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Arsenal 1-1 Cry Pal: By the Numbers

10 – Goals Arsenal have conceded from outside the 18 yard box this season (2nd worst in the League)
9 – Number of those goals conceded by Cech
3 – Goals Arsenal conceded from distance in 2014/15 (best in the League)
5 – Goals Arsenal conceded from distance in 2013/14 (2nd best in the League)
2 – Goals Chelsea conceded from distance that season (13/14) with Cech as their keeper
50 – Shots on target Cech has faced from distance this season
18 – Percent of shots on target from distance Cech is conceding this season
8 – Percent of shots on target from distance that Arsenal conceded with Szczpina last season
8 – Percent of shots on target from distance that Szczesny conceded in 2013/14
6 – Percent of shots on target from distance that Cech conceded in 2013/14
202 – Shots Arsenal have faced from distance this season (Arsenal’s defense is set up to limit the opposition to shooting from distance because it is a low percentage shot)
5 – Percent of those shots the opposition is scoring
3.5 – Percent of shots from distance that the opposition is scoring in all games in the Premier League this season

Match stats

651 – Passes for Arsenal
206 – Passes for Cry Pal
223 – Passes by Arsenal in the Cry Pal final third
37 – Passes by Cry Pal in Arsenal’s final 1/3
26 – Passes by Arsenal inside the Crystal Palace 18 yard box
3 – Passes by Cry Pal inside Arsenal’s 18 yard box
21 – shots by Arsenal
7 – Shots by Cry Pal
6 – Shots on target by Arsenal
2 – Shots on target by Cry Pal
5 – Shots on target in the Prime areas (between the penalty spot and the goal) by Arsenal
2 – Shots on target by Cry Pal from distance
2.22 – Expected goals for Arsenal (based on where Arsenal shot and the League average for finishing from those positions)
0.34 – Expected goals for Cry Pal
1 – Actual goals by Arsenal
1 – Unexpected goal by Cry Pal

They didn’t even get in Arsenal’s faces

15 – Tackles by Arsenal
17 – Tackles by Cry Pal
10 – Interceptions by Arsenal
12 – Interceptions by Cry Pal (look at how much of the ball we had in their area, this is an absurd stat)
7 – Fouls by Arsenal
13 – Fouls by Cry Pal (all of these stats are average for Crystal Palace — they played an average game for them)

Top Players

1 – Alexis Sanchez scored goal (big chance)
7 – Big Chances Alexis has scored this season (Best at Arsenal)
50 – Percent of his Big Chances Alexis is scoring this season (Best at Arsenal)
8 – Chances created by Ozil
5 – Chances created by Ozil from set plays
0 – Assists by Ozil
107 – Passes by Elneny (of 116 attempted)
41 – Passes by Elneny in the Cry Pal final third (second behind Mesut)
0 – Chances created by Elneny
4 – Alexis even only turned the ball over 4 times

All Stats from Opta or my personal database, the Expected Goals stat is my own version


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Cech’s saved us so many points this season. Unfortunate that he was probably the most at fault for their goal.

Also, something similar happened to Barcelona today in La Liga. *cough*chokers*cough*

David C

Cech should have had it, but we should have been up 3-0 by that time if we had more of a killer instinct instead of trying to make 800 little perfect passes to nowhere…

I hope Atletico win La Liga, I love watching how that team defends and plays as a unit.

Dr. Gooner

As much as defensive weaknesses let us down against West Ham, this game was just as much down to a single goalkeeping error. They didn’t create anything of note for 90 minutes except for the odd “potential danger” from set pieces. The goal did come on a counter, but Adebayor’s run was well tracked and he was correctly shown to the corner. Coquelin then stuck to Bolasie (who was poor all game BTW) like glue before he hit the shot, which was a good one in fairness. But it should’ve been saved, it’s as simple as that, and then we… Read more »


It’s a bit harsh on Cech (which the Mexican announcers kept pronouncing as “sitch”) because the show was in the corner, but it is a goal you expect a top keeper to get a hand on. What I can’t understand is why Arsenal have conceded so many from distance this season. Could just be down to normal variation of a small sample: think about Kane’s goal and that Bolaise goal today. Seem pretty unstoppable if we are honest. Bolaise has only scored 12 goals in his career. Also, thank you for pointing out that Coquelin has him covered. It was… Read more »



