Report: Arsenal 2-1 Leicester


Danny Welbeck returned from injury to score a last minute winner and keep Arsenal’s title hopes alive.

Leicester’s jammy goit Jamie Vardy had put the Foxes ahead when he fooled referee Martin Atkinson into giving him a penalty in the 45th minute. Monreal was called for a foul in the box after Vardy had kicked the ball out of play to his right and ran left to crash into the Arsenal man. Replays clearly showed Vardy kicking the back of Monreal’s leg but Atkinson pointed to the spot and Vardy dispatched the penalty.

It was Leicester’s League leading eighth penalty goal of the season and 17% of their total goals haul this season have been awarded by the referees.

Even setting aside the penalty, the officials seemed to struggle with this game. In the 9th minute, Arsenal were denied a nailed on stonewall clear-cut obvious unmissable handball in the box by Kanté. That blown call was followed up by several poor offside calls for both teams and then Arsenal were called for three yellow cards for slight fouls. But it was Vardy who was “very clever” to win a penalty and put the Foxes ahead.

The first half, though, saw Leicester make the best chances and once again Petr Cech was there to save Arsenal. Cech saved brilliantly off a Vardy header which was nodded down over Bellerin and then Cech had another save when a wickedly curled Kante shot nearly caught him out.

Wenger was forced to substitute Chambers for Koscielny at half time and the Gunners came out of the tunnel with renewed energy to start. Almost immediately, Ramsey had a shot to start the first half and within three minutes of the restart Leicester’s Danny Simpson picked up his first yellow card.

Mahrez dove in similar fashion to Vardy in the second half, but having already awarded one penalty Atkinson didn’t feel like adding another.

Atkinson did feel like sending a player off and it was Leicester City’s Danny Simpson who got the red card. Replays showed Simpson, already on a yellow, clearly holding Giroud’s arm after the Frenchman had turned him inside out like a tube sock.

Down to 10 men, Leicester went into their shell and Wenger responded with an attacking substitution. Wenger took off Coquelin for Walcott and the gamble paid off. Bellerin played a cross in to Giroud, who nodded the ball down perfectly for Walcott to score.

That was Theo Walcott’s first goal since scoring the winner against Manchester City on December 21st.

As the match wore down, it looked like Leicester might just win a point. Arsenal were looking tired from all of their effort to get back into the game. So, Wenger brought on Welbeck, whose last goal for Arsenal was March 9th 2015 when he scored the winner against Manchester United.

Welbs added some freshness to the Arsenal attack. Almost immediately, Mertesacker had a chance, his glanced header from Özil’s cross just missed the target.

Giroud nodded another ball down, this time to Danny Welbeck but the Englishman couldn’t kick the rust off his legs and his shot fell easily to Schmeichel.

Giroud had a shot moments later but his wicked shot was saved by Schmeichel.

Arsenal were all over them in the final stages. Ramsey had a shot from a Monreal cutback. Walcott had a shot from a Giroud cutback. Leicester were on the ropes.

It looked like it was going to be a classic case of Arsenal leaving it all a bit late when Leicester sub Marcin Wasilewski clattered Monreal on an aerial challenge in the 94th minute. Özil took the free kick and got his delivery inch perfect for Danny Welbeck who simply nodded the ball past Schmeichel.

The Emirates stadium erupted in joy and Welbeck celebrated with the fans in the corner, collecting a yellow from Atkinson for showing his emotions.

In this craziest of seasons, Arsenal are now back within two points of the team that was nearly relegated last season and the title race is back on.


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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Wenger can pat himself on the back, two goals scored by his substitutions salvaged a win some horrible, horrible officiating nearly denied us.

And welcome back Welbeck!

Bob's Mexican Cousin



We really did give em a suckerpunch!
When did we do such thing to opponents? Great mentality on our side!


No other team in premier league history has scored more goals in extra time than Arsenal, so we do such things more than anyone else!


Yes but as we all know, stats are bollox. All that says is we’ve scored goqls in extra time, but what was the context? … most likely its been an extra goal to the score, or a goal thats not made a general difference to the result as a whole (i.e being 2-1 up then scoring in extra time to win 3-1). The key point the gentleman above you makes is that it was a last minute winner. Something that most of us fans are struggling to remember our team do for quite some time. (happy to hear someone point… Read more »


Well it is our first goal in the 80+ minutes this season I believe (league only) so I’m gonna have to disagree with the Rectum.


