Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Arsenal 1-1 Crystal Palace – player ratings

Yet another draw snatched from the jaws of victory. 1-1 against Crystal Palace is just latest in a series of disappointments this season.

It’s getting really boring now. Here’s how the players rated anyway.

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There really needs to be a manager rating on these articles. He’s the problem, not the players.


Blogs, you like a ‘Stat’ – so here’s a frightening one. This is Arsenal’s worst season for London Derby Wins since 1963-64, when they also won just one LD !!



there’s a quote about how madness is doing same thing and expecting different results… I guess we’ve gotten to that point now. We change players, get FEW new faces and expect to finish above 4th year in year out!. We need a structural change, Manager board and half the team need to go. we Need a manager who will come in and spend some money not once in a while but constantly. To contest with the big teams we need to spend at least 300-400 million in a 3 year span #Wengerout


Just lost £200 on us to win. How stupid was that??


So disappointing. All the enthusiasm has drained from the players and supporters alike. Numbed by the repetition.

John Whealn

Elneny for a seven!

Scape goat for a six


How do you recommend that to work? It is just not possible in my eyes. What we can do is “judge” the season as a whole. Nobody can deny we have underachieved on many levels. Our football, our performances and our results. I have been a big supporter of Wenger’s work and efforts at Arsenal (and I still am) but the manager has to be held accountable at some point. The board need to recognize that this is not good enough. We should be striving to improve in all areas or we will be left behind. It is of course… Read more »

Ex-Priest Tobin

Attention Paul: 🙂


Scrap for the fourth place again this year? Too hard to take this one.

My mother loves Martin Keown

Theo Walcott shouldn’t only be sold this summer. He should never be allowed to play football again – neither professionally nor privately.


I thought Theo was very consistent with his previous form in the few minutes he played today so “1” is a bit harsh! 😉


I love how Walcott came on for 10 minutes, did nothing, and he’s all you guys want to talk about. Talk about flogging a dead horse


Because that cunt is on £140,000 a fucking week, and he is fucking shite. End of. Anyone that thinks he is a decent footballer is borderline deluded. How he has made it as a professional footballer is beyond me.


Yes Walcott balls up with his first time. But his pace does make him dangerous. It was either Alexis or Ozil who tried passing to him on the break 2 minutes into stoppage time. If it wasn’t for great defending, then he would have been through on goal. If Walcott gets sold, I would like to see him replaced with someone with as much pace, so we still have that option. I am hoping Theo goes to the Euro’s and does fantastically and then either gets sold to somewhere on the continent for lots of money OR comes back where… Read more »


Listen, pace is only a dangerous asset for a player to have when he knows how to use it. Walcott is probably one of the most stupid players on the pitch. All he has to do, is come short for the one two, and then hit the fucking gas and go and run into the space behind, no player in the EPL will catch him in a foot race. But he never fucking does it, ever. So many times this season I have been at the games home or away, and I’ve personally seen Bellerin get the ball at his… Read more »


This is why wages should not be disclosed. Ever since he got that pay rise he has been slaughtered by all us fans. Theo looks like he short of confidence and senses the crowd is on his case.

Anyway, his time has come it seems. He needs a new challenge as much as Arsenal need a new manager.


People have slaughtered him because he is not delivering. When you’re on big money, that means you are a big player, and big players deliver. They dont go hiding for 60 fucking minutes until they get substituted, or continuously lose the ball by running down blind alleys, and having a horrific first touch. Big game players on big money are supposed to win you football matches. Walcott shouldnt even be on our bench.


I agree with you IamaGoober but that figure has given his critics an extra stick to beat him with.

Yes it is his own fault for playing hardball and demanding such a wage, but he could have got that elsewhere.

Anyway, I also believe he should leave Arsenal this summer. He hasn’t shown the level of performance needed.


If you think he’s shite then fair enough, your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. But what does his salary have to do with it? I couldn’t give a doddle how much he gets paid


I thought Elneny was very good, as for the rest about right.


