Report: Arsenal 4-0 Watford (inc goals)


Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Elneny, Ozil, Alexis, Iwobi, Welbeck

Subs: Cech, Chambers, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Giroud, Walcott, Campbell

Arsenal followed up the 2-0 win over Everton with an impressive 4-0 victory against Watford at the Emirates this afternoon. Arsene Wenger kept faith with the same side that beat Everton, although Petr Cech returned to the squad with a place on the bench.

The Gunners started brightly and only smart defending prevented Danny Welbeck with a free header, however they went ahead in the 5th minute through Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean saw a header from an Alex Iwobi cross saved by Gomes but he was quickly on hand to tuck away the rebound. 1-0.

Alexis was involved again, providing a cross for Nacho Monreal which the Spaniard headed over, before warm applause broke out in the 7th minute in memory of David Rocastle. The former Barcelona man fed Welbeck but the England man’s shot was tame with Ozil outside him. Iwobi then forced Gomes into making a fine save with a curling effort, before Welbeck saw a shot deflected just wide of the post after some excellent movement in the box.

Welbeck was then denied an obvious penalty when he was shoved over inside the box by Sebastian Prodl, referee Anthony Taylor typically gave us nothing, the baldy bollix.

Coquelin and Elneny saw shots blocked, Alexis got a 25 yard free kick on target which Gomes pushed around the post, while at the other end there was little to cause the defence or David Ospina any real worry. A Gabriel slip in the box might have proved costly if Bellerin hadn’t been there to clear, and the Brazilian had to go off for treatment when he was booted in the leg by Coquelin.

Just as the vistitors lookedas if they were going to get back into the game, Arsenal doubled the lead. The ball was worked through midfield, Alexis got free down the inside right channel, he pulled it back for Iwobi to run onto and finish low beyond the keeper. 2-0.

It was his second goal in as many games, and the 19 year is fast becoming a fixture in this Arsenal side. Watford made a sub before half-time as their manager Dr House sought to change things, but the Gunners took the two goal lead into the break.

Watford made another change at the interval, Amrabat coming on for Ighalo, but Arsenal began the second period as brightly as they did the first. In the 48th minute Hector Bellerin made it 3-0, his volleyed effort after a poor clearance deflecting off Ben Watson and beyond the reach of the keeper.

It was almost four moments later when the buzzing Iwobi crashed a shot off the underside of the crossbar with Gomes well beaten. There was real confidence to the Arsenal play, with backheels and Olés from the crowd, but there was end product too.

Alexis had a shot saved, and the Chilean set up Ozil for a flicked chance which Gomes blocked. Welbeck flicked a header straight at the keeper, and at the other end Monreal headed a Prodl header off the line when Anthony Taylor gave Watford a free kick for nothing.

There was a yellow card from Nyom who took exception to Ozil being really good at football by booting him up in the air, before Arsene Wenger made his first change, bringing on Olivier Giroud for Danny Welbeck in the 69th minute.

Ospina made a good save from Troy Deeney, the first time he’d really been tested all game, while Giroud got into the action with a header that Gomes kept out without too many problems. Theo Walcott was then given a run out coming on for Iwobi in the 74th minute, with Joel Campbell replacing Alexis a few minutes later.

The game was very flat, with little doubt about the result. Mohamed Elneny picked up an 84th minute yellow card and as the game went into the final minute, Arsenal got a fourth. Ozil set Campbell free down the left, he drove past the defender and cut the ball back for the winger who finished nicely from close range. 4-0.

It was some icing on what was already quite a tasty cake.

Now, fingers crossed those ahead of us don’t get any cake at all. Or a cake made of poo and injuries.

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Mississippi Gunner

Suck it Watford.

I personally would have put Nyom on the ground for thinking he could take out my teammate just bc he flicked a few passes. Fucker. I really, really wanted Mesut to do it again

Off-topic, I fucking hate Tottenham. I hate Liverpool too, but I’ll be rooting for Klopp this afternoon. WE GUNNIN FOR YOU KANE

bims lay

won’t be fair gunning for kane mate because…….KANE is a GOONER!….he is ONE OF US!


