Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Report: Arsenal 1-1 Crystal Palace (inc goals and lowlights)

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Elneny, Ozil, Alexis, Iwobi, Welbeck

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Chambers, Ramsey, Campbell, Walcott, Giroud

Arsenal let more points drop as late Yannick Bolasie goal earned Crystal Palace a 1-1 draw at the Emirates this afternoon. Arsene Wenger made one change to the team that drew 3-3 with West Ham, with Petr Cech returning in place of David Ospina.

The Gunners had the first pop at goal in the 5th minute with a Mohamed Elneny effort that was blocked at the edge of the box, and a beautiful Mesut Ozil pass almost created a chance for Danny Welbeck but the striker couldn’t get the ball under control on the turn.

There was plenty of possession for the home side but not much in the way of incision. A Palace corner led to a Scott Dann header which drifted wide, and not much else happened. Then the referee fell over and I was all ‘hahaha’ because it’s funny when people fall over.

Bolassie had a shot which was easily saved by Cech, Laurent Koscielny headed an Ozil corner wide, and Alexis saw a 25 yard free kick deflect not too far wide. The Chilean then combined well with Ozil, but the German international’s shot was saved at close range by the Palace keeper.

It was dull stuff but in first half stoppage time the Gunners went ahead.  We won it back at the edge of their box, Welbeck chipped a lovely pass over the top, Alexis bravely ran on to head over the onrushing keeper. 1-0.

A nice time to score as the half-time whistle went 60 seconds later. Alan Pardew made a change at the break bringing on Sako for Jedinak, but the game continued in much the same vein with lots of Arsenal possession.

Coquelin created a good chance for Iwobi which the youngster headed wide, before Ozil curled a free kick just wide of the post. Just after the hour mark former Arsenal player and still massive prick Emmanuel Adebayor was introduced for Connor Wickham, adding a little bit of booing and spice to proceedings.

Welbeck was denied by a point blank save after a scramble in the Palace area, Alexis headed wide and then again after a quick Ozil free kick. Scott Dann went in the book for a hack at Welbeck just before Arsene Wenger made his first subs, bringing on Olivier Giroud and Aaron Ramsey for Welbeck and Iwobi.

Cech had to tip a header over the bar from a corner, and some more nothing happened in much the same way that nothing happened for most of the game before that.

I thought about a book I once read.

Then in typical Arsenal fashion, we let Palace score with just 9 minutes of normal time remaining. Bolasie cut inside Coquelin, shaped to shoot, then cracked in a shot at the near post which Cech really should have done better with. 1-1.

Theo Walcott was sent on for Elneny as Arsenal sought a winner, his first contribution was to get the ball with all the time in the world then run into a couple of opponents, fall over and lose it. Koscielny headed an Ozil free kick on target but it was easy for the keeper, and the centre-half almost gifted Palace a winner with some shocking defending only for Gabriel to mop up.

The players, who hadn’t really given a shit throughout, couldn’t muster up anything to get the win and the game ended with a chorus of boos emanating from the stands.

More points dropped, more dreadful football.

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Ernesto Valverde

title winners the said


No quality in the market he said


Sitting comfortably in 4th position, as usual. It has been happening over and over again for over a decade. Clearly wenger does not have a solution, and surely he will never have it….

Too Drunk To Be Offside



It is a satire…


After this I don’t see us sitting comfortably anywhere. I see us crashing out of the usual 4th to another team with more confidence and hunger than us. I’m not usually the one for defeatism but this is shit. Our team has been so feeble in the last leg of this season it’s fucking shameful!


By a team with more hunger and confidence surely you don’t mean Manchester United do you?

They’re even more shit than we are!

Actually letting City ahead of us is part of Wenger’s plan to avoid that weird scenario of getting bounced from the CL if Liverpool win Europa and City win the CL but finish outside of the top 4.

Securing the Wenger Cup has never been more complicated.

Let me know what happens, I’m done until August.


Not even. We are going to be scrapping for 4th as usual. It’s maddening.


