’t up to the task of rectifying that. The results around us speak volumes – Manure beating stoke and Leicester beating Liverpool.
Those are games that a little more belief and confidence would’ve pushed us over the edge and given us the 3 points.
I am tired of the same thing every year. I think I need a new sport.

Cazorla's smile

Me too bud, me too


Am struggling to have faith in this team


We cannot win with Ramsey and Flamini and then Walcott on the right. The Universe will not allow it.
The battle for 4th is now a go.


We make between £50M – £90M on a match day at the Emirates, and the suits that run our club won’t buy a striker when we’re trying to win a title for the first time in 10 years, and then we go another game without scoring.

Same mistakes, different year – I feel like I’m taking fucking crazy pills.


You’re not crazy …. 90% of fans wanted a world-class striker and world-class DM at the start of the season. We got neither, the Coq got injured. Giroud is not world-class. But we are still clinging on and one goal would have turned it all around. We’ll be Welback


About £8M actually.

Crash Fistfight

Wow, I didn’t realise we had a turnover of around £1bn! Fuck knows why we’re not buying up all the best players in the world.


Title challengers my arse. We won’t even finish above Sp*rs.


Three straight league games without a goal a over a month without a win has indeed seen our title challenge fade away. We should’ve known that a strong first half of the season would inevitably mean a poor second.

We’ve added a world class player the last three summers. Arsene better add one more to play in front or on the right.


Two, one up top and one on the right…
Then we have a front four to compete……but Arsene won’t do that with Sanogo just getting warmed up down at the Valley…Jesus.


Koscielny shaking his head as he walked off the pitch at the final whistle tells you all you need to know about the game and our faltering title challenge.


Yep. 3 points out of a possible 12 – nothing title challenging about that. So poor. All too fucking familiar.


And now we have no one to replace Wenger next year seeing as Guardiola and Klopp are taken for the next couple of years. Who’s going to change this? We made Chelsea look good, fearful against Stoke and lacked creativity against Southampton.


Wenger will always be here until he’s 79 years old and until that time, 4th place is like champion

Fireman Sam

You think Klopp is better than Wenger? It does not seem to be the case.


David Moyes or Brendan Rogers are available. LOL


What is the point of Theodore Walcott?


Proud founder and leader of WA (Walcotts Anonymous) of course.

dr Strange

What´s the Point of Ramsey?


What was the point of giving him a pay rise and extension last summer? He is the longest serving player and one of the best earners in the squad. For what? What did he achieve for Wenger to have such loyalty to him? He’s now behind Campbell in pecking order. A very expensive third choice squad player. Instead of giving him an extension, we should’ve sold him and invested money into a world class player. Unfortunately, there’s noone else to blame but the manager. He keeps insisting on mediocre players for way too long. Here are some of the names… Read more »

raron aamsey

Southampton, Lee Mason and Flamini can go fuck themselves to fuck. Hate them all.


Did Theo do anything other than missing a chance after coming on? Serious question.


He actually made a cross for a shot that didn’t go in. And then he decided to himself have a shot that didn’t go in, and then a rebound that didn’t go in. And then he lost the ball a couple of times. So yes he did do a lot!!


Welcome to 4th. You know it makes sense.

Crash Fistfight

Fucking shite.

That is all.

Le Jim

Really feels like we’ve blown it. Don’t want to see Theo on the pitch for the rest of the season. Offers nothing.


Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day


Im not watching us play for the rest of the season. Good luck to the lads but this was just another pathetic display. Every year same old stuff.


Ozil and Alexis tried to make things happen
the rest of the team was really bad
champions would have won this match


Ahh 4th. It’s good to be home.

Tom thumb

Why are refs so lenient against us, also finishing was poor again, very frustrating to watch.


We are 4th !!!!! Yippee…..!!! I’ll have my toupee dry cleaned in celebration!!! Yeeee….haaaa…!!!!


I mean two people thumb that down !!! Like…..dogs bark…. Cows moo…..cats… Meowsww…..Bears evacuate their bowels in forested areas…and still there are thumbs down……..


They might wear wigs


…And like clockwork, we’re back to where we belong. Was nice knowing you title challenge.

A Yank

Solid point for Mason.

We’ve been shit since being forced to play Flamini.

And when Wenger does go get cover, he doesn’t play him, doesn’t play him, doesn’t play him. Then he plays one Cup game and gets hurt. At least we were more efficient when we went out and got an already-injured player in Kim Kallstrom.

So long title. Oh look, we’re in fourth place… How annoyingly comfortable.


