Time travel: on this day


Hey, it’s a really quiet day, and after the 3-3 draw with West Ham the shutters have come down a bit. Classic Arsenal radio silence.

Still, we want to give you something to read today, so we thought we’d look back at what happened on this day in years gone by.


We beat Burnley 1-0 thanks to an Aaron Ramsey goal. The Welshman spoke about playing out on the right, saying, “I’m doing a job out there. I like to be involved in the game a lot more in the middle but I’ve had to do a job there.

“I’ve had a couple of assists and a goal in the last couple of games, so I’m having an impact out there, but I’d like to be more involved in the game!”

Also, Hector Bellerin spoke about following in the footsteps of Cesc Fabregas.

“I thought, if Cesc did it, why can’t I do it?,” he said. “It was a big change and a hard decision to make. I was at Barcelona for half of my life so it was obviously a big step.”

So far, so good.


It’s the day before the FA Cup semi-final against Wigan. Tomas Rosicky says of a potential end to the 9 year trophy drought, “It would be a big lift for everyone because you still have a lot of players here who don’t know how it feels to win a trophy.

“Mainly the guys who are coming through like Jack, Aaron and all these boys. They don’t know how success tastes, so it is a massive chance for us to win a trophy this year.

“It would be a building block for these boys.”

Young Spaniard Julio Pleguezuelo turns pro.


Wilshere back but Rosicky a big doubt for Norwich – that doesn’t seem in any way familiar.


Arsene Wenger backs Thomas Vermaelen after a Per Mertesacker card gives him a chance to play.

“He is a great man and I didn’t make him captain by coincidence,” says the manager. “I knew there is something mentally special there. He responds in positive situations and in less positive situations like when you don’t play.

“They know there could be rotation with the three centre backs from the start of the season, depending on good and less good periods of any individual player. He took that remarkably well.”

The Belgian plays in a 3-1 win over Norwich, then immediately finds himself back on the bench for the next game.


The FA’s disciplinary procedures are exposed.

Kieran Gibbs is suffering from ‘fatigue of the groin’, so he’s about to be rested for Andre Santos. Any excuse, we know:

Santos Gays

And Theo Walcott reveals the blueprint for his own future success, saying, “I would like to be more aggressive in matches and the manager has said that to me. Not by kicking people but by running at players. That’s the main improvement I need to make. When I play my best football, I am aggressive and not afraid of getting hurt. I am not afraid to put a foot in and that’s what he wants.”

Work in progress, I guess.


Arseblog News didn’t exist then, but Arseblog did, and on this day there’s coverage of Stan Kroenke’s ‘takeover’, as he became the majority shareholder at the club.

This is what they said.

PHW: “Mr Kroenke, although relatively new to Arsenal, has shown himself to be a man who values and respects the history and traditions of this very special Club that we cherish. We are confident that he will be a safe custodian of its future.”

Arsene Wenger: “I have worked with Stan Kroenke at board meetings over the past couple of years and I believe he has the best interests of Arsenal at heart. He understands the Club’s heritage and traditions and our ambition to run the Club in a way which protects our long term future.”

Stan Kroenke: “We are excited about the opportunity to increase our involvement with and commitment to Arsenal. Arsenal is a fantastic Club with a special history and tradition and a wonderful manager in Arsene Wenger. We intend to build on this rich heritage and take the Club to new success.”

Glad to see it all worked out for the best!


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Wow, 5 years since Kroenke become majority shareholder.

I’ve got a message for him – Get the fuck out of our club, you leech cunt!


I remember Wenger saying that about Kroenke. I also remember the majority of Arsenal fans sagely nodding their heads and agreeing that we were incredibly lucky not to be Chelsea or City with an irresponsible owner who was about to bankrupt the club. Exactly how an owner who put money in rather than taking it out was a bad thing was never explained, but I notice that Kroenke himself only a couple of months was coming out with exactly this line and prophesying disaster for Chelsea, City, PSG and co.

As for Wenger, well, he would back Kroenke, wouldn’t he, just as Fergie backed the Glazers – they both had their jobs to look after. Besides, Kroenke’s refusal to invest has justified Wenger’s underachievement (at least till Leicester and Spurs inconveniently showed up this particular lie).