Painful to watch. Painful to endure. Team has lost the drive. Manager has lost the bottle. Can’t keep a clean sheet and can’t score enough goals.


Literally what has happened to our football club? we can’t even beat Palace at home now? This is so painful to watch. Our greatest ever manager and his entire legacy has been reduced to this, and there is no way out, too many corporate vampires control our club now, and its not about the results on the pitch its all about the money rolling into the bank.

I wish we never left Highbury. I hate the Emirates, I hate the fact its even called the Emirates. We stopped being a decent football club the moment we left that place.


When did I write this? Can’t remember, but these are my lines!


this team has great character and works really hard, they deserve success. one old man past his best said


Doesn’t matter whether he is old. Fergie was old and still getting success. But Wenger is most definitely past his best. He’s now a liability


At 35 minutes in we had 80%+ possession yet no goals, no clear chances created, no shots on target and their keeper hadn’t even touched the ball. I think that just epitomises the second half of our season – loads of faffing around but no actual substance.

Eddie McGoldrick

This. So much this.


Agreed. I’d take boring football by Simeone and victory over boring football by Wenger and dropped points.

nothing new

Simeone’s football is not boring. Its edge of the seat stuff, defend like a wall and counter at pace. Vicente Calderon is definitely not sleeping, unlike the 55000 slumber party today. Its much better than this pile of shit ofcourse.


I know, but it was just to respond to the Arsenal fans who think Simeone wouldn’t fit our style because he plays “boring” football. Right now we are one of the most boring top teams in Europe. Although if Simeone did come (highly unlikely), we’d have to give him some funds to buy the defenders he need.

Scott P

That’s the thing, isn’t it? You can maybe accept conceding goals when you are tearing teams apart at the other end and raining in goals. But we’re not – we’ve been stripped of identity, stripped of the electricity in our play, the players don’t particularly look like they care. That’s the thing that hurts me the most – that this current shit now feels like it represents Arsenal. When we do this, it is not a fluke, it is Arsenal being Arsenal. It should be the other way around! Play *exciting* football and some weaknesses can be forgiven, but we… Read more »

nothing new

I’m afraid we would make Iwobi boring instead of him electrifying us. I love our midfield 5 right now in that their individual ability is beyond question, but the tactics is just sooooooo drab.

David C

sometimes I just want us to whip a quick ball up to Welbeck or Sanchez like Leicester and others do. We just walk the ball up so slow that we allow all the defenders back. I’m not saying go all Big Sam, but a little variety would at least give us something different to watch.

If Man City win the CL, 4th place might not even be enough…


Shit! Good point mate…bet Wagner hasn’t even thought of it he’s just sittin there with ze finger up ze arse


*Wenger. And half the squad probably haven’t thought that man city winning CL is possible…


How? The three most likely 4th place scenarios for Arsenal Scenario 1 1st = Leicester, 2nd= Spurs, 3rd = City, 4th= Arsenal Man City don’t win UCL Arsenal = play-off spot Scenario 2 1st = Leicester, 2nd= Spurs, 3rd = City, 4th= Arsenal Man City win UCL Arsenal = play-off spot Scenario 3 1st = Leicester, 2nd= Spurs, 3rd = City, 4th= Arsenal Liverpool win Europa Arsenal = play-off spot, Liverpool = straight to Group stage We are 95% safe if we get 4th place… Unless *Unlikely 4th place scenario* NB: requires Man City to collapse, and Man Utd to… Read more »

Tony Hall

you are assuming we even manage fourth


Could be argued it epitomises the second half of Wenger’s reign.


Last 4 minutes extra time.

Girouds' Hair Wax

Forget second half of the season. That epitomizes Arsenal for the past 8 seasons.