Actually we been shit since Ramsey started playing in the middle. Its easy to blame Flamini but Ramsey does not start any attacks coz half the time he is ahead of the ball. Would love to see his stats on forward passes versus backward passes.

A Yank

I’m almost positive, that the number of shots per game we started conceding with Flamini went up before Ramsey was back. Flamini isn’t shielding the back four at all.

Ramsey hasn’t been particularly great either, but not starting Flamini the rest of the season is the first best thing we can do toward not throwing away points.


So back to competing for 4th. We never change, do we?

Cape Town Gooner

Theo gives the team absolutely nothing! We really should sell him.


I feel sick.

Why do opposition keepers so often have the game of their season against us?

Why are referees so incompetent?

Leicester for the title I guess,?

Crash Fistfight

I didn’t think Forster did anything he shouldn’t have been expected to do. It was Sunderland and Swansea at home from last season all over again (and plenty of games besides those in the past).

We bottled it, plain and simple, as we have been doing since Boxing Day.

FFS, why couldn’t Theo just smash the ball across the keeper???!!!! Would have gone in if if was already 3-0.


why are so many people singling out Walcott’s missed chance, Ozil’s two chances were better chances, Alexis had couple of better chances too, but this is ignored cos it they are not targets for the boo boys, Theo and Ramsey have to be blamed when we don’t win. Kos had a great chance too, Joel rushed a good chance and skied his shot, but that is theo’s fault I suppose. Our first half performance was poor, but we had enough clear chances to win this game by four or five easy. Mason was a complete dick, did not even try… Read more »


Yes we have to give theo a chance to get his form back…….in a loan spell at Charlton Atletic

Crash Fistfight

Just seen this, so late reply. I agree with your point, and to clarify, I wasn’t blaming the lack of goals on just Theo. It was just that I considered the chance he had to be the best of the game – he had time and space to compose himself, and the finish across the keeper is one he usually does well. Ozil is guff in front of goal, but his chances were rushed and under pressure. Sanchez’s chance from the corner was badly placed and should have been better and Koscielny’s header should have gone in. The other chances… Read more »


Well that’s the wind gone out of my sails.


Yep, typical Arsenal. All the teams around them get victories, and what do they do? Drop points, yet again.

This might as well have been a loss, for all the good 1 point will do when everyone else got 3.

And look! Guess what position Arsenal find themselves in? I’ll give you three guesses, and the first two don’t count…

Title-winners? Yeah, and Mikel Arteta will win the Ballon d’Or this year.

More to the point, who here honestly believes Arsenal DESERVE to win the title this year, with all the bottling they’ve managed to pull off since Christmas?!?


11 shots on target…
Just not our day.


I hope Leicester win the title.They deserve it far more than we do.It would also shatter Wenger’s image of greatness over the past decade.


You sound like you want that?


What part of’I hope’didn’t you understand?Every football fan would want Leicester to win.Although I suspect many Arsenal fans don’t because it would show up Wenger.


Erm many Arsenal fans don’t want that to happen because that would mean we wouldn’t win the league.

If you’d said “If we don’t win it then I hope Leicester do”, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find many Arsenal fans disagreeing with you.


Arsene didn’t miss one of the 3 sitters … and he got his subs right and bent Mason’s ear in the tunnel. 10/10


This midfield really offers nothing


I rarely comment on internet threads whether football matters or not. If I do it is always positive – there is enough negativity out there (especially in football) and I love all the current players and think wenger is an absolute legend…. but… seriously – Flamini. Please no.


The Flamster wasn’t the one who didn’t score the gilt-edged chances we had. Others were far more guilty than him. Also he doesn’t chose the team sheet.


It’s not his fault we gave him a lucrative three year contract when no club in Europe would touch him.Whose fault might that be?

Man Manny

“Arsenal will never win the league again with Arsene as manager”, some pundits said. I hoped and prayed that they be proved wrong this year. My faith is slipping away. Something tells me they might be right. Someone encourage me please; I have a feeling we have lost it again. Suddenly, we are playing for 87 points! Sigh!

Far East Stand

Back to our spiritual home of fourth place. Sigh.

dr Strange

Rubbish, as we havebeen for quit some time. We are back to no game plan, disorganized defence and no heart. No one can say we showed heart and “mental toughness”. We showed the opposite! T

his won´t do and we won´t win the league. What´s worse is that we will struggle to get that fourth place trophy. We never ever progress. Without Cech we would have been fucked a long time ago which means that the rest of the team is no better than last year.


