Sunday, August 7, 2022

Arsenal heading down under for two Sydney fixtures

It’s been confirmed that Arsenal will be playing two games in Australia next summer.

In what is some serious forward planning, the Gunners will play A-League side Sydney FC July 13th 2017 at ANZ Stadium, and then a game against Western Sydney two days later.

Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis, said, “Our pre-season matches enable the squad to complete final preparations ahead of a new campaign, and Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers will provide a strong test for the team.

“The trip also gives our travelling squad a wonderful opportunity to see our loyal supporters in a country so passionate about football.

β€œIt’s set to be a truly special trip and everyone at Arsenal football club is already looking forward to it.”

Events around the games have already been planned with the players likely to take part in a Knifey-Spoony tournament, before visiting a local chazzwazzer sanctuary.

It had been suggested that a stopover in Rand McNally was an option, but that will have to wait for another time.

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I wonder how many DOLLARYDOOS each ticket will be πŸ˜€

Le Jim


Just a pity it's over a year away haha

Ponsonby gooner

Straying down under to play the strayans


Mr. Blogs,
I’ve asked the question a few times on Twitter but are you and James going to make the trip down under?


Buying lottery tickets to bring you down here with the team in style, blogs. You’d love it here and I reckon the country’d love you too.


They don’t call you ‘arseblogger’ there…
you are known as ‘gagglywazza’
and ‘james’ is known as ‘martin’


Always look forward to a Simpsons reference!

I hope someday you’ll find a way to weave this one in….




Tough crowd when a mans happiness at a chance to see his team in thebflesh for the first time gets a thumbs down.

Dial square

I wonder who our manager will be???

Arsene's zip

Can we not just have one post without the comments descending in to this nonsense?

I’m really, really bored of it.


To be fair, the vast majority of fans are more interested in the manager situation than whether we will be playing a couple of pre season friendlies in Australia in 2017.

Le Jim

To be fair, the article has nothing to do with the topic, so there’s no legitimate reason to bring it up, regardless of potential interest levels.


Gonna cost me some serious dollarydoos to make it up north on the back of a pack of kangaroos through the chazawazas


But instead I’ve already spoken it over with the wife and we’re going to take the kids up to Sydney and make a great holiday out of it. Might be the only chance I get to see the boys play. Hopefully we can convince blogs to come too. COYG


Could not be more excited! Both games are an option!


Ivan makes me sick.


I for one welcome our British overlords

Steve Bould watches you sleep

That’s a bloody outrage it is! I’m going to take it all the way to the prime minister…. ANDY!

David C

All these wonderful Auzzie jokes and not one mention of Crocodile Dundee! Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves πŸ™‚

AFC, go make some nice preseason money and make sure no one gets injured or attacked by a kangaroo with boxing gloves on.

Oi! Oi! Oi!

Dan Hunter

I see you’ve played knifey spooney before!

Mark J

great, thats exactly what our squad needs – two 24 hour flights in pre-season and two days off after each to recover.

stupid idea, driven purely by money – it will be another slow start in 2017 then yet again.


Hey, pobody’s nerfect


I’ve been supporting from far away since I was a kid. I will be so sad if I miss out . πŸ™


Hope to see us cut through them like a knife before Flamini comes out of retirement to spoon Ozil in the centre circle. Flamini the big spoon of course

Aubrey Graham

Do these matches abroad really do much for us I’d imagine we would get more exposure by winning the league. And what could help us win the league is a strong solid pre season somewhere local like germany would set us up better than a 24 hour flight against 2 cap teams


Sydney FC was very competitive against Spurs and Chelsea. last year.
Us aussies love to beat the poms any chance we get, even if its a team with few english players in it.

At a pub near you

10/10 will house and beer you if you come down. We have stopped giving foreigners the boot as of last year

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