Stop trolling! That open mouthed cunt is not a gooner.

bims lay

well, that’s not mine, its one of the songs fans were chanting at our last meet to taunt tottenham fans and it is based on fact. Kane is a self confessed gooner as a child and i have seen some pictures of him on the internet as a child wearing arsenal jersey to celebrate st totteringham’s day, believe it or not.


Based on your comment he is either a spud or a traitor. But definitely not a Gonner mate


Spurs will win epl


April fools was yesterday


Hate for Tottenham is never out of context in my opinion, mate. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll make sure to utter a quick “Fuck Tottenham” in my graduation speech


Absolute masterclass today. Well done lads!


Wonderful game. Wenger is going to have a selection migraine when Ramsey and Carzola returns.


Ca-ZOR-la. CA-ZOR-LA. Figure it out!


I hate Nyom.

Call me grouchy but showboating within 58 minutes when Spuds and Leicester have better goal difference than us didn’t go down well with me. If we lose the title on goal difference (not likely but possible), I will well and truly say my goodbyes.


Oh and what a surprise that we’re playing well when the pressure is off.

Wengers Snot

Doesn’t everybody do that?

Arsene's handkerchief

Exactly Blogs, 4-0 just won’t suffice for some…….give me strength…..


Can’t not love a 4-nil win. But why couldn’t we do the same in the cup to this shit level lower opposition team




Because life is not a computer programme….hopefully!


Not sure why you say the pressure is off. Basically we have to finish the year without a loss to have a chance for the title, which if you are a true Gunner you have not given up on. I am not giving up, and our team is not giving up. Therefore, we should be under more pressure, because we can’t afford to lose. This weekend is important. If we can get some sort of break where Tottenham and Leicester lose any points that will allow us to creep up a little closer and be in striking position.

Crash Fistfight

Here you go: you’re grouchy.*

Thoroughly good result and performance.

*So am I – I felt the same thing. Good to get the 4th goal, though 🙂


If we lose the league by anything less than 3 points, it will be completely down to the bald-headed fucker who did his usual hatchet job on us back in September.


Ok. I’m easy. You are grouchy. I am sleepy.


Sweet sweet revenge!

bims lay

yeaaaah! sweetest revenge……i particularly like the scoreline.

who is the daddy now watford?


I know I shouldnt , but I can’t keep hoping for the improbable . IOWA to see us through the rest of the season.

Bob Davis

Well done guys a well deserved win! Sweet revenge. Great to see Sanchez, Iwobi, Bellerin and Walcott getting on the score sheet.

A fantastic through ball from Ozil to Campbell to then pass to Walcott for a neat finish.


North Bank Gooner

Do you know what, were pretty good at this football malarkey, if we want to be.

Well done lads!!!!


let’s give some credit to wenger who signed iwobi as a 9 year old. he’s been trained through the academy in ‘the arsenal way’ and given a chance by a manager with a reputation for giving young players a chance. le boss continued to show his faith in him and gave him another start, and was rewarded yet again. wenger in!

Gunner pundit

I think Iwobi is a top talent I’m not even getting a head of myself. Ozil life is made a lot easier when this young talent starts. Coquelin back to his usual self.


is bellerin the best right back in the league yet?


Yup, I can confirm that he is.


Iwobi is looking well good.

And by the way, if you want to make following the sp*rs game slightly more bearable, try this: …

Le Jim

That was some sexy, sexy football. Everyone excellent, and didn’t mind the showboating to rub it in their faces. Who do they think they are, knocking us out of our own cup? 😉

Third Plebeian

Always thought Watford’s manager looked more like Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica.


Alex iwobi is a gem!

Timothy Lumsden

Title when and truly on. What a fantastic result.

Third Plebeian

Title well and truly on?

Ummm… No. But a great result today, for sure.

Timothy Lumsden

Oh yes.

Third Plebeian

Look, it was a good performance against a frankly shit team, but we’re not ‘well and truly’ in a title race. We are mathematically in a title race that we’re highly unlikely to win, and I fully expect Spurs to win today after some dodgy refereeing and a goalkeeping masterclass by Lloris.