Thinking about Wenger’s (under)achievement, I guess there are several things on which a manager can be judged but the most significant is surely results. A high-achieving manager will occasionally be able to tactically out-think and get the better of a better and more expensive team – (say) a Barca or Bayern – while practically never being beaten by worse one – Stoke, West Brom, West Ham, Swansea, Southampton, Moyes’s United, Dimano Zagreb, Olympiakos, Anderlecht, etc., etc. On this measure Wenger’s record is not just poor – we routinely get beaten by worse teams – it has been getting worse with each passing year, despite the improvement in our finances.

Kroenke and Wenger defenders will doubtless point to the fact that United and Chelsea are a shambles – how fortunate we are not to be them, out of the top four and certain soon to be bankrupt etc., as though their balls-up can be seen as an achievement of Kroenke and Wenger. It can’t. In fact the reverse is the case because all it is is evidence of is our inability to capitalise and win the league in the one season when there was no opposition to speak of.

I reckon a perkier-looking City will overtake us in the next two-three weeks, but we’ll limp into fourth and this will be hailed as a stupendous achievement. What of next season, however, when fourth will be considerably harder? How low will the benchmark have to be set for Wenger to be rewarded with another three years? Sixth, seventh? Will getting through the early rounds of the Europa 16 become the new holy grail? My depressing question is this:

How much worse does it have to get before it gets better, i.e. Kroenke sells up and we can start to rebuild? Will he be happy to continue to use us as a place to park capital and milk for 3m per year just so long as his share values feel safe, which I imagine they are, short of relegation and provided Usmanov is patiently sitting waiting and wanting to buy?


At a point, I thought I was reading a new arseblog article!

Mr. G

Well said!

Since Ambramovich took over Chelsea, they’ve won the league three times, the Champions League, the Europa League (before you say anything, Wenger couldn’t even win this one), as well as a fair few FA Cups and a couple of League Cups (oh yeah, Wenger could never win this either). In the first year of his reign, we did do the Invincibles, but since then have won three FA Cups with a nine year trophy drought in between the first two.

It’s pretty clear – ambitious owners who throw cash at you are the way to success. Chelsea’s dud season this year was caused mostly by Mourinho doing everything he could to get sacked and make himself available for the United job. Even so, I’d take one season like that if it meant all that success.

The way things are going at Arsenal, we’ll soon fall behind in terms of CL qualification and end up the next Liverpool. Some fans are already even acting like them – bigging up our past achievements to try and prove we’re still great, and often to defend Wenger. Please stop and see the reality.


If I hear that Arsene Wenger has been awarded a new contract this summer then I think I’ll immigrate to Bhutan and give up on life.

It’s time for him and Kroenke to both go.

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

Rich owners don’t “put in money” in the sense that the money invested is not gifted. It has to be accounted for, and this matters. If you think it doesn’t, consider the fact that Abramovic regularly converts his “loans” to Chelsea into shares. It’s a trite way of trying to make the books look OK but it’s completely transparent and means that without Abramovic’s money to bankroll them, Chelsea are completely fucked – unless they can magic up lots and lots of new revenue, or unless they can find a buyer even wealthier than Abramovic to carry on subsidising the massive losses that they’d post if it weren’t for the accounting trickery employed to hide them. And *that* is why a lot of fans are wary of this model of ownership, because of the exposure to massive risk as and when the owner goes away, leaving hundreds of millions of £debt with no realistic way of managing that debt apart from bankruptcy.

In Arsenal’s case that would mean asset stripping – we’d obviously lose all of our good players and have to fire-sell Theo. We’d also see the stadium repossessed by creditors and be tenants in our own ground in the future (assuming we survived), meaning a valuable source of income becomes a cost on the new club. And, so on. But the idea of a carefree world where money is no object is not real.