No one will take any reaponsibility. We have one player who looks to run at an opponent the others look for a pass to get rid of the ball. We have no leaders. No real winners. They expect the next player to get the ball to make aomething happen. And theyre probably coached this by Wenger who just tells them to trust their technique and talent. Incidentally how many times can you remember an Arsenal player roughing up and opponent or getting in their face or trying to intimidate them. We just roll over for anyone. They just have to… Read more »


To put it in one word, our attack has become sterile this season. Possession without penetration, passes without end product. Not to mention conceding a goal with the first few shots on target at the other end. This unfortunately has been the theme of this season. Forget about the title now, we can only hope our team does well enough to cling on to our annual 4th place. I am already looking forward to next season. The only regret looking back would be not losing the title to Leicester, but actually missing out on celebrating our customary St. Totteringham’s day… Read more »


This season?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Cech Kos Bellerin Coq Elneny Ozil Cazorla Sanchez Iwobi. Sell everyone else. Coq and Elneny are decent backups, but need better midfielders. Don’t care if better new signings slow their development. Better slow development for Coq, than slow development for Arsenal. Enough of this development bullsh^t … buy new players and there are plenty of them around. Its not a case of looking for a needle in a haystack more like looking for a needle in a stack of needles, and you can still not find players. How moronic is that? If your scouts find u players sack the lot… Read more »


Sell Monreal too???


I hear you but I would actually keep Giroud. Not as automatic starter but I like his fight. I think he cares about Arsenal. Welbz is also worth persisting with. Our system just doesnt often play to his strengths. Its the Walcotts I am sick of the sight of.


Thank the Lord you aren’t the manager!
Let’s sell everyone???

Bob's Mexican Cousin

If you were Ozil would you sign a new deal? Green for Yes, Red for No


It’s not just Ozil. I’m not sure why anyone would sign for Arsenal over the other good teams.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Other good teams? You mean good teams methinks


Bob, I think “good” IS a fair description of Arsenal, unfortunately…


How ironic that the above post will be hidden!


It’s not all about Ozil mate! We have some wonderful footballers like Sanchez, Cech, Boss and excellent young players like Bellarin, Iwobi. We are certainly not an one man army!

We are a good team playing very avg / bellow avg football!

Our mentality is very fragile. Who ever is responsible for it within our setup has to find something else to do. Both in the Westham and defending a lead to whistle (half / full time), is something was clear as day that we can’t. In such situations, it looks inevitable that we are going to conceded.


The current Arsenal doesn’t suit Özil because he has all the qualities in the world as a CAM but he lacks one: scoring. He can’t score goals so we need to complement him with a top striker. That makes him part of the problem but clearly it isn’t his fault it’s Wenger’s. If Wenger doesn’t want to buy a clinical striker, why did he buy Özil? Why do we play Giroud in front of Özil? Why didn’t he buy a CAM like De Bruyne who can score goals if goals are what we need and our striker is a pivot,… Read more »


Although his primary role or style of play is not that of a goal scorer I wouldn’t say he can’t score. He’s proven that he can on several occasions.


The mentality of this team is quite amazing. When you look at how Atletico made Barca fear them and then you look at Arsenal, scared of Crystal Palace. We don’t deserve the league, and stop talking about mathematical chance.

Also, why is The ball always out of control of Theo? It always looks like it’s behind him and he’s trying really hard to control it, but failing.


Because he’s not good at playing football.


Cos he’s not actually very good


At this stage putting him on is nothing more than a charity case. Let him enjoy his last few games in English football before we ship him off to China in the summer.


I think Theo isn’t good enough for Arsenal but having a pop at him over this one is harsh imo.


Why not? He looked like a deer in headlights when he came on (not for the first time this season). He’s one of the highest paid players at the club! He’s got pace and has seemed to have forgotten how to use it. Don’t get me wrong he’s not the reason we lost today, but these points about him still stand.


Making Pardew happy makes me physically sick.

Losing points to another team in shit form. Horrible. We need to get third. A qualifier fucks us so much especially after a major tournament in the summer, at this rate we may not even get fourth…


Yep, a thoroughly nasty piece of work, is Pardew. I was hoping they’d go down and Rafa stay up, but we’ve buggered that for everyone, especially ourselves. No longer a case of needing the teams ahead of us to slip up; it’s United and West Ham we’ll be nervously watching. Except . . . I dunno . . . is there anyone who’ll really miss the CL now it’s such a predictable humiliating grind through the motions while waiting to exit in our usual way? The only reasons I can see to be in it under Wenger is the money… Read more »


May I remove Cech from your list and add Coq?


