Arsenal 1-2 Watford – player ratings


The FA Cup has been brilliant for us in the last two seasons. Unquestionably it saved Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal career.

Today, it might well have provided some more nails for his managerial coffin 🙁

Here’s how the players rated.


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Is there any point in rating the players anymore? It’s clear where the problem lies….


What’s most depressing to me, other than the loss and our current form, and even the alleged clowns physically fighting each other over on Arsenal Fan TV.. is the fact that our greatest ever manager, and his legacy has really been reduced to all of the above. Our whole season is nothing more than a smoking crater, and its only taken us about 20 days for that to occur. You have to wonder where do we go from here… do the board really have it in them to actually go and get someone better than Arsene, or would they just… Read more »


Diego Simone.


I think nothing will change with Kroenke running the show. You could get whoever you want in, and there would still be millions upon millions in the bank, and we’ll still be paying thousands of pounds to watch Theo Walcott mince around a bit, and see the team put in abject performances week in week out and hold on to 4th place with our fingernails. The whole lot need to fucking go, we have a boardroom filled with all these archaic footballing dinosaurs that have zero interest in Arsenal pushing on; all they obsess about is fucking annual profits and… Read more »


Presumably we won’t get a ‘Walcott update’ on how the players laid into each other to save the season after this one ?


When some fans unfurled the thanks but time to go Wenger banner, they were criticized because we won the match and it wasn’t classy?…The truth is that we’ve all seen that before and that would revert to type real quickly…

But to be honest, it’s not just Wenger that needs to go, but Kroenke needs too as well. He obviously isn’t interested in winning anything otherwise he would have demanded more from his manager.


We need change at the club, and to all those who will give me the Man united example, please save your arguments for another day. United might have wasted loads of money, gone through the Moyes and now Van Gaal debacle but they are actively seeking a solution. The problem with the Arsenal is; The owner and Board do not see or have deliberately ignored the obvious problems of this team.
There is a large 66 years old Elephant in the room


Kroenke ain’t going anywhere. He owns the team. It’s a cash cow for him. He sits in his home in Columbia, MO, raking in the dough from all his teams, most of which are mediocre. If Arsenal slips into mediocrity, he couldn’t care less.

Arsene's handkerchief

Abject performance from a team that has no idea what kind of football it wants to play. Is it a possession based team, counter attacking or direct? I actually have no idea, apart from the fact that whatever it is, it’s rubbish. The manager has to take responsibility for that, he’s the one who sets us up tactically. But the desire and professionalism on the pitch is on the players. Several times you saw some of them feel hard done by or feel sorry for themselves. That’s on them. And on the whole, everything stems from how we are set… Read more »


I’ll tell you what really racks me off. Having to explain to the kids that there’ll be no St Totteringhams day this year. I’d like Walcott and Giroud to come and explain to their little tear stained faces why. They always look forward to it bless em.


Well… That’s it for the season.. Really can’t see us clawing anything back now.. Will still keep some sorta faith.. That some miracle can be performed.. Loyal till the end even under such circumstances.. But not expecting too much..

Darrell Cording

Unfair comments on Iwobi. Was impressive again when he came on, almost scored too. Throw him in against Barca.


Wenger needs to stop taking players off and sending others on based on some hierarchy. Why not play Campbell throughout the game? However, Welbeck was a necessary sub for a static and slow Giroud. Welbeck should´ve scored twice though. That miss was very bad.


Damn, Daniel.


Thank you Seaver, that comment made me laugh out loud!

Man Manny

I hope Arsene will install Welbeck as first choice striker from now till the end of the season. He is the reason we even had a chance to draw the game and I think his work rate and movement suits Ozil better than Giroud at the moment.
I find it difficult to believe that this is what is left of a season that looked like we had turned a corner.

steveafc forever

So depressed about next season already if Wenger is still there which he will be because he’s to stubborn or just to arrogant to go.

Man Manny

I understand you but depressed about next season already? That is five months early…not advisable bro. especially if you are up to forty years. Please get dvds of the invincibles and cheer yourself up – that’s what I do – and you’ll feel better.

Wenger's coat zipper

Yeah, because after 12 years, something must change in the 13th, right? Wenger is Ahab, our beloved Arsenal is the ship and we’re the sodding crew! This lunatic is trying (an overstatement!) The same thing over and over again! It’s groundhog day! So accepting the fact that the next season will bring nothing but more heartache, brings us closer to revolt – thus change! So you know what, Manny? I’m depressed too!


Gabriel was the worst performer on the night. If another player had made that kind of challenge on one of our own I’d call them a clumsy talentless cunt. He’s not looking the part at all, that may be circumstantial because I thought he looked good for us at times (perhaps not this season). If I were Chambers I’d have a real problem being told I’m second choice to him.

dr Strange

He really was dreadful. On the other hand he’s no worse than he has been the rest of the season.