The god of soccer fucking lives!!! Leicester deployed all the cheats known in football,on seeing this,the god stepped down from his throne and declared “Fuck this! I’ll handle it” I just recovered from seizure.


sorry, but: no soccer, no god

Nasri's missing chinbone

Great game, awesome finish. Fantastic result. Just wanted to mention how impressed I was with calumn chambers.

On as a sub in a massive game and he was awesome. Don’t think he made a single error. A lovely bonus on the back of a great spectacle.

It’s really made my Sunday.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yeah Chambers was fucking slick on the ball while he was on the pitch, I had to make sure it wasn’t Cazorla in the centre of defence.


that’s how we should use Walcott !!


And some horrible ,cynical football from Leicester as well

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

That’s 3 really, really important points. Leicester have an easier run in, and they’re still two points clear at the top, and they’re a really good team. It’s no accident that they’re top of the table. They have not imploded and they probably won’t all season. They are going to compete for it, and they still might well win it. But had we lost today that would have been it for us, let’s face it. 8 points behind with 12 to play would have been a mountain too steep to climb for Arsenal. Great persistence from the lads and two… Read more »

Wow, was thinking the goal wouldn’t come!!!
Great from Welbeck, great from the Gunners despite a dodgy ref.
Hope this pushes us on to win the league!
Far fewer injuries, lots of winners in the team, we have a chance.


17% of their goals have been penalties! yes, certainly no accident…

You could be right about them being competitive for the rest of the season, but equally one 3 week injury to Mahrez or Vardy and their season could implode. Their ‘easier run in’ teams could have the defenders that could spend all game kicking them to get that injury.
Nothing is settled yet this season yet.


Or Schmeichel.


Dat Guy Welbz!!! Be my valentine <3

Tom thumb

That guy welbz


I really feel for the Ref tho, he fought like a lion 🙂


too bad he reffed like a pussy


…and cheated like a fox…


You know in this case you could say it worked in our favor. He gives away a ridiculous penalty, feels guilty, figures, ah fuck it, I’ll just send one of their lot off in the second half and then they’ll be even.

And so we win the game.




Holly Molly, I’ve had to search for meself a new heart


New to Arsenal? 😉



Mertesacker's Droopy Sack

Bless you Danny Boy


Giroud was immense, motm for me

Jungu Beans

Definitely +1 for me. His effort was 100% all match, and that header for Walcott’s goal- oooph, inch perfect. Again. And that goal is what sparked the Gunner’s attack into life. After that is was one way traffic. So for me, he created the pivotal moment in the match, and we won in large part (not entirely) because of that moment.


Gutted i couldnt watch it.

Anyine know where i can watch a full match replay on the net?



Then again, its good you missed it. I only shit myself 13 times during the match.

Clock-End Mike

It’ll be on the Arsenal Player, of course.


But not for awhile. I was hoping to watch it today…

Reality Check
should be on it in a couple of hours

reddit is always a good source.




Arsenal Player at
Highlights are already up and full match 24 hours later with Arsenal commentators, who are too neutral for my liking, I would prefer that Blogs does the commentary for Arsenal Player
Very nice analysis by by Adrian Clarke as well.
May Michael Owen’s sinuses block up, oh wait, they already are. Let’s start a campaign for Blogs to be a Sky Sports commentator, pundit and host of all the football shows.

Dom Is great if you miss a game. Living in USA I can’t watch midweek games live since I’m at work when they are played.


You should come and work for my company. My boss lets me take a two and a half hour lunch when Arsenal play. Best boss in history.


You have your own business?

thebetterJFK is what I use. No spoilers as well

Ancient Gooner

Arsenal player at midnight


Full matches and shows 😉




Welcome back WELBECK!!! What an incredible game for the ages! I lost my voice but absolutely worth it! Still buzzing!

I lost all respect for Vardy today. Cheating scum. Call it Karma or whatever you want, but they lost their soul from that dive. Also that Drinkwater tackle on Ramsey was heinous. He should have been sent off.


The Mahrez dive, too, that was completely glossed over by the commentators and yet another thing the ref just simply ignored.

Seeing Sounds

Abosulutely disgusting dive. His smile after not receiving the penalty was equally disgusting. The commentators are a bunch of cunts.

PS: I watched this game with a Leicester sympathizer (cannot call him a fan) who wouldn’t shut up about how bad Arsenal were and praising the foxes. WE WON!!! GET IN!!!

