Wenger hoping Giroud can go BOOM BOOM BOOM again


Arsene Wenger has backed Olivier Giroud to start scoring with frequency again now that the ‘weight’ of his 11 game goal drought is gone.

The French international scored twice against Hull on Tuesday in the Gunners 4-0 FA Cup 5th round replay – before that his last goal was on January 13th, also a double against Liverpool at Anfield.

The Arsenal manager admitted Giroud was a player who scores in bursts, but hopes he’s got his mojo back now.

“Look, it is a weight on the shoulders when the players don’t score,” he said. “So the fact that they score will of course take that weight off.

“Overall, I am pleased that [Giroud and Walcott] scored. But it is a bit cyclic always, especially for Giroud. Giroud has cycles so it was a weight off his shoulders.

“You know this season for example, he has had games where he has gone boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and after he had a little spell where he didn’t score. Now I hope he has a repetition of his former spell and starts to score again.”

If there are some positives at the moment it’s that Giroud and Walcott have got a couple, Alexis scored against Sp*rs, and Danny Welbeck has two goals since coming back from injury.

Hopefully they can drive each other to more goals. And Giroud can go boom boom boom again.

And here’s your earworm for the day. You’re welcome!

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Surely you mean Boom Boom Boom

Buzzy Gurkha

Boom boom boom boom Boom. We shold hv 3 strikers welbeck giroud and one more *world class st 😉 to keep each other fresh and boom boom more .

gooner 44

to be fair 2 tap ins inside the 6 yd box aint gonna turn him into Thierry Henry is it?


We need him to start scoring again.

2 place is still up for grabs.


So Wenger knows that too. The only shame is lots of attacking players didn’t pick up the slack


Giroud usually has a dry spell when he’s been played into the ground because of a refusal to rotate, a lack of quality options, injuries, or some combination. When he’s rested, he’s not far off — if at all — from world class! Question is whether the emergence of Welbeck has provided a meaningful break. I think/hope it has.

That said, I think Welbz is the right stater against Barca. Pace freaks their defense out. I’d even start Walcott, because it might be a game Walcott comes to play!

Man Manny

Speaking about Barcelona, Pique is suspended so the defence will be quite short. Could that be a kink in their armour that we can set up to capitalize on, or am I clutching at straws?
For the records, the CL is not my priority this year so a respectable scoreline – like a draw – is okay by me

The coqs in the box

Yes sir, you are clutching at straws

Bank of friendship

Giroud will never be world class.
Miles off it.


Our scoring is cyclical eh!? I admittedly thought this was an intriguing insight when I first heard him say it a few months back.

Now I think its just an excuse for our poor chance conversion rate overall and a lack of consistently good finishing across our front line.

Bob Davis

We need him to start firing them goals in. I still think we need another striker as we’re not converting enough chances. Walcott clearly hasn’t got it and should be sold! He’s had his chance.


Unlike Theo, it wasn’t his finishing that was the problem. These past weeks the quality of the service has been poor.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia
Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Even for Theo, finishing is not a problem. Everything else but speed is.


surely giroud’s track would be ‘boom boom boom let’s go back to my room’



First single I ever bought.

Man Manny

I hope this cycle of goals will last for at least 11 games. I don’t care what happens in France.

Man Manny

Off topic. Last week I said we could overhaul Leceister and Spurs but my worry was City. How daft! A week later, they play a goaless draw with mighty Norwich. This team is as reliable as a broken tooth.
Good news; we only have the top 2 to contend with and believe me, I am excited.
Expect the Benitez effect on Monday and the annual end-of-season crash by Spurs.
To the league oh ye Gunners!


And that is the beauty of the PL. Every dog has his day and any team of superstars can have their arses handed to them by a relegation team.


Missed out on a bit of Wengerboys there ‘blogs.

Boom boom boom boom,
I want you in my room,
Let’s spend the night together,
From now until forever!

Quite fitting for Giroud, the dastardly handsome Frenchman.


All joking aside, for those who hate the fact Giroud isn’t world class, can you imagine our season if we had Aubameyang!? The guy runs through defences. We really needed a world class striker and CDM but we never got it, it’s embarrassing that Giroud is our first choice and I’m sick of the mediocrity. I honestly think I could do a better job up front than him, he went 8 games without a goal then scores 2 against a championship pub team and celebrates like its something, even Walcott scores against them

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Medoiocre is when you’re in 12th place in the Championship.

Martin Finley

Giroud is to inconsistent and to dependent on service to be a threat, in my opinion. I Also think we look much more dynamic and fluent in Attack with Welbeck upfront because he run alot and work the channels alot more and stretches defences making room for others and our attack just seems more unpredictable and feels more dangerous then imo.

If only Welbeck was a better finisher he would be a complete forward. As of now Giroud is just better infront og goal than Welbeck.

I also hope Giroud goes on a scoring frenzy again, But I dont see it happening unless Özil and teammates start providing him with world class service again. Cause we know he can score, He just needs the ball delivered gift wrapped for him in the right position.

But every rule has exceptions and every once in a while we see him score some proper wondergoals that remind you why you love football.

But from next season I would like to see Welbeck being worked in as our main striker unless there is a star signing in this position. We know Giroud can be a game changer off the Bench as seen early in this season.

But just my opinion

Gutbukket Deffrolla

All centre forwards are dependent on supply. All strikers need an assist.


Giroud might go “newt” or “mint” or even “zuff.”
Though I’d prefer the old “boomshakalaka” from NBA Jam.

gunnerfan ov palace

Lets beat watford then coyg

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Why can’t we COYG before we beat Watford?