Report: Arsenal 1-2 Swansea


Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Campbell, Giroud

Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Elneny, Flamini, Walcott, Welbeck

Arsenal showed why they won’t and can’t be champions, allowing Swansea to come from behind to win 2-1 at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger made three changes from the team that lost to Man Utd with Per Mertesacker, Joel Campbell and Olivier Giroud coming in to replace Laurent Koscielny (absent with a small calf problem), Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott.

Having seen how a high press can unsettle the Gunners, Swansea started by doing just that, but it was Olivier Giroud who had the first attempt on goal in the 3rd minute, his shot blocked by the visiting defence. A flowing move involving Campbell saw Giroud presented with another chance, but his right-footed effort didn’t cause Swansea any problems.

Arsenal continued their bright start and almost went ahead in the 10th minute. Mesut Ozil set up Sanchez with a smart back header, he missed the volley, but kept the ball, cracked a shot which rebounded off the post and into the arms of Fabianksi.

The opener wasn’t long coming though. Coquelin did well in midfield to keep the ball alive. He fed Alexis who clipped the ball behind the defence, and Campbell sliding along the turf directed the ball past Fabianksi into the far corner. 1-0.

Campbell set up Ozil for a shot which was blocked, before Hector Bellerin tested Fabianski from 25 yards, the former Arsenal keeper taking two attempts to hold onto the ball. It had been all Arsenal, but in the 31st minute Swansea were level.

There looked to be a foul on Ozil as Cech played the ball long, nothing was given, and as the ball came back in, Bellerin saw Routledge run off him and slot the ball past Cech to make it 1-1. Arsene Wenger was furious on the sideline and with some justification, but the goal stood.

The Gunners should have been ahead again in the 41st minute. After a corner was cleared, Ramsey fizzed in a beautiful ball which Mertesacker nodded it back to Giroud. The Frenchman took it first time with his right foot but saw the ball cannon back off the bar when he should have scored. It meant the teams went in level at the break, but there’s no doubt Arsenal should have been ahead.

The visitors made a half-time change, bringing off Ki and putting on the dangerous Gylfi Sigurdsson. There was early penalty box action at both ends, with Bellerin staying on his feet under a high velocity challenge from Routledge, before Alexis had another shot blocked after good work from Campbell again.

A long ball from Alexis presented a chance to Ozil to swing with his left foot but he miscued, a low cross from Bellerin just didn’t have enough weight on to cause problems, and then an Alexis shot fizzed just wide after he picked it up from an Ozil corner.

The Chilean’s form has been poor lately, and when a beautiful Ozil free kick found him 8 yards out, that he missed the ball completely sums up how things are going for him right now. And when Arsene Wenger made his first change, it was Joel Campbell who made way for Danny Welbeck – a decision greeted by boos from the stands.

Those boos might have turned to absolute mutiny had Sigurdsson put Swansea ahead just seconds after the change. He rounded Petr Cech, but somehow blasted his shot wide as he had teammates inside waiting for a tap-in.

The goal Arsenal so desperately needed almost came in the 68th minute when Alexis saw a free kick deflect off the top of the ball and come back off the bar, the third time the Gunners had hit the woodwork in the game at that point. It felt as if the missed chances would prove costly, and so it was.

When Alexis lost possession again, Gabriel conceded a free kick in a dangerous area. Sigurdsson sent it in, no Arsenal player got anywhere near it, Cech couldn’t get near it, Williams bundled it over the line from close range. 1-2.

Alexis was then hauled off, replaced by Walcott, as Arsenal then looked for an equaliser rather than a winner. Giroud set up Monreal who hit the ball over the bar, Walcott had a header which was easily saved, and Arsenal looked broken and toothless as they sought a goal. This is not a team with the character or the footballing ability to be champions.

Even with 5 minutes of injury time it didn’t come, Arsenal have lost three in a row now, but tonight’s loss against relegation fodder just shows how bad things are.

A dismal night ahead of a North London derby.

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My poor life

Remember the invincibles
Remember the invincibles

For fucks sake. FML. Coquelin was actually good today. Issue was with the number of chances we spurned, as usual. Giroud, Sanchez and Ramsey culpable. Bellerin delivery from the right absolutely fucking terrible. Wenger substitutions dicking us fans around as usual.