David C

and don’t forget the non-call when Morgan jumped onto Ozil’s back just before they went down to our end and cheated for the penalty.

Drinkwater was a red card, but Coq could have had a 2nd yellow for shoving/raising his hands when Mahrez was being subbed. That will cost us in the CL where the refs are less lenient than the EPL.

Kante handball was ball to hand so we can let that one go, but the ref’s decisions were confusing all day long.

North Bank Gooner

Really? That was as ball to hand as Sanchez yellow, the commentators made me sick up a little with rage when they said it was “too close” to be a pen. FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

He moved his hand toward the ball . As did Alexis. Alexis was a yellow, Kante’s was a pen!!!!

Hate to contradict you on such a 3pt day, but the spud result made me cranky……


David C

haha, no worries. We all cheer for the same team here! Oh, except when Walcott or Ramsey are brought up. For the record, I love both 🙂

Jimmy C

Don’t think Alexis got a yellow for it


How come the Tots get the penalty but not us!


They always get the jammy penalty when they need one…

Crash Fistfight

They got one against us a few years ago when some cunt in their team smashing the ball at Fabregas in the Arsenal wall.

Is conspiracy.




What. a. game. I don’t want no negative shit after that. That game had everything… I’m over the moon. Way too excited right now.


Very well played boys!


Atkinson truly is all aboard the Leicester train


Last season at our place they (Leicester) got away with murder, one of their guys rugby tackled Ospina (remember him) and he lay there getting treatment, there was plenty of rough foul play by Leicester, I was furious.


I wiped out the dog celebrating the winner…Did a knee slide across the kitchen and nearly knocked myself out. Worth it. Football is all about special moments. That was one.


Welbz. Played 10 mins. 3 touches. 1 goal. 2 precious points.
Lets all thank Chelsea and ManU for Cech & WElbz. Lolz


I have no idea how many times I jumped from my side in the second half. Just great to see the players coming back. I hope Alexis finds his scoring shoes soon and we will be a feared side in no time.

Also, credit to Arsene for throwing in so many offensive players at the same time. Shows how much we wanted to win and not settle with just a draw.




WELBS, The Perfect LANS


Oh man Giroud is a beast that’s unheralded! I am in sunny QLD, Noosa st mum inlawno tv and definitely no epl! thank you arseblog for the live blog!!!COYG!!! Absolutely must win next game now, so Important to go on a run!
COYG!!! 2016 is still in


lawno tv and definitely no epl! thank you arseblog for the live blog!!!COYG!!! Absolutely must win next game now, so Important to go on a run!
COYG!!! 2016 is still in

Crash Fistfight

WTF does lawno TV mean?


Crash: I was so buzzing at the result and mum in law enforcement as yapping away to me, I don’t even remember sending it!


Fuck this phone man!!!


Watching this game felt like running a marathon and coming first at the last second.


Danny Welcomeback – saw that one on Reddit I must admit…probably should have left it there.


The Mrs is gonna get it big time tonight and I’ll be thinking of DAT GUY the entire time


That “Clever” Vardy comment from the commentator really annoyed me. If that were Suarez or some other dirty immigrant it would have been called a dive.

David C

was thinking the exact same thing! They always protect their own…reminds me of when they gloss over Young or Rooney when they’re diving.

In Canada, Spud Andy Townshend was doing the colour commentary. He always hates on Arsenal…


That Guy Welbz…. Nice game all round…. What the fuck is Henry talking about? Am loosing my respect for him if he keeps talking about my ARSENAL like that. Worth staying inside not going to Kino with my wife on Val´s day… COYG


Henry has taken the Sky money just as he couldn’t wait to take the Barcelona money. At the end of the day, he’s just someone who used to play for us once. It’s us, the fans, that are the club. Ignore these venal pricks and keep the faith.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Well said. The single most important characteristic of a fan is loyalty.

Leaving for Barcelona and talking shit about the Arsenal is not loyalty, its self interest; just as saying you’re a fan of the club you represented for years where you turned into a millionaire.


You lovely bastards, you take me up and you take me down.Today I am absolutely in the clouds.The ref is a cunt.


There really is only one story that deserves to be told after that game and it’s the heroic return of Dat Guy. God bless you Welbz!