In Lithuania??
Don’t rate my country’s football so high mate.
Although me and local fans would be delighted to see fellow gooners.


I was feeling absolutely disenchanted as an arsenal supporter and this performance has done nothing to change it. There was no desire or decisiveness to our play. The players were going about it very casually as if they didn’t care anymore. As a result palace, a side which has won just one game in the league in 2016, went on to score. Tbh I was expecting this to happen looking at the way we were playing. As I’m typing this I feel that this is the story of our season. The only difference between us and the Leicester team that… Read more »


This. Anger is one thing. This post sums it up for me. Disenchanted

Coquelin's third leg

Agreed. I sat watching and waiting for the equalizer. No rage when it went in, just resignation.


How long will this season go on?

I have had enough of feeling like Tottenham – we used to laugh at their ambition relative to their league position, manager, board hey even their transfers!

Someone wake me up from this nightmare!


Do you know the worst thing about the way we are 4th now? Not that we are playing shit and most of the fans knew this would happen. But even if we do finish 4th, its not impossible for Liverpool to win the Europa League and take away our champions league spot. No matter what happens this season now, i want Wenger out! I am sick of the same rubbish every year. He is to stubborn, and totally lost it, FFS even shitty spurs will finish above us, if Wenger cannot get the team to challenge for the title in… Read more »


If Liverpoo win the EL, then 5 teams from the BPL will play in the Champions League next season.


We only lose out on CL if Liverpool win the EL, City win the CL and we finish 4th.

I.e. Them 2 get CL football and the top 3 from league position get CL.

Obviously, rules don’t allow for 6 teams from the same league to be in the CL.


It wouldn’t cost us a place if Liverpool win the Europa Cup. It’s an incentive for teams to take the competition seriously. 5 teams from Spain this season. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and the winners Sevilla


They are assembles even when the pressure is off they still can’t get it done. We were duped.


Do what???


Doesnt Gabriel not know what a cynical foul is? Escorting Adebayor all the way like taking him to the prom… Top four battle again. The hell!!!!


It’s not just about taking the yellow in my opinion. It’s how we bloody press and defend. I’ve said this plenty times before, apart from Koscielny and Coquelin, our team stands off the opposition and start dancing like fairies. And that counts as “defense”. Where is the bloody pressure? Put your weight in, make them lose balance, pressure them early before they can turn you. Interestingly enough those are exactly how teams negate our pointless tippy tappy passing nowhere and eventually lose possession play. It’s bloody frustrating. We don’t attack with intent and we defend like fucking pansies. Get all… Read more »


At this rate we’ll bottle that as well!


I screamed at the tv for Gabriel to slide on that wanker. Was a perfect opportunity – stop a counter attack while also hacking him off. Could have been the best yellow card ever. But Gabriel makes so many wrong decisions.
Aggressive when he should be passive and vice versa.

Da Oli G Show

“Gabriel makes so many wrong decisions.
Aggressive when he should be passive and vice versa.”

Sums him up perfectly, IMO.

Lightening Pace

Yes, and after escorting Adebayor down the touchline, he allowed him to go inside, meanwhile Gabriel trots back into a central position where he proceeds to block Cech’s view of the shot further.
Some of the worst defending I have ever seen.


Good old 4th place trophy, something we have a lot of experience of!


I wouldn’t be too sure of that. This game was a must-win and I had it down as one of our two remaining certain three points. I don’t see us beating a resurgent City and we often get beaten Pulis away – he even beat us at home this season when we were playing better than now. Sunderland and Norwich would normally be walk-overs, but they’ve both got everything to play for, so battling relegation sides who’ll stifle us and kick us black and blue won’t make for a pleasant two hours. That leaves just Villa. Just have to hope… Read more »


Also, fun fact: we can no longer finish on more points than we did last season (75).