It was mentioned during the match that we are one of the teams with the fewest goals from outside the box in the Premier League and that is where our problems lie. Now I’m not saying we should be smashing shots from anywhere within a 40 yard radius of the goal but there’s times when someone really just needs to put their foot through it. Take today, for example. Bellerin smashes a shot low and hard at the keeper who spills it briefly, giving us an opportunity to capitalise. Goals are created from opposition mistakes and trying to break down a 10 man defence by passing the ball around the box will only lead to disappointment. Sure, some nice passes in the build up are necessary but too many times our players have shied away from perfectly legitimate shooting opportunites.

John C

I don’t know what you’re complaining about, 10 days isn’t permanent and whats important is how we respond and show everyone our mental strength!

Ashburton Patriot

Not to mention that passing around the pitch for 90 minutes basically allows the opposition defense to all settle in front of the goal making it impenetrable. A few shots from outside forces the defense to close down, meaning that they create spaces behind which we can exploit. But at the end of the game AW will say that the opposition defended well.

We gave them no choice but to defend well!!!


Well we still can be the champion, on the “hitting the post and crossbar competition”. Hate to say it but we are really good at it this season, thanks to our world class forwards.
Now seriously, West Ham did us a favour tonight, we still have a chance at WHL next weekend.


I don’t even feel angry anymore, it’s just sad. The players are not bad people, they clearly want to try but they are severely lacking in mental strength. Whether that belief should be innate or instilled by the manager, it’s not there and once again they have bottled it. Form will return when it is too late as per usual. I hope we take points off Spurs as it would be devastating to see them win the league. We sure as hell won’t without a miracle.


Let’s not forget how tough Swansea were v sp*rs. Not that that’s an excuse – bar a few players I think we were abysmal. We’ve relied an a few unreliable sorts. I even believe if we pulled a striker from the youth team and put him up front – he’d have played his balls off and scored a few.

I don’t understand this season. We screw up monumentally and then… Man City collapse – Sp*rs held off – Leicester unlucky to draw.

Given that we play sp*rs on Saturday. This could be title decider.

We win – bizarrely we are in with a shot. We lose – I’ll scream. We draw – Leicester might just pull off one of the most amazing and dreamworthy title wins ever.

If any team deserve it – they do.

Joel is improving each game -the more he plays the more he adjusts to the physicality of the league. Losing Cech is going to hurt us big time.

Oh captain my captain we will miss you.


The Swansea team we played was weaker than the one that played Spurs. They rested 6 players ahead of the game they have against Norwich at the weekend. There are no excuses for not beating them or a weak Utd side.

Runcorn Gooner

A Fish Rots from the Head down.Never has this been truer than AW and his players (Can we really call them a team)


Fuck. This. Shit!

club arse

49, 49, days not scoring
49, 49, I say
49, 49, days not scoring
Playing football the Giroud way.

Thanks for giving us that today, Olivier. Can we get a real striker now please?


I want to kill myself.

This club doesn’t deserve us supporters. I was in a bad mood throughout the week mostly due to the man utd result. But I realize they are not worth it.

We could have Messi and Ronaldo in this team and we’ll still find a way to bottle it. I’m a big Arsene Wenger supporter but he has to go now. Every year we are short in some or the other area of the pitch and it costs us big time. For the time, money, patience we show with this club, we deserve better.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the only reason we were even remotely close to a title challenge was because other teams were shit. We haven’t improved at all in the last 10 years and I’m done with this.

Leicester are well and truly deserving of the title and I want them to win it.


You’re right. Messi would turn into Giroud in days. Even Cech is now flapping at crosses. Such is the Wenger effect.


Just when I thought the bottling company have exhausted it’s bottles,they produce more 50cls



Hank Scorpio

Apparently Coca Cola will replace all their bottling machines with Arsenal players. They expect a 200% increase in bottling output by doing so.


Done Deal: Arsenal agree fee for Vending Machine.

Starsport understands a bid of around £20m has been accepted by Eredivisie outfit deCanter.

There were initially problems attaining a work permit and fans had taken to Twitter to express their concern, but Arsenal have now been given the green light to complete the move.