But people have been predicting that Chelsea will implode in a puff of black smoke ever since Abramovich came, but it still hasn’t happened. Despite Chelsea’s failure to become the new Barca and win the CL every year, Abramovich hasn’t got bored and jumped ship. Nor have City’s owners, nor have PSG’s. On the contrary, in addition to regenerating a large area of Manchester, City have built a new training ground and poured a fortune into their academy, as has Abramovich, who incidentally still regularly goes to watch academy games, whereas our model owner doesn’t even put in an appearance at senior-team games except when he has to. Both City and Chelsea have better youth set-ups than ours, as is obvious from the results their academies have been getting in the last few years. Chelsea until this season was actually making a profit and there was nothing remotely dubious about how they were doing it. If you win the CL and win the league, money flows in from TV revenue and sponsorship. Check out Swiss Ramble for the figures over the last five years.

For a club that could soon be in very real financial difficulties if they don’t turn things around, there’s no better example than the US thievery/profiteering model of United. United’s current wealth is coming almost entirely from the massive sponsorship deals that they were able to attract because of the brand Fergie built up through sustained success on the pitch. One more season outside the CL, however, and the clause in their Nike deal kicks in and they stand to lose millions.

City have just appointed the best manager in the world; Chelsea probably have the second best. Would Guardiola and Conte have wanted to work there if things were really as financially dodgy as you imply? Seems unlikely to me. I reckon both clubs will be in far healthier financial state two years from now than either United or us. Success on the pitch does tend to have a beneficial effect on the bank balance.


Guardiola and Conte will not be affected by any financial foul play. They’ll get paid their large salaries and leave if there is trouble. Just like the players will leave when the owner does, and the staff and then the supporters and nothing will be left after the creditors have picked apart the carcass of a once top 4 premiership club.

But hey they won a few trophies in the decade or two preceding their absolute collapse. And the fans will always have that. (No they won’t, they’ll have to find other clubs to support because their club doesn’t exist anymore.)

Money that is injected into the club by an owner will remain on loan account to be paid back to said owner one day when he wants it (that will make Kroenke’s 3mill look like small change) or when he leaves.

I’m not saying that Chelsea of City WILL definitely implode, I am saying there is a hell of a big risk of imploding, of utter and total ceasing of existence of the football club. And I would not be so happy happy undertaking that risk for possible short term success. (i.e. 4 or 5 years of trophies and then mountains of debt to pay back.)

If Kroenke were to bankroll Arsenal in such a way I guarentee he would begin taking more than 3mill out a time.

I enjoy watching Arsenal football matches, we play some of the best football and most entertaining football in the world (when we are on song, admittedly not in the previous game so much). I would rather support my club through high’s (trophies in the future, yes there will be trophies) and lows (whatever they may be). Share Arsenal with my kids and grandkids than enjoy short-term success that risks the destruction of the football club, that I love and support, forever.


Next time include a TLDR

Post January Blip

Andre Santos. My word…

Burn Baby Burn

Shouldn’t that be “whatchu’ talkin’ about Santos” ?


Willis says “hey Arnold, this joke is going to run and run until an aviator change is made by “Post January Blip!”
Arnold replies…?? 🙂

Pleargoniums are good
Pleargoniums are good

I kept thinking where is all this all leading to. And then, boom. Bang in the face. Thanks Mr.Arseblog. Nothing seems to have changed and i am drifting towards the wenger out group from being neutral-pro group all these years.


Me too. A lot of people I speak to feel the same way. I’d never boo him or hold a sign up, but we’re not going to win the league again with him in charge. Times change and so must we.


It’s like reopening a bad novel. Except you forgot about all the tasteless characters in the novel. This is like that.

Theo, surely Work in Progress.

Dr. Gooner

I know it’s not cool to be anything but down on the club right now, but the last part especially is a little unfair. 2011 was the absolute nadir of this club since the turn of the millennium and progress has definitely been made since then. Being so hard on the ownership for not being able to bring a title in 5 years, especially given where the club was when the takeover happened, is really not reasonable or productive.


Dr. Gooner – with all due respect, it is of my humble opinion that you’re talking bollocks.

The reason why fans are against ‘the ownership’, as you call it, is because there is fundamental mismatch between the objectives of Kroenke and that of the fans. Please see below:

Primary objective for Kroenke is to make lots of money for himself out of Arsenal FC.
Primary objective of Arsenal supporters is for Arsenal FC to win trophies.