For once I can’t be arsed to vote. It ain’t Theo its the guy who made the substitutions when there was really no need. And I don’t even want to go into why wasn’t Campbell used.

Gary Baldy

@Highberry – so very, very right.

I said, to the chap next to me, just before the subs, any change would unbalance the team . . . ‘ et voila ‘ !


Elneny obviously didn’t get the memo about fourth position being the target


Form is temporary, 4th is permanent? Anyone? Pleaseeeeeeee. Fuck me am tired of this bollocks


Heh. Can we get that on a shirt?


Wouldn’t even care if Walcott was sold now, haven’t seen a player put less effort in for much of Wenger’s reign tbh.


As a team, Arsenal now function as less – much less – than the sum of their component parts. Snachez, Ozil, Elneny and Welbeck were all pretty good. Or certainly better than Palace.

But they are just not motivated as a unit. And this comes back to the coaching and the Management. He doesn’t inspire them and they don’t take any inspiration from him.

And it’s been that way for six years and counting and it was the same with different players.


6 years? I think it should be 12 years

Oliver W

Do you think you could add a section where we can rate the fans. I thought we were very quiet today, the only time we were heard (on the telly) was when we scored, when Adebayour turned up, and when they scored when we started to whine and moan.

Leicester are winning the league because they are playing with 12 men… (in my opinion)

Not disagreeing that we played badly. COYG

King Tah

Criticism of our fan base is one of the many excuses we are trying to come up with. I heard high bury wasn’t the loudest as well but we still won trophies. Let’s face it, this team is shit so were the previous and only one man is responsible for that. He needs to leave.

Coquelin's third leg

Overall Team Ratings:
Effort: 0/10
Passion: 0/10
Application: 0/10
Creativity: 2/10 (Beautiful assist for the goal, quick free kick was devilish)
Tactical awareness: 1/10 (See quick free kick)

How surprised I was by the final score: 0/10


You can buy all the Messis, Aubamayangs, Ageuros, Neymars and Ozils in the world and still we wouldn’t win a bloody league. The team we have is good. Very good. Better than Leicester, better than Spurs. I don’t think spending all the money in the world will fix it because I feel like the same mistakes will keep happening. We need a bigger change.


Totally agree. The players are largely “top qualidee”. The issue is more systemic.


This is exactly it. The perfect comment! Tactics are non existant and have been as long as I remember. Our squad should have swept this year but a lack of CLEAR guidance is what undoes us. I can only blame the coach


Couldn’t agree more.
There is something inherently wrong with the team/club.
Playing for Arsenal must be fantastic. Great money, great stadium, great location. But there is not enough pressure on them. Coming 4th and a big win here and there keeps us ticking along, seemingly in the mix. It’s a fallacy.
We have a very talented squad, but they are not fulfilling their potential. It’s so frustrating, depressing and it’s really not unfair to question the manager.
I hope we can hang onto 4th now.

Hones B

YES! I agree with this. We have great quality players, but they have noone to play for. We need a Klopp type manager. He will turn Walcott into a world beater. (some delusional people think he’s there now) But he’s got a great chance at arsenal if we have a man manager

peace out

Dapper dan's feelin sad

Well that was new, I really felt we had the game under complete control. That 81min equaliser caught me completely by surprise. I’m glad we put Theo on at least, he really deserves more minutes on the pitch.

Oh by the way, I was being sarcastic..

Lord Bendtner

Can’t believe I found an IPL cricket game more fascinating than an Arsenal game today

Mick Malthouse

The team have learnt to accept mediocrity. I don’t believe they care that much. So sad. I love Arsenal but I don’t like this team.


I was feeling absolutely disenchanted as an arsenal supporter and this performance has done nothing to change it. There was no desire or decisiveness to our play. The players were going about it very casually as if they didn’t care anymore. As a result palace, a side which has won just one game in the league in 2016, went on to score. Tbh I was expecting this to happen looking at the way we were playing. As I’m typing this I feel that this is the story of our season. The only difference between us and the Leicester team that… Read more »


Sorry for the double comment.


