Reports: Ramsey facing 6 weeks out


Reports in tomorrow’s newspapers suggest that Aaron Ramsey could be facing up to 6 weeks out with the thigh injury he picked up against Hull on Tuesday evening.

The Welsh international is due to get the results of a scan on Thursday to properly assess the damage, but in the Telegraph, Jeremy Wilson is reporting that the club fear he could miss an extended period.

At this point, 6 weeks is almost a season ender, and when you consider what we have to do between now and May, injuries that serious are not welcome at all.

However, Ramsey does have a bit of previous when it comes to returning ahead of schedule, so let’s see what happens there.

There’s likely to be a further update tomorrow, before the manager meets the press on Friday – at which point we should definitely know for sure.

Fingers crossed.

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Got it, so he’ll make his return sometime in December, just a week or two before Jack Wilshere.


Wouldn’t be shocked to see that happen, but I hope not. Tactically he’s getting it wrong, but in terms of effort and quality he’s definitely one of our best. Will be missed.


Bad news. Hopefully elneney can slot in and continue his good performances. I like Ramsey, but Elneney in the middle makes me less anxious

Dom B.

In every bad thing there is some good, as the saying goes. Now Arsene will be forced to give more playing time to Joel, who has rightly deserved it by the way he has played, however knowing how Arsene wants to push Ramsey to play in every single game, he occupied Joel’s natural position (as well as the Ox, who was rubbish 99% of this season). Looking forward to it. Hope that both Campbell and Elneny start against Barcelona, why not, with a more balanced team we could cause them some problems.


Sorry, the downvote was a mistake wanted to upvote 🙁


I down voted you to encourage you to be more careful with your errant thumbs in future.


Perhaps Cash Reserves can come in and do job for us in midfield?

ospina's thumb

Provided they are all one pence and welded together. they can cover the goalpost.


Nah, apparently he’s on loan to the Premier League. He’s helping them keep the price of away tickets down.

Nasri's missing chinbone
Nasri's missing chinbone

Well shit.


Drives me fucking crazy what is it with subs not warming up properly they are too cosy sitting on the bench with about fifty layers of clothes on takes them an eternity to get ready when they are called upon. Obviously no lesson learned from the Sheffield Wednesday game.




Just waiting for some rimjob calling this a blessing in disguise.


A rimjob is a blessing in disguise for people with very short arms.



The Iceman

I’m genuinely worried about our midfield situation. This leaves is with Coq and Elneny (who have looked solid together) with just Flamini as cover. Other options – Santi, Jack, Arteta, Rozza and now Ramsey all on he causality list.
Joel deserves the right wing. I just hope Theo comes good and Iwobi can step up in the league if needed, cause we’re a couple of injuries away from having to rely on our young guns.


Good God! Santi Cazorla. I’d forgotten about him. Suddenly realise we’ve been slowly going downhill ever since he got injured.

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals
Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals


bims lay

I agree, and from what I have seen of Iwobi so far, this kid is ready….he will step up.


A loss but we do have decent cover in Prince of Egypt and Campbell.

For all the pre season talk of Arsene needing to buy a striker it’s really in midfield where we have suffered the most despite having the most cover…

Timorous Me

We do have cover, but with a still-packed schedule of fixtures, I worry at how our depth will be tested. Additional injuries could be devastating at this point. Three challenging matches in a seven day span next week likely means little rotation, and the subsequent international break will certainly not be a time of rest and recuperation for some of our players.


Sham Forsythe! You bastard!


When that guy came in everyone thought he would be the answer to our chronic injury problems. What a load of bullcrap!


Practicing witchcraft is not listed in Shad Forsythes CV.


Although he consorted with the dark wizard Löw in his lair in Germany.

Dave A.

so 6 weeks + the mandatory setback + the following setback after the pass setback was over, so 6 months?


He’ll be out for the rest of the season at the very least.

He is Well Beck Now!

I hope he comes in much earlier than 6 weeks.

Santi's Smile

Not holding my breath for his return, though it would be great to have him back in time for another winner in the FA Cup Final.


It’s like there’s some unwritten universal rule: Arsenal fans shall never completely enjoy a victory…

Dong, where is my automobile?
Dong, where is my automobile?

Eat a dick injury gods

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Great, now we’re going to lose another player, this one to a groin injury.

bims lay

careful careful my friend, this is the arsenal, the season is not over yet and we don’t want to tempt nothing, do we?


The injury gods eat Arsenal players, not dick.

Me So Hornsey

Just as we were about to look more solid with him on the right tucking in.

Oh well, Joel Campbell your time to shine.

He's got no hair but we don't care...
He's got no hair but we don't care...

Seriously pathetic how not only do our players drop like flies more than any other team but also that it’s very rarely for a week or 2, it’s always a minimum of six weeks!


Honestly, I don’t give a Shad! lol


bad news for sure. despite what some say, he’s an important piece to the run-in

on another, physiological note: does anyone know what exactly these ‘scans’ reveal? what do they show specifically? when the medical staff take their fancy pictures, what do they see? i’m suffering my own injury and looking for medical advice on an arsenal-related blog (the best one, by the way).


Gremlins. They reveal gremlins.



Get a bit numb about it all after a while.


This could end our season!!! If Conquelin gets injured our first team midfield is elneny and flamini. When John Terry had an injury the medical team would give him a syringe to get through it, to numb the pain why cAnt our lads be willing to do stuff like this, they’re all soft imo. We need a good distributor in cm who can help move our play forward like arteta but who hasn’t lost there legs, cazorla or put ozil there and bring Alexis to just behind the striker, I’ve done this before, it can work.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yeah there’s a magical little chemical mixture that when injected can allow players to play through anything, no matter the injury.

Or, maybe players play through pain all the fucking time, and John Terry’s a huge cunt.

Tarquin Farquar

That’s right you do it on PlayStation and it worked. I will try on my subbuteo and if it works there too then it has to work. does anyone have the follow up to subbuteo, striker I think it was called where you push the head down and the little plastic toy kicks the ball. If you could try on there as well we are in to a winner


Ok then mate, o kay.


Arsenal. 2016-17 Season. Team ravaged by a plague of unfathomable neck injuries.


Remember when Ozil decided to tough out a knock a couple of seasons ago? How long was he off for? A couple of months? More?

Arsenal hurts

good news.

Bob Davis

I’m totally gutted. He didn’t have much time to warm up and that may have caused it. I think we’ve got enough cover with some of youngsters coming through. Hopefully he gets a speedy recovery in time for the FA Cup final.


Is Eleney cup-tied????


In out shake it all about.

It makes no difference to how our season will pan out.


Bad news as,although some fans ain’t keen on him, Ramsey is one of our top performers who has had to curtail his style to cover for other injured players and this has impacted on his effectiveness!!!


Walcott comes on against sheffield wednesday without warming up, gets injured and is out for a couple of months. Rinse and repeat for Aaron. When will we learn. Arsene’s subs are baffling at thier best but this is just stupid. If I am not mistaken we were 2 0 up when Aaron come on, does the sub have to come on as soon as the other player leaves the pitch or can he come on 5 minutes later?


As a pleb and not in the know of how a club with top level sportsmen like Arsenal do things but wouldn’t the subs be pacing up and down the side lines at regular interval to be ready when or if?

Gooners & Roses



Bad news Really bad…
Very bad… He will miss Barcelona& mancity


And on the 10th day God said “fuck off Aaron your goals are sending too many celebrity’s up here” and with that he sent down a messenger to bajax thy Ramsey son of all injury’s. And with that on the 11th day it was done. Amen.