Dr. Gooner

200 shots is a pretty good sample size for one year’s worth of shots. A 10% increase seems significant and if you had the raw data you could easily determine statistical significance of this deviation from previous years by running a chi-square analysis (I’m assuming this is a dichotomous variable). Interestingly we are also conceding these shots at a higher rate this season, despite what by all accounts has been one of the best save rates for all shots in the PL this season by Arsenal. Certainly seems fishy that we are worse at conceding long shots and saving long… Read more »


We hold Cech to a high standard but come on – he didn’t commit “a goalkeeping error”. The game’s critical mistake is not scoring a 2nd & 3rd goal. We should be good enough to absorb a single conceded goal, however it’s scored.


I disagree, gabriel was ‘tracking’ adebayor down the line, to me it was more like walking your dog allowing him to be next to you, should have at least made an effort to make it difficult for adebayor to run 40 yards with the ball with no real option to find a teammate, but no, he was allowed to cut inside and play the simplest pass ever. There was not even a physical touch to get him off balance. As for coquelin, he is just not mobile enough to defend with that kind of space behind him, one small fake… Read more »


Agreed on Cech. If we’re going to single him out and over-analyse that incident, then we should put similar emphasis on the players who missed presentable chances and how those chances came to be missed.


why does Gabriel always turn away when the ball comes. Hope he rectifies this style of his and become another bosscielny


Gabriel bailed Bosscielney out with strong tackle after one daft faff around by Kos … but our main problem is scoring goals. We need world class striker or preferably two for when one gets injured. Our defence is fine apart from Bellerin and Nacho needing cover.
Granit in midfield, Jack back … we must improve on Wenger’s farewell tour


Stats can be deceiving because I didn’t think Elneny had a good game today in the final third. Felt Ramsey would’ve given us a bit more creativity, turns out the Egyptian created zero chances even though he was always around the ball. Go figure.


pssst, don’t say anything good about Ramsey


Looking at this games,i realized that maybe Arsene doesn’t really set up the team to counter press. If he did, he would pay more attention toward the structure of the team when we eventually loss possession, instead of hoping for the centre back to save the day. Look at how high both the full back were when Adebayor+Bolasie break. By committing too much player at the opposition playing field, it actually clogs the movement of some of the players. It makes more players static which in return more useless possession. When the opponent breaks, we became outnumbered, whereas it should… Read more »

Third Plebeian

0 – number of reasons Walcott should be on the pitch for a football team

But no matter, this is just par for the course these years. Another scrap for fourth. It’s what we do, even in a season when every other team seems to be doing something crazy.


Our chance conversion rate over the season must be incredibly low. I dont have the stats but from what i see and read it all points to it being at an unprecidented low. it shows that for all the problems at the back and in midfield if we were even average in chance conversion we would probably lead the league and be in an fa cup semi-final. Its quite clear what this squad needs most urgently and that is one or two new strikers. It seems that even a moderately good finisher would thrive in this team and make the… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

We need a prolific striker. It’s that simple. We haven’t had one since ‘The Little Boy in Him’ left.

If we don’t get one this summer, next season will be yet another Groundhog Day. The rest of our team I believe is better as a whole than it’s been since the Invincibles.

But our striking options are the worst since then. And I like Giroud and I like Wellbz. But we need an upgrade and we need it badly.


Need Ozil to start scoring more too. Plays no10 and has almost zero defensive duties. You need to have more than just passes to your game. Otherwise arsenal could play a 4-3-3 with a 3 man midfield without Ozil, would be much more stable defensively


Please, give us a break: Özil is not only about passing! He does defend and goals! What do other playmakers like Inesta, Silva, fabregas, Willian.. do? Goaling more? Defending more? no! Creating less? Less!

Merlin's Panini

goaling. I like it.


The game and the stats show we lack a real striker. Sanchez and Ozil can create a chance from nothing but the rest of the team pass themselves in to a corner. Welbeck is a real worker but his effort needs to be directed and getting goals not keeping possession. The fact Elneny has so many completed passes but no chances created is down to the players in front of him. Great runs create chances, the pass just needs to find them.


Amount of heart shown to win a league that was up for grabs 0, ZERO, NIL

Bobby P

Any interest in replacing wellbz? I reckon a giant, angry superpowered green hulk is just what our forward line needs.