How bad were we today? Ramsey especially, just terrible. If we don’t win the title this season Sanchez and co might be leaving. Already 5 points behind Leicester, 2 behind City and now Spurs are above us in GD.

Fireman Sam

Just think, yeah, already a whopping 2 points behind City. How will we ever catch them? It’s not like there are 42 points left to play for or anything.

Might as well give up now eh and start slagging off our own team because a biased ref and a keeper giving the performance of his life kept our 10 shots on target out.


Yes, keep blaming that ref. Keep thinking everything would be all right if only we’d just be a little more lucky with other players playing their best games against us.

Keep thinking City will be as mediocre as they’ve been now that they’ve got Aguero back firing goals and Kompany coming back shortly to shore up the defense.

Nothing wrong at all with Arsenal. Nothing at all.

Just another march toward that seventh consecutive League Title…


Well I think it is safe to say the title bid is over! Extreme opinion? Hardly when you compare our results last season with those this season!!! What makes it worse is that this is supposed to be a better team but come the end of February it will be dead and buried – worse still spuds might end up above us come the end of the season – just hope it ain’t as champions but their form is currently better!!!

Fireman Sam

The title bid is over?? Give me a break. All to play for still. It’s just a poor run of form / bad luck. No reason we can’t go on a storming run.


“Just a poor run of form”? Do you not know a collapse when you see one? If you don’t, go take a look back at the last 11 Premier League campaigns of Arsenal F.C. You’ll see at least 11 of them. Guaranteed. And you’ll also see that they all are similar to this one. There is nothing ‘just’ about this. And it damn sure has nothing to do with bad luck. But it is history about to repeat itself, YET AGAIN. In fact, lets do this: You tell me what it is you’ve seen in the last 11 years that… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

5 points off the top. Leicester are top. We play them at home next week. We beat them 5-2 at home. Southampton beat Manure last week. At home. Coquelin won’t miss another game from now on.


We’ve still got this. Believe!

Crash Fistfight

I want what you’re having.


what makes you think we could beat leicester when we’ve lost to a poor chelsea and drawn with saints at home.


Yeah… like we were going to beat an overrated Liverpool side a few weeks ago. And then we were going to finally break our curse at Stoke… And then we were going to do the business against that side on the lower-half of the table… And then we were supposed to get our revenge against Southampton tonight. Perspective? How’s this for “Perspective”? Since Christmas, this team has only won 9 points of a possible 21. Yes, that’s barely 1 point a game. Or as it’s otherwise known, relegation form. As in, the form we were laughing so much at Chelsea… Read more »


Here’s perspective. When Cazorla, Coquelin, Alexis, etc were injured the mantra was stay within striking distance of the top of the table until we get some of these players back. This was Alexis’ first full league game back, Coquelin isn’t 100% match fit quite yet. IMO Arsenal did well to stay as close as they have and now that some key players are finally back I’m optimistic about the rest of the season. I realize this puts me in the minority.

Ex-Priest Tobin

I’ve said this before and was downrated to hell for it: we won’t ever progress with Wenger. Same thing season after season. At least we play some pretty football from time to time and might win a cup. I hope that’s enough for you all.

Corona X

We’re behind Tottenham on goal difference. GOAL DIFFERENCE! TOTTENHAM! What the hell is going on?! 🙁


And not by a couple of goals, but by 10 goals.

We need to wake the fuck up ASAP.


Did a ghost sub Campbell? What the actual fuck.


Was Campbell playing in the first place?


why thumbs down? Campbell was truly awful. Worst game as a Gunner in my opinion.


Good God – it really is groundhog day – whenever we are expected to deliver the goods under pressure we either turn up half asleep and get bulldozed or huff and puff and get nowhere.
We lack grit, will to win and desire and have done for a long long time,
Walcott dreadful again




I am 100% for Theo starting as our striker in the future. Giroud is not firing on any cylinders at all at the moment and our attackingplay in general just stops with him being a waste of space in the center of attack. Our best football this year ha been played with Theo as a striker, flanked by alexis and ozil supplying. However there is now movement or flow right now so no matter how bad you think Theo is…..he is our only option right now. Giroud does best coming on as a sub when defenders are getting tired. Dammit!


