Arsenal 4-0 Watford – player ratings


Arsenal came back from the Interlull the same way they went into it, following up the 2-0 win over Everton with a 4-0 tonking of Watford.

Goals from Alexis, Iwobi, Bellerin and Walcott sealed the deal, and here’s how the players rated.

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We should rate the manager. You should figure out a criteria.


El-Coq axis kept us dominating and pressing hard, Superb!


Have you guys noticed how solid we look when Ramsey is not around? The guy interrupts the natural flow of the team and has no tactical discipline. Same thing happened last season. Every time he is out it’s like a blessing in disguise. He justified his bad performances on the right complaining he was played out of position and since Santi’s injury he really has been atrocious. IMO we should cash on him while we can. Elneny is providing with everything Ramsey doesn’t. Tackles, positional awareness, team play and accurate FORWARD passing!


Thing is he gets too much over the top abuse people seem too willing to over look any criticism of him. You’re spot on with everything you say. He’s an attacking player, Leicester are showing us you can win the league with two responsible, sitting midfielders. We don’t need Ramsay or his goals if we aren’t getting caught over committing and conceding from counters all the time.


Hope the boss keep the Coqeneny axis even if Ramsey and/or Cazorla will come back to the team…

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

That’s more like it?


Iwobi’s a breath of fresh air, love seeing young players coming through the academy


I’m gonna call my new dog Hector as well.

Don Cazorleone

I’m gonna change my dog’s name to Hector


Are you allowed to do that?


Only if the dog approves.


Where was this peformance when it mattered? we always peform when the pressure is off not good enough anymore…


It’s been a long time since one of our academy players came out to save us. Well done Iwobi, well done.


How excited are we allowed to get about Iwobi? Looks a player, doesn’t he?


Alexis and Alex. What a combination they are turning out to be !


Iwobi has injected, some much needed African mojo, back into this team.


Posting to confirm I have already got a 6 month old pup named after hector ๐Ÿ™‚


A Spanish Cockney-Spaniel init


You mean a Cocker-Spanish?

Gudang Pelor

I bet it’s a greyhound.


A Spanish Cocker-Spaniel init


He’s a black Labrador, great speed and awareness. He does eat his own poop though which I’m not certain the real Hector does.

Third Plebeian

When you’re up by three and the game’s pretty much over? That’s when Theo really comes alive!

Crash Fistfight

You say that, but at least he was in the position to score the goal – it was a very good run. Whilst he was running to the near post, Giroud was running into a position where he was never likely to score from.

Big Ollie needs a goal – soon. We need more goals from more angles. Hopefully Iwobi can continue from where he’s started in his first two league games, and Alexis can start banging them in.


Any reason why Monreal is up top next to Welbeck or is that my browser screwing up?


He’s really going for the whole “left wing back” thing..


Good game today. Elneny was solid in the middle, felt like he was always on the ball. I look forward to seeing him play with more confidence when he’s fully settled, it felt like he could have driven forward a touch more in the middle of the park. Great game from our attackers. A lot of people were clambering for more goals but i thought it was more important to get a solid dominant win than constantly push for more and get caught on the break. Gotta say though, i don’t really understand Walcott getting on before Campbell though. JC’s… Read more ยป


Worth pointing out that Campbell’s awesome assist was the result of an awesome ball from Ozil.


I think the new midfield duo should be “El Coq” and not Coqeneny, but hey!


