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As the quiet week continues, it seems like the perfect time for this post.

As you know, the comments on these articles are open to everyone. It’s hugely important to us that we have a range of diverse opinions, and it’s great when articles, posts, and so on, spark discussion and debate.

However, it’s also worth reminding people that we do have a comment policy here which we expect people to follow. You can read that comment policy here.

These rules are not open to discussion or debate, and have been crafted with the experience of 14 years of doing this website.

When things aren’t going as well as we might like, there tends to be a lot more conversation, and that’s understandable. There’s generally a lot more to say about a game in which things went wrong than a routine 2-0 win. That’s human nature.

What I would remind people of is the fact that we’re all Arsenal fans here. Your view on playing styles, the manager, the board, Doris the Tea-lady and whatever else may differ, but at the end of the day we all want to see the club do well.

I would ask again that you respect people’s opinions, even if you disagree with them. There is no need for personal abuse of other commentators, or the people who write the articles.

It is possible to want a change of manager and to express that without resorting to some of the worst online excesses. Similarly, you can want him to stay without writing off those who want a change as cranks or lunatics.

You don’t have to be one thing or the other. And one of the worst things that has happened in recent years is the increased polarisation and division of fans who believe they have to nail their colours to a particular mast and stick to it regardless.

In the words of Chris Rock talking about politics, “No normal, decent person is one thing. I’ve got some shit I’m conservative about, I’ve got some shit I’m liberal about.

There’s room to find nuance in situations, so be open to ideas that you don’t necessarily hold yourself. You don’t have to agree but it’s a shame when people close their minds completely.

Also, if your comment is held for moderation, please give us time to release it. There are a number of reasons this may happen, and we do our best to go through them as quickly as we can.

We do appreciate everyone who visits and leaves comments … well, almost everyone … but part of making this place enjoyable for everyone comes down to you guys too.


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Doris the tea-lady is a saint! Anyone who says otherwise can go to hell.


I will find you …. and I will kill you


Doris the tea lady hasn’t been the same since we left Highbury , I blame the lack of better tea than the PG tips she has already

North Bank Gooner

That’s harsh, you need to remember the budget constraints she endured because of the move. All had become used to teas like Assam, Oolong and Broken Orange Pekoe, real world class teas. When we moved to The Grove she had to make do with Typhoo, Tetley and Twinings Everyday, and had to use her years of experience to get the best out of the bags she had.

She deserves more credit, and respect.

Jung Beans

Doris has been coasting since that one season when she had zero spills all season. But since then she’s been Spilly McSpill-face, and the board just wont see the light.

Doris Out!


Thank you for giving us this platform to give our opinions. Your constant hard work does not go unnoticed. Well up, blogs!

David C

Well said!

Remember opinions are like butt-holes; everyone’s got one and thinks everyone else’s stinks!


I think my butt-hole stinks

Nacho de Montreal is tasty
Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Like some people say: God created pundits to make astrology look accurate. All of us, post-game pundits need to remember this.



Bob Davis

We all want the same thing. Arsenal competing at the highest level.

Playing football how it should be played. Playing the fast pace one touch football we saw in the 03/04 season.

The team that got us in the Champions League final in 2006. The sad thing is we’re not that far off.

Some things are glaringly obvious, but yet risks are still taken and it all comes back and bites us on the arse come the end of the season.

Same old same old!

Clock-End Mike

Or you could say, the intriguing thing is that we’re not that far off.

I know, I’m a half-full kind of guy…

Donkey Adams

Well said blogs, but a shame that it needed saying.



sorry, couldn’t resist.

North Bank Gooner

What???? Doris is irreplaceable! She has done so much for the club! And what replacement Tea Lady would you suggest, not many of her quality out there…….



Scott P

We only sign top top top quality tea ladies


Though not the top quality we demand, but word is out that there is one looking for a job in the name of Maureen, a Chelsea reject!

Tea lady jobs are demanding, and if you can’t manage to stay afloat with oil money, I highly doubt if that Portuguese lady could do a job at the Emirates as a tea lady.

roof attack

would you rather fight a bear with a net or a shark with a knife ?

Dr. Gooner

Shark with a knife, full stop. What good is a net against a bear?


wow wow wow, does the bear have the use of the net and the shark have the knife?
If so im going shark, I have the reach on him.


Shark with a knife.
I mean, come on! Bear with a net? Leo shot that thing with a gun and nothing.


That depends. Does the shark have frickin’ laser beams?


Shark with a knife. It won’t be able to bite me with a knife in its mouth. No hands, innit!