Kroenke is meeting his aims whereas the fans are not achieving theirs. This will, and has, resulted in disgruntlement. This sense of grievance has been further exacerbated because, there is some belief amongst fans that, by Kroenke meeting his objectives, this is contributing to the fans not meeting theirs.


Maaaaaa Larcky, it’s Arsene, Kronke doesn’t train the players, Kronke doesn’t pick the team on match day and Arsene list the plot BEFORE Kronke even got here. Stop blaming the left hand for what the right hand is doing, ARSENE OUT NOW!!!

Fosk Goooc

Kroenke doesn’t put his hand in his pocket, except to take the cheques. Kroenke doesn’t invest in the club. Kroenke doesn’t care. Kroenke is the problem.

Fosk Goooc

Don’t think this comment from spinner should be allowed to pass without a message of wholehearted support.

All together now. You all know the words: “Get out of our club ….”


To be fair, primary objective of any owner out there is to make money. Even Roman Abramovich is pumping so much money into chelsea so that he can gain more in the future. Simple truth, Football clubs nowadays are business brands. And I would prefer to have Kroenke, who’d leave the club alone and let it function by itself rather than have Abramovich who will completely destabilize it and make it handicapped on the owner’s money.


3million dividends a small change for you? 🙂

Our previous major shareholder put money into the club and expects nothing back…was it fiszman who helped finance DB10’s purchase?

this current one only puts money into the pockets of other shareholders, buying them out. and puts nothing into the club.


I’m not on the Wenger out team and I’m certainly not on the Kroenke out team. I understand the Wenger out squad though, but Kroenke out? That’s just pushing frustrations wherever you can.

Otherwise it means you are so desperate for a trophy you’d rather have someone come in with tonnes of money and just buy the darn thing. Arsenal have the money on their own though. Wenger is just not willing to spend it on players similar to what he has already. He always believes his current crop can do the job.

So blame Wenger, yeah. He’s notr going anywhere yet anyway. But Kroenke, come on… Before you blame him, blame the board first. They backed him because he would let them run the club according to their values which he pretty much does. Oh, but he takes out 3 million pounds annually. We could so buy Messi with that money. Geez


Kroenke gets hated because he is stand offish and doesn’t get involved or invest in the club at all, except for when he is swindling couple of mils in “consultation” fees from the club that is.

But I do think he is getting maybe some unfair stick from some of the fans. Is it really his fault we got a miser for a manager? No one outside of some demented Arsene fanatic like GeoffArsenal can really think Kroenke only allotted a 10million budget for us last summer, can they? If the problem lies in the way the club is run, the blame should squarely rest at the foot of Wenger and Gazidis. Turniphead seems like nothing but a leech who is content to let Wenger do all the work it seems.


Just check the state of every team Kroenke owns and you’ll have your answer.


to be fair he doesnt own any big franchise (exept when the rams move back to LA) most of his Franchise cannot compete with the big name and big city team


Now I don’t like the man and would be more than glad to see the back of both him and the fat Uzbek gangster. But I don’t need to check hit other teams, all I need is to check Arsenal for an answer. Since he took over he’s done fuck all, he’s left the club alone to its devices. We’ve been on the same course way before he took over so explain to me how he can be blamed for the shitshow?

So outside of taking some money for himself out of the club for some consultancy nonsense, his ownership has two major sins so far as far as I can think. One is lack of investment, which with Wenger in charge probably wouldn’t have made a difference. So then that means his second is not shaking up the managerial position. But here again, it’s only been recently that Wenger has fallen out of grace. If some clueless yank had waltzed in and sacked our iconic manager most of us would have been in arms about it.

Dr. Gooner


Putting disclaimers in front of “you’re talking bollocks” isn’t going to make it sound like you’re being polite; quite the opposite in fact.

On topic, I’m not going to try to convince you that my view is correct because experience tells me that’s never productive. Believe me, I’m fully aware of the phenomenon that you describe, and believe it or not, it doesn’t bother me that Stan wants to make money. I don’t have illusions about what football clubs are. I do firmly believe that both Arsene and Ivan are trying their best to build a winning product. I’m not going to convince you of that because it’s a faith based argument, but that is what I believe. Go ahead, call me deluded.