The success recorded thus far by the Elneny/Coquelin partnership strengthens my belief that Ramsey/Coquelin was a mistake and the cause of our poor performances while it lasted


In all fairness, I think Coquelin was never the problem as he is easily one of the best DMs in the premier league. Ramsey is a conundrum for Arsenal as he wants to start and play centrally and is talented and does have goals in him. But on this team, Ramsey is not going to start ahead of Ozil unless we play inferior opposition and his natural tendencies and strengths are unfortunately ill-suited to play in tandem with a DM against good teams, as his poor positioning creates too much undefended space in the middle of the park. To me,… Read more ยป

Fosk Goooc

To me this is wrong. I do not particularly disagree with you about our Coq. But when Ramsey stepped into the breach in Central Midfield when our Coq and Cazorla were injured we actually won most of the games regardless of the opposition. We only lost 2 when he was alongside Flamini: Southampton and when we had 10-men against Chelsea, so I do not think you can realistically try blaming Ramsey for not showing against the big teams. We played most of the big teams and at least held our own. I will grant you that the Ramsey-Coquelin midfield partnership… Read more ยป


As a fellow Arsenal supporter, I watch all their games as well. So I am not sure what your point is regarding what you see on the pitch as opposed to what I see on it, other than perhaps we disagree on how we interpret the game(s). Clearly Ramsey is a good player and in fact, that is why I described him as talented and having goals in him. He is also, as I suspect you are intimating in your comment, somewhat of a lightning rod for criticism. But Ramsey himself has been very vocal about starting and playing in… Read more ยป

Fosk Goooc

Fair enough. I think it comes down to what you say about Ramsey being used as a lightning rod. You are very right about this. Your post seemed to be joining in on this. Your reply makes clear you were not. I still do not get why there is so much criticism of Ramsey. Much of it totally gratuitous, but I now appreciate from what you say in your reply that yours was not intended to be, and was seeking a more balanced appraisal. To me it has made little to no difference results-wise – with the exception of the… Read more ยป


Ramsey should play where Ozil plays. And in a team that has got Ozil and Ramsey, you start Ozil. Always.


I don’t agree with your Messianic praise for Ramsey. He’s reckless on the ball, has very poor tactical discipline and most of his passes are backward passes. He completely destroys the flow of the team and leaves us constantly exposed. Do you think it’s coincidence that we look more solid every time he’s out? I mean, let’s be honest here, Ramsey was only outstanding on his breakout season a couple of years ago. Before and after that campaign he has only done more damage than good. We should sell him ASAP and cash in. Do you really think he can… Read more ยป


D*mn it blog, the last post before the match, you said that you feel something will be happen to Alexis, and yes he got 1 goal, and 1 assist, so, now what do you feel about Arsenal chance to win the league this season ?


Where are the Walcott boo boys gone?

Another fantastic performance from our talisman. A fantastic run and perfect finish. Hasn’t started for a while, doesn’t complain, comes on and does his job like a true arsenal legend. A model professional.

A well deserved standing ovation when he came on. It seems all the anti Walcott fans are just keyboard warriors.

Shame on wenger for dropping him. Stay classy Walcott, dont let the losers get to you. The ovation you got today shows that we love you and your contribution to the team.


0/10 for Anthony Taylor for missing two obvious penalties or more likely just deciding not to give them because he felt bad for Watford.


You obviously weren’t at the game. When Iwobi went off he got a proper ovation. As Walcott came on there was some polite clapping but an audible murmur around the ground. I said to my mate at the time, I’ve never seen Theo get a reaction like this. This was in stark comparison to Joel coming on five minutes later, who was greeted far more warmly.


Bullshit. Walcott did nothing but that run. Arsenal Legend? Do you think that his inconsistency deserves the wages he earns? Have you forgot that little stunt he pulled on us when Van Persie was sold? LEGENDS DO NOT DO THAT KIND OF SHIT.

Gary Baldy

Indeed, I thought there was talk of creating a special font for just such a need ?

As for Anthony Taylor, despite the penalty claims, I thought we actually got a lot more of the small niggly decisions ( shirt pulling, sly trips and such ) that normally we haven’t had from refs this season, I thought overall he wasn’t that bad.

But, then again, we won rather handsomely.


Sorry. The boo-boys are the ones who down-thumbed you out of existence.


Great performance, and the type we’d see more regularly if the manager was replaced.