Shark. On condition the battle is fought on land. Thank you.


“If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy” – Anakin Skywalker
We all should remember Arsenal is ideally a Jedi club, not Sith like many of our opponents on the pitch.
If you’re here and reading this, we’re on the same team as fans so let Force Awaken once again.
Bring balance to this space, and not leave us in darkness.


Only a sith deals in absolutes – Hermione Granger, Captain of the Enterprise.



The People's Front of Merson
The People's Front of Merson

Well said.
We all have our own views but at the end of the day they are centered around our support of the Arse. Many moons ago I was vocal in us not wasting millions on an AC Milan reject called Vieira coz we were rumoured to be in for Jason McAteer (ask your parents). I kinda changed my mind quite quickly. And that’s true for all of this. Time moves on and our views can be held fast or we can be swayed by what unfolds.

Wenger might go and we could do well or bomb and same if he stays – no way of telling for sure. It’s a heated debate as the topic of who steers the good ship Arsenal is obviously hugely important. Should the Doctor be given one more series or should he be killed off and regenerate into his next form? (well there was a Star Wars reference earlier so I’ve gone for Dr Who). This will rage and rage but must be kept in perspective.

Nobody should disrespect a fellow Arsenal fan just because their views differ.
Have banter yes, but cross the line into abuse – no way.

That is unless people try to deny the magic of Merse…..he was a legend and non-believers must be banished 😉


Moffat out.


I commented on a Jack Wilshere article recently and for whatever reason it wasn’t published. The comment wasn’t abusive, simply me saying that he should keep his head down and focus on getting back on the pitch instead of out on the town.

Anyway this particular article seems double standard from Arseblog who regularly calls Phil Collins a c**t amongst many others in routine abuse across several platforms.



A bit serious today, are we…..


Lots of people need to read ‘Letting Go: The Pathway to Surrender’ by David R. Hawkins. Talks a lot about opinions and pride (ego).

‘Why not just love a certain concept because of its beauty, because of its inspirational quality, or because of its serviceability? If we view our thoughts that way, we no longer need the pride of being “right”. If we hold the same view of our likes and dislikes, we are no longer prone to argumentativeness.’

‘The prideful person is constantly on the defensive because of the vulnerability of inflation and denial. Conversely, the humble person cannot be humiliated for they are immune to vulnerability, having let go of pride. In its place, they have an inner security and self-esteem. Many people try to substitute pride for genuine self-esteem; however, genuine self-esteem does not arise until pride is relinquished. That which inflates the ego does not result in inner strength.’

Remember gooners, in the future, consider ‘your’ opinion as ‘an’ opinion. One that will probably change in the future. Let go of your pride of that opinion. Pride is weakness.



I’m proud of you!

Arsene's zip

Tl;dr: don’t be a cunt


I’m curious about why some people’s comments are moderated. Mine are, despite the fact that I’ve never broken the rules, nor would ever be likely to, as must be obvious from the way that I write (like a vicar’s wife from the 1950s). I don’t do text speak, personal abuse, racism, homophobia or sexism, though, since sexist language is normal on a football site, I’m surprised it’s even included in the comment policy.

What’s the point of subjecting some people’s comments to pre-vetting? Is it a subtle form of discouragement, a mealy-mouthed way of saying ‘We can’t think of a PC reason not to print this but we really, really wish you’d piss off’? If so, why not just say so straightforwardly, saving yourselves the bother of having to read stuff you’d rather not have? It’s your site, you can ban who you like without having to justify it, though an email telling the person not to come back would, I guess, be polite. Conversely, if there are people who do break the rules repeatedly, why not just ban them for good? Pre-vetting comments you’re certain to print anyway seems like a lot of tedious unnecessary work?


Miranda it’s nothing personal I am sure.

As Bloggs knows, my posts all used to go into moderation for no reason and then they didn’t, and we have never been able to find the cause.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Some of my comments get moderated, I suspect the site has a drivelchecker.


Comment of the day Sir!


For the last decade or so, Doris has lost it. Before her tea(m)s used to be strong, now there is just too much milk. Also, she always gives us either three or four sugar sachets. I want only one! Doris out!

Fosk Goooc

Is this a good place to point out that in the 3 seasons before this we averaged just letting in exactly one goal per league game, regardless of who the goalkeeper was (Ospina, Sczez, Fabianski, Martinez – I think this period isn’t long enough to include Don Vito, but there may be others). By definition some of these almost certainly let in less than the average, some more. Don’t know who did which though.