A long-awaited addition, Machine will compete with Francis Coquelurn for the DM position.

Bitter Pill

50 cls. I laughed so hard at that I almost choked.


Ramsey plays in center of midfield
He thinks thats his Best position
He also things he’s best mid-fielder in world
He runs a lot but doesnt contribute anything real to attack these days
Because he wants to play next to striker, Coq controls the midfield and we end up giving ball back to Gabriel>BFG>Cech
Be sensible, Play within your limits, Donot be like Ramsey


Think about what you’re saying, he doesn’t contribute much to attack but why? You say he wants to play next to the striker yet he actually doesn’t if you look at his most recent heatmaps. He has posted some impressive defensive stats of late. But why? And yeah, don’t let stats get in the way, just go on spewing hate. On one of your own players.

(I’m just as pissed as the next fan but singling out abuse for one player is just inane, there’s obviously something systematically wrong with the club at the moment)


Agree with you, no point picking out one player. It’s the tactics that we have to look at, the column on Arseblog explained the situation perfectly


Ramsey has impressive defensive stats? Are you serious? What about this one?


Arsenal wins with Ramsey starting: 60%
Arsenal wins without Ramsey: 40%

There are stats for every argument. The end point is that Ramsey’s better than you lot give him credit for, but the team as a unit is failing. If you want a scapegoat, find one that actually delivers nothing for our club – Theo Walcott. We should pay him 140k a week to stay away from a football pitch.


Think about what you’re saying, he doesn’t contribute much to attack but why? You say he wants to play next to the striker yet he actually doesn’t if you look at his most recent heatmaps. Hence the lack of attacking play. He has posted some impressive defensive stats of late. But why? And yeah, don’t let stats get in the way, just go on spewing hate. On one of your own players.

(I’m just as pissed as the next fan but singling out abuse for one player is just inane, there’s obviously something systematically wrong with the club at the moment)

Petit's Handbag



This is it. I’m done for the season!

When the boss replaces the best player on the pitch (Campbell) and we go on to lose the game it tells me that the fight for 4th is on.

See you next season!

Easy as JVC

Wenger: “Bouldy did you take the handbrake off?”
Bould: “No I thought you said you were going to do it!”
Wenger: “Ok no problem, we will just use the old bad decisions and Swansea are a good team line.”
Bould: “You’re the Boss!”


You nailed it in three words

Bob's Mexican Cousin



Wenger OUT!

Mr. White

Giroud is so fuckin shit. Lost count of how many times the ball just bounced of him. The sitter he missed in the first half though. Wow. Obviously Campbell having his best game gets taken off instead of him. I don’t think anyone can find the logic behind that decision but Arsene himself. Love Wenger and always will for what he’s done for the club but running out of reasons to defend him. The league is defo gone now. Well done to Arsene and the players.

so ummm..joel...get out while you can
so ummm..joel...get out while you can

I was having a good day and then I watched the match….Two words kept echoing through my head, “absolute wankers”…that is all

Petit's Handbag

That’s one hell of a lot of likes


But the board won’t sack him, will they. The job is his for as long as he wants. Depressing.


Atlease we will beat Tottenham now. Only to lose to Hull and West Brom.


“Arsene Wenger, he goes when he wants”

If Wenger ends up being pushed out by fan discontent one day (i.e. the position is untenable) it will be of his own making.

A kick in the Debuchy
A kick in the Debuchy

Well, fuck me.


+ Cech’s pulled a hamstring

Cygan's Magical Left Foot
Cygan's Magical Left Foot

Arsene out.


I looked at the table after the match. The difference up to Leicester at 1st is 6 points, while it’s only 4 points down to United at 5th. We are now officially in the battle for 4th. Why does this feel familiar?


Supporting an Arsenal title challenge for me is like watching Star Wars Episode 3.
You know at some point that Anakin is going to become Darth Vader. You know that sooner or later he is going to betray the Jedi and cut off old mates arm.
As the scene/season plays out you’re yelling at him/Arsenal “Don’t you fucking do it”. “Don’t you fucking DO IT”.
Then before you know it, they let you down.
Again and again and again and again.


Even the younglings..


Wenger out.