Making exaggerated statements cheapens and weakens valid arguments. Gabriel hasn’t been shit all season. He’s been a match winner for us this season, he’s had good games, I’m just pointing that today and since the turn of the year he has been consistently one of our worst performers. There was a point in the not so distant past (although apparently too distant for some to remember) when people wanted him in the squad instead of Mertesacker. I’m curious to know if this has always been his true level and the good performances were the outliers or if he (like many… Read more »

dr Strange

Sorry can’t remember one good game from Gabriel this season. I can remember some really bad ones… That said I had high hopes when he signed and he recembles Kosh in his first year but we can’t wait for someone to maybe get good anymore.


Balls balls balls absolute balls, hat trick of fa cups on the cards and we blow it good times. Ozil is too good for us I would not be surprised to see him pushing for a move away soon

Crash Fistfight

So, just to make matters worse, West Ham are beating Man U at the moment, so if we’d won the match today the teams in our way would’ve been (assuming West Ham win):

West Ham
Crystal Palace

Well done, team!

That’s the season over with, then. Any chance of a new manager come season’s end? Nope, I can’t see it either.


Walcott has been given really low ratings against Man United and now against Watford, and I think it’s really harsh on him. I mean, you should first and foremost blame the players on the pitch.


What if we remain third in the Prem, and win the CL? hahaha!!!! I’ve had too much wine, people.


Gabriel is really worrying…


Gabriel hasn’t been able to show the temperament and skills needed to play CB for a big club.

Bad scouting, we signed Gabriel and let Spurs have Alderwiereld.

Hope Alexis doesn’t turn into Arshavin.


Gabriel seems to show more passion than skill at the moment, more heart than head. As for Alexis, despite his best efforts, the sleepless nights look like they would continue unabated.


We should have stumped up the bucks for a top quality defensive player in the summer instead of buying someone no-one had heard of on the cheap in January. I really wanted Gabriel to work out but it’s becoming increasingly clear he’s not got the skills or temperament to be a first team player in the PL.


Get out while you can, Joel.


The ratings should only be for players on the pitch, not the ones that go missing (Theo).


iwobi is looking better and better. he almost tied it up today and has great possession skills. he’s strong for his age and i hope to see more of him.


If there is one positive about today, it is that come the end of the season, unless we win the league of course (which I think is impossible), Wenger and the board will not be able to say that it was a positive season that we ended strongly by winning the FA Cup and that the club is progressing. Hopefully, this will make them reflect this summer and do what is necessary. That is to get rid of some of these average, overrated players who they have put a lot of faith in such as Mertesacker, Ramsey, Walcott and Chamberlain… Read more »


Wenger out and Take your world class strikers Walcott and Giroud with you pls.

Man Manny

Could this week be a blessing in disguise? One match a week from next week. I know everyone is down, the players more so.
Let’s just have a go and see where that leaves us. We’ve got nothing to lose. I hope Arsene can be as ruthless as he needs to be in the summer (I think he’ll still be here next year but that will certainly be his last. I can live with that).


Blessing in disguise? Really?


I’m fucked off…

dr Strange

Gibbs won’t go to Everton. They’ll make him work.

Crash Fistfight

Surely Baines isn’t likely to retire any time soon? Why would he go there and be an understudy to someone else?

Who’s Liverpool’s left back – Moreno? He might get a game there.

Cresswell and Bertrand are good, so can’t see W Ham or Soton go in for him. Maybe West Brom.

Lone Star Gunner

Lately I’ve recorded the games and watched until we concede 2. Then I fast forward to see whether we can crawl back. Not fun.

We just look so out of sorts, lost really. Got some good and a few great players on this team but it’s just a mess.


Petits Handbag

We’re fucked


More like we fucked ourselves….. again.


If Walcott had done as little as Giroud had today, everyone would have crucified him. Giroud has been great for us but he is such a limited player and right now he is giving us absolutely nothing. The difference between him and Welbeck right now is massive and Welbeck’s hardly that good.


Post-match interviews against Hull smacked of complacency, talking about Wembley and a hat-trick of FA Cup wins, after we had just come through no more than a 5th round replay. And so it proved.

mark p

Wenger needs to go. He’s the reason the team are so shit. No more titles under wenger. Team ha no strikers either and a non existent defence. Ozil will leave too.

Yorkshire Gunner

Having driven 400 miles to Hull on Tuesday to see us lose like that in our manor – I’m numb!


and Spuds won, fuck me, i cant handle meself if they win the league

George Wang

Ozil must be so pissed that he swapped Ronaldo and Benzema for guys who can’t hit a barn’s door.

What did walcott do after coming on apart from losing the ball three times in a row?


Far too many of the squad are not good enough to wear the Red and White playing for the first team but our manager tells all and sundry that the players are all at the same level and it’s difficult to chose who should be playing.
Is he fucking bonkers ?