Standing still in this legue is moving backwards


Exactly. If we win everything from here on out which, let’s be honest, is pretty unlikely, then we’ll finish on the same number of points as last year. Add to that the fact that our major competition has also struggled this season and it’s hard to argue that we’ve made any progress this year at all.

Ya gunner ua

Fuck me


Arsenal already has

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Why did I have to watch? I was having a nice day, now I’m half asleep and just feel like kicking stuff

aussie gooner

1-0 up at home to one of the most out of form teams in the league and what do we do? play some of the most lethargic, least intense football i have ever seen arsenal play. not a wenger out person myself because i don’t know if there’s a replacement out there. but fuck me something needs to change, no heart, no desire, and no “mental strength” a lot of the blame will go towards walcott and ramsey because they’re easy targets. and rightly so, but neither were on long enough to have an effect on the game. where was… Read more »


Yes, i’s a shame! Özil is THE problem n°1 of Arsenal this season !


Blame it on Ozil, why the hell isn’t he winning the boody thing all by himself? I’m not surprised he looks pissed off, he should be after all the through balls he puts through for our “attack” to trip over. The manager misinterpreted an interview he gave and now starts slagging him off for his body language, Arsene couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag.

Tarquin Farquar

I believe he created 8 chances today.


Enough of this shit already.

Scott P

Honestly I’ve been quiet until now, but something has to change. I think the blame can be shared by many people, not just one man, but to be behind City and only 4 points ahead of Utd in this season gives me an awful feeling. Not to mention that we still have to play City. Would you bet on this team to win that match? I wouldn’t. We can talk all day about change being good or bad, but the fact is that right now we are not. good. enough. So unless the people who are here change how they… Read more »


This has been happening for over a decade, it is plain to see that wenger cannot solve it. He will never be able to solve it….


Bloody hell, that was embarrassing!


Is there no way we can make Arsene leave this summer? I can’t take another year of this shit.


If I thought next season was his last I’d find my optimism – again.

What terrifies is the three year extension, beyond next year they are going to put to him. Mark my words, this Board is clueless and the only way to avoid that horrific prospect is a full on ‘coating’ from all sides of the ground on a regular basis.

I don’t see the bovine like home fans having the gusts, frankly.


But there is no one else out there.

Who else could do a better job

Oh and be careful what you wish for


Sorry but that is utter cobblers from front to back. Firstly – be careful what you wish for must be about the most lame brained warning on the planet. But more importantly, the Club is stagnating before our eyes. That team out there today was devoid of motivation, tactics and belief. They relied utterly on Snachez and Ozil to get them by and when that couldn’t happen, they had no ability to summon anything else. No one had heard of Wenger in 1996. He’s done wonderful things for us but his time has run out. We urgently need a transfusion… Read more »


I was being sarcastic Rob67.

It’s the mood I am now in after that dross.


Point taken. And I entirely sympathise!!!


I have always liked “be careful what you wish for” I am certainly going to continue using it…

Bitter Pill

What an utterly dumb comment. Be careful what you wish for indeed. Did you know of Pochettino before he coached Southampton? Now he’s fighting for the title with the Spuds. Lots of young vibrant managers out there that can motivate this team and get the best out of the players. Wenger can’t anymore.


I’m up for it. Everybody walk out at halftime


I don’t get to the Emirates but I am certainly up for walking out of my front room at half time if you want? 🙂


The thing is though, I usually walk out of my front room at half time to go to the loo and get a beer from the fridge on the way back, so my protest may well go un noticed in my household.
I could walk back in with a beer and a banner??


That’s not the first time I’ve shouted for Gabriel to take a cynical yellow.

American Gooner

What a bunch of cunts. Soft as tissue paper both mentally and physically. Can’t wait for this season to end so we can do it all again next year with Sir Arsene Wenger!

Eddie McGoldrick

We are a fucking joke.

nothing new

Thumbs up if you knew we would concede

the farmer

Yeah the only surprise is that it wasn’t Adebayor for good measure!


Mid way thru the 2nd half, I just had a bad feeling……and we all know what happen


hah! That’s a great way to fish for thumbs.

dr Strange

I’m like the players. Can’t be bothered.