Silent Stan's Content Mustache
Silent Stan's Content Mustache

At this point, end of the season capitulation and Arsenal are synonymous. What PL title? Who are you kidding?


I went on a media blackout after the united game because I didn’t want to contribute to the meltdown. Now…Fuck that. Fuck every single player on the team bar ozil, campbell and cech. Fuck the ball, fuck this sofa fuck everything. I usually don’t condone booing but this shit is not acceptable. How is our best performer being subbed off when serial chance missers olivier and alexis were left on longer. I love you wenger but honestly I’m starting to wonder what that grass looks like on the other side. Everyone releveant dropped points and we fucked it again. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk.

The Ox, The Ram, Willy & Wally
The Ox, The Ram, Willy & Wally

Wouldn’t you say Cech was a bit dodgy for the first? It looked like he totally missed the ball (I might have to rewatch to remind myself).


The second, I think you mean. He whiffed.

Easy as JVC

Its because he finally gets it now. He arrives here all high and mighty, winning titles and European cups, trying to impart some “winning mentality”. Just embrace the change Petr! Welcome to the Arsenal shift workers union. 2/3 of the season on, and 1/3 of the season off. Job done boys see you all in August to do it all over again!!


Learned a career-changing lesson today. When you’re chasing the title, 6 points off the top, about half a dozen games to go, in a MUST-WIN game with scores at 1-1, simply take off your best player of the day (and leave on your worst player of the day). I think am ready to go into football management.


Fuck a papa doc, fuck a clock, fuck a trailer, fuck EVERYBODY.
and fuck this battle, I dont wanna win, im outty, here tell these people something they dont know about me.

Sorry the first two lines of your post got me all 8Miled up haha

dr Strange

Fuck it and fuck that fuckin maniac Wenger. Taking off the player that produced and gave a fuck. What the fuck was he thinking and why the fuck is Walcott even an option.

I´ve had it with him. He must be completely blinded by his own pride. This can´t go on and change is a must and I would`t wait til summer. The change is needed now!

“A bad week is not permanent” bad management seems to fucking be.


You hurt my heart Arsenal


If our strikers had moved their shots slightly to not hit the crossbar and post on numerous occasions we would be celebrating a wonderful night getting right back in the mix!
I hate football at the moment but the boys tried! COYG!


Tried? like no chances created after going 1-2 down?


To be honest I’m a little surprised people are focusing on our attackers. Our defending has been atrocious lately!

Easy as JVC

Our defending has always been atrocious, but we have always had a potent attack to score more than we concede. Now we are just clueless in all areas of the pitch.

Nick C

200m cash, 60k stadium, world’s most expensive tickets. Lose to Swansea, out of title race + champions league. Pathetic and spineless. The Spuds are going to enjoy Saturday. We deserve better. Wenger out.

Glaswegian Gooner

In all seriousness, all I can say is: Fuck the lot of them. This neither wants nor believes it can win the league.
United now 4 points off us. Top 4 battle here we go.

Forget about this season. It’s over.


How the fuck have we gone from title ‘favourites’ in December, to complete and utter shite?


We are not “shite” mate it’s all little moments…bring on the fucking Spuds!


Lonely voice i’m afraid. We’re shit and the vast majority of Arsenal supporters know it

Some pissed off guy

I want some of what you’re smoking Paul


I need to be positive to save my cat getting kicked again!! 😉


No we are definitely shite now.


Because we fuck it up every year. The tragic thing is that this result was pretty much predictable because we always find ways to fuck it up.


Just for the record, Swansea played their B team tonight, something Wolves got fined for doing a few years ago.

And they still beat us. Deservedly. I’m laughing, it’s all you can do.


Deservedly, no. Remember the woodworks? We were unlucky, but at the same time too bad to create our own luck. I’m truly agreeing on the “fuck this”, and for the first time in my life I’m considering to even join the #WengerOut brigade.

But I still believe we were unlucky not to score a couple of more goals. However, by bringing on Walcott, Wenger confirmed that he has lost his touch. For fuck sake, even some daft fuckwit from the FC Fatcamp u18 would have produced more throughout the season than what Walcott has done.

I miss Cazorla.

Fuck my life.