Tony Hall

A guaranteed 20+ pl goal striker to replace Walcott A creative midfielder to eventually take over from Santi A DM to compete with Coq A fast winger who can play both sides and put in a decent cross Two cb’s because I am not convinced by Gabriel and BFG and Kos are not getting any younger Bye bye Theo, Flam, Ros (shame), Mikel (shame), Ox poss or loan, jury out on Ramsey and Jack who appears to be made of glass and have Diaby syndrome Arsene you are a legend and I will not hurl abuse for you but I… Read more »

Keepin it MonReal

I worry Ozil is going to get fed up soon. And the way we are capitulating as usual, what world class player is going to want to come to us over the summer? It feels like things are only going to get harder… Not usually a pessimist but we should have kicked on this season and we haven’t one bit.

David M

No drive, no desire, no commitment, until too late. Pathetic!


Wenger MUST leave!!! simple as that. Ever since the invincibles season, we’ve always been a player or 2 short. Everyone with half a brain knew we needed a dm and a st to win the league…but Wenger and his supporters felt the team we had was good enough because of a strong finish towards the end of the season. Ozil is creating all these chances and our strikers are missing it like idiots. Wenger must leave…no FA cup to save him this season. How long will he hide under the excuse of building a team?? Walcott HAS TO GET SOLD!!!… Read more »


Arsenal lost. Gabriel was awful. A team clogged up the middle. We had no midfield.

Our strikers sucked.

What’s new.


Pretty sick of this sh*t now to be honest.

I just don’t understand what’s happened to this team. Have too many opponents sussed out how to defend against us now? Why did they only up the tempo after going 2 down? What’s happened to Alexis? Why did Wenger take Cam off?

Only positive I can take is Welbz and Cam. That, and that we looked quite good for the first 20 mins or so.

A small glimmer of hope remains in the league and CL. Might as well go for it on Weds now. COYG!


Went for a run. Took the dog for a long walk. Still don’t feel great.

Buzzy Gurkha Gunner

I need a drink or two.


I’ve always supported Wenger and not really wanted him to go, because who is there out there who could do a better job, but now I am thinking that maybe he needs to think about stepping down and taking a well-earned retirement. As things stand, he doesn’t seem to be motivating the players to perform at anything like the required level. Is it him, or is it the players themselves who are lacking? Since our shameful Boxing Day capitulation to Southampton there has been something so obviously wrong with the team that I doubt it is going to get fixed… Read more »


Spot on, he is no longer capable of getting a performance out of the players. He cannot motivate them, their confidence is drained and there are no fresh ideas or new ways of thinking to try and turn things around. Finishing outside the CL places might even prove to be beneficial in the long run. Sad days.


we are a joke! we are a laughing stock watching west ham just now they were big strong dynamic, pushing for goals and throwing bodies in front of everything in defence in contrast, we’re slow, predictable, easily bullied off the ball, stupid out of possession, naive in possession but its all just so so slow! the most worrying thing is he stays for another year, i hope to god david dein is telling him over dinner its time to go. but who is going to sign for us? we wont win the league with him there and he regards top… Read more »

gooner rises

So good getting back to the old days of trophyless seasons. Has anyone noticed Wenger’s post match interviews always end up being “we should have deservedly won the game, the opposing team just took the limited chances they had”. How about actually winning matches that we should. It is SERIOUSLY getting depressing.

someone's something

It all started after that Leicester game really. You can’t lose to a Man Utd side without like 12+ players and a 16th placed team right after winning against the front runners. It was really pathetic and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if we don’t win the league this season then we’ll never win it with Wenger as manager. It’s funny when you think about it. We used to excuse our 4th and 3rd place finishing by pointing at the teams above us and the money that they had spent on players. Yet when all of those teams… Read more »


Give everyone 10/10 because they restored normal situation of Arsenal’s typical season.. good job team..thanks wenger, you really are something.


Wenger hasn’t been able to get the team motivated for such an important game. Shame. This is the result that I cannot accept. Watford at home and we screw up. Time is up for Wenger. Such a sad situation for a man who has steered Arsenal through its most difficult period in modern times. Hope the fans show him respect he deserves. The management has to plan for another manager quickly. Get Simeone and lets toughen up. We lack strength all over the pitch. Rant over…

Lone Star Gunner

This is me watching Arsenal lately: Watch nervously while opponent plays us just like all other opponents who have read the “Arsenal Book.” We miss chances until something goes wrong at the back and we go down a goal or two. I fast forward the game waiting to see whether we score to get back in it. Sometimes we do and I watch at regular speed from there. We miss more chances. Game ends with disappointing loss or draw. PS – More often than seems normal, we play with 10 men for a while because of a silly red card.… Read more »


…Time for clear-the-air talks again. Get right on it boys, I am positive that will help Arsenal crush Barcelona 3-0.

Hey quit snickering, I am being serious. *Cough*

the one with the worldclass helicopter

Instead of walcott coming on, the manager might as well ask the ref to send one arsenal player off.