Listen, no referee is at fault for our inability to win at the minute. Winless in 4, or 3 points from 12. Piss poor if you ask me, and atm i find it hard to be happy about whats happening. All im hearing is fraser this and fraser that….if you hit the ball either side of that big headed cunt the ball hits the net…not his nut!! Forget the league…4th is where we belong. Oh and look city have just confirmed guardiola, so if we dont win the league this year well good luck for the next 3…at least. Yes… Read more »

Moral high ground

Forget the ref. In 2008 we bottled it when 5 pts clear with a dozen or so games to go. There was loads of blame for refs in the wake of a string of bad draws (including the notorious and truly awful eduardo injury game vs. birmingham). One man connects the two seasons. A man who cannot motivate a team to start games strongly and face down the doubters in a run-in. Arsene you are Mr consistency but I really really really wouldn’t bet on your influence in a run-in. You have stuck with a dreadful midfield combo in Flamini… Read more »


Is there a more frustrating player than Walcott? I mean gosh…he was only mentioned once when he came on and that was during that pathetic missed. There was not desire at all from at least 70% of the team that was out there…3 points of 12 when you are “supposedly” fighting for a title? Give me a fucking break!

Mr Robot's Nipple


We missed Cazorla badly…But there can’t be any excuses- the rest of that team should have been good enough for the 3 points. Close, but not enough.

3 points out of 12… Couldn’t get any worse, could it? Hope Monreal’s okay.


Looks like we proved the idiot pundits right again for another season. Bravo.

Gervinho's Forehead

The race for 4th spot begins

Can’t see us putting a run together and everyone is kicking into gear (spuds, man city and even Utd!)

This title challenge is over…and Theo is useless


Theodore Walcott needs a break. He has lost his mojo.


You mean he ever had one ?………

Boilermaker Gunner

Walcott was poor. He messed up that chanve.No one wanted to play through him. Maybe could’ve brought ox on. Even the setpeice and cross delivery was poor
Title challenge is over unless we win the big games. Flamini doesn’t add any value to the team now.
Collectively it was an average performance made better by ozil and Sanchez
Ozil should’ve finsiehd his first chance off

Mas Moiderer

I’m glad the Ox never came on. Him and Walcott anre nothing but scapegoats at the moment. Theo played well at the begining of the season as a striker – he has never been a winger. Whilst the Ox needs a run of games in the centre – I don’t think he is a winger either. Pace and the ability to beat a man doesn’t automatically make you a great winger


The FA Cup is still on. Isn’t everyone getting a bit sick of being the nearly team every year? I mean Wenger claims no one would improve his team beyond what we have. That’s a joke right?! Flamini, Walcott? These players are currently crap. Even our defence looks likely to concede at any minute. We are never going to be good enough under Wenger. We’ll always end up short. More and more fans should know this the reality now.


Let’s not be too negative here: after all, we’re still fourth in the table. And Leicester and Spuds are both much bigger clubs than us, with much bigger transfer budgets and wage bills. We should be thankful that we have the best club manager in the world: he’ll make sure that we’ll get that all-important fourth spot. Just three points out of the last twelve is a great return for a club of our size. Hopefully, we can cling on to that Champions’ League place so that we can take on the best sides in Europe next season. I can’t… Read more »


LOL !!!


Thumbs down if you believe we can win the title with Wenger as coach.

Luis Boa Muerte

With the right squad he can, but he doesn’t seem particularly interested in putting together a good one anytime soon. Kind of a catch-22


It’s his squad. He’s had the money to rebuild for two seasons now. And for two seasons we’ve been screaming for a better striker and some depth in midfield. Instead we’re stuck with Theo, who half the time plays like he doesn’t give a shit, and Giroud, who I personally think is great for this team, but he’s got too many dry spells every season to consistently challenge for a title, on top of which hes been ridiculously overplayed the last few months. The injuries really did screw us, but not like that’s anything we aren’t used to. Ultimately, our… Read more »


I understand El Neny being worked in cautiously, not wanting to overwhelm him, but it’s got to be him starting alongside Coquelin in the center. Ramsey, to cover for Flam, is having to drop deeper to receive and therefore having to turn and try to play 30-50 passes to begin the attack. That’s not what he is good at. He has to come in on the right, if at all. I’d be looking at Iwobi and Ox to fight for that position.


This is what you get when you put sentiments into team building. This team is clearly limited and crying out for a nimble forward and a tricky player like a Mane yet Wenger refuses to do the right thing. To hell with sentiments, get in functional players to win us the league. Good servant or not, the likes of Flamini, Rosicky, Arteta, Wilshere and Chamberlain should be replaced with better or more available players. How long do we keep making excuses with injuries? We don’t seem to have the energy other teams do. And lest we forget, Leicester only have… Read more »