Armchair Expert

Palace have been shit recently, so of course we had to do the most Arsenal thing ever and let them gain a point, some confidence and form. It would have been so cruel of us to not help out a fellow London team that is struggling.


Where is that free flowing attacking football of the previous Wenger years? The team has played pretty dull football the last two season, even the sides with Bendtner and Chamakh and co were exiting to watch and played better attacking football than this bunch of players.


I mean Cech is a great goalkeeper but the goalkeeper position was the last thing we needed reinforcement last summer. I haven’t seen the stats but I am pretty sure that Ospina’s were at least equal last season. Probably way better.
But the the only player Wenger bought was a keeper. The old man lost it for good.


I like Welbs and Giroud a lot, but clearly they are not enough. If we had someone like Suarez or Lewandowski we could outscore any team. So instead of 56 goals scored, we could have 76 and be No.1. Other teams would fear us, now they know we are toothless.

Hopefully Lewa could be persuaded to leave, he would be changing managers anyway, so why not to change clubs. Wenger can spend some silly amount like a world record transfer fee on him, I would not mind.


So many aspects of our game exposed again. A possession-based game repeatedly undone by our own technical failings. Set-pieces deliveries that were a gift for Palace. And extra passes when a shot was on. This football team cannot smell the goal. At the 20 minute-mark both teams had taken 1 single shot. Fine for Palace, but what was our excuse? And after their goal, like against the Western Hammers, there was no barrage from us. Bolasie used 1/3 of a chance to score. Why is it that only Alexis can shoot off the dribble? We are insanely bad at scoring… Read more »


Cech does struggle with getting down quickly for the shots to his side (especially his right). Reminds me of one of the goals vs WH in the opener. He needs to make that save yesterday just as Coquelin needs to close down the shooter and Gabriel needed to stop escorting Adebayor down the sideline.

One thing that has been an issue all year is closing down the ball quickly out front and on the wings instead of giving people free crosses and free long range shots. It’s killed us again and again.


Gabriel should have blocked their goal,he just needed to defend like a proper defender. Cahill would have blocked it. This is partly why we are letting in so many goals this season our defenders don’t block enough shots in or outside the area Mert is another that is very poor in this respect.We have too many players that have very little fighting spirit, especially in games we should win comfortably.If we had won that game we had an excellent chance of winning the league. YES REALLY! Another real let down of a season. BTW Theo is the most heartless, gutless,spineless,… Read more »


We need to get shot of Theo and replace him with quality – he is too inconsistent and injury prone!! As for defending, I don’t like it one bit and think it lacks balance and grit!!!


Sad times, isn’t it? I’ve just read Arseblog’s article this lunchtime and I agree with every word. Other Gooner websites are almost all expressing the same gloom and doom. How on earth did we get to this point? Change is desperately needed, and the only people who can’t see this are the ones who are in control of our club. Is there there anybody other than the most stupid or ignorant imbecile who can’t now accept that the Wenger’s tenure must come to an end this summer? The club will soon be announcing a “war chest” to allow Le Prof… Read more »


Some nice build up play, then the final ball????? Shite.
And the corners?? Jaysus.


It was a mistake by cech and the amount he has conceded from outside the box makes grim reading. But that’s just a quirk of stats, let’s not for a minute pretend it’s his fault we lost.

We should of won that game by 2 or 3 goals easily, the fact we only scored one is the reason we lost, that we were so clueless and toothless in their final third is the reason we lost.

The current Arsenal are not only predictable but soooo boring. Personally I’m tired of watching this sh**


The stats prove that we can’t short pass accurately anymore and Cech is not quite as good as he was a few years ago.
They are right for once, imo.




We need some of that.

Cheese balls m'lord.

They are all winners. Muller is my favourite. Wants it more than anybody else.

Emanuel SAVAGE

If Arsenal had been the ones to get the second from the prime chances they created and or just seen it out 1-0, suddenly this is viewed as a game where Arsenal had full control and patiently broke down a team sitting deep, the bolasie goal was a Goalkeeping error plain and simple. The ‘current’ set up is attacking well (still need a world class striker) with the type of control, menace and creativity we’ve missed since Santi got injured, but let down by actions at the back in last two games. It pains me how completely shite we look… Read more »

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