As for fan objectives, it’s really very cute that we have such high expectations (I might as well use the pleural, since you’re including me in this, right?!) despite having absolutely no control over how the club is run. We can run headfirst into walls, we can wave banners, we can publish millions of podcasts and blogs complaining about how the club is run, and we’ll still be nothing more to them than consumers hopelessly hooked on a product. You can choose to have a yearly existential crisis about that, or you can accept what you are and what they are and choose to enjoy the product. If you bought a Jeep Wrangler, you wouldn’t spend hours of your adult life bellyaching about profiteering by Jeep, you’d just enjoy the fact that you drive a sweet ride. And if you really had such a problem with the company, you would just stop buying their stuff. That’s the only meaningful way to protest against a company. You cannot and will not change the ownership.

DB10's Air Miles

Mate, you’re mad for attempting some kind of realistic and measured response on here, this is the arena of self loathing and hate. I can’t wait for the next win so I can enjoy the articles and comments again. 19 teams don’t win the league every season and some spend far more than us not to… Await the thumb downs.


Let me digress. in a recent interview in Germany Ozil, our best player expressed a heart warming faith in the Arsenal, but with a proviso: if the club would strenghten the squad in summer with a couple or more good players. To me, that is the key to success. But will Arsene Wenger see it in the same light? I’ve always said it in my previous comments, the problem with Wenger is his frustrating reluctance to shop for world class players in the transfer market that can transfer this Arsenal squad into world beaters.


It’s not better players we need; it’s a manager who gets the most out of the players we have and who each summer gets out his paper and pencil assembles the most balanced, viable squad he can with the resources at his disposal. This involves assessing the squad’s actual needs and addressing them, rather than randomly buying an Oezil or Sanchez or Cech or Welbeck whenever a bigger, richer club chooses to sell. These are perfectly good players but, because the squad is always two or three key players short, they don’t justify the expenditure in terms of points on the board – especially not in Europe.

We already have better players in terms of raw talent than either Leicester or Spurs, let alone all the little poverty-stricken clubs who’ve managed to beat us in recent years because the way we play is too predictable and virtually every manager in Europe knows our weak spots. There’s nothing wrong with most of our squad apart from the fact that half of them are permanently and injured and the others have become so demoralised they’re not playing to their ability.

People are currently slagging off Gabriel but he was pretty good before he came to us. So was Squilacci – yes, him – who was superb at his previous clubs and more than good enough, frequently man of the match, albeit at a lower level, even after he left. Defenders are a permanently weak spot with Wenger but they’re not the only one. We went for years without a decent keeper and it probably cost us 15 or more points in the season. Strikers look like becoming the new weakness and, while it would be great to pay over the odds for (say) Lukaku, if we do it’ll just be the same old story – injuries, demoralisation, ‘we lack a little bit confidence’ (Wenger), ‘It’s a wake-up call’ (whichever unfortunate players is on PR duty that week).

Take Lukaku, by way of example. A fine player whom Martinez broke the bank for. Everton have quite a few very good players and they ought, given their quality, to be competing for top four but they’re not because there’s something flaky about the team as a whole and that’s down to Martinez’s management. He’s a very nice man and an able one in many respects, but Everton, exactly like us, are throwing away points under his management.

You want us to shop for world-class players (even though we don’t have world-class sort of money)? Well, I’m sure Wenger, because he’s feeling under fan pressure like never before, will do his best to oblige you. But have Leicester and Spurs, not to mention Wolfsburg, Atletico and Juve, who compared to us are or used to be poor as church mice taught you nothing at all? It’s not ready-made world-class stars that we need but a manager who can spot and train and motivate raw talent better than Wenger has been doing of late.

I no longer even click on the clickbait articles about the superstar players we’re supposedly buying because until we have a different manager I don’t believe anything significant will change. Just look back to five or ten years ago when we were poorer and had fewer stars: we actually played better, more thrillingly and more confidently than we do now.


I agree with every word of this.