Are we jinxed or something? Week in week out I cant get my head round how we aren’t winning these games or how man utd are almost level on points with us. Yes we don’t take our chances but seriously how many worldys or season best performances have we been subjected to versus other teams. Man utd look terrrrrrrible this season but have one of the best goal differences and mid and low table teams aren’t stepping their game up against them in the way they do against us. Yes we make it easy for opponents sometimes, yes I’m slightly… Read more »


What is the point of Theo Walcott?

Cech should be able to save that shot.

And most importantly what is the point of all that possession if we do nothing with it?

I’ve rarely seen a team a team both completely dominate a game but still look absolutely toothless.

nothing new

His shiny noggin helps arsene reflect


“rarely seen a team a team both completely dominate a game but still look absolutely toothless.”?
You haven’t watched many Arsenal games in the last decade have you?


The point of Theodore Walcott is to show us how excellent Alex Iwobi is.

Bob Davis

We can’t even beat Palace. This is turning out to be a joke. Story of our season. We should have converted our chances.

Just our luck, an ex-Gooner we all hate had a big part to play in their equaliser.

Coquellen should have stopped the shot on goal. Czech should have done better.

Sp?rs goal difference is eye watering. I don’t think we can catch them now.

Man U are not far behind us now so 4th spot is by no means guaranteed.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Didn’t say it after one year or after second year or after third, but after twelve years of this utter nonsense #Wengerout!

How is this season in anyway acceptable to anyone?


We did over and over again. Its been happening for over a decade. Plain to see that wenger is unable to solve this problem. And he will never be….


lol guys we’re 4th. Like there is no game in hand we are genuinely 4th. At what point do we give up on st totteringhams day cause I cant see this team doing shit for rest of season. They’re all on holidays now. I thought we played well when there was no pressure, oh well


We will finish 4th. Spurs will win the title. Thumb down all you want but you know the possibility is real. Anyway I’m cheering for Leicester now. Anyone but Spurs please.


I actually don’t know what to say, apart from, I don’t know what to say.

Toure motors

That was the biggest pile of bollocks ever. The sight of Walcott falling over was about the only funny thing. No incision, no impetus and no ramifications for players or manager

nothing new

The monkey we should get off our back is the 4th place finish, Lets just finish 5th, maybe thats the kick up the rear we need.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Let’s not. Let’s hope that somehow we get our fucking act together in the summer and find better players and (not likely) a better manager. Let’s not hope we lose any more points just to drive a point to our cunt of an owner.

nothing new

We did buy Ozil and sanchez and Cech, Its not like that helped. My thinking is that we always finish a season the same way and thus start the next the same way and so on. Something needs to give. Maybe we can reach the semis of Europa.

My Turn

Europa isn’t that easy. Look at the quality of teams there

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, I really don’t get this argument. Sure it sounds like it makes sense, but if another manager was to step in when we have no CL football how is he going to get anyone to sign for us?

What we need is for the board to take a risk for once and make a hard decision before it reaches the point of no return. Of course, we all know they won’t do that – they’re happy to fiddle whilst Rome burns.

Crash Fistfight

Having said that, the players we have are actually quite good – it’s the manager not making the most of them that’s the problem.

I guess both could be valid arguments.


Arsenal have become a parody of themselves


Mesut Ozil 1 week ago: “I think we did fight against the smaller teams, but in the back of your mind you think, ‘Oh, this will just happen on its own because we have this quality.’ This is how we lost some stupid points that have cost us a lot this season.”


Eintein: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

nothing new

Who said we were expecting different results??? deep down everyone knew…..sigh


At 1-0, ‘Oh we’ve won the game already, we’re Arsenal’. Then we only panic when the game is ending. We are way too arrogant as it seems and in this league, I doubt there can ever be a Barcelona-like side. It’s just too physical. We need a slight change to our tactis/philosophy because it’s too risky and we won’t be winning the league with that. The only way Wenger could is if we had a perfect team. His time is up, he just doesn’t have it anymore.

arsenal fan

1-0 up at home to one of the most out of form teams in the league and what do we do? play some of the most lethargic, least intense football i have ever seen arsenal play. not a wenger out person myself because i don’t know if there’s a replacement out there. but fuck me something needs to change, no heart, no desire, and no “mental strength” a lot of the blame will go towards walcott and ramsey because they’re easy targets. and rightly so, but neither were on long enough to have an effect on the game. where was… Read more »


Those 3 subs along with the man who brought them on are who need to leave this club!