Arseblog- 10/10 for even finding the energy to put this together. Not much joy as far as the team goes, but hey, there’s always the arsecast tomorrow 🙂

Glory hunter

See you guys in August, for me seasons over!!!

Kimmo R

The whole team Has to be changed or the manager. The lattea may be impossible I suppose? I am tired to support this incompetent Arsenal.


Welcott at 140000 a week, while Nymar is at 77000 a week..
I hate to say it, but our English contingent of Theo, Chamberlain, Gibbs have let us massively this season.

Wizard of OZ(il)

Make that 10 years of paying the guys salary… 10 years of regular paychecks, and for what? Too expensive for regular 4th place if you ask me.


What’s the point of publishing the passing stats for Elneny?

Flamini has done 96% passing completion rate several times too.

Did Elneny really provide us with that much balance?

I’m not saying he was bad but his impact has been hyped.

Since partnering with Coquelin the much vaunted partnership has returned 2 wins, a loss and a draw.

They have leaked four goals in 3 games.

That’s Ramini stuff…or actually worse per minutes played.

And Ramini did it without some key players in the team.

Reality check.


The only possible positive from this match is that it may have been Theo’s last ever match for us…please let it be so.

Kimmo R

Such a wealthy club under achieving year after year. I am ashamed. I have supported Arsenal sinne the days of Charlie George. I have never been gutted like these days. If you can not change the whole squad, change the gaffer.

I pity the fool

I’m getting tired of this 4th place talk. It’s boring.

1. We shouldn’t be happy with 4th. It’s ridiculous that a club with our squad is not challenging the likes of Leicester and the scum.
2. There is nothing wrong with change it is time to shake things up.
3. There is no desire or commitment to grab a game by the scruff of the neck and hurt teams. We have lost our swagger.
4. Arsenal

Deep sigh. Let’s hope we can at least get that this year!

Mesut eyes

We changed stadium
The board changed
Players have changed
Assistant manager changed
Fitness coach changed
Academy coaches changed

Only Wenger/4th place remains


Impressive. This is like a Haiku. Deep meaningful and FFS true


If Liverpool win the spursday cup does that mean 4th doesn’t get a CL spot?




Theo off form (which is more often than not) must be ranked amongst the worst players to play under Wenger. I am astounded to think of the amount of money he is paid with such a pitiful contribution.


7 million pounds a year is what Arsenal pay Theo Walcott to attempt to play football .

That’s disgraceful


Same old, same old. Anyone know if the Sevilla manager would be available? Seems to know how to win things..


Chances missed. Lucky, late goal conceded. Story of the season. Hard to escape the sense that several (though not all) of our players have begun to give up. It’s going to be very interesting to see what moves are made over the summer.


Sell theo and make a massive play for Reus. I know it’s not even over yet this season but I’m already looking forward to euros and transfer window….just like a fifa game. How pathetic. So angered today it actually ruined my weekend. And I’ve got tickets for Norwich game….can’t wait..


I can’t believe that I’m actually hoping we don’t make Champions League. I want the board to feel the pain of making less profit from tv deals, lack of ticket and shirt sales, and having to buy a plethora of new players and sell ours at a huge loss.

Buttitta James

Would have given Walcott a zero, but the least possible was half a star

There should be a rating for the manager too, no plan B or C and a piss poor plan A. Has anyone considered having Wenger tested for Alzheimer’s?


Oh Cech..for years saving those shots annoyingly for Chelsea yet comes to us and been beaten from distance a few times (Zarate for Hammers 1st game).

Peter B

More anti-Walcott stuff. What’s new? Disgusting. Same people that treated Eboue so poorly making him cry. Same people that booed Ramsey after his comeback from a leg break. We didn’t lose this match because of Theo. Stop making him the scapegoat. He’s a model professional. Do you see him in bars and drinking beer and smoking? He works hard, gets dropped from the team, but doesn’t complain. He actually added much-needed pace to our play. We played poorly most of the match, but he improved us greatly when he came on. People need to stop prejudging him and actually look… Read more »


“He improved us greatly when he came on.”