I’m glad someone pointed this out. They made 6 changes – they threw this game, manager wanted to rest his players for the relegation 6 pointer at the weekend.

Lucky him, they actually won it.

Tommy Gunner

Fantastic night for Leicester. Good on ’em, I say


Fuck off with that fairytale bullshit, they’re a team of absolute melts


What is the point of Theo Walcott?


Money well spent on buying FIFA

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada
Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

Theo’s photo is going to start appearing on milk cartons.

A Yank

Really disappointed in the people that stayed to full time.

You should have booed louder.



Not mental strength that Wenger used to talk about, it’s mental fragility now!

Bob Davis

I’m fucking speechless! How did we not win that with all those chances?

What is going on with Sanchez? How many times did he lose the ball? He needs to be dropped, he’s clearly struggling. Why take Campbell off, he was clearly our best player?

Swansea’s first goal should not have happened. Blatant foul on Ozil in the buildup. Another shit referee tonight.

Sp?rs lost so that means we’re still in it! We have to win on Saturday!

It’s all over we don’t get those 3 points.


What can I say? I can’t say Wenger out, (even though i’m leaning that way more and more over the last few weeks) because we hit the post 3 times. But to take Campbell off, who scored our goal and was our best player, was a fucking disaster. I understand bringing on Welbeck, but bring him on for Alexis who’s in horrible form and gave the ball away more times than I can remember. Giroud and Walcott too, absolutely hopeless… I’m jumping on board the Tuborg express…..


Wenger needs to do the honourable thing and make way for someone who can do a better job.

If you disagree with this statement then you are a deluded cunt. Yes, I called you a cunt, deal with it!


I do think Wenger needs to retire but it really wasn’t his fault that the players chose to hit the woodwork….


Taking off our best player on the night?


Paul, yet it was his fault not to invest in a striker and midfielder at the beginning of the season as it is his fault to persist with players that clearly aren’t doing shite at the moment (Ramsey, Walcott, Sanchez, Gabriel, Giroud) as well as not giving enough chances to a more deserving player (Campbell) that on the night in which he clearly is his best plater he decides to substitute him.


I understand Dan but if we had finished our chances everything would be different….it’s a funny old game and I am properly pissed off right now…but looking forward to playing the Spuds.
If we lose that one then I will join the suicide club..:-)


If? oh please! There are no ifs in a title race.

Dave A.

The problem is, there have been way too many ifs in this season, let alone the last few years, and there have been ifs that MAYBE wouldnt be there if he would’ve bothered strenghtening when and where needed


Paul, This whole Arsenal team has been a big “If” for the best part of a decade now. at what point does one draw the line to decide that something is not working and that a new direction must be needed?


Saturday at around 2.30pm? 🙁

George Wang

Feburary and March capitulation, year after year. Now out of all competition except the FA cup and the “fourth place trophy”, again.

This is getting old, if not already have.


WTF was that?


It was shit.


Shit in motion!

Si Si

Someone has to take responsibility for this at some point. It’s the shakiest league in years and we’re throwing/we’ve thrown it away.


Never mind. The new super league won’t have Swansea in it and it will give Stan more money. And that’s what we’re here for – isn’t it ?


I’m an Arsenal fan for more than 15 years, but I’d like Leicester to win the title this year. With this pus*y performance – we just simply DO NOT deserve it!


Try 45 years as a fan and you wouldn’t say that…




No excuses tonight. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Anyone see Ozil stood with the ball looking for a pass and a load of stagnent players just gurning at him. No movement or anything.

No excuses.

Seeing Sounds

We’ve had no excuses since the united game…This is simply abusive to the fans…We’re playing struggling Swansea at HOME….FUCKING WIN….HOW did we lose!? I’m so done…


Is this real? It can’t be fucking real.


I can’t believe I’m writing this and it’s not a joke anymore, but, seriously, get out while you can, Joel!

That was the most deflating piece of crap of a performance I have ever seen. Alexis continues in poor form and Wenger leaves him on takes off Joel. Arsene might as well have grabbed the stadium microphone and yelled “Fuck you!” to all the fans who were justifiably booing him. Seriously, I think Arsene is just trolling the fans now.