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Feo definitely
Giroud meh
Ramsey no way
Wenger definitely

I would add Ox

Get out while you can Joel!


Agree 100%


Giroud should have started

Abou Diaby Institute of Medical Science and Technology

Arsenal are still my fav club tho tbh

Jamie Vardinho

Lord have nercy thats the best username ive seen on this blog haha

A Yank

The really sad thing… Knew it was going to happen. Again. All those blown chances around the six (most of which we’re even on target).

I don’t even have faith we can hang on to 4th. Would be zero percent surprised if we miss the CL next season, which makes it hysterical that, going in to the game, some people were all like, “We still have a shot at the title.” We’ve been out of the title race for a month, regardless of what the math says.


The weakness in this team knows no end. You knew the entire time that that CP goal was coming. Two games ago, the manager and team wouldn’t shut up about winning all the remaining games… How’s that worked out? Can you think of any reasons?


no idea what to type


Wenger please retire but before you go sell Walcott!!! We are now in serious danger of ending the season outside the top four!!!!

Thierry Ennui

I think I’ve been here before. Bouf…

Canuck Gunner

Well, once more it’s the same old, same old deja vue all over again.
Maybe next season *sigh*


The bottlers at it…again. arsenal is like that one beautiful woman that keeps disappointing you, gets on your last nerve, BUT..you still love her

Snake in the grARSE

She’s a keeper whatever happens. She takes it up the arse!


just drop out of the top 4 already. who really gives a shit anymore? Certainly not the players. empty the stands and hit them where it hurts. they have plenty of resources to recover. Its grim…sometimes you have to take 2 steps back to take one forward.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Which would leave you one step back overall



La La La

Same old shit, this lot think they’re far better than they are. No one bollock anyone though, we want harmony, not passion or winners!


Hello darkness, my old friend!


Wenger has to go. Enough is enough.
Yeah we were supposed to believe there were no strikers better than giroud or walcott
Walcott is done. If he isn’t sold, then wenger is crazy.
Welbeck keeps showing us why manure sold him.
Wenger out….Wenger out!!!!


And we expect this team can win championship.. what a delusion we have been fed..wow.


Anyone who didn’t expect this is lying. And fuck you Wenger for continuing to put Walcott on.

Fosk Goooc

I am genuinely interested in why you said Walcott not Giroud; or not Walcott and Giroud.


Maybe this team should take some art lessons because all they can do is draw…. badum tss. Terrible once again. Indefensible. Fucking ridiculous


Why take off Welbz and Iwobi to bring in some useless idiots? These days I don’t know what Wenger is smoking with a lot of his decisions..


Time is up AW, please go quietly & let us bring in a proper coach. This squad isn’t all bad, just appallingly badly led.

A Gorilla

They are obsessed with these bloody one-twos with little flicks over and over until the opposition inevitably regain possession and it drives me round the fucking bend.

One more thing prof. Why make a double change at 1-0? Confusing stuff at times.


We sucked, but what a great cameo from Walcott! Great pace, movement and falling over. I am so tired of watching him be so shit.


And were was Joel Campbell again?


he tracks back and tries. thats not allowed


That of course. Sorry I forgot.

And then Elnenny off for Walcott. I mean what the fuck?


I don’t care how much it cost. WE NEED A CONSITANT GOAL SCORER!



Just angry again

American Gooner

What a useless lot. Soft as tissue paper, mentally and physically. Can’t wait for this year to end to do it all of again next year with Sir Arsene Weneger! I’d rather see Theo Walcott not even make the match day squad than step foot on another pitch for the rest of his Arsenal career


Same thing, different year. Boring boring arsenal

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