Now guess what Cech has let in exactly on average 1 goal per league game for us. It is possible we are a worse team by 10-15 points than last season. Maybe not. I’m a big fan of Cech though, and I find watching us a lot easier with him in goal. He gives me, and I think I am safe in saying everybody else, more confidence when he plays.

To me it makes little or no difference who plays in midfield for us either, or where. Based on results anyway. I do not hide actually being a fan of Flamini (one defeat ever at the Emirates) for example. Not sure Ramsey/Le Coq works, and I suspect Arteta will only make token appearances now – for a huge ovation. They seem to have given up giving injury updates for him.

The glaring problem that leaps to the eye, and is confirmed by the above, is our strike-force. Again pretty much whoever it might be. I can’t help noticing all the other big clubs need strikers, in some cases desperately. All have failed to find any genuine top, top quality strikers. In actual fact for several years now. Most have spent a lot more money on it than us.

I write this in a sprit of conciliation. The point: the team problem is obvious: the solution less so.

Ex-Priest Tobin

On the other hand, there seems to have been no problem with a poster calling me a twat the other week for saying, quite reasonably, that Wenger should leave despite the win over Watford. Therefore, I’m assuming the prohibition on personal attacks doesn’t apply to those on yours truly. Feel free to go to town guys!


Where did they hang this poster?


Thank you blogs.

I really appreciate the forum you generously provide for us. It is pretty much the only place I bother being involved in any sort of online discussion, and this is because of you and your team’s hard work and follow through. It is impressive fortitude to do this more or less every-single-day and still have it in you to allow us, the baying mobb, to continue to put you through it.

I like adding to (subtracting from?) the conversation, and certainly have moments of hackle raising. I also recognize there are periods when that’s much more likely.

Your point about the polarization is right on. Sport, Politics, Social issues, body image, you name it; folks are locking their gazes to their little screens and launching verbal bombs as some supposed form of entertainment. To a certain extent it’s always been human nature to be self-centric, but now we’re able to sit back in a dark room and never have to look someone in the face and be congenial.

Can’t wait for Oculus Rift or whatever VR blinders float to the top to sever the last limbs of reality from us.

OK, I think I need to take the dog for a walk. Birds and squirrels and stuff. It’s nice.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Birds and squirrels aren’t nice. Birds crap on you, and the grey squirrel has hounded the red squirrel almost to extinction in Britain, the bastard. Stay indoors and be safe, but watch out for your dog. He eats meat and you’re made of meat.


Dog eats meat, but I can open doors. Dog likes open doors and a full food dish.

Dog is in full agreement with you on squirrels and birds. Especially squirrels. The fuckers chatter at her from the low branch and try to drop acorn shells on her. Even a deluded fool can see it’s time for a change of rodent.

Squirrels out.


Well now that we’ve lost the slim hope for the title last week-end, I’m sure there will be much less angry Gooners coming here to express their frustration.

Lord Bendtner

Arseblog piss off!
No waaaaaiiiittttt!!!!! I’m just kidding. Do u know how many of us thrive off of this majestic piece of masterclass Artwork that we know as Arseblog. So Mr Arseblog please keep up ur fabulous work, we may not win trophies every year, we may have not won EPL in years, and we can still recall that final agaisnt Barca as if it was yesterday, so what was I saying? Yea, if there’s one thing I’m hella sure of, it’s that we got the best football club related website/blog in the entire freakin world. And as tears of joy strike my keyboard as I type (not really, actually I’m typing on my phone) I salute you Mr Arseblog, no actually, we all salute you Sir Arseblog.

Dial square

John Terry is a cunt


It all sounds perfectly fair to me.


I have been following you blog for 36% of your 14 years and i must im thankful to read yours since i think your opinion is the most sensible i can get, given the quality of sports journalism who hate Arsenal before Hitler thank you.


cunt, dick, bastard, balls, prick, …….whateva mehn, lets roll

Finnish Hit

A late thank you for the post of the day. Polarisation is a c… (nah, I won’t)

Eddy Kelly Scores

Can Doris play as a central striker?


I was raped by Doris the tea lady.


it all went tits up when the screaming lady disappeared.

she used to keep the invincibles on their toes.


I think it’s only appropriate that all comments be in the style of Arsenal Gentleman going forward.


I assume we’re now far enough into the debate to invoke Godwin’s Law, so… SS, Gestapo, Hitler etc. Fill yer boots.

Also, people are twathammers.

Gary Baldy

I can’t believe no-one has taken the opportunity to reference the Belinda Carlilse track that echoes the theme of this particular blog/news article . . . let me redress that balance . . .

Your welcome.