Also, I have no idea how the fuck Blogs is going to be able to write an entry in the morning. I mean, Andrew, if you want take a day, I think we’d all understand. If the entry is entirely curse words, I’d understand.


“Oi, Brent!”

What a week. What a month. What a season 🙁


Is anyone even surprised when we lose? I’m not, I just shake my head and hope this is Wenger’s last season. What an inglorious way out it will be for Wenger though. Although when he’s gone, he’ll rightly be idolised by all the fans.

Zuhair ul Haq

Is Mr. Wenger still confident? Are you still confident? Who the fuck thought we’d bottle it? Because if you did, kudos to you my man. You were absolutely right. Wankers getting paid 100000 of pounds every single week for fuck all. Lose to a Teenage side then lose to fucking Swansea City at home. Empty seats at the Emirates? Who can blame them. I know I don’t. And I don’t give a fish’s tit about that free kick not being given on Routledge’s goal. What I do, give a fish tit about is, that we weren’t able to score against Swansea City for 95 minutes with a team full of a World Cup winner, a man who has won it all at club level, someone who played with Messi and Ronaldo, and someone who’s represented Manchester United in all competitions. Great for Swansea. Arsenal don’t deserve anything this season. Anything. I’ll just go cry now.


There are too many things to say. Too many reasons for this loss, some dating back to years of bad decisions. I’ve never said this before but I think Wenger should go. It’s really frustrating that he fucked up all potential replacement by not stepping down when prolific managers were available.


Can’t Manage when it counts. Really unfortunate with what he has and has had at his disposal. Mentally weak Manager=mentally weak team.


Controversial opinion, but it is the the Board, more particularly Stan Kroenke, who should fuck off. The difference between Arsenal and Leicester this season is that regardless of how a match is going, the Leicester fans are happy, and when fans are happy, they cheer louder, and when fans cheer louder, teams play better. My friend has a leicester season ticket (for a fraction of the price of my Arsenal ticket back in the days when I could afford it) and tells me how the board are always doing little things to show the fans they’re appreciated (free beers or pies with match ticket, free posters for the kids to take home, even paper clappers on the seats make a difference!) and have encouraged and backed Ranieri as much as possible. Their owner goes to as many games as possible, and is relentlessly supportive of the team. Contrast this to Silent Stan, whose extraordinary ticket prices drive down the mood of the stadium before we’ve even kicked off, whose lack of interest and £3m payments suck the life out of the club, whose endless penny pinching make the fans feel like customers. This creates a poisonous atmosphere at the Emirates, and with such an atmosphere it’s no wonder the players lack belief.
We may well do better under another manager, but I would like to see the evidence that supports the idea that Stan would even care enough (let alone be capable of) choosing a good successor to Wenger. Yes Wenger picks the teams, but only with what he is given by Kroenke, and for me it is Kroenke holding back funds that has prevented Arsene from buying the players we needed (For those who say Wenger never buys big, Henry cost £10m when our TOTAL INCOME as a club was £49m – 20% of it just on one player!) Wenger’s two major signings have been a) when we have been in danger of missing out on Champion’s league (which was the general perception before we bought Oezil or b) when we had already got significant funds from other sales (future sale clauses of Fabregas and Vela gave us £25m, so Sanchez was really a £12m investment as far as Kroenke is concerned.) I do not think Wenger is the best football manager for Arsenal football club, but at least I know he cares and so is our best protection against our parasitic American owners. Wenger in for now, Kroenke out forever.


But I will happily admit, Capmbell off? What the fuck!


As a rebuttal, if we were winning, none of this would matter to anyone. This team has the talent to beat a kid-Man U and Swansea. Down to the manager.


Actually, everything matters. Irrespective of what’s happening on the pitch, the club is turning into a corporation and nobody likes a faceless corporation.

I Miss Arshavin

Well said, but Wenger still remain a problem. Does Kronke really hold back funds for transfer from Wenger? I don’t think so. How many times haven’t we heard from Wenger “we are open for business. If we see the right quality we buy” sort of bull-poo and be dilly dallying from one transfer to another and at the end come out of transfer windows with nothing?

Do you seriously want Kronke to sign players for Wenger? Or do you seriously want Kronke to call a press conference and announce how much he’s made available to Wenger for transfers?