In logic, we would say that the premise does not justify the conclusion. And I say that as a WOB.


me just in love with that Nacho-called man


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The Coq’n’Neny show

Iwobi’s first touch, incisive passing and Hleb socks are becoming a joy to watch. After Ozil and Sanchez he is the next guy you want on the ball…Already..


please please please Alexis keep to your fine self…


I thought Joel’s assist was really special, turning his man inside out before laying it on a plate for Theo. Deserves more the 6.5 based on that cameo.


Ain’t that the truth.


Typical Arsenal. Win games that mean nothing. Were where you when we they wrecked our fa cup hopes.


Where were you
when everything was falling apart…

Timothy Lumsden

Nice goal from theo.


Theo scoring a goal is no problem, that’s what he is paid for and the only contribution he makes to the team. Arsenal needs more that. Fantastic game. PS spuds just dropped two points.

Cape Town Gooner

We play better without Ramsey. I’m actually really happy when he is not playing. I hope Theo can gain some confidence back from that goal and show some eagerness. Good game overall.


Arsenal play MUCH better without Ramsey playing in the middle. People get emotional about Rambo and defend him, but all they need to do is look at the stats … With Ramsey in the middle and Without Ramsey in the middle. In a team with Ozil and Alexis ahead of the midfield base, there is simply NO room for Ramsey.

Walcott has run his course, imho. Not enough return for the salary, too much hype. Sell …

Timothy Lumsden

Welbeck is looking proper match fit now. After some terrible injury problems at the club. It’s great to see a player so positive. Just wish jack could have made such a return.


The pairings of Elneny and Coquelin , Gabriel Koscielny are finally coming together. The later pair took a while to find each other because both are more mobile players where playing with Per is a tad more easy to adjust to as the BFG bc of his pace tends to act as stopper allowing the quicker men to sweep up. As such positionally, it was easier to sync up. Elneny as mentioned is not a DM (not now) but his work rate and engine is fantastic for the link role. In this game, his passing was good. If there’s one… Read more ยป


In my own opinion, I think these guys did pretty well in the match. It is unfortunate that Ospina will return to the bench when Peter Cechs in. Gabriel is still fidgets and it calls for concern as to whether Per will mert Kos. Hector rang the BELL well today like wise Monreal. Coqneny partnership gave room for Ozil and iwobi to roam beautifully while the energies of Sanchez and Welbeck were very instrumental. My concern is that why do we have to wait till the chances are blown before we start performing? Good team, bad planning, no trophy, so… Read more ยป


Let’s take it one game at a time and see where it takes us!


That and Spuds losing enough games to at least slip behind us. A draw with Liverpool yesterday was good to see. I was hoping Liverpool would win but the draw was better than a Spud win. Fucking good game actually. Both sides fought like tigers from start to finish and Klopp going spare by the side line.

Dan D

I really like Elneny, going to be a top player for us and Coq was excellent again yesterday too. Welbeck up top gives us more speed and diversity and Iwobi is really showing the likes of Ox the way to go. Whole team were good and there was one piece of skill from Bellerin in the first half as he turned out of trouble with 2 Watford players all over him that was very Rocky-esqe, very fitting for the occasion. My only regret is where was this performance in the cup and v Swansea at home, Man Ure away? In… Read more ยป

Gary Baldy

That would be a great nickname ‘ The Chisellers ‘ , if we didn’t already have the best nickname already !

Having said that, ‘ COYC ‘ looks a little odd and sounds even odderer (sic) !

Gary Baldy

We could also use this track to come out onto the pitch with this tune called ‘ The Chiselers ‘ by The Fall.

. . . except Mark E Smith is a Man City fan. Okay, I know, it’s a bad idea based on a tenuous fantasy to start with.
Still, you can’t beat a bit of Fall on a lazy Sunday afternoon . . .

Aboriginal Arsenal

I love Arsene Wenger.


10/10 Aaron Ramsey, for being injured, so that the team could finally play some nice football.

Fabregas bald head

Walcott: Scored a goal….
hahahah….blogs is really tired of the enigmatic dude….


Coquelin MOTM