Henry has gone Sky native :-((


i’m sick and tired of this ‘for the neutrals leicester should win the league’, ‘the david vs goliath’ nonsense. i acknowledge what leicester have done. but call it persecution complex or what you will, arsenal shouldn’t care. @arseblog: you’re the godfather of arsenal stardom man, and i mean it, not in a godfatherly sense, but for the fact that i’m typing this and connecting with fellow gooners because of the fact that we have arseblog. however, don’t get me wrong, you could stop lionzing vardy and say you like him how he puts his boots through. did you like it… Read more »


Exactly! I respect that Vardy has been playing his socks off, as has the team around him but he is a bellend. Or as my highschool headmaster used to say a long time ago: yobo. He’s racist and a cheat. I’m all for getting every bit of advantage you can get in football but today him and Mahrez crossed the line. Diving is pathetic, taking a player on with the sole reason to go down over his leg is cowardly. Danny Simpson as well, f- him. Throttles his missus and then plays the oh my I didn’t do anything when… Read more »

Des Lynam

A word for Theo as well, he found some form out there. He looked dangerous and took his goal beautifully.


Walcott seems to always save his contributions for the big games

Jeff brownlow

LVG ……”welbz not good enough for UTD”

Good enough to win u a title tho

Boombastic Shaggy

It’s fucking awesome!

Getso gunner

The sweetest Arsenal victory for me this season….. Thank you Ozbeck


That was absolutely amazing. Can’t remember the last time the atmosphere at a game was that fantastic. My almost eleven-year-old daughter declared the winning goal and ensuing celebrations the best moment of her life so far. My work is complete.


Well done – can’t wait to do that myself


Finally we got over the line through sheer heart and persistence
I’ve got a feeling the goals might start to flow now, should be an interesting and exciting run in!


Great last gasp winner from dat guy Welbz! It was such a breathtaking strike from Danny!!! Btw Theo’s goal counted for alot as well.

Credit to Wenger for making the substitutions. Well appreciated <3

PS. Penalty awarded to Leicester wasn't even a penalty ffs. Ozil was fouled earlier but the perpetrator was not punished. Awful officiating from Atkinson!


Huge, huge win and three points, but more importantly I want to see the response from the boys.

Can we take this momentum and go on our usual Springtime run? We need to find our sharpness in front of goal and instill some swashbuckling swagger in our play now.


Cape Town Gooner

That ref nearly killed us. What a win! Thank you LVG for DatGuy !


Gunners hunt down the foxes.

It’s my birthday and my wife and I are booked for a nice lunch. She more than me was praying hard for the victory so I don’t look like I’m in a funeral!

The best gift I could have asked for 🙂


Few climaxes tonight will match that Welbeck moment. Awesome COYG!!


A few climaxes tonight will be fueled by that Welbeck moment…


COYG! Let’s make this count. Absolutely delighted today. Missed the first half, but what a game. Hurt my wrist celebrating the equalizer. So excited the guys won. Welcome back Welbz…today was pivotal.


I fapped when we scored also


It’s that guy………

Mrs. Brown

A real 6 pointer….the difference between winning and losing today was 6 points! Hope this is the beginning of one of Theo’s goal scoring spurts!

Lord Bendtner

Haven’t screamed in joy like that in a long long time

Lone Star Gunner

Wow, what a finish, in both senses of the word. Atkinson was atrocious. The non-foul on Ozil that set up the Kos injury and the “penalty” should not be forgotten in the long list of atrocities the man in yellow committed on the day. From any perspective, Arsenal, Leceister or neutral, to have the ref dominate such an important game was horrendous, even if it did make for a lot of excitement. PS – Anyone know how seriously Kos and Gabriel are hurt? Scary prospect if they’re out for a while. Our defense was actually quite stout on the day,… Read more »

Andy Mack

Traditionally the opposition keeper (no matter which team) always plays out of his skin against us, so our guys have to really leather the ball which unfortunately often results is hooking or slicing the shot….

Glenn Helder

Well said. ‘Twas a great game and Welbz did well to keep his head to tuck in the winner after so long out.

Maybe I’m saying this with the benefit of hindsight but I always thought we’d get a winner; Leicester were on the ropes for so long and we kept pushing and believing.

I bet there were some great and loud celebrations in Gooners’ houses all over the world! I went a little nuts..


It’s coming. The great goal flood of 2016 as Arsenal rampage to the title.
Alexis had 3 players on him all day, we need to find another goal outlet … Theo was massive, and Welbz will relish the space … COYG! fucking A


I feel like Alexis is going to burst into life soon and score 20 goals by the end of the season

Arse Sutra

Dat guy scored the goal
Dat saved us all
Dat guy is back
he is also known as Welbeck…