An excellent response Miranda. I have been ‘pro-Wenger’ for many years now, but am beginning to have my doubts. I absolutely steadfastly will not align myself with the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade, because their argument is so superficial. “Get a better manager” Who, precisely? “Buy Ibrahimovic, Gotze, Bale, etc, etc, etc” This doesn’t address the issue. You can have the greatest starting XI players in the world, but you won’t necessarily have the best team. The sort of players we should be seeking are the equivalent of Parlour, Bould, Adams, Keown, Winterburn, McLintock, Storey etc, etc. Players for whom you can imagine it physically hurts them when we lose. I can’t condone the attack on Van Nistelrooy all those years ago, but I can admire the absolute gut-busting desire to win. Can you imagine any of the current squad reacting to the horse-faced cheating cock like that?


Wenger surrounds himself with weaklings. That’s why we collapse so often. He IS the problem


Right on point.


@ tapps…..


I too agree with Miranda’s points. It seems to me that we are not playing as a TEAM. They are lacking in cohesion virtually each team with successful results plays as a team… Leicester, Barca, The Invincibles, etc…


“History and tradition” is consistent in all their comments. Probably sat and memorized it together.


I miss Vermaelen.


I miss TGSTEL!


Something radical needs to happen. And as the saying goes, whatever happens happens.

Players not afraid of the manager. Manager not afraid of the board and not too worried about the fans. Fans easily pacified. Season after season for the umpteenth season.

Arsenal inured to failure or modest sporting achievement. Fans over time conditioned to think we perform as best as we can considering the circumstances. Placated and pacified, we trudge on waiting for that ordained season when the stars will I inevitably align.

Work in progress obviously.


At least Theo has got there now. Scares the hell out of me everytime he gets on the pitch.


Has he gone to West Ham already??


No offense to anyone, before i start i agree Wenger should go, i have had enough, its time for a change. But Arsenal fans keep saying, rather Kroenke etc, will not give enough money, or Wenger will not buy, as much as the second one is true, it is not the MAIN problem that people seem to forget. Arsene Wenger is just NOT a good enough manager to win us the premier league anymore! The players he has is much better players than Leicester & Spuds, he is not making the correct decisions in games, not getting the right results when needed, he has lost the ability to win the league. This season proves it more than any other! Put Özil, Sanchez, and Cechs wages together, and it would probably pay Leicester’s full squad! Add Özil and Sanchez’s price tags it would probably buy more than half of Leicesters first 11, better players are needed at Arsenal do not get me wrong. But Wenger is not a good enough manager to win us the premier league or champions league. He has proven the first statement for what 11 or 12 years? And the second statement for his whole managerial career! The man is a legend at Arsenal, i love him, he has been great! But it is time for something new! WE NEED A NEW MANAGER!


L out fu*king L They sing ” I’m Arsenal til I die” what they mean is I am until.
We lose a couple of games.
The owner goes to Fu*k.
The manager is sacked.scapegoated/hung drawn and quarted.
All/any of the players perform at such a level they cant get a game in the team currently in second place.
The board spends three trilion GBP on every world class talent that ever kicked a football.
Never in the history of sport do you get fans like they get at football, self righteous,pithy, ignorant,mindless sheep,most of whom have not got £20 in there pocket and cannot quote a single original thought emanating from there own head.
There is one certainty, some Arsenal fans will be squealing and crying over the manager,players,owner and board, this time next year and the one after that ad infinitum,
The only thing they are good at, is mindless inaccurate criticism.
If that’s “Arsenal til I die” we might be better off with a few less.



12 points clear at the top of the PL, and reaching the semi finals in CL and the FA Cup, Arsenal have enjoyed an injury free season. As the team takes on Chelsea (having thumped them in the previous game, where Costa was famously lead off the pitch in a straight jacket for believing he’d been fouled by the air) Giroud is anticipating his 30th goal of the season. Chelsea are facing relegation after an ownership change that saw Abramovich hand over to John Terry and his family who bought the club with drug money. The club is currently under investigation by the Inland Revenue.

Another player enjoying a great spell at Arsenal is Harry Kane who after a straight swap with Walcott has been smashing them in at will. Asked by some shit heel called Michael Owen if he missed Txxxxxham he replied: “Nah, fuck that shit! It’s great to be back.”.