Crash Fistfight

Somebody summed it up on the Arsecast Extra this week. The manager has lost his bottle in the transfer market. He’d rather buy nobody than risk making an unsuccessful signing.

The only signings he makes now are Moneyball signings like Gabriel and Elneny or big buys like Alexis and Ozil (as it’s pretty obvious they’re good).

He’d never buy a player like Dybala or Aubameyang for £25-30m in case they don’t turn out to be good, so we’re stuck with Giroud as first choice and Walcott still around (when he could’ve taken a risk and let him go, and gone all out to get someone like Griezmann or Reus). I don’t see why any of those players would have been unobtainable – they aren’t/weren’t at clubs at the highest echelons of Europe, and we could offer shit-loads in wages and transfer fees (Juventus could possibly have outbid and are probably a more attractive proposition for an Argentinian already playing in Italy, but at least give it a go before giving up!).

We want change!

Piece of shit. Can’t even beat a relegation threatened team on home ground. Bye bye title race!

Sam Scott

This is one of the worst Arsenal performances I have ever seen…Terrible game. Same old same old. I would love to say spend the 200 million but are yank owner doesn’t give a fuck about whether we actually win anything it’s all about the money. I feel it is time for Wenger to prepare for stepping down at the end of the season and give someone else a chance.



Dave A.

so, Leicester drop points, Totten ham drop points, City drop points, we had a chance to get into the fight again, yet, as usual, we fck this off? actually they extended their lead? we’re a joke, simple as that.

Oh and really Arsene? one of the only fkin players that gives a fck and u sub him? and u bring fkin invisible man walcott on? i actually feel sad cuz chances are we might be losing Ozil, why would he stay?. Can we fkin break the bank, sign some fkin striker (maybe someone like Cavani, idc), and actually CLASS players, not bargrains or sht like that? because, if we couldnt win it this year that EVERY OTHER SO CALLED “BIG TEAM” wasnt at their best, what make us think we could when all those teams will work to get their sht together again.

And most importantly, break the bank to bring another manager, I think we all love Wenger and we all respect him for what he has done for this club, but i cant be the only one thinking he has lost it and he been holding us back lately.

Crash Fistfight

The question is, who? Everyone else has snapped up the big hitters so who’s left?

Koeman maybe? Martinez would be Wenger mark II, so no thanks. Any ideas?

Dave A.

Maybe isnt about getting a heavy hitter manager (tho that would rly help). Snatch Klopp from liverpool, i bet he would fancy arsenal more, get Pellegrini once Pep goes to city, Koeman, or just get some good although not very well known manager, Arsene wasnt a heavy hitter before he came to Arsenal, Klopp wasnt known before his Dortmund years, etc. Look at how good Dortmund are doing with a “not so known” manager like Tuchel. Favre (he does likes possesion football and attack minded, but aslo is capable to form strong defenses, go ask bayern munich), or just someone able to bring new ideas. really


Now, what was it Wenger was saying?

Dave A.

I bet he is gonna say now Swansea had lot of experience, the weather didnt help, the stars didnt aligned, aliens were playing instead, or any other of some silly excuse


I checked the stars and they spelled ‘Arsenal are shit’. Should’ve known.


Sh*t sandwich.


When the going gets though, don’t call Wenger!


Another pathetic result. Thanks for the (distant) memories Arsene, but it’s time to fall on your sword. Sorry to say it but every season you stay and we have to put up with this runny shite tarnishes your status at the club.


So we had a bad week.. and then all arsenal fans felt bad… we prayed for a chance.. the footballing gods gave us a chance.. a loaded gun.. tottenham and Leicester dropped points.. and then the gods looked at the Arsenal players and said.. there’s your chance to make your loyal fans happy.. shoot the opposition down when you can… the arsenal players looked at the opposition and then shot themselves in the foot..


‘We were unlucky’
‘Two bad decisions’

Wenger’s first two answers post match.


Just need a ” Look let’s not go overboard, Swansea have spent a lot of money”


freaking wow!!! its almost as if everyone else knows this would happen every season except us arsenal fans, . (fat goooner is a time traveler ).


Wenger: A bad week is not permanent No?