We definitely weren’t watching the same game.

Jimbo Jones

I’d assumed Peter was a Palace fan when I read that quip. Walcott really did make them better.


Much needed pace?? He feckin ran into 2 players!! And trust me I’m not a typical player basher that jumps on their backs as soon as they have a bad game. I stood up for him and said he should be given a chance as a striker when many wanted him out. Now I see. He’s shocking at playing the game. Apart from him there’s many that haven’t pulled their weight…I’m lookin at Oxlade, Giroud, Ramsey. I’m not gonna start the manager debate…again…because I can’t be arsed, just like the players. Folded like a pack of soggy cards. And yeah… Read more »


Theo wasn’t great. But that goes for most of the others today. I agree that he wasn’t the reason we drew.

We drew because of our lack of movement and lack of desire.

He did inject some pace into the game, but he did nothing with it. I don’t think he is currently in form, partly Wenger, partly his fault. But I also don’t understand why he’s currently 2013’s Ramsey. We need to blame someone I suppose?


I wouldn’t go as far as to say we improved when he came on, or that he even played well. But people having a go on him here are being beyond ridiculous in the context of the match. You’re right, he’s been absolutely scapegoated.


What happened to the team that crushed man untied 3-0 earlier this season.

No desire.


On another note: what the hell does Campbell have to do to get on the pitch?! Seems to me that today we desperately needed the kind of high-energy hustle that he provides. Instead Wenger puts on Giroud and Walcott – both woefully out of form.


Bag of shite


Cech has been decent all season but thats it im glad the media hype has finally dried up…. i normally criticise Sanchez a lot on here but in fairness atleast he did try today…. everything else is the same old, im not even mad just fed up its the same old thing nothing ever changes..


when we played Watford and Theo came on his first action was running 20 meters with the ball and then passing it straight to an opponent. And the moment he started running I knew we will loose the ball. Same today. He never was a finished article but at the moment he’s just unbelievably poor.


The one player we really miss is wilshire, he creates and goes in hard hes arsenal thro and thro exactly what we need passion


you must be kidding


Right come on lets talk transfers name a cb cm striker and winger we would all like to see come in


You were all itching for Chech to start. Didn’t want to give Ospina a chance. Now Chech is bad. Hmmmmmm fans


Its neither a gk debate both gks are good its the fact we should have been 3 or 4 up long befor that goal that dissapoints




Apologies for stating what I suppose 100 people have stated previously, but on my Samsung Galaxy 6 there are 12 ratings stars to select from. Nifty when the scale ought to be 10.


Future headline for the last week of the season:

“Arsenal lose 6 goal lead to 9-man Villa”.

Mesut eyes

My season ratings

Petr Cech – 5
Bellerine – 6
Monreal – 7
Koscieny – 6
Per- 5
Gabriel – 4
Ramsey – 5
Carzola – 6
Ozil – 7
Coquelin – 6
Sanchez – 5
Walcott – 3
Ox – 3
Geroud – 4

Jimbo Jones

cant say I agree with Cech as a 5; (seems like a over-reaction to today’s mistake) he’s been great all season, cant think of a premiership keeper who has had a better season?


Blogs, you need another column in the ratings, Heart.
The collective would get zero for this season’s performance.

Alexis' spine

12 years, different players, different managers, same manager, similar incompetence, similar results. Do the maths!
Isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Alexis' spine

12 years, different players, different teams, same manager, similar incompetence, similar results. Do the maths!
Isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?


Elneny is shorter than Özil and I’m presuming he is who you would prefer taking the corners? Also, Alexis is probably our best header of the ball and he’s shorter than everyone other than Cazorla. I get what you’re saying but I think you’re wrong “why is one of our tallest players taking corners”

Buzzy Gurkha Gunner

We need Simeone s passion flowing thru this team.They would be competing for every thing.On paper our squad looks much better than Atl Madrid .Ath Madrid showed Barca how to play football.A better manager please.


At least Giroud and Walcott will be gone next season.


No one will buy them

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