LVG continues to head a shit Man U and Pep has found out about the PL the hard way with Citeh languishing at 9th place after seeing his team ground down by Crystal Palace, West Brom and Bournemouth. Mourinho’s job as Villa manager has gone sour as they are facing relegation from the Championship. At first Villa fans wanted him out for being a cunt but now they are baying for his blood.



Ermm, Kane can fuck off.


Have a giggle, will you?


Hahaha.. You sir just made my night!!!



After winning the Triple, Wenger retired and somehow Fatgooner got the job. After a disasterous first half of the season, where he not only achieved terrible results but also embarrassed the club by getting multiple restraining orders for harassing the likes of Ronaldo, Messi and Ibrahimovich to sign for Arsenal he finally got the boot. Klopp walked out on Liverpool citing language difficulties, “I never could understand what they fuck they were saying up there” he said to a Robbie Savage who failed to understand him through sheer lack of basic intelligence, and has steered the ship safely back where it belongs. At the fucking top! Giroud is on goal 35 and we sold Kane back to Totteringham for 200 million quid. He’s been shit since.

LVG is doing better but still shit enough to pose no threat. Pep is a changed man with Citeh staying put at 9th place. Mourinho made the mistake of going for a curry in Aston and was lynched by locals who spotted him. His remains have never been found. Costa believes he is Napoleon, Hitler and Mourinho rolled into one and is sectioned for life. Chelsea went into administration after the whole Terry clan got banged up for funding the club with drug money.


George Gunner

Minus the 2 cup wins against mediocre opposition,nothing to crow about the last 5 years.
Arsenal had the best chance to win the epl in years and blew it.
Barring a miracle,I believe the foxes will win it.No doubt it could be a one off but
Ranierie has shown spending billions if not trillions will not guarantee success.
Just look at LVG.
As for the fm,repeated cock ups seem to be in his dna.

Jamie Vardinho

Hang on didnt wenger pay a tidy sum for ozil and sanchez? Kroenke isnt that cheap.

FYI Arsenal despite being a football club is a business and the aim of a business is to make money especially when said club isnt bankrolled by oil regimes.


I know the board lack ambition but I don’t think it was them or Kroenke who decided not to buy any outfield player last summer.


That’s right. Kroenke, Chips Keswick and co couldn’t give a fish’s tit who we sign or don’t sign. Why would they? It’s not their bank accounts the money would be coming from but the club’s, the fans’, the season ticket holders’ and the sponsors’. If it’s there in the coffers Wenger can use it or not as he sees fit.

I suspect Wenger will spend very heavily in the next window because he’s under unprecedented fan pressure and will do absolutely anything regardless of whether it’s sensible if it gets him another three years. Whether he spends well is another matter entirely. His signings, especially his big-money ones, haven’t all been good value for money in recent years. His performance in this respect has been nothing like as impressive as when he first came. Our scouting has fallen behind that of other clubs and, because we’ve done so poorly in Europe, we aren’t that attractive to the proven big names so we now have to pay over the odds, much like City had to in the early years before they became established as a top club.

The problem with Kroenke and the board is not that they’ve been keeping too tight a watch on the purse strings – financial prudence is a good thing – but that they’ve been failing to keep a similarly tight watch on the manager’s performance. Wenger has actually spent quite a lot. We had the second highest net spend in the league the window before last and our wage bill is enormous but results on the pitch haven’t improved accordingly. Worse, our transfer surplus, which used to be what kept us going, has recently gone into reverse. We now have an ageing squad, full of players who for one reason or another we rarely use and who as a result have minimal resale value. In the next couple of years as the existing players leave on a free or for peanuts and we have to replace them, supposedly with world-class big names, those chickens will be coming home to roost. The days when we built a training ground on the proceeds of Anelka are long over. These days it’s better-run clubs who are spotting and nurturing the talent and selling it at a profit – in Southampton’s case mainly to us.

Yes, the board lack ambition but it’s ambition for an improved performance at both academy and first-team level that they’ve been lacking. I still have considerable faith in Gazidis’. I guess I have to as he’s the only straw left to cling on to. If he can’t persuade Kroenke and the others to take a good hard look at Wenger’s results relative to his salary and expenditure compared to that of, say, Pochettino or Simeone or Conte or even Koeman, then truly the future doesn’t look great.