It’s really, really hard to get excited about Arsenal these days.

Timothy Lumsden

There not that shit. They beat Liverpool spurs and city.


to third pleb: we’re only 4 points behind them with a game in hand. care to change your outlook?

Third Plebeian

No, I don’t. Why don’t you do us a favour and add up the points we trail Leicester…with all of eight games to go.

Third Plebeian

I just don’t see the point of crowing about the title race right now. Zero.

surulere Gooner

I’d be surprised if Coquelin doesn’t make France’s Euros squad…He was amazing today
My Man of the Match

Timothy Lumsden

Was superb.


I thought so too. Coquelin was imperious today. He wasn’t a creator, but he won the ball for the creators and shut down the Watford midfield. Really put himself about all game.


Would be truly chuffed if that happens. But the French seems to have an incredible wealth of players in his position. IMHO his chances are low.


All we can do is win the rest of our games and hope; and this was a good start.

Just saw the Golden State Warriors slip up in what was looking like a cakewalk to the all-time best regular-season record in the NBA by losing to Boston, we have to believe that Leicester and Spurs can slip up too.

Third Plebeian

Missed the game. Can someone let me know how Gabriel performed? I’ve been a bit worried about him, but clearly Wenger has faith in him.

Third Plebeian

Though, from the comments, it appears he had little to do…


He was the defender turned easily (again) by Deeney when Ospina made his only memorable save of the match. But otherwise he played really well.

Third Plebeian

Thanks. Not super encouraging, I suppose.


Gabriel was good enough, I thought. He didn’t switch off, got forward on occasion, and covered his territory. He’s improving and is already a pretty solid central defender. He’s no Squillaci; he’s part of the long term picture. I’d like to see him pot a couple goals off corners, but he’ll have to work on offensive headers. Now if he can just stop slicing clearances…


Played some glorious football today, best since the 5-2 Leicester Welbeck, Iwobi and Elneny have breathed life into this side. Welbeck is no better than Walcott and Giroud infront of goal but he offers so much more in open play. Ask defenders which of the 3 they least prefer playing against. Can do pretty much everything, his finishing needs work but his mere presence allows Ozil and Sanchez more room..along with… Iwobi…Reallly impressed with this guy…Most exciting prospect since Wilshere. Has great physical attributes but has exceptional control, passing and an intelligence way beyond his years…When you watch Walcott you… Read more »

So Cal Arse Fan

I agree, we played an outstanding match. New additions…Iwobi and Elneny were wonderful again. The whole team was great on the ball. The team pressured Watford immediately (similar to Barcelona’s approach) when we lost the ball. Exciting to have such pace throughout the team and a cohesive approach to pressuring the opposition to stop or slow the attack and win the ball back. Hopefully, this side will continue to start matches and with Joel on the bench and Santi/ Jack on the way back we should have a solid lineup with an effective group of subs. My worry is 360/… Read more »


Sex. Fluid, energetic, thrusty, dominating arse sex.

Third Plebeian

Settle down, donkey, settle down.

gunnerfan ov palace

Oi oi goals galore thats the way coyg


Troy Deeney looks like the lovechild of drake and sloth from the goonies.


Which one of those two would be the Mum?


The teleporter they both walk into together which is later burned for the ungodly horror it unleashed on this earth

shwoooooz caprooooooz

great overall performance from the team.. some of the combination play between Iwobi, Özil, Alexis and Welbeck was scintillating.. I suppose Iwobi is what Ox and Walcott could have been.. He shows more intelligence on the ball, in combination play and appreciation of space, than both of them combined, though i secretly hope that Ox picks up his game.

now keeping my fingers crossed that the Spuds and the Foxes drop a few points this week.. would be the perfect week. COYG

Getso gunner

Very happy, hope we can continue to play and win our remaining games like this




I am liking Elneny a lot.


“The winger” who speed the fourth is Walcott, just to be clear.


“Scored” not “speed”. Stupid autocorrect.


Elneny is just so refreshing. He may not be as technically gifted as Santi or as explosive as Ramsey but he is so fucking consistent. Give-go, rinse and repeat, always available to receive the ball, always looking to move the ball on in the quickest and most efficient way and he did that non-stop for 90 mins and wasn’t once found wanting. I’m really loving his style of play and the influence he has on the shape of our team. Ozil and Alexis are constantly exchanging passes with him, Coquelin looks back to his best along side him and our… Read more »




Revenge is so sweet. Good for goal difference too. I think we only need Leicester to lose 2 and draw 1 if we win everything.


I don’t understand. Alexis had 180min during the break and today added 78 more and he looked really fresh and had a good game.. An assist and a goal. What else can we ask from this guy??

Clock-End Mike

It’s clear that (when he’s fit) Alexis just thrives on playing as much football as he can 🙂

He is such a likeable guy, too, I love having him at Arsenal.


It was a good match for everyone, and Iwobi particularly is showing a lot of promise.

Can’t believe people are saying that Özil deserved that foul from Nyom.


Mr.Blogs, who is this mystery winger you talk about?


A lovely win with some good football played

Hate the fact they now turn it on after they have thrown or away though

So Cal Arse Fan

New group of players turning it on. Iwobi and Elneny are outstanding new additions to the lineup.

Weren’t able to turn it on when we were playing Flamini, an out of form Ox, along with Mert (lacks pace), and Chambers (lacks pace and very green), Giroud (out of form).


Realistic chance of wining the Premier League gone? Check.
Season over with nothing to win? Check.
No real pressure to play under? Check.
But a slight danger of not finishing fourth? Check.

Time to turn it on and produce a big win.


What a senseless comment. If your aim is to provoke, then fine, you’re doing a great job of it. Yes we’re all rather disappointed about the way the season panned out so far but let’s not take away from the team or manager when they do well. And who says we’re not under pressure anymore? If anything the pressure is more now as we try to overhaul Spurs and Leicester while keeping City and Utd at bay. Don’t be negative for the sake of being negative


I’m being negative because I’m sick of being served up the same predictable, mediocre, ambitionless execrement every season.

But if you want to delight at another average season from a bunch of average players then go ahead.


Arguably, everything you’ve said is true. Am I pissed that we are more than likely in “too little too late territory?” well yeah no shit. But if you can’t enjoy THAT performance, then what exactly can you enjoy?

Clock-End Mike

FG, *if* we win the PL, what will you do? Will you promise to
• tell everyone how proud you are of Arène Wenger? or
• go away and annoy someone else next season? or
• become an Arsenal supporter?

(I’m not saying we will, but despite what you say, it is possible. In fact, my predictions for the remaining games this season do actually have us going top on goal difference on the very last day! See @_ClockEndMike for the details.)


I figured I’d give you a thumbs down too. You seem to get such joy in saying whatever you can about the Gunners that is negative just so you can get the thumbs down leadership. I figured I might as well make you happy because you don’t seem to get pleasure watching what is one of the top teams in the BPL. You should become a film critic.

Jamie Vardinho

He has a point. Brill result but where was it when it really counted?


If it culminates in us finishing above the Spuds then hell yes it does!


I bet you must hate being happy. If we’re so predictably shit then why don’t you go and support someone else?


I have watched Arsenal teams play with their blood and give 100% commitment once finishing fourth was threatened and at the same time give zero fuck with the league within touching distance. I thoroughly enjoyed the match today but this is what we should have done to that Manu team. The pressure is not on Wenger to win the league but to finish fourth at least. That’s why FG is furious. If we were as passionate about winning the title as we are about finishing at least fourth, we would have been way ahead of Leicester. Do I see Wenger… Read more »


Watching the Liverpool spuds game and I hate to say it but I like Henderson. He is a fighter.

Clock-End Mike

Hector Bellerín is the 16th Arsenal player to score this season (13th in the PL).

Last season 21 different players scored for the Arsenal, so who’s missing so far this season? Cazorla, Wilshere & Rosicky, of course; Mertesacker & Monreal both scored last season in the FA Cup; Arteta scored a pen in the ECL; others are absentees Podolski and Sanogo (ECL) and Debuchy (PL).


It’s obvious Ospina worked on his goal kick and punt technique when he was out of the squad. I swear they’re carrying another 8 yards.